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In Topic: Warlock macros question

26 October 2013 - 06:06 PM

Im using these

for target:

/cast [pet:Fel Imp] Sear Magic; [pet:Voidlord] Disarm; [pet:Shivarra, @mouseover, exists] Mesmerize; [pet:Shivarra] Mesmerize; [pet:Observer, @mouseover, exists] Optical Blast; [pet:Observer] Optical Blast; [nopet] Command Demon


/cast [pet:Fel Imp] Flee; [pet:Voidlord, @focus] Disarm; [pet:Shivarra; @focus] Mesmerize; [pet:Observer, @focus] Optical Blast; [nopet, @focus] Command Demon

and for 2nd ability:

/cast [pet:Fel Imp] Cauterize Master; [pet:Voidlord] Shadow Bulwark; [pet:Shivarra] Fellash; [pet:Observer] Clone Magic