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Info : MMR Increase in RBG.

24 April 2014 - 02:12 AM


Dunno if it has already been posted here can't find it so here it is.

I'm happy about this change and hope they'll increase multiple times +100 mmr in rbg till the rank 1 teams are at 2500/2600 or more.

Its normal imo that they dont put +300/400mmr instantly it would confuse everyone.

Season 14-15

19 February 2014 - 06:07 PM

Basicly, apart of those little changes,

No new gear ? (i mean not a single new appearance of gear)

Even the tabards are the same

Feels like a joke atm, hope it's a temporary situation

[EU-Horde] LFM 5s

06 February 2014 - 10:19 PM

Hi, me (warrior 2350 this season) and a rogue (R1 / multi glad) are looking for a Mage, a Rdruid and a Rsham or MW Monk.
Bring similar experience (on this season), we are aiming 2.5-2.6 (atleast 2500 for the tabard).

Give me some private messages with your armory.

Forming a group on EU-Horde

04 February 2014 - 03:07 PM

Hello everyone, i'm recruiting for a Horde RBG team going HotH fast, already done on alliance.

I'm posting here to get the attention of rbg players on Horde,

I am currently forming a group, the requirements are :

Decent arena experience, HotH or equivalent experience in RBG, good gear (since every high rated rbg groups are nearly fully geared or already fully geared). a decent current rating (around 2000-2100CR), a good experience (HotH / Glad...)

What you need :
  • Having a working microphone (not buggy, with a decent vocal quality)
  • Beeing logged not only once a week (runs are always during the night, around 8 to 12PM GT, depends of how long we want to play, schedules can be adjusted)
  • Having Skype & TeamSpeak 3 (Why TeamSpeak 3 ? Because people without DDOS protections are safe on TeamSpeak 3 since you can't take IPs from it... well from what i know)
  • Basic addons like BattlegroundTargets, and if you want (not forced) some addons like Capping (timers and everything), Healers have to die (easy way to see the position of healers)...
  • Speaking english fluently.
  • If you are livestreaming, add a delay of atleast 1min.
What we are aiming :
Getting currently 2250CR+ for a safe HotH.

Who are we ?
RBG players (mainly), HotA/HotH experienced, that are queueing the whole season (not just to get our HotH safe and just leave then)

Composition (people in the spots are the one that whispered me for the spots, feel free to whisper me even if someone is already in the spot)

Healers :
  • :paladin: Holy : ********
  • Posted Image Mistweaver : Wwááddúúpp (1x HotH / 3x Glad)
  • :priest: Holy : Azoran (1x Glad)
  • :druid: Restoration (backup) : Tialys (last season 2.3rbg / 2.4 arena)
Flag Carrier/Defenser :
  • :druid: Guardian (offspec Boomy) : Smallung (2.4 this season)
You can whisper me whenever i am logged in game, my char name is Hoodzx/Hòódzx (on stormscale horde) and Hoodzx (on ravencrest alliance), i will be testing trials. Also you can ask me some questions by private message right here also.