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In Topic: I'm just going to leave this here

22 October 2013 - 06:52 PM

Ohh my mistake too then,

yeah gg for sure - great job pulling that off

In Topic: I'm just going to leave this here

22 October 2013 - 06:48 PM

Reread what i just wrote..... LOL :mellow:
1. LOS us
2. forced our cds

instead of
1. stay in line so we can hit you right away or scatter you right away
2. instead of heroic leap, i could have charged and saved heroic leap to when you were bladestorming

as you saw there you almost died at the end too.  Those extra things i mentioned would have changed the outcome. All because of our shaman ?

In Topic: I'm just going to leave this here

22 October 2013 - 06:39 PM

Hahaha, in my defense (cause i'm that warrior on that team) - if you heard our skype call we told the shaman not to line us since he had nothing left to keep himself alive. There is no point in lining your teammates against a melee whos training you... that forces us to push in as well instead...

1:43 of that video you saw the shaman on our team force me to use heroic leap just so i can try to peel.  Which owned me in the ass afterwards cause i couldn't leap away from you either and let the hunter do some damage in a 2v1 situation. BUT NOPE, we were forced to CC you instead of powering through the damage.

Secondly, i'm sure you can agree that second wind does not tick very much with battle fatigue in arenas.  I was already at like 10 percent when you killed the shaman due to bladestorm bloodbath combo.  Since i used leap to get to the shaman, I couldn't leap away during bladestorm bloodbath (50% slow) i was just eating the damage.

Regardless though, nice job on pulling that off.  Just replying to defend myself - and to blame our shaman for being a full boner retard

In Topic: The sad, sad state of warriors pt.2

08 June 2013 - 11:59 PM

I find another problem is keeping our target in melee range via hamstring

It seems that hamstring is ONE of the weakest slow there is in the game (BIAS? Maybe). It is 50% slow, cost 10rage (like we have rage to spare), it can be parried or dodged, and it has a global cd.  In comparison to other classes....

other classes have it on a passive / main skill <<<OR>>> Can be used from range
-Rogue poison (shiv AND can be range from throw)
-Feral's "Infected Wounds" (passive main skills)
-Mage Frostbolt/Frostfire bolt (passive main skills / Range)
-Shaman's Frost shock / Earthbind totem (passive and range)
-Spriest mind flay (passive and range)
-Deathknights Chains of Ice (range)
-Hunter's concussive shot (range)
-Warlocks Conflag (main skill and range)
-Ret Paladin's Seal of Justice (passive main skill and range)
Not sure about monk's cause nobody cares about monks ^_^

I think the point I'm getting at is: even though we've got one of the best gap closures in the game (charges and a leap), it does not mean anything if 2 seconds later they are out of our range once again.  It is very common now in the game to get peeled because of all the range UTILITY that every class has.  Warriors once kited can be ignored because they provide no threat at range distance.