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#3738110 The Woes of a Rogue with Legendaries/Vial in S11

Posted Warfarin on 03 August 2012 - 05:26 AM

Wow bro thats a rough story hearing all those people asking to play for you rather than with you =/. You seem like you really want glad but I am gunna inform you that you are playing on the most active BG in the US where rank 1 players are constantly playing the scummiest most sleeze bag comps like firemage x and hunter anything at 2200 mmr.

I will also tell you that the gladiator title really means almost nothing and you can still be a recognized and skilled player without a single title ex. http://us.battle.net...ds/Datah/simple .

So with that said I guess your best bet for glad, if you really want the title that badly would be to xfer off to an easier bg or wait until MoP to play a blatantly OP class to gladiator or play with a blatantly OP class to gladiator, it's what i did to get my awesome re-skined drake that blizzard probably made in 10 minutes using microsoft paint.  pic for example http://imageshack.us...s/820/duru.png/ (someone made this for me back in s9)

Anyways good luck on your quest to gladiator sir. Remember that titles mean almost nothing, especially titles from 5s. final example http://us.battle.net...world%20leader/

#3752431 Greetings Blackrat

Posted Yesjuicex on 27 August 2012 - 11:48 PM

View Posthollowlithium, on 27 August 2012 - 10:19 PM, said:

Cyclone battlegroup... Are you really surprised about cheating?
Better Blackrat and co. then some 14 year old Cata rogue that clicks his abilities.

#3752119 Greetings Blackrat

Posted ldmclaugh on 27 August 2012 - 10:13 PM

lol so many morons cheating for titles it disgusts me.

#3755305 Greetings Blackrat

Posted Jackow on 30 August 2012 - 11:33 AM

View Postmerlinlols, on 30 August 2012 - 08:58 AM, said:

It's awesome that i lost R1 to their bullshit.. they could never have passed us without it..
LMAO you are so full of shit, I didn't even play the last 3 months of the season and even I know you wintraded. Your rmp was not even close to a r1 worthy rmp even on this shitty cyclone battlegroup, give me a fucking break.

#3752116 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted xvee on 27 August 2012 - 10:11 PM

This whole incident fucking disgusts me. So you don't get a red skull next to your name for one season. So you go out of your way to HACK somebody, by using a fake ID (Which yes, legal action can be taken, not just because you hacked him on WoW, but for obvious other reasons).

Wintrading is one thing. Yeah it is frowned upon, yeah everybody will think you're a gigantic fag if you do it. But hacking somebody using a FAKE ID just for a rank one title is disgusting. Whoever did it (not going to point fingers because I'll admit I'm pretty ignorant to the subject), is probably the biggest greasy virgin the world has ever known.

#3744785 Can someone explain this?

Posted bobjob1 on 15 August 2012 - 09:31 PM

Posted Image

you of all people could show us :)

#3744782 Can someone explain this?

Posted hollowlithium on 15 August 2012 - 09:20 PM


#3738342 World of Warcraft loses 1.1 million subscribers

Posted droolingmoron on 03 August 2012 - 06:22 PM

arenajunkies should stay clean and simple, it shouldn't copy the achievements section from wow armory. i think the biggest part of aj user is between 18 and 25 years old. don't make this a place for 14 year old kids. retired players have a right to post their opinion here - even if they don't play anymore and only post because of nostalgia. if you don't like someones opinions just ignore/block him/her.

#3738540 Vengeance wintrading to 2680

Posted Chanimal on 04 August 2012 - 04:18 AM


#3738539 Vengeance wintrading to 2680

Posted Chanimal on 04 August 2012 - 04:16 AM

Continued from http://www.arenajunk...-vs-themselves/

LONG ASS POST: cliffs at bottom. Mods (diziet...) dont lock this thread if people are posting offensive / sexist things, ban them instead

Following their 5s team wintrading from 2499 to 2602 in one night in 8 games (wintraded from 2430 to 2499 too) they also began to DDOS.


Logged on to snipe their team

http://us.battle.net...solute%20chaos/ and they began dodging and

wargaming each other. Shortly after we begin queueing, me and Roiddy get a skype contact from "josh352goon" (his name was PopppyChuloOCA or w/e, see logs) and leave queue and wargame ourselves to test if Team Sudar is going to ddos us.


[27/07/2012 4:30:49 PM] pooduster: who th e fk r u
[27/07/2012 4:31:02 PM] pooduster: show yourself faggot
[27/07/2012 4:31:40 PM] pooduster: r u ddosing me huh???
[27/07/2012 4:32:24 PM] Poppy®Chulo★OCA: no
[27/07/2012 4:32:25 PM] Poppy®Chulo★OCA: im going to
[27/07/2012 4:32:28 PM] Poppy®Chulo★OCA: spank ur face
[27/07/2012 4:32:55 PM] pooduster: who the fuck are u
[27/07/2012 4:35:00 PM] pooduster: Yo
[27/07/2012 4:35:03 PM] pooduster: pheggit
[27/07/2012 4:35:04 PM] pooduster: whos this

I get ddos'd at this point

[27/07/2012 4:39:52 PM] Poppy®Chulo★OCA: :)
[27/07/2012 4:40:53 PM] pooduster: u mad
[27/07/2012 4:40:54 PM] pooduster: wargamed
[27/07/2012 4:41:07 PM] Poppy®Chulo★OCA: lol
[27/07/2012 4:41:16 PM] pooduster: ddos sudar
[27/07/2012 4:41:18 PM] pooduster: i will give u my kidneys
[27/07/2012 4:41:32 PM] Poppy®Chulo★OCA: how much is that in cash
[27/07/2012 4:41:47 PM] pooduster: pray to jesus
[27/07/2012 4:41:50 PM] pooduster: n beg for forgiveness
[27/07/2012 4:41:56 PM] Poppy®Chulo★OCA: ?
[27/07/2012 4:42:05 PM] pooduster: n repent
[27/07/2012 4:45:10 PM] Poppy®Chulo★OCA: ?

The best part is after I said "ddos sudar i will give u my kidneys" and he linked it to sudar he assumed I was being serious and started telling everyone on real id I was trying to ddos. Try-hards have made a twitch account called chanimalx and are threatening to ddos people too.


Us wargaming - me and roiddy ddos'd rofl



Last night we log on and discover that Roalviro (renamed to Alpacalips) / Goobyplz / Mvpx (assuming Oq) playing vanguards cleave somehow got to 2500 rating at 6:29pm my time (3:29am PST)


Check the armory now and that team is gone. They were fed by Uglyamerican (Personality's alt rogue), Sylviexoxo and Mindcripple who I am assuming are Aetarius/Pregnant.


They also disbanded their team but it's still on armory, I inspected them at 3:37am PST right after tthe vanguards cleave hit 2500...


Now suddenly they have a 2500 vanguards cleave out of nowhere with probably very high MMR. This morning I wake up and check armory and their main team "tasty men":


9-0 up from 2581 to 2646

This team somehow managed to go up 65 rating ~ 7.2 points per game in one night at 2581. I will let you decide that one for yourself.

me: sometime this week ur team will go to 2631 magically and tie with sudars team
Personality (on alt rogue): u underestimate my power, i see 2680 in my future


[18:42:18] [W From] [85:Uglyamerican]: you underestimate my power, i see 2680 in my future

These two teams are honestly pathetic, wintrading their teams to rank one whilst losing to ordinary gladiatar/duelist teams. I guess all they want is their rank 1 title though, no subtlety is involved and they have no shame at all of getting caught. In the next 2 weeks I won't be surprised to see both 3s charters at 2680 tied for rank 1.

- Sudar's team wintrades 5s nearly 200 rating to 2602
- Sudars team is in the process of creating a million feed teams in 5s and 3s
- Sudars team ddos's me, roiddy, perry, kaska
- Sudars team is trying to make people think i am a ddoser
- Roalviro creates a team and gets fed by pregnant/aetarius/personality to 2500 rating and probably 2550+ mmr
- Pregnant disbands that team
- Roalviro feeds "roasting nerds" (his team) into  tasty men and then disbands

#3725583 3's

Posted Jackow on 05 July 2012 - 02:48 PM

View PostOopsees, on 04 July 2012 - 03:59 AM, said:

someone series us for rank 1 3's please. post here if you aint scurred or sitting on rating.
Good cover, we all know you're just gonna series yourself for r1 heh king of shade

#3734231 How Yusehz and Lushyz got beat

Posted Wetworks on 25 July 2012 - 06:20 AM

View PostIceFoxx, on 19 July 2012 - 02:10 AM, said:

Its season 69 and u faggots are still wintrading cmon bro

Hit it on the nose.

Everyone and anyone that was good already quit this trash game, its old, dead, etc, etc.

You got all the kids that could barely skate to glad in pervious seasons now competiting for rank 1's just cuz anyone that was half decent quit a long ass time ago.

The title I got last season was even a fucking waste of time.

I love to log on AJ and see these kids still crying about titles like they even mean anything anymore.

#3719285 Cyclone wintrading, Aetarius and sifr at it again.

Posted ldmclaugh on 23 June 2012 - 03:31 AM

View PostSwaggersx, on 22 June 2012 - 10:24 PM, said:

You definately need lessons in uploading pictures.
and you definitely need a spelling lesson, idiot.

#3696257 Pwh Random Games 2 [1080p]

Posted Hwp on 01 May 2012 - 12:47 AM

Pwh Random Games 2

Warning: Still learning how to edit half decently! All Games are on the TR besides the last one on Nightfall (Kel'Thuzad Alliance. First couple games are without skype, the rest have skype included.

Comps played: LSD, Ele LSP, Splay

Game 1: Laser/Myself/Jonathan vs Kaska/Perry/Nevz [TR]
Game 2: Persidioz/Myself/Clayz vs Maldiva/Brotatoz/Casvalz [TR]
Game 3: Commix/Myself/Seestraightz vs Maldiva/Jonathan/Zansox [TR]
Game 4: Persidioz/Myself/Clayz vs Sudal/Bubblist/Kamtoo [TR]
Game 5: Lencya/Myself/Keto vs Biotox/Poon/Cdewz [Live]

Thank you!


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All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter
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#3695561 What do you use to target enemies?

Posted insanepimpmobile on 29 April 2012 - 07:43 PM

don't use arena target buttons, cata rogue pce   B)   :rogue: :rogue: :rogue: