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Change to Glyph of Fae Silence

14 July 2013 - 11:51 PM

Glyph now makes it so that faerie fire works as an interrupt on targets that are immune to silence effects.  I understand that this is meant as a PvE thing (so that you can interrupt a boss) but I'm wondering if the mechanics under the hood of the game understand the difference between a boss that is immune to silences and a player who is (dr'd all the way on silence or has aura mastery up).  
Just thinking outside the box here - could this make it so that moonkin/feral/resto have an on demand kick for priests/shaman/pallies when they pop aura mastery?  I know it's rare that you can DR someone down to being immune to silence, so that situation is unlikely to occur, but the aura mastery one...

I'm hoping that I'm just crazy here and this can't happen or we'll have resto druids who can out of the blue kick a heal.  Anyone know for sure?

Druid Podcast Series w/Hildegarde and Udderly

03 July 2013 - 08:35 PM

Hildegarde and I have been discussing doing a series of Druid pods soon, to look at some of the big changes that are coming for each of the specs.  I was meant to work on getting it together a couple weeks ago, but my wife is 9 months pregnant so life has been a little crazy to say the least ;)

Our plan was to start with Resto, since it is the spec seeing the biggest changes, and then move on to the other specs in following weeks.  

So, similar to the thread Hilde put up about warriors, who are some good Resto folks to get involved?  I've already started talking to Sodah (unconfirmed) to see if he would be involved, and I'd love to build a list of the folks that are good theorycrafters and people would enjoy hearing from.  

Thanks in advance for your input.  Tentatively I'd like to do the first pod (Resto) over the July 13/14 weekend, but that will be determined based on who we can get and when.

Set Bonus for PVP Trinkets???

27 June 2013 - 08:13 PM


This looks pretty insane if this is true.  10% dmg reduction for wearing 2 pvp trinkets, but I'm going to have to assume that the part that is screwed up in data-mining is that it looks like you can wear 2 cc break trinkets at the same time!


Those Damn Ele Shamans and their Nasty Procs

11 June 2013 - 06:41 PM

So everyone is spending a lot of time trying to come up with ideas to fix hunters and I can say as someone who has played ele quite a bit in MoP (heroic raiding and PvP), we could use a bit of the same treatment.  It's a VERY fine line that we walk between being viable but somewhat OP (now) and being absolute dogshit because we are one of only 2 classes that really needs to cast a lot (lol procs, I know).  

So let's start the discussion about what makes sense.  Some ground rules:

1. Let's stop the 'nerf the procs', 'nerf the damage', etc. ideas because they affect PvE.  Yes Blizzard can give something less dmg in PvP than PvE, but we all know they are reluctant to do that so it shouldn't be a place to fall back on.

2. We want to affect ONE SPEC.  This is something that drives a lot of crazy (especially as someone who plays ele and moonkin), where one spec gets nerfed and it hits the other two specs by default.

3. Defensively, shaman's are FINALLY in a pretty good spot.  The main problem seems to be the instagibs.  How can we fix this in a not insanely-overcomplicated way?

My first thought would be to look at how echoes interacts with mastery.  Blizz has said that mastery is their 'knob' to tune dps when it is too low or too high.  If they were to change it so that echo procs cannot proc an additional mastery LB, that would be a start by limiting it to 3 at the same time, rather than four.  You could then tune mastery a little higher to compensate (and honestly ele isn't great in PvE at the moment, so upping their damage by giving them more mastery on the other two talents wouldn't be terrible).  

Now that still enables 230k instants, so it doesn't entirely solve it, but it's a start.  What else do people have out there?  I'm at work so I can't write more, but intend to include more info later on of some other ideas I have.  Thanks for your input in advance!

5.3 and Survival Hunters

07 June 2013 - 04:24 PM

So I've been playing my hunter alt with the catchup mechanic, but I'm not remotely interested in either BM or MM, and believe it or not I actually play to enjoy the spec I'm playing not to hit my 'swifty instant win' button.

Took a look here and noticed that there isn't any conversation that I could find about survival and I think that it's just as viable as MM, though I'm curious to hear opinions.  With the new 8 second dispel, if a healer really wants to waste it on picking off your Black Arrow, it opens up more options to CC people during the game without getting it dispelled from both you and your partner.  You also gain Entrapment, which I always loved playing with in the old days.  The damage is solid overall, and the only real downside I see (ignoring the broken state of BM) would be not being able to glyph explosive trap (I know they can't let you Black Arrow and Explosive Trap in PvE because of Lock n Load procs, but man is that a bummer that we can't even consider that glyph).

Anyways, would love to hear some thoughts on the spec, comps, and any successes people are having playing it.  I'm using a tiger for the mastery buff currently - what other pets are people using?

Enjoy your Friday =D