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tips on dealing damage / getting pyro procs (fire pvp)

17 June 2012 - 06:50 AM

Hello arena junkies!

I would have posted this in mage class discussion forum, but for some reason I cannot start new topics yet even though I'm 2400? no idea why.

Anyways, I have been attempting to play fire a lot lately but have found that I'm rather awful at it I generally play frost when i queue my main rmp and fire has turned out to be nothing like frost at all, the damage seems very random and I catch myself just running around spamming scorch a lot. Also there doesnt seem to be a reason to try get sick double cc like as frost with deep and poly since i just have dragons breath. That said, i was wondering if any good fire mages are willing to give me some tips for arena. Mostly these areas:

- how to get pyroblast procs this has to be my biggest problem so far. I see other mages in arena getting tons and I have no idea how but they are necessary since you can only get good combusts from large pyro crits.

- how often to off dot with living bomb? or should i ever?

- whether i should pick up pyromaniac or not seems like a pve thing.

- is the biggest use of dragons breath ring to shatter someone off it? Its what I've seen most fire mages use it for.

Thanks for any advice :)