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#3520531 Mage current statee

Posted UncleRuckus on 18 October 2011 - 06:07 PM

View PostNiezeqt, on 18 October 2011 - 05:38 PM, said:

In 4.3     Fireball damage has been increased by 17%.
That is a buff for Frost aye? they can use Fireball instead of Frostfireball when they get the Brain Freeze procc. Not sure though if Frostfire will be better still. Since you get a extra slow up with the frostfire ball :D

You're thinking too much, just lance.

#3373117 Gladius - 4.3 [Working]

Posted KaelenaXOXO on 16 July 2011 - 06:02 PM

I've decided to upload Gladius for others to download, I've noticed that the majority of people I know ingame have downloaded Gladius from Curse or whatever, and the DR timers are not functioning properly. I do not take credit for this, I'm merely passing it on - as a friend I know passed to me.


Just download, extract the zip file and copy the Gladius folder to your World of Warcraft directory, the DR timers from this download are working for me, and for others i know

Jus' passin' on the love :)

Edit: Clarification; I didn't make this, I didn't edit this, I didn't develop this, I'm merely passing it on - just the middle man

Edit: Working for 4.3 - Updated as of 24/2/12. Props to Lilija for the update.

#3506683 Gladius - 4.3 [Working]

Posted BaklivaX on 04 October 2011 - 09:36 AM

Gladius DR works just fine for me since I started using this guys update

#3505915 any1 else do RAW FOOD

Posted snabelj on 03 October 2011 - 04:46 PM

View PostReliuna, on 03 October 2011 - 04:44 PM, said:

why eat food if it doesn't taste amazing?

bitch did u read my first post at all?

"so does knowing how to pick RIPE fruit"

ripe peaches, ripe bananas, ripe melons, ripe pineapple, ripe pomengranate, the LIST GOES ON

apples/oranges cant really ripen after theyve been plucked but they taste good too

#3506166 Weak Water Elemental

Posted inhume on 03 October 2011 - 08:40 PM

no because i just used snipping tool for quick image posting.you do realize you could conduct the same tests yourself considering you are a mage.

#3505908 My roommates won't stop singing

Posted shuubi on 03 October 2011 - 04:36 PM

View PostKelustu, on 03 October 2011 - 03:48 AM, said:

And every single one of them is a fucking god awful singer. Three grown men are singing fucking "a whole new world", right now, in this room. They sing Boys To Men to each other, too. Holy fuck.


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#3490938 The WoW PVP community

Posted Xessi on 19 September 2011 - 04:32 PM

Will AJ ever return to the state it was in a couple of years ago?
I kind of stopped reading AJ because every topic is about how awful and easy the game is and people just cry all the time.

Imo this is one of the best seasons so far.
I'm pretty sure everyone here called the game fucking terrible after dying in a mace stun from 70-0% because windfury procced at the same time in TBC.
But people only remember the good things about old expansions, where's the time people called Wotlk awful when it just released and now I'm reading the complete opposite.

View Postzephah, on 19 September 2011 - 04:12 PM, said:

Nostalgia hides imperfection and people really need to realize that on this forum =\

And this topic proves his point:
S9 and S5 better than s10?
People already forgot the Frost TSGs? 4.0.6 Warriors? Mages with Lust? And that's only 1 season ago.

After Druid being the best healer by far in TBC, together with mace stuns, windfury, viper sting and so on..
DKs destroying everything in s5
Protection Paladins being the best healer in s6
s7 protection warriors, MLS
and s8 wizards
I don't see how you can call Cataclysm bad.

It's an MMO, it will never be balanced, if you're looking forward to a game like GW2 I'm already going to have to dissapoint you because it's not going to be balanced either.

A lot of the stuff people are whining about is getting fixed like unavoidable CC.
Deep Ring got nerfed, they're looking into Predatory Swiftness aswell.
Atleast it's better than s8 where I didn't even bother to fake cast a polymorph because gl interrupting a 30% passive haste, icy veins, bloodlusted sheep.
You had to preemptively cast a wind shear if you wanted to interrupt a Fear for example.
A couple of small changes balance wise and the game would be great imo, they're looking into wind shear which is an outdated TBC mechanic when shamans didn't have magic dispel,
removing NS/Mind numbing slowing effects, a nerf to Frost mage mastery and a couple of other things and it would be even better.

The top players are still at the top and if you say the game became too easy in Cataclysm you should be a Vicious Glad who got it in 3s with a 90%+ win loss.
You should realize that about 80-90% of the entire WoW population has never even broken 1800 rating in 3v3.

This season would be amazing if they resetted the ladder after changing the way MMR works because right now it's almost impossible to break 2.7k but why would I care?
I'm not aiming for rank 1 this season and if you're good enough, gladiator shouldn't be a problem.
If you don't like the game just because you won't be able to get Ruthless Gladiator this season, I'd start looking for a different game because just playing for titles is a waste of time.

For me, the WoW PvP community is killing the game, not Blizzard.
If you really don't like WoW anymore, you should stop playing it and stop crying on AJ so we can turn this forum back into a place where people discuss on how to beat a certain comp instead of whining about how overpowered it is.

I could give you 10 million more examples why the game is good right now but I think I made my point.

#3483236 Old ArenaJunkies.com

Posted Easiestsap on 13 September 2011 - 02:35 PM

I think we should start cutting down with the trolling on arenajunkies and start moving back towards how the site was when it was first brought up.  I remember when I could go onto aj and look up spec's, gear setups, what comps were strong and browse the forums and everyone was helpful. Now it is just full of arrogant people who sit there and troll the forums all day, a good thread can go to shit very quickly from those kind of people.  I think everyone should start to try to show consideration for other people's threads and if the threads are irrelevant, just report the thread to a mod instead of flaming and trolling like a adolescent retard. If you are going to post on a thread at least post something constructive. That is all thank you, have a great day.

#3480975 Shadowstep on friendly targets

Posted riccod on 11 September 2011 - 06:45 PM

Grips for all classes anywhere everywhere.

+rep if you love me

#3479037 Revitalizing arena

Posted Hawtstuffs on 10 September 2011 - 06:30 AM

I personally don't think there are any balance issues in the game right now, except resto shamans oom a little to fast in PvE

#3475989 Revitalizing arena

Posted ss2b24 on 08 September 2011 - 04:08 AM

where the hell did you see me say anything but bring back BC gear requirements?

#3454305 The 'Damage Gradient', or: What I think is wrong with Frost PvP

Posted Watlok on 25 August 2011 - 05:26 PM

No permanent water elemental or a nerf to the pet freeze talent would completely murder mage viability without significant buffs elsewhere.  The problem with mages is how they are designed this expansion. There's no way to skirt around it and tweak any one thing.

-Frostbolts were damage.  They procced FoF, they benefit from FoF.   Ice Lance was not even important, to the point where you shouldn't even use ghost lance in WotLK during S8 unless you wouldn't be able to get another fb off or had to reposition.  It lowered your damage output. Frostbolts doubly important because their damage outside of shatters was identical to their damage inside of it.  FoF just upped crit chance.

-R1 frostbolt with winter's chill (stackable or not) offered debuff protection through variance. I say variance instead of RNG because a good healer would start dipselling before the poly debuff came on fairly often. Variance isn't inherently bad, rng like 90% cloak is because it offers no control to the players on either side.  With something like r1 frostbolt the mage was consciously applying more debuffs, and the healer was consciously removing or not removing those debuffs.  The outcome was not completely controlled, but players could impact the outcome at either phase and the results of the actions are very clear to anyone who understands even basic math.  

-Water elemental used as a burst cooldown or to seal the game.  It was important to summon it and nova immediately so you could get a second nova out of it (or a third if you speced that talent, which wasn't very common outside of tournaments.)

-Mage designed around maximizing fof procs and shattering in to every root you can get your hands on.  If FoF is up lance, if FoF is down shatter with BF, cast frostbolts whenever possible in to shatters. Casting outside of shatters isn't very rewarding or useful because your spells only do good damage (relative to cast time/how often they will be stopped or line of sighted) in shatters.  

-No dispel protection at all.  You either play with a class that has dispel protection (warlock), offers ghetto dispel protection through tons of debuffs (spriest, etc), or you play with a class that puts out obscene pressure on its own and burst people down during instant cc.

-Mage unable to stack haste because frostbolts aren't damage anymore, shatters are.  We all know a shatter with a frostbolt hurts a lot more, so why no haste?  Because shatters are limited by cooldowns not by your cast time or gcds.  This has even further negative effects on cc, which is harder to get off than the healer's already shorter gcd to remove something with a long cast time and shorter duration than ever. This effect snowballs with curse removal, where warlocks can spam two curses in 2s while you can remove one in 1.5 - tried to remove a hex lately vs lock/rsham?  

-Which brings us to permanent water elemental.  I'm surprised any outlast comp hasn't noticed that the elemental has 70k hp and a 3 minute cooldown.  You kill the water elemental and the mage is useless until it comes back up unless your team is completely incompetent.


The end result of this change is clear.  Mages do sort of subpar damage overall, but have obscene burst damage that can not be stopped.   Mage control is really hit or miss.  Mages peeling alone is pretty crap unless you are going to blanket or deep the healer while doing it, and even then they decided to give many classes from 8-40 seconds of "full retard" outs.  That is to say, outs that take no planning and can't be stopped by player skill.  New vanish, smoke bomb, most healer cooldowns, new IBF, glyphed AMS (obscene uptime), feral druids just going through rof like it isn't even there, things like that.  

Anyway, cata has tons of problems I see no need to single out mages as much as people do.  Blizzcon is not going to have a mage team win because they are not viable against dot teams played well.  If you want to look at something out of control in cata look at warlocks, feral druid mobility/cc, rogue damage (+smoke bomb), or the design of every class in existence for the expansion.   Mage is one of many flawed pieces, and I don't see them redesigning a class that is working near the end of the expansion.

People single out mages because their burst is too high and they are always paired with classes that are actually broken.  I'm not defending mage burst, but if you nerf mage burst then mage is no longer a viable class because that's all mages have going for them at this point.  They have a strong instant cc suite as well, but that alone can't get kills unless they overbuff warriors or something.

#3472254 What 4.3 should bring for Mages

Posted wisdomcube on 05 September 2011 - 04:10 PM

Then invis needs removed in pvp, nothing like getting crit for 30k frostbolts coming out of invis and 24k icelances...

Also yesterday I thought of a good fix for mages since their damage is obviously broken. Its broken because mages don't cast that much (atleast I think thats why the damage is so high). So after you nerf mage damage abit what you do is turn frostbolt into a penance like spell but with only 2 ticks. Each tick would still get the bonus from shatter etc and would still equal out to the same damage if the entire cast went off. This would help with getting SOME damage off since you constantly have to fake cs/shears/kicks etc.

Im just tired of mages doing too much damage because casting is apparently too hard. Or when the state of the game allows them to cast they don't do shit for damage. This should be able to make a happy medium.

#3412062 i like mages :3

Posted drmongrel on 03 August 2011 - 09:56 PM

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