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In Topic: Can't Life Cocoon While Trapped?

03 June 2013 - 05:07 AM

Hey, it's Giizmox; Yeah on 5.3 release iv'e noticed countless monk hidden nerfs like chi wave now breaks cc alot easier; tiger is more likely to cleave targets out of cc, can't cocoon while trapped, can't cocoon while warr feared with glyph.

In Topic: B├ąten's Mistweaver Monk Guide

03 June 2013 - 05:04 AM

I wrote out a really long guide for why not to gem resilence; but then it quickly started becoming a wall-of-text. So i'll sum up the highlights to help some mistweavers who struggle to survive. As a Mistweaver you should almost never die if you have mana and regardless of cooldowns it dosn't matter what bracket your playing in you have all the tools you need to survive you just need to use them. So i'll start by saying as a mistweaver gem however you like just make sure your running battlemasters; battlemasters is by far a necessity especially if your playing in the higher bracket because its off the GCD and can be used while silenced.

So I'll start with the most common ways of dying and how to counter them:
~Moonkin/Rogue teams in solar beam; just legsweep rogue and para his trinket -> Fortbrew/Battlemasters -> Chi Torpedo Spam
all of this can be done while silenced if needed disarm the rogue and silence the moonkin.
~Rogue/X/X if they swap to you with cheapshot and dance cacoon in demateralise to avoid them overlapping garrote and stopping it; Legseep/Para/Disarm/Torpedo when garrote hits. If needed Fort/BattleM.
~Beastcleave if they swap to you diffuse magic enh's ascendance fort/battlemasters -> chi torpedo
~Moonkin/Warlock  pick up charging ox and just spam your ox/para/silence/fort/battleM/Chi torpedo when solar hits
~Dk/Ferals/Warrs, Don't think I really need to add anything more pretty much the same as most comps if they force dematerlise with a small stun just nimble brew out of the incoming shockwave/bash/etc or disarm them as demateralise is ending.
General: If you're getting trained just kite with torpedo/Port/globes and chi wave off CD as long as you have mana you should never die.

Hope this guide helped, sorry my english isn't the best. Note this isn't a fool-proof guide and I'm not saying I never die, I'm just saying Iv'e never died when i could have done something that would have allowed me to live.