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#3249971 A man is a rape supporter if

Posted Happyuncle on 20 May 2011 - 03:12 PM

Vellesta is one sexually frustrated female.

Oh, I forgot, women have no sex-drive, they're so weak that they adapt to an 'idea' of the lust to procreate only cause men told em too.

Sorry, but even slightly defending the angry feminist who wrote this makes you come off as a dumbass.

Much love

#3248901 A man is a rape supporter if

Posted Boness on 20 May 2011 - 12:15 AM

rofl what a fucking joke, someone needs to slap that dumb bitch

#3248898 A man is a rape supporter if

Posted Twocat on 20 May 2011 - 12:10 AM


#3216036 A sudden realization

Posted xKodizzlex on 01 May 2011 - 07:57 PM

everyone pulls all nighters etc at times or stays up rly late also people move into different timezones in their lives. This is hardly mindblowing.

Try this for mindblowing

You know roughly 30 thousand words. But words are just in your head words dont actually exist only sound does. So to an extraterrestrial or any human being who has never been taught to speak. You ramble on making 30 thousand different sounds with your mouth while the person you are making these sounds to converts them into words in their head and makes their own sounds.

It it truly a marvel and miracle the human brain and how sophisticated it is in comparison to a chimp whom we share 99% of our dna AKA everything that separated you from a chimp is 1% towards the "intelligence scale" we shall call it.

Now imagine what would it be like if you met an animal who was another 10% from you on that scale.

#3195927 Mage video like this?

Posted EzeNt on 21 April 2011 - 04:44 PM

as mage you only cast frostfire bolt (opening), frostbolt and ice lance
frostfire bolt on brain freeze proc

buff up with arcane intellect
conjure cake and mana gems while waiting for the gates to open
don't forget to summon your water elemental
invisibility 5-4 seconds before start
(good to use when you want to eat/drink during a match, but make sure no one is hitting you)

mirror image can be used defensively to confuse/slow down a target, but it can also be used offensively to increase damage (along with sp trinket) - commonly used to land a kill

use flame orb whenever it's off cooldown, as it's a great source of damage (especially if you've specced into frostfire orb - remember? frostfire procs brain freeze)

fire blast to interrupt (if you've specced into it)
counterspell to silence
ring of frost to cc
deep freeze to cc
polymorph to cc
frost nova/coc to root
pet freeze to root
arcane explosion or blizzard to get people out of stealth
spellsteal to steal cool stuff
ice barrier/mana shield to absorb damage
mage ward to absorb fire, frost or arcane damage
blink to get away (after gap-closers like charge & death grip, never before)
remove curse to remove curses
evocation when you're oom/low health
mana gem when you need mana
ice block to avoid death

mage armor against casters
frost armor against melees

cast ice lance on a spell reflecting warrior (fire blast if you have fingers of frost) or polymorph if you have low health
cast ice lance to destroy totems
don't attack a dk with anti-magic shell up
if a dk casts dark simulacrum on you, cast slow fall
you can't polymorph a shapeshifted druid
juke (fake cast) a lot, you won't put any pressure if you keep getting spell locked and shit
don't let the opposite team eat/drink, unless you're 100% sure you'll kill someone during that time
don't try to polymorph a paladin with hand of sacrifice up
don't try to polymorph a priest with shadow word: death up
wait 5 seconds after the disc priest has casted inner focus before silencing/interrupting him/her
(keep in mind that they can still be cc'd)

/focus the healer and do focus interrupts/silences/cc's

but also have non-macroed spells on your action bars, in case your partner(s) would need help to survive