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- Highest rated BM + BM + Rdruid 3v3 in the world
- Guide: How to stay offensive under heavy pressure
- Guide: How to play survival in 3v3
- BM + Ret + Enha 3dps - Beastcleave of MoP

Enjoy : )

#3876649 Warrior Guide

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Posted ImagePosted ImageI was bored today, and I have not really seen any guide or starters help on the Arena Junkies forums for warriors.  While I may not be a multi-glad or a well known player, the things I will be addressing in this guide will be common knowledge to most warriors and is directed at newer players.

*****Updated for 5.4*****

Posted ImageHere in the first tier (level 15) all the talents relate to our main gap closer, charge.Posted ImageJuggernaut:  This is our first talent, and is very easy to understand, it just brings the cooldown of charge from 20 seconds, down to 12 seconds.  This is probably the best choice if you don't really know what to pick.  The reason being is that it will give you more uptime without worrying about managing the timers like in double time (will talk about soon) or stun drs (warbringer).  I think for most intents and purposes Juggernaut is the best choice in this tier.

Double Time:  Double Time allows you to charge twice without bringing a cooldown.  Because this is a bit hard to understand I have a video showing how it works below.Basically, you can charge twice, back to back, and each charge has its own cooldown.  But they do not recharge simultaneously.  So like if you charge, and then you charge again 5 seconds later, the first one will be up in 15 seconds, and the second one will take an additional 20 seconds in order for it to come up.  In short, you can charge back to back, but the cooldown for the second charge doesn't start until the first one is done.  So in the scenario I just made, where you charge once, and then again 5 seconds later, the first one will be up after the normal 20 seconds, and then the second one will start its cooldown.  This is what kind of messes it up, because then after the first back to back charge, you won't get any more of them unless you wait like 30-40 seconds.Although it has its uses when you fight mage teams etc, where you really need high uptime during kill shots etc.

Warbringer:  Last season's talent of choice, what this talent does is it makes your charge stun the target for 3 seconds, and it applys a 50% slow to them.  The reason it was so good last season is because this 3 second stun didn't dr with anything but itself, so you could get long stun combos.  Now it shares drs with most stuns so it is not as good.  I think the only time I would use this talent now is with the glyph blitz (makes your charge stun 2 additional targets nearby).This allows you to get your slow on 2 or 3 people and then if you are specced staggering shout (will talk about later) you can 3 second warbringer -> 5 second root.  This would be effective against melee cleaves that train your partners ie a feral and a warrior, training your mage.

5.4 Edit: I still think that this tier is about the same, juggernaut is still my preferred talent.

The talents in the next tier (level 30) all relate to self heals.Posted ImageEnraged Regeneration:  This talent heals you instantly for 10% of your health, and then gives an additional 10% over 5 seconds.  This talent isn't very good in my opinion, because it cost 30 rage to use, and we don't really have that when we need it.  Although it is free when you are enraged, it isn't wotlk anymore so we aren't enraged 100% of the time.  For me the rage cost is what makes it bad because the only time you would need it is in something like a smokebomb or deep freeze, where if you were relying on this to save you it wouldn't help much.

Second Wind: This talent gives you 15 rage over 10 seconds whenever you are stunned or immobilized, and it also heals you for 3% of your health per second, when you are below 35%.  Almost every warrior I've seen takes this talent because it is just so good.  The rage is great especially with getting trained and you have to sit in defensive stance.  It is great because since it is passive it will activate in stuns, and you can just try to los the enemy if you are in a dire situation (healer cc, you are low).  It is also great for duels and 2s as I have won many 1v2s just because of this talent.

Impending Victory:  This talent gives you instantly 15% of your health and is on a 30 second cooldown.   I don't really like this talent for a couple reasons.  For one, you have to be out of cc to use it, so if you are stunned etc, you won't be able to use this to heal.  This is a problem because during most kill shots, you will be ccd and you won't be able to use talents like this.  Another problem with it, is that it cost rage, while not very much, if you are stun in defensive stance there are times where you don't even have 10 rage, so this really isn't a very good choice.Just on a side note, with the healing debuff going up to 50% next patch, this will hurt all of these healing talents badly.  Also next patch, the rage gained from second wind is going into a passive for arms and second wind will be healing only.  If these changes effect which talent is the best I will update as needed, but for now I would go with second wind 100% of the time.

5.4 Edit:  I still think that second wind is still the best even with the change to the rage generation part of it being passive on everyone now.

The next tier of talents (level 45) are all shouts, and this is one of the tiers where they are all good imo.Posted ImageStaggering Shout:  This talent will put a root on anyone who is slowed in a 20 yard radius.  This talent used to be a whole lot better because it didn't break on damage.  It is essentially the improved hamstring from previous seasons.  I would suggest this talent under a couple circumstances.  One being that you are facing a melee cleave and you want to peel for your teammates, you can hamstring both and then root.  Another time this is good is when you are facing mage teams, because this allows you to root them and get some good damage in.  Other than that, I wouldn't use this talent, but it is extremely useful against those teams

Piercing Howl: This talent slows all people in a 15 yard radius.  This used to be standard for warriors, but was moved to a talent in MOP.  I use this most of the time because it is very useful if you are getting kited, to keep them close.  Really good in general, especially since hamstring can get parried and dodged etc, so you can use it vs rogues to slow them.

Disrupting Shout: This shout is basically an aoe pummel.  This is really only good against classes that cast a lot, like a shadow priest or a resto shaman.  Other than that it isn't as good because not many classes have to cast a lot, so an extra pummel isn't that great.

5.4 Edit:  Just as before all of these talents are viable and change game to game.  Pick what you prefer or what you think you can utilize the best.

In this next tier (level 60), I guess I would call it a damaging tierPosted ImageBladestorm: The first talent in this tier is bladestorm, which used to be standard in arms since wrath.  It isn't as useful for its damage anymore, but is very useful as you can break kidney shots and other cc with it.  I still don't think it is king of arenas anymore, but since the nerf to shockwave it might be cool to try out.  The main reason I don't use it is because you lose almost all of your utility if you spec this, and you just become a 100% damagebot.  As far as rbgs go, I think this talent is very fun, and you can put out huge damage with it, not sure if it is better than shockwave for rbgs either though.One cool thing that has changed since previous expansions, is that now you can use shouts during this, so you can fear, piercing howl, disrupting shout etc.  This allowed you to stick to targets if you spec staggering shout, or piecing howl, which is very good to know if you do spec this talent.

Shockwave:  This is an aoe cone stun, on a 40 second cooldown.  It does good damage and brings a lot of utility to an otherwise, low utility class.  The reason I use this talent almost exclusively, is because of all the uses it has.  You can use this for a peel vs melee cleave, and stun so a shadow priest can't MD, and it even does good damage on top of that.  One thing you should know about this talent, is if you hit 3 or more targets the cooldown goes to 20 seconds.  Afaik it does count pets, so if you get a dk, his pet, and someone else or other combinations, it should reset (please correct me if I'm wrong).  This is the best talent in this tier 90% of the time imho.

Dragon's Roar: This is a cool talent, because it is a huge burst damage stun, that is on a 1 minute cooldown.  It always crits, and it ignores armor.  This talent if stacked up with single minded fury (35% damage boost) avatar (20% damage boost) and skull banner (20% damage boost to dragons roar) then you can get some pretty funny crits.  The only problem I have about this talent, is that it only does big damage if you have your 3 minute cooldowns up, and without cooldowns it isn't that effective.  One situation I have found it pretty good is when you are playing warrior/mage, you can makes swaps on deep freeze, and not mess up the stun DR, and add good burst to a mage's already huge burst.Overall in this tier except for a couple instances I would stick with shockwave as it is almost always useful.

5.4 Edit:  This tree got a lot more interesting since the 5.4 buffs.  Bladestorm can no longer be disarmed and it got a pretty significant damage increase.  Since the patch I have been playing a bit for fun since I took a break from wow in 5.3.  So far from what I can tell bladestorm and shockwave are both equally viable now.  I tend to use shockwave mostly against melee cleaves that train my mage and bladestorm against most caster teams (more uptime).  Bladestorm does insane damage now so I definitely think it is worth a try if you haven't used it already.

The next tier of talents (level 75) are all about team utility and supportPosted ImageMass Spell Reflection: This talent reflects the next spell used on all of your party members, and does not require a shield like normal spell reflect.  This is kind of useful against heavy cc teams like mage/spriest, but I don't think it is the best choice in this tier because you lose so much mobility when you pick this.

Safeguard: This turns your intervene into a root breaking monster.  In addition to allowing you to be able to break roots, but it also puts a 20% pain supp on the target you intervene in addition to taking the next physical attack like normal intervene.  This is always used by me mainly because without it you will be sitting roots the entire game, and it is also very useful to protect swaps from rogues/mages onto your healer or other teammates.  There is a macro you can use to break roots very fast which I will post in the macro section below.

Vigilance:  This talent is basically a pally sacrifice.  It transfers 30% of the damage from a teammate to you for the next 12 seconds.  There are a couple reason I don't use this talent.  One being that while it is a good damage reduction for a teammate, it is on a 2 minute cooldown, which is huge.  Also, when you pick this talent, you lose a 20% reduction on a 30s cooldown, and a rootbreak, which imo is far better than an extra 10% on 4x the cd.As far as I'm concerned, safeguard is the only viable choice in this tier, and should always be used.

5.4 Edit:  I still use safeguard as the 30 second cd root break is just too good imo.

The next tier of talents (level 90) is all about damage, and there is 1 stun also.Posted ImageAvatar: This is a very good choice in talents because it is a 24 second 20% damage increase.  Since this xpac seems to be mainly about burst, this will allow you to really pump out damage.  In addition to being a huge damage increase, it also breaks all roots/slows on you when you activate it, so if you are using it on a mage or hunter, you should wait until he novas/disengage roots you etc. before you activate, so you don't have to waste safeguard on it.

Bloodbath:  Another damage increase, this talent puts a bleed for 30% of the special damage you do on a 1 minute cooldown.  This seems like it would be a bigger burst than avatar, but it isn't just because it is only special damage, and it is a bleed, so it won't allow you to burst as hard.  Afaik this is mostly a pve damage cooldown, and isn't as practical in pvp because it requires high uptime to get a good bleed, and it won't be as effective as avatar in 1 shotting people (which is most of kills nowadays)

Stormbolt:  This is a ranged stun on a 30 second cooldown.  I would only spec into this if I was using bladestorm because it drs with shockwave.  I wouldn't really suggest this talent because you lose a lot of your kill potential when you drop avatar, and warriors really need the damage in order to keep up with the rest of the game.

5.4 Edit:  From what I can tell all 3 of these talents are good now I prefer bloodbath, and I recommend you find out what works for you and use it.

Just a tl;dr of that here is a talent setup that would be useful in most situations
Second Wind
Piecing Howl

5.4 Edit:
Second Wind
Disrupting Shout/Piercing Howl
SafeguardAvatar/Bloodbath/Storm Bolt (all 3 are good now imo)

Now that we are done talents we can talk glyphsPosted ImageBlitz:  Pretty useful, it makes your charge stun up to 2 additional nearby targets.  Good vs mages or hunters where they are los, but their pets aren't you can charge their pet, and still stun them.  Also useful with warbringer as you can charge and apply an aoe 3 second stun and slow.
Bull Rush:  Good for right now, because if you get trained and have to sit defensive stance, you can still get good rage.
Colossus Smash: A decent damage boost, but isn't all that useful.  Some people love this glyph, but I think there are better options tbh.
Death from Above: I would consider this glyph mandatory  because it allows you to have so much more uptime.
Die by the Sword:  A new glyph, it makes your overpower extend the duration of your die by the sword.  I haven't really played with this glyph much, but I don't think it is insanely useful, as the 8 seconds is generally enough to keep you alive while your healer is CC.
Enraged Speed:  Makes it so when you are enraged you get a little 20% sprint.  Not the greatest, and since you aren't enraged all that much I don't find it very useful.
Hamstring:  Once you use rage on a hamstring the next is free.  Useful, but there are much better choices for glyphs here.
Hindering Strikes:  Makes your heroic strike and cleave put a slow on the enemy.  This is useful, and definately a viable choice, although you don't use heroic strike quite as much anymore.
Long Charge: Gives your charge extra range.  This is actually more useful than you would think as it allows you to always get the opener on other warriors, and get people running towards pillars etc.  Defnately worth a try depending on your comp etc.
Mortal Strike:  I think this glyph is actually mandatory now, but some people don't use it.  It makes it so you take 10% more healing whenever you have mortal strike on a target.  Since the recent patch, warriors get hit a lot, so it is pretty useful to have the extra healing.
Rude interruption: This gives you 6% more damage for 20 seconds when you pummel someone, it is a little damage increase, but since a lot of people don't cast anymore, it isn't that useful, nor a big damage increase.
Shield Wall:  Makes your wall have 20% more dr, but adds 2 minutes onto the cooldown.  The cooldown increase isn't a huge issue because you usually only have to use shield wall once a battle anyway.  That being said I wouldn't really recommend this because when you use wall, most teams will not kill you though it + second wind anyway, unless you pop it really late, or you would have died anyway.
Spell Reflection:  Takes off 5 seconds from your spell reflect cooldown.  This is hardly noticable and I wouldn't really recommend it.
Unending Rage:  Gives you 30 more maximum rage.  This allows you to pool up more rage for your burst, which could be useful, but I honestly don't think it is useful enough to use a glyph on it.tl;dr I would recommend these glyphs if you cbf to read and pick for yourselves

Death from Above
Mortal Strike

5.4 Edit:  Since the buff to defensive stance I no longer think MS glyph is really that useful anymore and I am running these glyphs now

Death from Above
Long Charge/Bull rushPosted ImageThere are a couple things you have to cap before you do your stats.  First you need 3% hit, which shouldn't be a huge problem, then you need like 3% expertise.  If you are full honor gear or better, there is no possible way you won't be expertise cap, so just completely reforge out of all of it you can.Once you are capped I use this priority when reforgingCrit > mastery > hasteSome people have been debating it, but I think this is the best way to reforge atm.

5.4 Edit:  Nothing has changed here at all reallyPosted ImageFor gems, this xpac there is huge burst during stuns, and warriors always get trained this patch.  Because of this, I would gem resil as much as you can and maximize it.  I'll link the armory of my toons if you want to copy my reforging/gems/enchants.


5.4 Edit:  With the baseline resilience change defensive stance buff and other survivability changes I no longer feel that resilience is the way to go.  I now recommend gemming full crit as it will give you the most damage as possible.  As I have just came back to the game my gear isn't complete but here are what my gems are currently.

http://us.battle.net...ballzx/advancedPosted ImageHere is a list of macros I useYour general damage cds, I use this to activate my on use trinket, when reck/avatar is on CD.
/cast Avatar
/use 14
/cast Blood Fury

This allows you to charge and hamstring in the same button, it also cancels bladestorm if you are specced into it.  Also starts your autoattack.
#showtooltip Charge
/cast [nomod]Charge;[mod:shift,target=focus] Charge
/cast Hamstring
/cancelaura Bladestorm

Fear for regular, and focus targets
/cast [nomod] Intimidating Shout;[mod:shift,target=focus] Intimidating Shout

Intervenes your healer
#showtooltip Intervene
/cast [target=Rambojohny] Intervene

Intervene for your other partner
#showtooltip Intervene
/cast [target=Ampedz] Intervene

Pummel for target, and focus
#showtooltip Pummel
/cast [nomod] Pummel;[mod:shift,target=focus] Pummel

Uses rallying cry, also uses healthstone if you have one
/cast Rallying Cry
/use Healthstone

Your basic swifty oneshot macro, pretty much every dps cd you have in one button.
/cast Recklessness
/use 14/cast Avatar
/cast Bloodbath
/cast Skull Banner
/cast Blood Fury

This is a very useful macro and it allows you to safeguard out of roots almost instantly.
/cast Safeguard

Pops shield wall and puts you in defensive stance if you aren't already.
#showtooltip Shield Wall
/cast Shield Wall
/cast Defensive Stance
/use Healthstone

These 3 macros are so you can charge, fear, or pummel arena targets 1-3.
/cast [nomod,target=arena1] Charge;[mod:shift,target=arena1] Pummel;[mod:ctrl,target=arena1] Heroic Throw;[mod:alt,target=arena1] Intimidating Shout
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/cast [target=arena1] Hamstring

/cast [nomod,target=arena2] Charge;[mod:shift,target=arena2] Pummel;[mod:ctrl,target=arena2] Heroic Throw;[mod:alt,target=arena2] Intimidating Shout
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/cast [target=arena2] Hamstring

/cast [nomod,target=arena3] Charge;[mod:shift,target=arena3] Pummel;[mod:ctrl,target=arena3] Heroic Throw;[mod:alt,target=arena3] Intimidating Shout
/cancelaura Bladestorm/cast [target=arena3] Hamstring

Keybinds:  I'll just post a screenshot of my keybinds so it saves some time.  I probably wouldn't copy them, but people ask sometimes, so they are here anywayPosted ImageComps:  Warriors this season lost a bit of their utility and defensives from last season, but this class is still in an okay spot, and is improving next season with the defensive buffs.  The best comps for a warrior this season are going to be ones that rely on high burst, and good support from other classes.  These comps below are what I consider the strongest comps for warriors at the moment.

KFC- This comp is hunter/warrior/healer, and was king last season.  This season it is still strong, but in my opinion, the best healer for this comp is a shaman instead of a pally, just because of all the wizard teams out there at the moment.  I have run this comp extensively, and there are a few major things you need to do as a warrior in order to be successful.  One of the most important things in this comp is landing traps, because it is your main form of cc.  Since landing traps is super important in getting out pressure, you have to make sure you shockwave, root, or fear, when your hunter goes in for a trap.  This prevents them from running to their healer and eating the trap for them, effectively wasting the cc.  A very important thing to do against shadow priest teams is to shockwave the priest when there is a second or two left on scatter when your hunter goes for the trap so it won't get dispelled.Another important thing to do as kfc is to land your fear.  The warrior fear is your main cc on the healer and it is important you land it.  Against a paladin team, you need to wait for the hand of sacrifice to go out, and have your hunter tranq shot it off, once you get both sacs off you should go in for a fear.  The same goes for the priest fear ward.  A good thing to do if the priest doesn't come out with ward on is to fake fear by running over to them like you are going to fear, have them put ward on, then you can easily tranq it off and get a full fear.Another important thing to know as kfc, is that you need to pop your cooldowns where it will matter.  Don't just pop your offensive cds randomly, you need to wait until you get a full trap or full fear, so they aren't wasted.Overall this comp is pretty easy to play, and is mainly focused on landing traps/fears and making sure you are always putting out pressure.  Soon I will post some videos of this comp when I get the chance to.

Warrior/Mage/healer-5.4 Update:  I am currently experimenting with this comp and should have good tips once I get a little more gear/playtime with it.  This section will be the most updated with the new patch most likely.

Spriest/Warrior/healer- Haven't played this comp, but if someone has played it at a high rating, I would like your input please!For now, that is the end of this guide, and I'll be updating it as I see fit.  If you have any questions, or suggestions please comment below! 5.4 Edit:  SPriests suck, comp probably isn't that great anymore

TSG- From what I can tell this could be a decent comp but need more playtime with it

Warrior/lock/x-  Looks super strong but haven't got a lock to play with.
If you have played any of the comps I haven't got data on or want to suggest a new one, pm me on AJ or ingame and I'll add it to this guide!

This guide took me a very long time to make, so if you found it useful I'd appreciate it!Pictures courtesy of Regentlord

#3845391 an alternative to gladius

Posted Syncrow on 06 February 2013 - 06:03 AM

SyncFrames (deleted)

#3850929 Teamfind - new search, player + team upvotes, and a new design!

Posted Pyrilus on 18 February 2013 - 11:15 PM

Hi guys!

I'm really excited to say that Teamfind can now do a lot more than before in terms of search. Now you can look up terms like 'gladiator' or 'fun' or 'RBGs' and it'll show up all sorts of stuff:

Posted Image

Let me know what you think :)

#3848006 Enh 5.2 the best comp cy@

Posted steeze1 on 12 February 2013 - 12:22 PM


we play da enhance rogue resto druid. dat comp get me in the mood, we win with 1 shots, goes past ur hots.
All da noobs be likeeee shit, wtf did u guys just hit.we be likeeeee lol in ur face, we da kings in da place. revenge on da warr's, knocking on da doors, hitting u to da floors, do u want mores?? HELL NO. dont sign up again BRO, one shot u again u know.

u belong in smoke bomb, solar beam with the team and dont mess with da vortex. outskillin cos we have bills billing, wow subscription, is our addiction, pay it contrary to contradiction. think u can beat us? no thats just fiction

Claim skill just like kfc did, London, New York, Madrid. Ya dig?

#3831504 Free High Quality Sound/Video Stream Program

Posted Godx on 05 January 2013 - 08:51 PM

For those of you would like to stream but your computer can't handle it, or you don't want to pay xsplit for features so it doesn't look like dog shit, you can start using Open Broadcaster Software(OBS). I just started messing with it last night and it works great. Lower CPU usage and allows high sound quality and can stream at high 720/1080 better and easier on your computer than xSplit. And everything about it is free!. Give it a try, much better than xsplit!

Program: http://obsproject.com/

Tutorial: http://www.teamliqui...topic_id=372629
(written by GTR on TeamLiquid)

Adding Stream Privacy link to original post, to ward off those pasty nerdgin DDoS Wanna-Bes. This is to keep your skype hidden off stream.

(Tutorial on download page)

Props to Markus for telling me about this

#3831133 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted khuna on 04 January 2013 - 08:30 PM

View Postwtfbro, on 04 January 2013 - 08:22 PM, said:

i think a gif of you facepalming would be pretty awesome

Posted Image

#3803779 My thoughts on why the warrior skill cap needs to be increased

Posted Veev on 12 November 2012 - 07:04 PM

(I hope the AJ mods don't mind me linking to an off-site blog.  Please remove this thread if that's an issue, but I'll be replying to posts and comments here as well.)

A blog post I just wrote covering my thoughts on skill cap in arena, especially as it pertains to warriors and why it's a bigger concern for us than other classes: http://www.veevsvaul...ll-cap-dilemma/

#3797981 Beer thread.

Posted terribleperson on 01 November 2012 - 01:54 PM


Chimay. It's really, really good. Nice, full body, fragrant but not overpowering.

It's made by monks.

#3798729 Swifty's 1-shot Macro is getting out of hand.

Posted Tosan on 03 November 2012 - 01:34 AM

The chaos must be stopped.

#3795434 Rogue changes 5.1

Posted Solleks on 26 October 2012 - 10:21 AM

Bored, 6 am can't sleep.

*Return Blind to 2 minute cd. As said before, we don't need more CC, we need other classes to have less.
*Remove Paralytic poison. We need less CC, not more.

*Shadowstep baseline. This is no longer an argument, just Blizzard being stubborn.
*Deadly throw returned to baseline (no interrupt effect). Essential now that we can't 'Throw' to apply poisons without Shuriken toss. Not having deadly throw baseline means without Shuriken Toss, we are 'obligated' into taking Shadowstep for a gap closer when chasing. Sprint and burst of speed are too unreliable for the energy cost / cooldown respectively.
*EDIT ADDED: Please allow us to apply non-lethal poisons with 'Throw' again

*Evasion is not even worth mentioning anymore, only 50% dodge on a 3 minute cd? THIS could be a 1 minute CD and would be more useful. I mean, Evasion (3 min, 50% dodge) vs Die by the Sword (2 mins, 100% parry, AND 20% damage reduction) hello?
*Redirect change : Taken off the GCD, cooldown lowered, or cooldown removed. As of now it's pretty 'meh', and always has been, aside from redirect kidneys.

Talents reworked -
Tier 1 - Stealth : Nightstalker, Subterfuge, Shadow Focus
Tier 2 - Defensive CDs : Elusiveness, Combat Readiness, Improved Recup (5% DMG reduction, heals 5%/3secs, now has 30s cooldown)*
Tier 3 - Passive CDs : Cheat Death, Nerves of Steel, Leeching Poison
Tier 4 - Mobility : Preparation, Burst of Speed, Improved Sprint (Increases Movement speed 30%, breaks snares, remove glyph)
Tier 5 - Incapacitates : Prey on the Weak, Nerve Strike, Dirty Tricks
Tier 6 - Utility / CP : Anticipation, Shuriken toss, Cold blood (+ 25 energy, 2 CPs, +50% crit chance)

Tier 1 is obvious.

Tier 2 gives choice between some very strong defensive cooldowns. Remember, both Combat readiness and Imp recup used to be pretty standard, but having both was a bit overkill.

Tier 3 gives some passive defense vs the burst that classes are capable of. Rogues are one of the lowest (if not the?) armored classes in game now, with no passive armor increase or damage reduction (Shadow form, ice barrier, frost armor, etc) and thus take full damage from autoattacks/physical attacks with only armor mitigation. We're the easiest class to swap and kill as no cooldown we have aside from cheat currently saves us in a stun (vs Disperse, Monk unhittable bullshit, Ice block, Icebound, etc) yet take the most damage. Why?

Tier 4 is about mobility and control. Pretty obvious. Gives some use to sprint, because lower cooldown doesn't mean anything when we can just get snared or rooted anyway.

Tier 5 gives some flavor to incapacitates and stuns. Could consider something like a cooldown reduction on stuns / gouge instead of Dirty tricks, giving up the offensive damage/defensive damage reduction from stuns in favor of shorter cooldowns.

Tier 6 is about combo point management and generation. Cold blood would give us a slightly different form of Premed, on longer cd.


#3790977 Post your arena Jokes!

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Posted Image

#3776115 Arena Ladder Overhaul Compilation

Posted Kerzen on 21 September 2012 - 11:14 AM

2 seasons per 1 pve patch, 1st season is equivalent to normal mode gears.

2nd season you can upgrade your gear to higher ilvl, about same as heroic mode gears.

Shorter seasons, no ilvl problem, more active ladders as you need to play constant to get the full gear in time.

#3775670 The "Funny Picture" thread

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"hipster trap"

Posted Image

#3773152 ArenaJunkies Ghostcrawler interview - post your questions

Posted Ayume on 17 September 2012 - 06:23 PM

Rather than a bunch of questions, here's a list of suggestions:

  • A form of spectating arena games.
  • Bring the old armory back where you could see which team played who at what time and what rating they gained. I thought that armory was absolutely fantastic and outside of possible data management issues I don’t understand why it was removed.
  • I am also in favor of Rating Decay, as it promotes fair game play and also promotes ladder activity.
  • Get WoW back on the MLG circuit! Big tournaments like these get more people into PvP and more people into the game.
  • Allow the gladiator title/rewards to be achieved through 2v2 arena bracket, but not rank 1 titles. I remember back in burning crusade, the biggest thing that brought all of my pve friends into arenas was doing 2v2 with friends, which then led them to wanting to improve and eventually into playing 3v3 and 5v5 arena. It is a great entry bracket and giving some kind of reward for it would stimulate arena activity in all brackets.

  • All of rogues cooldowns need to be reduced back to what they were pre talent removal, Vanish/cloak/evasion/blind etc. Going to 3 minute cds again really destroys the fluidity of rogue gameplay.
  • One of the three talents on the level 60 tier needs to be baseline. Rogue damage should then be re-evaluated with the new change of mobility (this makes rogues easier to balance and more fun to play). I suggest shadowstep baseline, with smokebomb as a replacement to shadowstep, and a talent that passively reduces the cooldown of all rogue cooldowns by 45% as a replacement to burst of speed. This would also handle the problem I have listed above. To recap, that tier (lvl 60) would be Prep | New talent | Smokebomb.
  • Rogue Subtlety damage needs to be increased outside of dance by about 20% at level 90. Namely backstab. Also, a glyph allowing you to use it from the sides or increased range would be very helpful for the players with 120+ latency.
  • Also a glyph to allow shadowstep to root the target for 2 seconds (Is on diminishing returns with all other roots) would be a very nice change and would add some decision making to our glyph choices.