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#3542171 Dragon Nest 3v3 Ladder

Posted Guest on 08 November 2011 - 04:59 AM

Dragon Nest is releasing a 3v3 Ladder soon to come. It currently has 1v1 ranked ladder and practice arena.
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I'll give some background on the game. The game was created by Nexon so you can expect a free game with an in-game Nexon Store to purchase quality of life things. For gameplay it's basically an RPG 3rd person shooter where you aim to hit your opponents as melee and casters alike. You do street fighter style combos to knock your opponents in the air and on the ground. Each class has "outs" like PvP trinkets on like being able to jump while knocked into the air and roll when on the ground. The game is well balanced around 1v1 PvP and there is currently a 1v1 ladder for each server. There is a PvE Side to the game, but you don't need to acquire gear to do arena. The level cap has been 24 for the past few months and recently was bumped up to 32 a few weeks ago. It will continue to be raised every few months until the max level cap of 50. It's not that easy to level to the caps, but it's worth it if you enjoy the PvP. It will take around 72 hours to level to 32.

Here is some gameplay of a Swordsman vs a Mercenary at level 24. These are 2 of the 8 classes in the game.

I'll be streaming some gameplay tonight. I'm in Skype with some friends so hope that doesn't take away from the gameplay at all!