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In Topic: WoD Beta Thread

08 September 2014 - 06:43 PM

View PostGoatsie, on 08 September 2014 - 05:11 PM, said:

wow, easy on that, i don't want to wait 2 seasons again before playing it again. Had enough of early MOP bs already

Clearly burst of speed is the biggest issue everybody but blizzard agrees with.. Giving it a cooldown would solve a lot of problems. Next (in my opinion) is Subterfudge. These are mechanics that are simply annoying and not balanced.  When has anyone taken any other talents in that specific tiers? Of course we don't want rogue to be nerfed to the ground, but something needs to be done.

In Topic: WoD Beta Thread

08 September 2014 - 02:01 PM

View PostAvengelyne, on 08 September 2014 - 12:52 PM, said:

Lol literally worst tabard ever.

Rogues have too much control, from a few hundred 2s/3s on Beta so far they do the most consistent damage, nasty burst, 100% uptime and the most control.

Pretty much WotLK Mutilate/Envenom mixed with S11 legendary goober damage/control. Spriest/Rogue/Rdruid is currently the best comp in the game IMO due to all 3 classes being beyond powerful for their respect. Spriest has absolutely absurd damage if they can channel. The highest out of any caster that i've seen. Rogue is best melee, SPriest is best caster and RDruid is best healer currently.

On the upside, all your points Sam plus WARLOCK NERFS.

They are considering Battle Fatigue, but I hope they compensate Rets and Enh for it if implemented. Boomkin/Feral healing is still disgusting. And like repulsively disgusting on top of the current CDs they have.

Agree. Rogue is far too powerful. Spriest is very very squishy Tunnelvision is too rewarding. I think you have played with or against spriests abusing the mind sear bug. It does 10x the intended dmg. I feel like boomkins are the superior caster due to spammable cc, incredibly healing, great survivability and decent dmg.

In Topic: WoD Beta Thread

08 September 2014 - 11:28 AM

+ Skirmish is super awesome
+ Ashran
+ Less cc overall
+ Teamfinder

- Melee Mobility and lockdown is crazy
- Train the shadowpriest mindset of everyone, because they are so squishy
- Druids. Far too much healing of all 3 specs and Survivability is too good
- Healing in general is too high. Battle fatigue is not the right way to fix this
- Warrior gladiator stance seems broken.

In Topic: Caster Newb goes Shadow - Questions

07 September 2014 - 04:03 PM

View PostSpotlight, on 07 September 2014 - 01:09 PM, said:

Thanks alot. That will help me for sure. :D
I'll be full eq asap and then im going to improve my gameplay. I hope SP's will be good in WOD - whats your opinion on it?
Since you are the best-placed SP, some people are probably wondering if you're going to stream someday - would be interesting i guess :D
What are fun-comps for SP's in 2s?

About WoD viability:
I have played and recorded many games on beta. Movie should come in the next 2-3 weeks.

Spriest damage is decent. Mobility with Spectral Guise and Feathers is also good but we take far too much damage. We are #1 target all the time. In 2s if you face double melee they train you and ignore your team mate no matter what.

Without any form of surivability buff we will have a really hard time in 3s against any double melee comp.

Orb generation in general got buffed. In addition our 4pc bonus is great (Orbs are refund after casting psychic horror).

Our only self heal is devouring plague + Shield. Renew got removed. So you have to chaincast flash heals if you are low hp. PoM has a cast time, heals for nothing and cancels shadowform.

Mana "problems" are gone we have passive regen.

Biggest problem besides the lack of damage reduction are cc breaks from almost every melee. Warriors are immune to Psychic Scream (now has a 45 second cd, is a talent and lasts 6 seconds instead of 8). Psyfiend is gone. Dominate Mind is useless anyway and Tendrils got nerfed into oblivion and break after 2 melee hits.

In 5s/RBG/Ashran spriest will be decent because with auspicious spirits and multidot we can create huge pressure because we get so many orbs.

The spec has design issues in pve and pvp everyone on the community agrees but blizzard ignores like many talent issues (Void Entropy, Mindbender, lvl 90 talents) and useless glyphs.

New cool glyphs: Glyph of restored faith (self grip to a party member) and Glyph of Mind harvest (3 Orbs for the first MB on a target but increases the cooldown of MB by 6 sec) which is great in 2s as 2dps. It also works on minions like pets, lightwell etc.

In Topic: WoD experiences

14 August 2014 - 11:09 AM

View Postnovaqt, on 14 August 2014 - 06:34 AM, said:

You forgot to mention shadow priests.

The only thing op about shadow priests was Psychic Horrors long single target disable. It got already nerfed to 4 seconds.

If you meet any spec in arenas as a melee on beta realms. Which one would you focus first? Shadowpriest because they are extremly squishy right now. But melee in general is too good on beta realms.