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#3275375 2750 mmr thomas edison cleave vs rmp

Posted by Jxz on 01 June 2011 - 05:00 PM

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#3245897 Conceited 3: Tournament Realm

Posted by Jxz on 18 May 2011 - 11:51 AM

I love you conceited - onTOPIC: played with him @ sargeras and you notice a huge difference when it comes to picking up every shaman you can find to playing with him, he does what he should as sham, shocking, hexing, and communicating - Obviously you cannot hear that in his videos (NOskype) but he's a top tier shaman and all of you are butthurt because you see all the Sham/Lock/X running around trashing up your W/L - Don't be mad at his videos because of class, it should be judged fairly when watching considering he's doing right now what alot of shamans are not.

just my opinion, <3 you.
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#3058451 Where has the community gone?

Posted by Jxz on 11 February 2011 - 09:25 PM

World of Warcraft Community I speak to you.

Well, first off let me start by saying I played world of warcraft from the beginning. With that being said I can not help but to remember at the beginning and up to about season 3, everyone didn't have the massive "troll" wars, and who had the bigger dick. When someone was good, or had good output about anything, they were recognized and not necessarily "praised" but you didn't catch anyone going "cool story, bro" or "jelly/umad" etc... Secondly, I remember when someone got a title, you would catch people congratulating the others, even if they were just some random player who wasn't very good or the top players on the server/battle group - I also remember when rage wars wasn't started when someone criticized the way your arena partners were playing.. ie: "You should probably do this or this etc..." with a reponse of "You're fucking bad stop talking to me, you're a "no named" fuck what?!

There is alot of things going on with the community that maybe no one cares enough to point a finger at, the game itself has become "get a clique or don't play with anyone" type deal, you catch now alot of the higher players being the people talking the most trash to anyone, it's like because they got a title they're entitled to calling everyone bad and that's their excuse to losing a match. In example, I've played with some of the better players in this game and you'll always hear eventually "wow those fucking scrubs got so lucky, they're so bad blah blah" even when they lose, regardless of rage or not.

I personally believe that if the community took a turn and gave our players the benefit of such a large player base that world of warcraft has at the moment (Tons of theory crafting) a good image, instead of people refusing to do arena due to the fact people don't know how to treat other people (inb4 it's a game I'll act like a complete douche if I want to.) We're no longer in the MLG circuit because not enough teams make it profitable, do you notice the prize money is 9 thousand + maybe 3 computers for first place, as apposed to other games throwing 100k+ (2000-2009) Halo/CS1.6/CS:S (CGS) because they have the public eye in player base showing up at tournaments.. I personally believe alot more teams than the sponsored 7-8 can make it if they had the motivation to push for those types of things..

Yes I know, I'll probably get plenty of comments on how retarded I am for taking the time to write something like this, but I just can't stand that it went from a joy to play this game, to an awesome spam of lolumad? trololololol's - It's like you play the game we play, why are you making it harder on yourself, possibly it makes it more fun for you? who knows.. All I know is that I want to see wow transition back to less troll bullshit, to the game I remember when it was still fresh and exciting(lol). I know not everyone does these things, but it's a plague that eventually will take over and all you'll ever see are people attempting to be cute when they could just be as cute not being douches in a game..

P.S. Inb4 "UMAD BRO?" I'm not mad, I just miss the old community this game used to have.

Discuss.. :)
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