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#3166708 I can't believe people still consider dks to be OP

Posted Azaelz on 05 April 2011 - 03:35 AM

The problem with DKs is more that you can't do other things besides healing simply because if you're spending time doing damage, cleansing etc then not only are you losing HP rapidly because DKs do quite a bit of damage, you're also getting necrotic stacking up on you.  They also have an extreme amount of interrupts which basically gets it to a point that you don't ever need to land interrupts on healers to force cooldowns if you use your Ghoul well.  Sure if you get juked first cast every time the healer is going to be fine but in my experience DK cleaves training my healer is the hardest thing to heal through and really requires the lowest level of skill from the opposing team to win a game.

We have legitimately hard games against 2200-2300 DK cleave teams sitting on our Shaman because it can basically go like this.  Juke the first interrupt, start another heal and get ghoul stunned on it, start another heal coming out of that and get strangulated on it, coming out of that you have to juke another interrupt again and assuming you do you start your next cast and get death gripped on it, start another heal right away and if they're not awful they can ghoul charge and interrupt it at which point mind freeze is then back up.  Assuming you once again fake mind freeze and your team isn't already dead or you aren't already dead Necrotic Strike has been stacking this whole time and you then have to heal multiple times to even begin moving your HP back up.  When you add in a second melee DPS (especially a Ret Paladin) you take this to such extreme levels of ease that neither of them ever have to land an interrupt or really do anything besides rotate stuns etc on heals and spam their self healing abilities to train down a healer.  It's basically the same type of thing that I have to deal with on a Warlock when fearing except you add in Lichborne and AMS to immune casts to make it more obnoxious.

I've watched Tenderloin streaming on his Priest and without being interrupted once it seemed extremely difficult for him to heal through a DK solo on him and he was literally needing constant peels against just that one DPS, whereas if you want to compare to Warriors Priests can pretty comfortably heal through a Warrior for sustained periods of time.  It's not that Warriors aren't overpowered because they are, and definitely more ridiculous than DKs in general but that's mainly because of their strength against both Physical and Caster type classes.  DKs on the other hand definitely aren't nearly as strong against other Physical damage classes but can completely dominate casters (AMS, AMZ, Lichborne, high self healing etc).  As other people stated Necrotic Strike really just does too many things at once as well and that's probably where most of the issues stem from simply because no ability should do that many things at once because it turns DKs into a one button class because there's basically no reason to use other buttons when one effectively puts up Curse of Tongues, a Frost Trap, a Healing Absorb and does damage at once.

Plus honestly I have to say that just as a psychological thing seeing your heals get immuned is incredibly annoying, and is much more annoying when playing a healer than taking high amounts of damage (at least in my opinion).  There's nothing more annoying than coming out of a long chain at low HP and seeing multiple heals get absorbed before you die :(

#3166606 I can't believe people still consider dks to be OP

Posted Boness on 05 April 2011 - 01:58 AM

nerf ams and amz