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#3950396 2s system just needs to go

Posted by Mitoo on 30 September 2013 - 09:04 AM

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its not imposible
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#3950390 2s system just needs to go

Posted by Mitoo on 30 September 2013 - 08:37 AM

I suggest you try and find something that brings you joy and happiness out side of World of Warcraft.

That way you will become immune to all the changes, good or bad, to your class, game mechanics, pvp and pve, and you will enjoy game more, maybe even different aspect of the game, maybe even other games.

Yes I mean, try to have sex at least 2 times a week, masturbation does not count, because all the frustration come from chemical unbalance in your body that you try to compensate in unnatural way, through success or time spent in virtual world, that you realize is not giving you what you need.

Drugs work the same way, but need to be balanced with sex also, you cant avoid most primal and strongest urge that humans have, the one for sex.

Try it and i guarantee you will not care for 2s so much.
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#3901752 About the recent Fel flame change

Posted by Mitoo on 18 June 2013 - 07:23 PM

Warlocks have been playing without casting while moving up until MoP so definitely not. And KJC can still be used situationally, which promotes more skilled play instead of just running around and casting fears into everyone. Only dot you are casting is UA and it's like 1,2 sec cast so not very hard to apply. Only real effect that losing this is that you can't chase people around corners and keep channeling grasp / drain and casting fear from behind LoS. I would rather take passive 10% damage for my dots instead of KJC any day, but I guess that's personal preference.

There are 2 more specs, not just affliction.

Yes locks didn't move and cast before, but game was different before also. They had much much better survivability and could just stand there and take a beating while doing dmg, which is not the case now.

KJC is op when you look at just the ability, but when I look at the whole 3v3 arena game, i don't see how the locks will be good as they are now in 5.3. Even affliction is almost great at the moment, and you can play all 3 specs and all 3 are very much viable.

Locks, for me look like a most balanced class in 5.3, when you look at the big picture, even if they do the channel and hide behind pillar shit that annoys me as a rogue :)

I'm afraid in 5.4 they will go back to "blah", I hope I am totally wrong :)
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#3883126 Mages the Overlords of 5.3

Posted by Mitoo on 02 May 2013 - 06:53 AM

All I read was:

"bigger and meaner menace, mongo science experiments, genocide bullshit Ethiopian sized, doomed infinity damage, astronomical damage, 8 billion damage, two shits Killing people bogus

So in immortal words of virgin Mary : " Come again"?
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#3872419 Fixing RBG should be a top priority

Posted by Mitoo on 08 April 2013 - 01:11 PM

Good post. I agree with mostly all you wrote here.

I do feel need to express my personal view, and what you maybe forgot to mention.
Regarding the "RBG killed Arena", for me RBG killed arena because its, and i repeat its my personal feelings, 100 time more fun to play RBG than Arena. ( i play Warlock and Shaman, dont play my rogue much).

When you enter Arena and you see other comp, you can tell if you have a chance or not, and that fucks you up before the fight even started, because you know 1. dont stand a chance, 2. you know you gonna stomp 3. it is a 50% 50% chance to win.

In RBG, no matter what the other team comp is, its always close call, again this is in my personal experiance, and this situation is why its so fun for me, because even if you lose, you get that positive rage, "OMG we had them it was so close, shit if we only didnt do this or that, or they better played that last part etc".

When you win its again fun to know that you won because you or your team did something in last second or what ever to get that win.

The fights in that large team scale, target calling, CC, healing etc, def and attack coordination is just fun, and alot more fun moments happen.

And lets not forget that you get to play your character more than 25 sec per fight :).

TLDR: RBGs fun factor compared to frustration that is arena killed arena for me.

Sorry for bad English btw
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#3864708 Best Rogue Talent Setup in 5.2

Posted by Mitoo on 21 March 2013 - 07:10 AM

Shuriken deadly

is it possible to ignore someone on AJ so I don't see their posts?
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#3862663 Rogues: You all hit this High?

Posted by Mitoo on 16 March 2013 - 07:40 PM

Is that a troll, or are you just stupid?

I am stupid, that's why i asked why not. Explain.
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#3862549 Rogues: You all hit this High?

Posted by Mitoo on 16 March 2013 - 01:36 PM

To be really honest, I don't see problem with that damage. If anything Its to low, it should do 80k crit all the time, not just with buffs and who knows what he had when he hit you.

I do somewhere 25k to 40k crits.

We have shit mobility and does far, we would just stand in roots, or waddle on slows without anything to do about it.
not just against wizards but in general and we would die, and it was bullshit.

Now finally we can do something about it, we can still die in a stun, but at least now i can do some god dam damage when im stuck in 24/7 cc.

I know it frustrating for you that now you just cant own every rogue out there without effort, now you will have to work for that kill :)
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#3859825 S13 Gear Issues.

Posted by Mitoo on 10 March 2013 - 04:03 PM

why on earth would you think a gear advantage because you played the last season is good for pvp? and with the current itemization, it's worse than it's ever been. someone should not step into an arena and go well i can't hurt this guy after grinding the full honor set.

S1-4 8 ilvl difference between weapons

S5-8 13 ilvl between t1-2 and the next season t1> t2

s9-11 13 ilvl between t1-2 and next season t1 > t2

s12-13 20 ilvl difference t1-t2 and next t1 < t2

that's the big issue for weapons. you shouldn't be stomped on because you didn't play the previous season at the highest level. not to mention the fact someone with full 2/2 upgraded could come 2 months into the season AND STILL OUTGEAR SOMEONE PLAYING from full honor gear, is bad for this game.

2% difference in pvp power and 2% difference in resilience is hardly "stomping on people".

cant believe that even now when you can get everything so easily and with so little effort, some people still find stuff to bitch about

blizz is shit, wow is shit, pvp is shit, arena is shit, rbg is shit bla bla bla bla AND YOU STILL PLAY THIS GOD DAMN GAME

it will never be what you want it to be, it will never be balanced it will never be same playing field for all, it will never be about skill

its a god damn game that my 7 year old son is playing and he does not know shit about the mechanics, comps, spells, he just runs around charging ppl on hes warrior and pressing 1234 while jumping, and he has so much fun in that 30 min a day that he play 1-2 bgs.

go play starcraft if you want to have same playing field and no gear advantage

sorry about bad english
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#3859809 S13 Gear Issues.

Posted by Mitoo on 10 March 2013 - 02:34 PM

Should give me your secret, cause just gearing my monk is barely bearable, let alone my other 2 alts.

Guessing it involves a buddy.

Besides, since when PvP being heavily gear dependent was a good thing? I guess this game will never change.

Its very simple, 16 hours of AV weekend + 4k honor cap from last season = 2 characters full S13 geared.

Regarding the gear, unfortunately we do play MMORPG, which means gear gear gear and more gear.
Both PvP and PvE are heavily gear dependent.

If it wasn't gear dependent and if I had any skills in pvp games i would not play wow :)
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#3859741 S13 Gear Issues.

Posted by Mitoo on 10 March 2013 - 09:24 AM

Are you kidding?

That guy. that you linked in the thread, upgraded all hes gear to 2/2, do you know how much points he spent to do that?

And you are whining that honor gear, that i just farmed in 1 day for my 3 alts, should be in the same ballpark as full T2 2/2?

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Posted by Mitoo on 08 March 2013 - 06:48 AM

I will agree that Shadow blades is stupid, but so are all the other 1 shot abilities (incarnation, avatar, ascendance, zoo, etc). Outside of SB i think our damage is just fine and we are far from being the most bursty class out there for obvious reasons (wound poison and longest stun lockdown with para psn). I dont understand the damage buff on shuriken toss though.

I will also say that i think rogue pre 5.2 needed a mobility buff more than anything else, to be much more like warrior in that departement, and no, cloak on 1 min and an extra vanish would not have been enough to provide that. But i feel like cloak and dagger overdid it a bit, it sure if fun as hell though. Its hard to tell how to fix that issue though. Being able to triple port with subterfuge every restealth is pretty dumb, but if they remove subterfuge then CnD becomes quite useless outside of dance and id say worst than shadowstep overall because we dont need a gap closer on our 1st opener, we need it after the opener once the guy trinket, blink, etc. And youll be forced more often than not to use dance as a gap closer instead of using it for swifty time to actually kill people, which is how you win games. At the end of the day it doesnt matter how many time u get someone to 1% hp if u cant ever finish him off and a lot of classes are better than rogue at doing just that.

So removing subterfuge is not the way to go. I think they should put shadowstep baseline for subtlety and cloak and dagger should only work when you dance. And I think most people would agree that dealing with shadow step + CnD on dance would be a lot less annoying than having your whole momemtum fucked up by a single restealth because your whole team gets cheap shot in about 3s with the rogue raping 1 of you while none of you cant do shit about it.

Anyway rogue still arent as OP as they were in cata, and outside of BG9 you really shouldnt see many of them at the top of the ladder even with all the rerolls because rogue is just simply not an easy class to pick up and get good at fast. It also doesnt give much room for mistakes and you cant just train something for 30s going retard mode thinking about if you should switch target or not. We aint no warrior, we have to make more action per sec because of our 1s gcd, be pro active all the time(can't just wait for people to make mistakes and for the stars to align with random crits) and be as unpredictable as possible so that people react by making the wrong decision because they didnt already think about what they should do next if X scenario were to happen right now at this very second. So yeah i doubt many "new" rogue will stick it out even if its a top tier class in 5.2. Geez i always get carried away whenever i write something on AJ... sry!

Best post on rogue forums in last 2 years
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#3647813 which dagger

Posted by Mitoo on 22 February 2012 - 08:37 AM

Use the PVE set daggers they are better than T1, spend points on gear, and than when your done with gear, buy T1 and upgrade to T2 and use them.
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#3096264 [Rogue] Stacking Agility

Posted by Mitoo on 28 February 2011 - 12:09 PM


I'm planning on speccing sub on my rogue and going for max crit with all agi gems with unheeded warning. I guess its a good gear setup for sub but what about if I sometimes want to play mutilate? Is mutilate utter crap with crit instead of mastery/haste? I'm not geared yet so I cant really try it out myself. <_<

Yes Mutilate is utter crap with crit instead of mastery/haste.

The problem with haste, for energy regen, is that you cant really get high at the moment to make it good/better than mastery for mutilate.

If you want to be able to play both specs, with least headache with regeming and reforging, i would suggest that you go agility in red and agility/resilience in yellow and agility/stamina in blue, that way you can get all socket bonuses and be only slightly behind compared to full agility gems when you play sub, get offspec pieces with crit so that you can reforge to mastery when you switch to mutilate, or restore to crit when you go sub, its the cheapest option, gold wise.

Or you can go agility/haste for yellow its ok for both spec, but not really the best.

The thing is, with mutilate poor mobility, you want to maximize you dmg when you are on target, and mastery is king in that department since your poisons and venomous wounds are doing tons of it, and when you envenom + 5 stacks of DP your IP is procing like crazy, coupled with VW its super duper damage

It comes down to what and how you want to play, mutilate is much easier to play than sub, by that i mean you dont have to think alot and push alot of buttons like sub has to, but you will have problems with getting on the target and that can be frustrating :)
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