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#3816813 Rogue changes 5.1

Posted phishy on 07 December 2012 - 06:33 AM

combat is mostly how it has always been: great on paper, but not in practice. granted, it's better than it has been compared to past seasons, but that's mostly just because step is available to it now.

main problem with combat right now is that it requires so much ramp up time for its burst(AR) or bad positioning from the opposing team(kspree). AR is so easily avoided by simply focusing the rogue or CCing the rogue. at least with dance you can get through half your burst before being peeled in most cases

losing out on dance, especially with the now reduced cd of blind, hurts a lot.

8 second kidneys is probably the most reliable part of the spec, which is awesome in a game that is so bad in design that mere 3-4 second stuns can equal death. i still want to try the spec a little more(havent since i was able to upgrade to t1 weps from heroic weps), but wth the current state of the game where 3 seconds of burst is more reliable than steady, increased dmg for 15 seconds, dance just works out better more often from what i've seen

edit: on the bright side, nice to see blizzard has finally realized that an entire class is being played less than ret paladins. hopefully it won't talk half a year from expac release to become relevant again. very timely