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#4183843 Enough is enough #stopddos

Posted Dreoras on 01 August 2014 - 01:49 PM


SS's above shows that every time I try stream, either its arena, RBG, challenge modes or CS:GO roguetrainer and some guy called razzers comes and knocks me offline. I haven't done shit to these people and idk why they are doing this.

I had enough and I'm offering 100 euros to anyone who can bring me roguetrainers IRL name, adress and other personal information, I will use this info to take this to court as I have proof from other people that he has ddosed them aswell. This is concrete proof from packets provided by both mine and their ISP's.

He's using a proxy so the ISP cannot find him, but I have intentions of going to the cops and asking them to go to Blizzard in order to get his info if no one can find it.

You can send me the info etc in PM on AJ.

#4184272 Enough is enough #stopddos

Posted Emopigeøn on 02 August 2014 - 02:05 AM

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#4183600 How to houses with Sevre

Posted pewpewpewdot on 01 August 2014 - 12:37 AM

http://hpics.li/8140634 got same probleme u have to delete hearthstone and unlock :( so aids

#4182820 Your boy hit 2200 in triples

Posted Eckbok on 31 July 2014 - 11:00 AM


The saga continues

Thanks to: Glinks, Jetnoobs, and all da junkiez 4 their love, support and motivation

#4083094 5.4.7 Face-Off: Feral Druid vs. Arms Warrior

Posted Nilen on 19 March 2014 - 01:55 PM

Hi Flavoúr. Thanks for your reply. Could you please elaborate on that statement a little bit? I'm sure you're right if you get into detail.

However, considering that Ferals have (depending on talents)
  • Pounch (4 sec stun);
  • Maim (Stun based on CP);
  • Mighty Bash (5 sec stun) or AOE Disorient for 3 secs;
  • Insta Ent. Roots;
  • Bear Charge Root (undispellable 4 sec root, I think)
  • Glyphed FF (3 sec ranged silence)
  • Typhoon (ranged interrupt, knock-back and slow) and
  • Clone (fully incapacitated - not the best now it has to be cast, but it's still there - and I guess you can clone of bash)

it seems like a somewhat strong statement to say that Ferals have no CC. Am I missing something? Is all their CC crap?

#4169404 Highrated RBG - Highlights

Posted yoloswegqtx on 14 July 2014 - 04:57 AM

It is me the potato loard Yoloswegqtx, gm of best guild world <Hey Im Potato>

This is my first pvp video, and it is about doing high rated YOLO rbgs, I hope you like it :P

#4180372 wod glad mounts?

Posted Connellypwnz on 27 July 2014 - 03:31 PM

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Confirmed glad mount for s16

#4180906 Cya tremor

Posted Jim_Jim on 28 July 2014 - 10:13 AM

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#4180633 Dannycarey 2850 Mistweaver pvp

Posted Hasuit2 on 27 July 2014 - 11:49 PM

Hey, seems like there's a big lack of mistweaver pvp videos/streams.  I know most people use bot as mistweaver, and it does make it much easier, but it's still possible to play at a high level legitimately.  I'll try to record and upload more of my games vs the best players with no cheats, just skill.


#4132457 Combat Rogue Guide 5.4.8

Posted glonglon on 01 June 2014 - 02:18 AM

Combat Rogue Guide (5.4.8)

Posted Image

This guide is written mainly for players new to playing Combat in arenas / PvP.


Combat is not a very well documented spec so I decided to give it some love.

Strengths :
  • Can global people with killing spree
  • 8 secs duration kidney shot thanks to revealing strike
  • Doesn’t rely on restealth to do damage
  • Two bursts : Adrenaline rush + Shadowblades & killing spree
  • Killing spree is an unpeelable burst
  • No positional requirement
Weaknesses :
  • Bandit’s guile mechanic doesn’t suit well pvp. Losing your bandit’s guile buff due to a CC chain is frustrating.
  • Low combo points generation
  • Weak damage outside of burst CDs
  • Sub openers are stronger
  • Some people find this spec boring to play
  • Requires non-daggers weapons. (that means you can't offspec sub or mut in the beginning of a pvp season)
PvP Talents

Level 15 : Subterfuge
Posted Image

It’s a mini-shadowdance so you'll be able to use multiple cheapshot/garrote during your opener, this talent also prevent your opponents from peeling your opener.

Level 30 : Nerve Strike or Combat Readiness
Posted Image

As a rogue, you'll rarely be the kill target so you’ll pick Nerve strike which is a great tool for peeling. For example with subterfuge you can triple cheapshot  “neilyo style”  the whole enemy team to apply nerve strike on all of them.

However, if a melee cleave you already met has a tendency to train you all day you can pick Combat Readiness but most of the times double evade is enough to handle melees (evade is a 10s immunity against melees/hunters). You also have glyph of CoS that allow you to use CoS as a wall against melee.

Level 45 : Elusiveness
Posted Image

This is your #1 damage mitigation ability. Keep the feint buff up whenever you are taking damage. You also don’t want to get caught in a stun without the feint buff up so learn to spam feint while you are in sitting in novas or before a rogue reopener and use addons to track your opponents stuns CDs (e.g : shockwave, fist of justice…)

Level 60 : Shadowstep or Burst of Speed
Posted Image

Both are viable choices so it's mostly personal preferences. I prefer shadowstep because  kidney shots are very important as combat and melees have a lot of avoidance. I like guaranteeing my kidney shots on melee opponents by using shadowstep just before using kidney shot ( melee opponents cannot parry/dodge you from the back and shadowstep is out of the gcd).

Level 75 : Prey on the Weak
Posted Image

Having a +10% damage buff is great for killing spree. Your partners also benefit from the +10% dmg from prey on the weak. Stunning your kill target and giving TotT to your dps teammate while he’s bursting is very nice to max out burst. (TotT+PotW = +25% dmg for your dps teamate).

Level 90 : Marked for Death
Posted Image

Combo points generation is quite low as combat. This talent will allow you to use kidney shot on demand. Those 8 secs duration kidney shots are a very powerful pressure tool as combat.

Glyphs :
  • Blind (mandatory) : Remove DoTs so your blind will not break.
  • Garrote  (mandatory) :  4 secs silence garrote is great against casters.
  • You have a bit of choice for your third glyph slot : I recommend CoS  against melee or melee+caster comps and smokebomb  against castercleaves.  Feint  is a nice comfort glyph if it’s hard for you to predict stuns and it allows you to save a bit of energy, recovery  can also be a viable choice but it's not that great because as combat your combo points generation is low but anyways it can still help your healer sometimes.
Stats Priorities / Gearing / Enchants / Gemming / Reforge / professions / Best races

Stats priorities :

Your stats priorities goes as follow :

3% hit > 3-6% expertise > agility > mastery > crit > haste

I recommend playing with 6% expertise so that non-melee/hunter classes will not be able to dodge your techniques like kidney shot.

Mastery is the best stat after agility. the extra-attack from main gauche can proc during killing spree, the extra-attack can also crit and it scales with every modifier you can imagine (killing spree, dancing steel, trinket proc, tailoring proc).

Gear :

You’ll pick all the Prideful Gladiator’s five set and the following offpieces with mastery :

Neck – Prideful Gladiator’s Necklace of Prowess
Back – Prideful Gladiator's Cape of Prowess
Wrists – Prideful Gladiator’s Armwraps of Alacrity
Waist – Prideful Gladiator’s  Waistband of Cruelty
Feet – Prideful Gladiator’s Boots of Cruelty

Enchants :

Head - None
Shoulders – 200 agi / 100 Crit
Back – Swordguard embroidery or 180 crit
Chest – 80 to all Stats
Wrist – 180 agi
Hands – 170 Mastery
Waist– Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs – 285 agi / 165 Crit
Feet – 140 agi / Run Speed
Main Hand Weapon – Dancing steel  or Bloody Dancing steel
Offhand Weapon – Living steel weapon chain or Glorious Tyranny

Gemming :

Basically you want to get the socket bonuses with agility and put agility gems everywhere else regardless of the socket color because pvp power is crap, you'll proceed this way :

Put 80 agi+80 pvp power gems in your belt & gloves.
Put 80agi+160 mastery gem in your spaulders.
Put 160 agility gems everywhere else.
Use the agi / increased crit dmg meta gem.

Reforge :

Install the reforgelite addon and reforge according to the stats priorities I gave you above.

Best Professions :

Human rogue : Tailoring for swordguard embroidery (4k attack power proc) + any prof that gives a passive agility bonus, alchemy is the cheapest one to level since it only requires you to level it to 300 to get the 320 agility flask.

Non human rogue : Engineering for synapse springs (2k agi on-use) + tailoring for swordguard embroidery.

Best races :

Alliance : Human is the best, their burst is stronger with double damage trinkets. Also they got an expertise bonus for playing with 1h swords.

Horde : Orc is the best for the blood fury racial that you can add in your burst macro (see macro section) for more burst. Also the 15% stun duration reduction from hardiness is nice and they got an expertise bonus for playing with 1h axes or fist weapons.


Standard opener :

With the standard opener you want to get your 5cp Slice & dice buff up as soon as possible, with Slice & dice buff up you'll have more offhand attacks so your energy regeneration will be better thanks to combat potency. Sinister strike has a 20% chance to generate an extra combo point thanks to revealing strike so the standard opener can vary a little bit, you might have to use expose armor which is your cheap energy cost combo builder, explained in the figure below :

Posted Image
Burst opener on caster :

Adrenaline rush+Shadowblades are your best tools to max out your damage during the opener. Adrenaline rush also allow you to ramp up your bandit's guile stacks faster  :

Posted Image

Burst opener on melee :

Same as above, you'll just use cheapshot instead of garrote. Notice that mfd:kidney will be DR'ed.
Posted Image

How to play outside of the opener :

#1 Refresh Revealing strike on your target before it falls out.
#2 Keep Slice & dice buff up (preferably with 3-5cp) to increase your energy regeneration.
#3 Use Sinister Strike as your main combo builder.
#4 Use expose armor as an alternative combo builder (see the "understanding bandit's guile chapter)
#5 Your finishers are pretty weak as combat and your combo points generation is quite low, kidney shot & SnD will be your main finishers. There is not a lot of room for conversion.

Understanding Bandit's guile & how to global people with killing spree

Understanding Bandit's guile :

Posted Image If you use sinister / revealing strike 4 times you'll gain Shallow Insight (+10% dmg) also known as green buff. Lasts 15 secs. The buff duration is refreshed each time you use RS/SS.

Posted Image If you use sinister / revealing strike again 4 times you'll gain Moderate Insight (+20% dmg) also known as yellow buff. Lasts 15 secs. The buff duration is refreshed each time you use RS/SS.

Posted Image Use sinister / revealing strike another 4 times and you'll gain Deep Insight (+30% dmg) also known as red buff. Lasts 15 secs.

As you can see you need to use sinister / revealing strike 12 times to gain the 30% red buff.

As combat you want to global your opponent with killing spree, to setup a kill with killing spree you need to do this :

Posted Image

If AR+SB & killing spree are both available and your target has no trinket/major defensive cooldown you can do this (you'll rarely be able to use this combo) :

Posted Image

You need to understand that to line up the proc trinket with the red buff sometimes you need to STOP using sinister / revealing strike as a combo builder.

For example :

You have 2/4 yellow buff but there is 20s left on your insignia of conquest ICD, that means you are stacking your bandit's guile way too fast and you'll not be able to line up the red buff with the insignia proc. To solve this issue, you need to slow down your bandit's guile stacking, this is why in those moments you'll use expose armor as a combo builder and only use sinister / revealing strike once per 12 secs to refresh the yellow buff just before it falls out. And voilà your red buff and proc trinket will line up perfectly.

You absolutely want to use an addon to track your bandit's guile stacks & proc trinket ICD, here is a weakauras import code for a sinister strike / revealing strike counter :


Read this if you don't know how to use the import function of the weakauras addon.

There is also an addon named Bandits guile helper that can do that but it seems to be out of date so I recommend you to use weakauras instead.

To track your insignia of conquest ICD you can also use weakauras or ExtraCD addon.

Basic Arenas tips :

As combat you want to force trinket from your opponents because being able to stun your target for 8 secs with kidney shot is huge. Stun is the best kill mechanic in the game, while stunned your opponents will not be able to use defensive cooldowns like deterrence, shield wall or karma so you can basically kill them in a 8secs ks + smokebomb thanks to your killing spree burst.

Open hard with Shadowblades + Adrenaline Rush on the squishiest target and CC on the enemy healer, this early pressure will force trinket from your opponents and will also allow you to ramp up your bandit’s guile stacks faster, adrenaline rush is an awesome tool to ramp up bandit’s guile.

Then switch to the target without trinket and kill it in a 8secs kidney shot+ smokebomb with your killing spree burst.

You can basically kill every target without trinket with your killing spree burst except holy paladins because of divine protection and double hand of protection (forbearance is  1mn CD), MW monks due to dematerialize and DKs because they can easily avoid a full 8s stun duration with their 3 trinkets.

For mages, you don’t need to stun them, just vanish+garrote them and use the killing spree burst, this will easily force iceblock or a kill if they can’t iceblock.

Against ret, shamans, druids, hunter try to force their damage mitigation cooldowns (divine protection, shamanistic rage, barkskin, roar of sacrifice) with the AR+SB burst opener so that they'll not be able to use them during killing spree.

The trinket proc + yellow buff is enough to do massive damage with killing spree. Sometimes, I use killing spree with only the yellow buff and my trinket proc.

Pool at least 70% energy before using the AR+SB burst so that you'll be able to spam sinister strike a lot. AR+SB burst will also help reduce your killing spree cooldown by a lot so you can setup things like : "forcing a trinket with AR+SB then use ks+killing spree burst on the target with no trinket."

Never let your bandit’s guile buff fall out ! If your buff is about to expire but you are out of melee range of your opponents hit whatever you can with RS/SS (a pet, totem, lightwell…). Sometimes this will lead you to do very awkward moves like trinketing a root to be able to refresh your bandit’s guile before it expires and ensure a kill on a target without trinket.

Viable setups :

2s :

I recommend playing with a healer for 2s because you’ll be able to ramp up your bandit’s guile stacks and setup perfect kills without having to worry about surviving.

3s :

Thugcleave : Hunter/combat/healer

Ele/combat/rdruid played by khrynz at 2.4k mmr

enhance/combat/hpriest. Woundman played it at 2.4k mmr.

Comps Strategies :

Hope some very high rated combat rogues will help fill this section

Macros :


Streams :



Hope you enjoyed reading this guide, constructive feedback is appreciated.


#4179418 Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament - Team List

Posted Jim_Jim on 26 July 2014 - 01:00 PM

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For the 4 others teams, can i ask you something? Rape Voltariux (Sorry for Walliriks and Loony), for those words : "Why bother playing with a dk/paladin when I can play a Shaman/lock while jerking myself?"

Thank you.

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

#4177972 Standard day - EU RBG

Posted Sevre on 25 July 2014 - 12:58 PM

View PostWinkay, on 25 July 2014 - 12:43 PM, said:

Clever use of game mechanics.
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#4177123 Standard day - EU RBG

Posted Emopigeøn on 24 July 2014 - 10:19 PM


ty for ez points

#4176073 World of Warcraft Arena Invitational World Championship: Learn the Score

Posted Jim_Jim on 23 July 2014 - 07:55 PM


lsd vs lsd inc

More like this :


caster+caster+ rsham/rdruid vs caster+caster+rsham/rdruid



Posted Thaya on 23 July 2014 - 07:40 PM

Time's up