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In Topic: Demo new FoM?

04 October 2016 - 04:42 PM

i went demo since day 1 of legion. its just more active and yes its prolly best for pve. affliction is just boring af this xpac and for pvp u will get mowed down w/o SL. ( which affliction doesn't have )   
You say you are having hard time vs melee do u have call fel lord talent? if not try to get that. It will make it alot easier.

I'm actually affliction. I just feel like my defensives and with my CCs it's still a hard time to keep up with their damage.
I dodge kicks left and right but still manage to have a hard time surviving.
Once I kick all of their kicks, I can proceed to cast like 6 UA on target or one on each and dump the rest into our kill target. Healer just dispels at that point and nothing is really done even if I was awarded dodging both kicks.

I have contagion as a talent and tried unending? Corruption. Still nothing so far.
I'm around 2K with my UD warlock for the first few weeks of the new season and been 2K with my human in WoD.
By all means I'm not saying I'm good or should talk abaout balance but I just feel like I should be able to put a lot more pressure out if the other team has missed their kicks. Fear? Honestly so difficult to CC people now. I can't seem to help my healer when they're a Ret, war, DH, and or DK with fears.

demo just has more survivability, which is in much need atm.
so far demo has had the "wtf" factor which nobody else that isn't already playing a demo lock knows their mechanics. i've lost count to the amount of people i've seen killing themselves to fel lord just because they have no idea what demo locks do.
give it another month until the other players figure the spec out and people will realize demo is not as good as it looks like.

I figured that was the case. I just feel like I don't do ANY damage if I don't have artifact points. So silly.

In Topic: Faction in Legion

28 August 2016 - 01:19 AM

glad titles work with both factions now just in case you forgot. So I would say balanced

Oh snap, sorry I haven't played in a very long time. Thank you for the insight m8 :D I really appreciate that.

Horde has the better racials but it's up to if people will be willing to change to horde from alliance.

I've kind of had the same realization, I was just wondering if most people are going to Horde because the racials are one sided like Alliance for the past few expansions.