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A Different Viewpoint on Current Mage State

15 September 2016 - 02:56 PM

By no means is this supposed to be a shitpost at all but just my mere insight on the class (mind you, I only have Alpha to WotLK experience; did not play Cata, MoP, or WoD).

Fire mages have an insane amount of utility, control, and reliable on demand burst (not high burst albeit but burst nonetheless). The only problem interferring with mages in the current state of Legion is that some classes just do outright insane gib damage. If some classes were able to be toned down so counterplay could be involved, (rather then me having to block a fury of the Illidari DH to avoid losing 80% of my HP in 2 seconds) then I think mages are fine. **This is not a witch hunting post specified directly at DH's; just in-general against stupidly absurd abilities**

TLDR; Fire mage control (IF sheep, DB, Shimmer casting) is insane BUT (excuse my French) our burst (although reliable) does dick damage compared to everyone else. Pls halp.

P.S. Klepto is too fucking strong.

Returning to the game from a long hiatus and looking for partners.

13 August 2016 - 08:44 PM

Hello, my name is Shiny. I've played this game since Alpha up until mid season 8. I left the game because I was starting college but before I left, I was playing with my friends Shingla and Zunniyaki on BG 6 (Vengence) and we hit rank 1 in our BG and in the world for ~2 months as RMP. I've been gladiator as only a mage from season 4 to season 7; would have been season 8 too if my drunk arena partner didn't disband our team on accident (we played Ele, Mage, Disc on Ruin BG). I've just graduated and want to spend some time playing the game again before I attend graduate school next year.

I'm competitive in nature but much more mature and understanding now. I'm just looking for friends to play with so we can have fun together, learn, and get better every day. I'm currently level 95 on US-KT but I'll be hitting 100 by Monday and doing research/learning for Legion.

Thank you for your consideration; have a great day.