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#3433043 FMP vs MLD

Posted Acoustics on 13 August 2011 - 06:48 AM

Another thing (sorry for so many posts  :wacko: :wacko:  ) I would recommend is garnering a truly synergistic play style. For instance, you want your druid to cyclone often on the off-chance that they will waste an interrupt on it. Also make sure that you don't sheep into cyclones  :blink: because that can properly displace your character on any map.

The priest, ofc, should try to adequately burn the other team's mana. Clearly, you dont burn the warlock xP; however, the felhunter yields benefits if the burns can go through his heavy resistance.

TLDR: Try to 1v1 the mage in between lock-outs.


#3433033 FMP vs MLD

Posted Acoustics on 13 August 2011 - 06:31 AM

As the Mage, it's your job to control the other team. Cycling sheeps really stops their caster-based team from shelling out much damage (OR CC OR THEIR OWN). Your FDruid should really make sure to sit in bear form as they will look to focus him if they have ANY iota of skill in their bones.

Truthfully, it comes down to a 1v1 mage/mage situation where at one point your teams will be cc'd so the win will rely HEAVILY on your mage prowess. :mage: :mage: