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Death Knight Scourge Strike Math

23 September 2013 - 10:53 PM

Does anyone know the math behind how scourge strikes is affected by armor.

I know on a normal strike is effected in the following way.

((Damage * Pvp Power) * Armor) * Resilience) =

Now my question is how does scourge strike work. It does an additional 50% damage as shadow with 2 diseases on the target.

There are a couple options. The first is what I think it is...but I want someone to confirm.

1. The 50% shadow damage is taken out after armor and resilience is calculated
(((Damage * PvP Power) * Armor) * Resilience) * 1.5 =


2. The 50% damage is calculated before armor and resilience since shadow damage ignores armor
((Damage * PvP Power) * Armor) * Resilence =

((Damage * 0.5) * PvP Power) * Resilience =

The total of the two will give you the total damage amount.

Anyone have any ideas?