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#4101606 Arya's dream job

Posted glonglon on 15 April 2014 - 07:12 PM

I found it :

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#4066730 [Guide] Moonkin Hints and Tricks - Season 15

Posted Siuox on 27 February 2014 - 06:45 PM

I'm writing this guide from a rather one-sided point of view, because I have more or less only played LSD2 (Lock+Moonkin+rShaman).

I'll try to update the guide frequently. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I. Talentbuilds

There are two talent setups.

I always use this one:
Posted Image

Most of the other Moonkins use this one:
Posted Image

I guess "the other moonkins" chose the first only against Castercleaves. Melby for example doesn't use Incarnation at all. You have to test the talents by yourself and chose what talents fit your playstyle the most.

II. In detail

Note: I only gonna explain my thoughts about the talents below.
Check out Lazerchickes guide if you like to have a another (different) POV, too.

Posted Image
  • Displacer Beast is the best choice. It grants you great mobility.
  • Wild Charge can be good against meeles on e.g. blade's edge. You can place a mushroom on top of the bridge, jump down and jump up again if the meeles are following you:
  • Makro for this:

/target Wild Mushroom
/cast Wild Charge

Posted Image
  • Cenarion Ward is the best choice, because you can use this talent not only for yourself, but also to help your teammates. You can also use Cenarion Ward when you are (blanket) silenced.
  • Ysera's Gift's Heal is too random and not very noticeable. It only heals you for 2% due to battle fatigue, but used together with Nature's Vigil + Rejuvenation the "healing package output" is quite high.
Posted Image
  • The t4 talent choice will impact your t3 talent choice, that's why I've put it first:
Okay this might need further explaination of my thoughts: I don't like the treants, because their damage is not noticable. Their peel doesn't matter. If you have to peel your teammates, you need to cast cyclone anyway. There are so many abilities to get out of roots that makes them useless most of the times. If you use them to peel, damage is "wasted".
During the game you might also often have only 1 charge of the treants (maybe I just waste them idk) so you have to save it for root/beam situations and can't use it for peel anyway.
The root break quite fast, because you + your warlock normally have dots up on everyone.
If you want to use the treantroot to peel off meeles from yourself (?), you waste damage again and it has 20 seconds cooldown (the glyphed Nature's Grasp only got 15 seconds cooldown).
That are the reasons why I prefer Incarnation over Force of Nature. As always, test the two spells by yourself and decide what you prefer most :)

Posted Image
  • If you chose Incarnation, you need Mass Entanglement to beam/root people. If you like cata gameplay you can also hardcast Entangling Roots + Solar Beam :) and chose Typhoon or Faerie Swarm.
  • If you chose Incarnation, you can chose between Faerie Swarm and Typhoon. Mass Entanglement is not recommanded, because it has the same DR as the Treant's Root.
  • Faerie Swarm is nice for kiting people. I don't like to use so many cooldowns for it.
  • Typhoon is nice to interrupt casts or knocking meeles away when they are chasing you or your healer. I would chose typhoon if I were playing with treants
Posted Image
  • I used to specc Mighty Bash, but Warlocks are able to specc Shadow Fury since last season which is the more powerful stun imo, because you can stun all enemies every 30 seconds. If you chose Bash, make sure you have a Diminishing Return tracker (e.g. activate the gladius dr tracker)
  • Disorienting Roar does not share DR with any of your Ccs in LSD2. You can interrupt casts or use it to cyclone off it. e.g Roar Warrior → Cast Cyclone
  • A problem is that your targets have dots up for most of the time, so it will only last ~1 second
  • Vortex can be used to kill healers particularly shamans. Might be good if your teammate is a warrior who can stun/slow people
Posted Image
  • I always use Nature's Vigil.
  • I guess most of the other moonkins use Heart of the Wild against any comps with a meele and Nature's Vigil against Castercleaves.
  • If you don't have the extra warlock cooldown from symbiosis, you might also go for Heart of the Wild. It is a huge defensive cooldown, if you use it together with Cenarion Ward or NS Healing Touch.
III. Glyphs

Posted Image
  • You always want to use Glyph of Barkskin and Cyclone. The third one can be rotated.
  • Using Nature's Grasp glyph against teams that contain at least one meele to root him constantly if they focus me. Don't use this glyph if you use Force of Nature.
Posted Image
  • If I fight two casters + healer I'm using Glyph of Omens, because I don't need the shorter cooldown on Nature's Grace.
Posted Image
  • Useful Glyph for RBGs (Stealth Incs etc.)
Posted Image
  • I think the main reason for this glyph (for me atleast) is to use stampeding roar without cancelling starfall while bursting when you are trying to chase someone down who's running away from you. So without the glyph it will cancel your starfall if it's active - Sanative
IV. How to gear


Order to buy gear: 1. Shoulders 2. ProccTrinket 3. Weaopon 4. Offhand 5. Head 6. Chest 7. 8. Free for all

V. Reforging, Geming, Enchanting
  • I'm using askmrrobot.com to get the best performance out of my gear
  • I enter the simcrafted statvalues (Note: Haven't simed them for 550ilvl yet!!!)
  • The values on the picture should be fine though. First: Edit your Weights. Second: press „Optimized“ and do what the robot suggests
  • If you don't have full gear yet change the „HASTE SOFT CAP“ to 5273
Posted Image

Haste Cap Discussion
  • 6% Hit > 10289 Haste > Crit > Mastery > (Haste above the cap)
  • 6% Hit > 5273 Haste > Crit > Mastery > (Haste above the cap)
  • 6% Hit > 6637 Haste > Crit > Mastery > (Haste above the cap)
I'm still not sure if it's worth to lose so many crit to get the 10289 haste cap. Also remember there is no right or wrong. The most important thing is that your choices suit your playstyle.
Just take a look at the ladder.
Okay, this might be a little bit confusing. As I said you can't do anything "wrong". I need some more time to figure out what I prefer :) Until then I'll chose 6% Hit > 5273 Haste > Crit > Mastery > (Haste above the cap)


Shoulders: 200 Intellect and 100 Critical Strike
Cloak: 180 Intellect
Chest: 200 Resilience
Bracers: 180 Intellect
Gloves: 170 Haste / 170 Mastery
Legs: 285 Intellect and 165 Crit
Boots: 140 Mastery & Minor Speed Increase
Weapon: Jade Spirit
Off-hand: 165 Intellect

Way to gem

Blue = 160 Crit + 80 PvP Power
Yellow = 320 Crit
Red/Orange = 80 Int + 160 Crit
Belt Bucket = 320 Crit

Way to gem 2

If you prefer Heart of the Wild over Nature's Vigil you might also gem Intellect. You trade ~ 3% Crit for ~ 1200 spellpower. I prefer to have 3% more crit.

Blue = 80 Int + 80 PvP Power
Red = 160 Int
Yellow = 80 Int + 160 Crit
Belt Bucket = 160 Int

VI. Symbiosis

Posted Image

Usage of Symbiosis cooldowns:
  • Unending Resolve: Just use it as a normal defensive cooldown. Sometimes I'm using it to be able to hardcast starfire during my cooldowns, but this might be really risky if your enemies haven't used any cooldowns yet.
  • Cloak of Shadows: You can use it to avoid being countered or as a defensive cooldowns e.g. to cleanse dots / avoid magic damage
  • Anti-Magic-Shell: I used it to avoid being CCed during my cooldowns and to eat traps or avoid magic damage of course
VII. Reforging, Geming, Enchanting
  • Moonkin + Rogue + Healer
  • Moonkin + Warlock + rShaman
  • Moonkin + Deathknight + rShaman
  • Moonkin + Warrior + rShaman
  • Moonkin + Mage + Priest
Shaman is the most powerful healer, because of tremor totem and the passive, unpurgable mastery and spellpower buff. It's hard to land a kill on anyone without tremor totem. In the crucial moments you''ll need tremor. Other healers like priests are not able to heal very long games. You might also feel pretty dead all the time because their healingoutput can't be compared to the shaman ones.

VIII. Damage Spells

It's hard to give any tips by just writing. I recommend to watch moonkin streams and to look exactly what they are doing, when they are doing something and how their positioning is.

Posted Image
This is our main nuke spell. Try to use them on your focus target, too. Most likely in situations where pressure is spread across at least one opponent. It will burn a lot of the healer's mana, because he has to „burstheal“ two targets. It’s also important to use focus starsurges during your cooldowns to spread damage on the whole team.

Posted Image
Try to put dots on at least your „focus“ target (the one you are dpsing) and the enemies’ healer.
In most cases you''ll try to put dots on everyone, especially during Celestial Alignment.
RBGS: I'm only spreading the eclipsed dot among the enemy team, but make sure to have one of the non eclipsed dot up. You dot like this in PVE. Have only tested it in 2 RBGs yet. But you'll have more time to nuke targets if you dont waste too many globals in spaming 4k damaging dots.
Posted Image
In this season you are gonna be more often able to cast one of these spells. Try to cast them as often as possible. Be aware that you cast Wrath during your „Sloar Eclipse“ (brown) and Starfire during your „Lunar Eclipse“.

Posted Image
Use your first starfall before you are using Celestial Alignment, because the cooldown will be resetted. Try to use it in situations where everyone has your dots up.

IX. Tricks and Hints

Download http://www.curse.com.../gladiatorlossa
People will get annoyed if you cc them instantly during their cooldowns or when they try to setup sth. e.g. http://www.twitch.tv...nk1/b/506014289 (sorry for using you as an example) ~ 5h 56 min

General Things
  • Don't try to heal all the time. More healsupport is needed if your healer is low on mana
  • Try to CC enemies who have their 3 minute cooldowns up
  • Try to pressure the enemies’ healer as often as possible (switch on him / use focus starsurges)
  • Try to get as many Starfires/Wraths off as possible
  • Always rebuff Mark of the Wild!
  • Don't let healer go for a drink! Use your mushrooms to stop them
  • Try to use innervate on your healer as often as possible
against Mages:
  • Try to interrupt their goes on your healer. I'm always trying to instant clone or beamroot the mage when he deepfreezes/uses orb on someone
  • Do the same if he uses alter time
  • That said try to always use your beam defensively
  • Put dots on their elemental
against Warlocks:
  • No easy kill targets. You can maybe land a kill if dampening is up
  • Kill his pet if he has one
  • CC them during their Dark Soul → Clone / Solar Beam
against Hunters:
  • Good kill targets
  • Put dots on their pet
  • Put a Faerie Fire on them so they can't use Camouflage
  • Try to eat their traps
against Warriors:
  • Not the best targets to kill
  • Im using Nature's Grasp (+ Glyph) as often as possible to avoid at least some damage
against Deathknights:
  • You have to support your healer asap if you are playing with a shaman and the dk uses asphyxiate. Cyclone / Beamroot the DK and heal your healer until he tells you that he's safe again
  • Good killtargets in 2v2, maybe not the best ones in 3v3
  • If they use their first grip on you, try to get away by using travel form. In most cases they will use their second grip. Now use Displacer Beast to get away again
  • Kill the Gargoyle
against Rogues:
  • Always put a Faerie Fire on them
  • Try to stop them from restealthing → use your mushrooms
  • Instant CC them during Shadow Dance
  • Use Disorienting Roar when they use Cloak of Shadows; if they open on your mates
against Shamans:
  • ALWAYS kill their Healing Stream Totems and Mana/Healingtide Totems
  • Elemental and Enhancement Shamans are good kill targets
  • Try to destroy their Healing Stream Totem before using Beam/Root
against Druids:
  • Kill their Mushroom by meele hitting it
  • Try to interrupt Tranquility
  • Ferals are „okayish“ targets. Moonkins are nice ones. Restodruids take a lot of damage when you switch on them from time to time
against Paladins:
  • Retribution: Instantly CC them during their Wings. I NS Clone them → they will trinket in most cases → recyclone them / Bash them.
    You just have to survive their cooldowns, otherwise they are not a great danger; good kill targets

  • Holypaladins won't die if you don't oneshot them. That said most switches on a holypaladin are a waste of time. Just put them into a long CC chain
against Monks:
  • Dot their Xuen (the „white tiger“)
  • Put Healmonks into a long CC chain. Really hard to kill. Maybe you can oneshot them during cooldowns via focus starsurge spam :P
against Priests:
  • Holy+Shadow: Faerie Fire them so they can't use Spectral Guise; good kill targets
  • Holy: Go oom pretty fast; if you are not able to land a kill you should destroy the new Lightwell, but in most cases I don't try to kill it with LSD2. It has too much hp.
    Use focus starsurges on them (you might be able to oneshot them during your cooldowns, at least force cooldowns
X. Macros

1. Focus Starsurge

/cast [@focus] Starsurge

Important to nuke healers, allows you to dps two targets more easily

2. (Focus) Beamroot

#showtooltip Solar Beam
/cast [@focus] Mass Entanglement
/cast [@focus] Solar Beam

Important for fast CC on the enemies’ healer. Buggy like Warrior Charge used to be

(Focus) Beam"treant"root

#showtooltip Solar Beam
/castsequence [@focus] reset=2 Force of Nature, Solarbeam
/cast [@focus] Solar Beam; Solar Beam

thx to Neoh (also check out his vid in the comments below)

3. Focus Cyclone

/cast [@focus] Cyclone

4. Dispels for your Team

/cast [@“YourDPSMate“] Remove Corruption

/cast [@“YourHealerMate“] Remove Corruption

5. Mark of the Wild Rebuff Macro

/cast [@Player] Mark of the Wild

You are always able to rebuff. No problems with someone being LOS or anything similar

6. Instant Heal

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Healing Touch

7. Innervate for your healer

/cast [target=“YourHealerMate“] Innervate

8. Roar Cancelaura Macro

/cancelaura Displacer Beast
/cast Stampeding Roar
/cancelaura Bear Form

Useful if you don't have the Stampede (?) Glyph "equiped".

9. Celestial Allignment + "Instant" Moonfire

/use Grievous Gladiator's Wyrmhide Gloves
/cast Berserking
/cast Celestial Alignment
/cast Moonfire

You'll instantly apply a moonfire to the target, because CA is not on the global cooldown

10. Incarnation + Nature's Vigil (saves one button)


/cast Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
/cast Nature's Vigil

11. Queue Leave Macro to drop 2s Rating

/click ConquestJoinButton
/click PVPReadyDialogLeaveQueueButton
/click LFDRoleCheckPopupAcceptButton

XI. Streams

I love to watch other players playing the game. Look at the positioning and what they are doing being under pressure etc.
Try to remember what those guys were doing when you are in the same situation, maybe it will help you to survive / kill something.

You should check out Lazerchicken's (aka Ayrese) Guide, too. Won't hurt to read things written from a different POV and maybe a more experienced POV :)

#4097460 ARENA RATING SITES:::: MUST GO - Too easy to snipe.

Posted Reetry on 10 April 2014 - 08:11 PM

Ait boys.. I've spent my time reading this entire thread and at this point we can draw some conclusions.

1. pvpratings.com and any site alike shouldn't feature who's playing, obviously people will abuse it and it hurts the competition
2. Yes boosting also hurts the competition
3. Yes Jaimex is a FOTM-Reroller and is 2690 because of how broken LSD is.
4. Yes Flavourboy should have his permissions taken away, because he actually managed to become more annoying than what Jaime and Abolished managed to for the several months they'd make fake accounts and bash eachother.
5. No Jaime, you most likely didn't beat Melby at 2100 MMR in S13.
6. Glinks is a ddosing scum
7. Kamuflas isn't boosted.
8. We should have more moderators who'll punish people
9. Yes I am expecting that I'll recieve incoming pointless flaming for this comment.

#4096380 ARENA RATING SITES:::: MUST GO - Too easy to snipe.

Posted Aces on 09 April 2014 - 05:29 PM

Huh, so Boosting like half the r1 spots and hundreds of glad spots among your small group of friends doesn't ruin the ladder

But you're questioning the entire system when people can see that you're playing without having to /who you

Interestingly hypocritical

#4091050 Official Arena Junkies Signatures

Posted Kettu on 02 April 2014 - 10:47 PM

View PostSaikx, on 29 March 2014 - 12:32 PM, said:

everbody knows I got the best one already :duckers:
nice joke ; u can't compete with Darkpuissan

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#4090537 Bring Back 45 Minute games

Posted Guest on 01 April 2014 - 06:55 PM

View PostFeliclandelo, on 01 April 2014 - 04:32 PM, said:

I still don't understand what all the moaning and whining is all about. LSD is nowhere near what it used to be in season 8. It is actually killable for once, and you have a fairly decent chance of beating them aswell once dampening hits?

Dampening is one of the better things that happend to WoW in a long time.
Posted Image

#4090234 Uppdate on MMR/CR Hotfix

Posted Losiro on 01 April 2014 - 12:05 AM


View PostHoodzx, on 31 March 2014 - 11:35 PM, said:

Also if they could fix RBGs MMR so 2.0/2.1 isn't the hero range,

Posted Image

https://twitter.com/...775375803453440 Your wish has been granted.

#4090135 Uppdate on MMR/CR Hotfix

Posted Noblock on 31 March 2014 - 10:08 PM

Official Blizzard Quote:

The intent of this change was to fix a bug that was allowing some players to boost their personal rating far above their matchmaking rating. Unfortunately, the change we made inadvertently affected many legitimate players as well, causing them to see a personal rating gain of 0 in some cases.

To correct this, we’ll be relaxing the boundaries at which the system will attempt to limit personal rating gains (or losses) in relation to a player’s individual MMR. Once this hotfix is live, you should once again see ratings gains or losses as normal as long as your personal rating is within 100 points of your individual MMR rating. Note that your own MMR is what matters here, not the average for your team (which is the number displayed at the end of a match).

Once the 100-point buffer is in place, most players should not notice much of a difference (if any) in point gains between how things work now and how they worked a few days ago. For the handful of players that are outside the 100-point boundary, it will take a few games for their ratings to correct themselves, but as long as they weren't doing anything shady it shouldn't take long even in those cases.

We're currently not planning a rating reset, although we are continuing to monitor the situation and will make further adjustments if they prove to be necessary.

We also currently don't have any plans to display personal MMR, but we definitely understand why that can be frustrating and are discussing it.

so what do we think?

#4090147 Uppdate on MMR/CR Hotfix

Posted Winkay on 31 March 2014 - 10:18 PM

Posted Image

#4088692 The Current MMR/Personal Rating +0 thing explained.

Posted drzy on 29 March 2014 - 05:17 AM

View PostRegent, on 29 March 2014 - 05:13 AM, said:

I think its a decent idea, just poorly executed. Its kind of nice that people aren't able to farm ahead of everyone else, taking mmr, and then stop playing. At least I think thats what this does?

realistically all this does is give players at high rating 0 incentive to queue

ladders will go into s10 mode, nobody will even want to play if you have a lower cr than them, and Hero from rbgs will be 1900 this season ez.

first time i've ever said this, i really hope russians figure out a way to cheat the fuck outta this system and EVERYBODY just starts abusing it so they have to reset mmr and ladders.

#4088668 The Current MMR/Personal Rating +0 thing explained.

Posted Bigmoran on 29 March 2014 - 04:32 AM

The change is intentional, I made a post as to why this is a terrible idea. Please offer your feedback (and your rep).

PLEASE BUMP: http://us.battle.net...pic/12329612883

As many people have pointed out on this forum, there is currently a change to MMR and CR that causes some players to not gain rating on wins in PvP. This change has effected every bracket of arena aswell as RBGs.

A blue post on the matter explained:

"We recently implemented a hotfix to address a bug that allowed Personal Ratings to exceed Matchmaking Rating. As a result, some players may notice that they do not gain or lose Personal Rating in the wake of a match. As more matches are played, these ratings will normalize and converge to the correct rating, and Personal Rating will then rise or drop accordingly.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and make further adjustments if necessary."

From my understanding, the hotfix was implemented to help remedy some of the MMR problems at the beginning of the season, where players were not losing MMR and their ratings were getting considerably high in a short period of time. The change, from what I gather, prevents you from gaining personal rating until your MMR catches up to that rating.

So, say you are 2500 CR in 3v3 and you win a game at 2400 MMR, you will not gain any points.

If you are 2500 CR in 3v3 and lose a game at 2400 MMR, you will lose points.

The problem with this change is that it has completely ruined incentive for higher rated players to queue arena/RBGS. It is highly unlikely that the players at the top of the ladder queue at an MMR that is higher than their personal rating. Therefore, they have NO reason to queue outside of their willingness to compete. In fact, they will be penalized for queuing as if they lose (which is inevitable) they will go down in rating that they will be unable to get back for a considerable amount of time.

This creates not only a mathematical dilemma for these players, but also a psychological problem as it is very hard to continue queing in an environment in which you don't see positive gains.

The MMR problem is considerably more complicated in RBGs, as the highest RBG team that ques on a consistent basis is below 2200 MMR. Most players, especially on the higher end of the bracket, have personal ratings that DRAMATICALLY exceed their teams MMR. I have experience playing against Abn's team. He is ~2500 CR and most of his teammates are at around 2200-2400 CR. Thier team mmr, despite their players individual high ratings, is never above 2.2k. Teams like ABN have very little incentive to que as if they do actually play the game, they will lose 200-300 rating before they are able to go back up again.

What would have been a better change?

Instead of penalizing the high end of the ladder for queuing (mind you PVP is top down - in that inactivity at the top creates rating deflation for everything below it) penalize not queuing. MMR should have been INFLATED for those teams that queue. Create a system (much like the one we saw in S13) where there is incentive to queue regularly throughout the season. People LIKE to see high ratings. It will be impossible (at least for the time being) for some players to reach 2.2k in RBGS, and probably 2500 in arena.

#4087573 Windwalkers need some serious nerfs to damage...

Posted Primius on 27 March 2014 - 02:23 PM

Here is a gem tonight from a 3s game..


Look at where the FoF starts. I got Legsweep to get demat right before... So the FoF was DRed and I was able to get a Healing Elixir proc from Chi-Brew before I died.

I took 351,519 damage from the FoF alone. Now look at all the other damage I took during a stun you can't get out of?? 3 of the 4 hits crit, and if they all had crit and if chi-wave had been going I could have taken 500k damage during a cc you can't trinket out of from only the WW. Remember this isn't even full geared yet. That means those FoF will be critting for 115-120k by season end.

Yes WW damage is ridiculous OP. 3 FoF crits for over 100k.

Yeah that is really balanced.

As I said in the other thread.  Mistweavers need some serious damage reduction or some classes need serious damage nerfs.

Stuff like this just shouldn't be allowed.

/flame on

#4087501 Old Armoury Recreated

Posted mtagir1 on 27 March 2014 - 09:55 AM

Biggest update so far, took me a while:
  • Added filtering by class/spec, find your fotm today!
  • Changed fotm algorithm to be based on how often setups was seen, not number of teams running it
  • Updated About page for the curious

Enjoy! I appreciate your feedback.

#3902834 How to Walk with the Wind (5.4.7)

Posted BalanceRexxar on 21 June 2013 - 01:29 AM

Posted Image

This is another thing I got asked a lot, "How do you get into RBG groups?" or "What is the point of taking a Windwalker Monk to RBG's" and there really isn't a good answer. My friends take me and there are better classes you could take over a Windwalker monk, simple as that. But I'll list what they are good at.

Flag Carrier Maps (only works as horde): Now this is the main purpose my team even considered bringing me. We have a amazing strategy to quick cap the first flag, unless the team knew we were going to do it, it was really hard to stop. What we did was have our tank sit in the lower back of mid in WSG or Twin Peaks. We had our rogue go and slow the opposing flag carrier as much as possible. And then me as monk and our mage or priest would come with me to pick up the flag. Once we did we'd either run out to the cliff on TP or the roof of tunnel in WSG and levitate or slowfall myself while I flying serpent kick across the entire mid, and if their FC did pass our rogue I would pass it to our FC, if not I would carry it myself to get a quick cap then proceed to kill their FC and we'd have a great start of the game. Now you're probably thinking, "But you can't flying serpent kick with levitate or slowfall anymore!" and you're right. But there is a way around it in a simple equation here.

No Slow-fall > Flying Serpent Kick Off Edge > Land in Midair > Receive a Slow-fall.

And this acts the same way as it did before because you'll have the speed of flying serpent kick while falling. It is quite hard to time but if you get it off it is really good.

Eye of the Storm: This strategy is similar to the one used for FC maps. At the start of a game you use the same formula,

No Slow-fall > Flying Serpent Kick Off Edge > Land in Midair > Receive a Slow-fall.

Which will most likely get you to the mid-flag and be able to pick it up before anyone can stop you. As long as they don't have a Mistweaver or Windwalker (because roll with slow-fall is faster than a mount with slow-fall) nobody should be able to stop you as long as you and your priest / mage don't mess up the formula. If you don't mess up you should inform your team that you will get it and the rest of them will go to try and get a third base. This will give you a huge lead and can essentially win the game in the opener.

Arathi Basin: This is another good battleground for monks. Monks are the best class to spin flags in my opinion because of Rushing Jade Wind or Spinning Crane Kick. You can tell your team they don't even have to spin unless you say spin just because of how impossible it is to cap with a monk spamming those abilities on the flag. Not to mention they do a significant amount of damage when you throw out 2 Storm, Earth, and Fire clones and apply Rising Sun Kick debuff to everybody. The other benefit is that monks are very good at 1v1ing other classes. You can be sent to mines and as long as it's a 1v1 you will get that base. On some occasions I have even done 1v2s in a RBG at mines and still got the flag, /flex. But honestly, you shouldn't lose a 1v1 as a monk. And another benefit of having a monk on node maps is because of their mobility. If your tank calls out he needs help at blacksmith you can very quickly roll, roll, flying serpent kick, and mount away and go help. You could even defend mines from lumbermill if you get a slow-fall or levitate with the equation I stated above. Although your damage may be low you bring a lot of utility to the game.

Temple of Kotmogu: This is a windwalker monks worst battleground. It used to be very good to be a monk in this battleground because you could flying serpent kick and roll with an orb to escape people. But ever since they nerfed it and made it so you can no longer get the speed bonus from those abilities we're literally sitting ducks in that battleground, outside of touch of karma we're just glass vases ready to be shattered. There is no reason to take a Windwalker monk over anything else in the game for this battleground. Sorry.

Silvershard Mines: This is a decent map for monks because of their mobility and capability to 1v1. You probably will want to keep them out of big fights such as the ones at water and lava carts. Since we don't have a reliable knock-back like Thunderstorm, Whiplash, or Typhoon, we can't really knock people out of the ring. Also, we don't have AoE roots like frost nova. We don't even have long AoE CC such as Howl of Terror or Ring of Frost. The best thing we could bring is a couple of stuns. We're better off sitting at the top cart defending it and 1v1ing anyone who tries to take it. If you aren't doing that you should find someone who is defending but is getting overrun to be a body in the circle.

Deepwind Gorge: The benefits of being a WW monk in this BG is similar to the ones of AB. The ability to spin flags greatly and the ability to run away and peel other bases. Other than that WW monks aren't very special for this battleground that I know of, I actually have played very little of this battlegrounds but from what I do know monks are useful for this battleground.

Battle for Gilnaes: This is a good battleground for monks because of your basic two RBG strategies. Spin flags and peel. If you get a normal capture on your closest base and go to waterworks, they will never cap unless you all die. We also can do amazing damage if we can sit at that base all game and spam our AoE. If we do get the base it is very easy for a monk to peel to another base to defend. Monks can be very useful in this battleground.

Defending Guide: As you know most classes you put on defense are classes with pets, but monks can be decently good at defending as well. We have several abilities that help us protect our base. Those abilities are...

Defending Abilities
Transcendence: Transfer

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
Storm, Earth, and Fire
Nimble Brew
Basic Trinket

So how you go about defending a base is the same for all bases. What you want to do it put your Spirit from transcendence on the flag then move at max range (40 yards) away from it, preferably line of sight of the flag but still a spot where you can see the flag to tell if someone beings to capture it. Normally a class that will ninja cap will be a rogue, mage, or hunter. Obviously the first thing you do when you encounter another person while defending by yourself is call it out to your team. With that done, you need to begin your personal process of defending. Hopefully if they open up with a sap, scatter shot into trap, or polymorph, you're far enough away where you don't have to trinket it before they capture. They may get it but you may have to take a risk not to trinket. If you do trinket your first global after that should be Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger. If they try to CC you again your tiger will be able to hit then and stop them from capping. This tiger lasts 45 seconds so they shouldn't be able to capture it for that amount of time because Xuen is immune to a lot of CC. And if your teammates haven't come to help by then you should remove all of them from friends and leave the battleground. But! If Xuen is on cooldown for some reason the alternative is Storm, Earth, and Fire. It acts similar to Xuen but can be killed quickly or will disappear if feared or rooted. And if you're trinket is on cooldown you should ask a teammate to stay with you until it is back up. But, if they do begin capturing while you're feared you can always use Nimble Brew to get out.

Pro-Tips for Certain Bases:
Mines (AB): At this base when you put your portal on the flag you can run up to the top of the roof on the mines and still be in range to port but this makes it impossible for a rogue to sap cap or a mage to poly cap. It basically makes it so you don't have to trinket the first CC they do to you.
Stables (AB): At this base you can run behind the actual stables with your port on or next to the flag and be line of sight so the first CC on your when someone goes to ninja cap you shouldn't have to trinket unless it is a 1v2. But if it is a 1v2 you probably will then proceed to follow the steps on the main portion of defending I wrote above.
Blacksmith (AB): At blacksmith you do the same thing as you do at other bases with houses, you put your portal down on the flag, run LoS inside the building but position your camera so you can still see the flag.
Farm (AB): At farm you do the same thing as you do at other bases with houses, you put your portal down on the flag, run LoS inside the building but position your camera so you can still see the flag. Another unique thing about farm is there are little critters at the farm, either chicken or rats depending on what faction you are, a great thing about this is that you can keep Provoking them to keep you in combat to avoid being Sapped.
Lighthouse (B4G): This base you can put your portal on the flag then run inside the building and position yourself so your camera zooms out of the door and you can still see the flag but your character is line of sight inside the building also making yourself in a good spot where they can't capture the flag on the first CC. But if it is a 1v2 you probably will then proceed to follow the steps on the main portion of defending I wrote above.
Waterworks (B4G): Do the same thing you do at Lighthouse but in one of the other two buildings at this base.

Posted ImageWoD WW ChangesPosted Image
Updated as of 4/4/14
Posted Image

1. The first change we see is the energy removal of Transfer, this is very minor and will barely impact PvP.

2. The second change we see is that they remove Storm, Earth, and Fire off the GCD and reducing the energy cost. This is a great change because of how much of a hassle it is to keep your clone up on another target if you are trying to cleave them down. Since it is off the GCD you could macro it into your other abilities so you won't have to apply it yourself, it would look something like this,

/cast Jab
/cast [@focus] !Storm, Earth, and Fire

I haven't tested this but if I am thinking correctly the "!" should keep that macro from removing the clone off your focus and if it were to die it would instantly reapply. Also, you wouldn't have to manually apply it you would just continue to do damage to your main target and the clone would go on your focus. This is an interesting change and I'm curious to see how it will pan out.

3. This won't affect PvP

4. As you probably know, when you hit 2 target with fists of fury the damage is split between the two, with this change it will still act as if you are only hitting your target but will continue to deal split damage to whatever else is in, this is actually a great change just because of how much damage fists of fury can do to one target. For the entire expansion I've had to deal with hunter pets, lock pets, totem pets, or players getting away of my damage. But no more! I look forward to this change.

Posted Image

1. The first change we see is that they have made disable only available to Windwalkers. Believe it or not this is a buff to us because chances are we're not playing with Mistweaver monks who will lose this ability, and if we're not playing with them we're facing them which means they will no longer be able to root us.

2. The second change is a minor nerf to Windwalkers. Orb was a pretty useful tool they gave us, it wasn't huge in 3v3 but allowed us to run behind a pillar and heal ourselves pretty nicely while still moving. And if you are into dueling it will be a lot harder to win duels without orbs.

3. This change is trying to make up for the loss of healing sphere. If they make it instant it will be really nice but I'm assuming they'll make it around a 1.5s cast time, which isn't the worst thing in the world but I'd still prefer spheres. But it is better than nothing, not to mention it has a 10 less energy cost and will be easier to heal teammates, chances are it will be better than spheres but not as fun.

Posted Image

1. The only change we see here is that we get .5s off our GCD. This is actually huge, it means we will be able to use a lot more globals faster, it's almost as if we have a permanent Bloodlust. I'm going to be very surprised if this makes it to live, but for the time being it would be very cool (by cool I mean overpowered) to be able to use globals 33% faster.

Posted ImagePosted Image

1. Our first talent for WoD is Hurricane Strike, I assume it will be changed a lot from now to the release but as of its state right now it has potential. About a week ago I believe it was 0 chi cost and the immunities lasted 3 seconds instead of 2 and it would have been the ideal choice. But, now that it has a chi cost (3 for that matter) it probably isn't the best pick unless that X damage is significant.

2. Our second talent is just a use X chi for X effect and isn't as useful as the other two will probably be.

3. Our third talent looks really powerful. If these two talents remain this way I will probably use Serenity because of being able to dump Blackout Kicks, Rising Sun Kicks, and Fists of Fury without having to Jab with let's say a 10 stack up will be incredible damage. They are basically giving us that major offensive cooldown we have never had.

I'll try to update the changes as Warlords gets nearer and nearer. Let me know how you think these changes will impact Windwalkers if notice anything I'm missing.

Posted Image

Another thing that I haven't seen anyone mention are the perks that each spec get in Warlords, these have gone under the radar changes that are actually pretty cool.

Enhanced Roll: Your Roll goes 25% faster
  • This change is actually so nice, there have been times where I have rolled to get in range to Zen Meditation some spell but can't because I am still rolling, or even if I am kiting something and I roll to stay alive then get hit hard and need to karma but I can't because I'm in a roll. This change will make these things happen less often which is so nice.
Enhanced Transcendence: Makes it so that our port that we put down only has a 35s CD and the transfer part is instant.
  • This change I wish they had put in a long time ago, there have been so many times where I go to port a charge stun, deep freeze, or stun from a rogue only to be stopped because of that .5 second cast. Now we can use it instantly and it will make life so much easier.
Empowered Tiger Palm, Rising Sun Kick, Blackout Kick, and Fists of Fury: They all do 20% more damage.
  • I'm not even going to mention these because I have no idea what damage is like in Warlords so nothing I can say will mean anything.
Improved Energizing Brew: When Energizing Brew is active, our Multistrike chance is increased by 15%
  • More damage.
Empowered Chi: Increases maximum chi by 1.
  • Small change but helpful nonetheless.
Empowered Spinning Crane Kick (and probably Rushing Jade Wind): It deals its damage twice as fast but duration is reduced by 50%.
  • This means we will do more damage in a faster timespan with these two abilities, really nice for getting burst in.

Also, the removal of Disarms will hurt monks more than other classes I think because ours is so good. That 40 yard range disarm was really incredible and I'm going to miss it, the benefit though is that we get 2 free keybinds and no longer need a weapon chain. Win, Lose.

#3902833 How to Walk with the Wind (5.4.7)

Posted BalanceRexxar on 21 June 2013 - 01:29 AM

Posted Image

0.0) Additional Help
1.0) Introduction
1.1) Streaming
1.2) Abilities
1.3) Races
1.4) Glyphs
1.5) Talents   
1.6) Gemming & Enchanting
1.7) Reforging
1.8) Professions
1.9) Armories
2.0) Keybindings
2.1) Class Synergy
2.2) Monk Comps
2.3) Macros
2.4) Addons
2.5) Monk Streams
2.6) Rated Battlegrounds
2.7) Warlords of Draenor Changes
Posted Image

If there is something I forgot to include in the guide or something I explained poorly feel free to whisper me in game and I'll answer your question, if I don't I'm either in a game and didn't see or afk, if I don't and you have to go you can just send a mail or try when I'm out or not afk.

Server: Rexxar
Toon Name: Balance
Posted Image

Hello there! My name is Steve, in game I am known as Balance. I made this guide for Windwalker monks in 5.3 and 5.4 and am updating it for 5.4.7. I updated it early just because I know not much is changing and am able to foresee what will change and how it will impact what Windwalkers do. Things you should know about me is I love koalas, hence my other monk being named Koalapunch, I got Rank 1 (Duelist) in Season 13 and Rank 1 Gladiator in Season 14. I love to answer questions and appreciate any feedback you give me.
Posted Image

I now stream World PvP, RBGs, BGs, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and anything in between. You can follow me at twitch.tv/balancerexxar or click the icon!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Damaging Abilities:


Tiger Palm

Blackout Kick

Rising Sun Kick

​Fists of Fury

Expel Harm

​These are your primary damaging abilities. You use jab and expel harm to build Chi to use your other abilities. You use expel harm when you aren't at 100% HP or can't jab anything. You also need to keep Tiger Strikes buff up at all times. You need to use Rising Sun Kick off cooldown. Fists of Fury is situational, you may use it to peel or control. I often use it after a Leg Sweep or Ox Wave for damage and control. It can do a lot of damage when channeling on a single target with stacks of Tigereye Brew up.

Control Abilities:
  • Fists of Fury, ​Fists of Fury is also a high damage ability but you can stun and entire team with it and they can't trinket it most of the time because you will just re-apply the stun when they do.
  • Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Ring of Peace Leg Sweep and Charging Ox Wave are just stuns which is a control, Ring of Peace is a AoE disarm and silence.
  • Paralysis, Paralysis is one of the best peeling abilities in the game, a ranged 4-6s incapacitate can lock down mages and other classes on their deep freezes, demon soul, shadow dance, and other high damage cooldowns and such instantly.
  • Spear Hand Strike, Spear Hand Strike is our kick. I don't recommend using it for the 2 second silence but if you're on a mage who is spamming ice lances into a deep freeze you might as well. It has also proven useful when killing Priests because of their bubble, if they are bubbled at 11% and coming out of a stun I like to use it to try to get them 1% or however much needed lower so I can Touch of Death. I also use this ability on warriors when they are close to 10% coming out of a stun to prevent them from using Rallying Cry so I can touch of death before they get it off. Warning: This ability has a slight delay for when the silence is applied to use it around 0.25-0.5s before you want the actual silence to go on.
  • Spinning Fire Blossom, Spinning Fire Blossom without the glyph is a 50 yard range 2 second root if you can land it. It can prove difficult but possible.
  • Flying Serpent Kick, Flying Serpent Kick is an AoE 4 second 70% slow, it can be used to slow players. It is one of our high mobility cooldowns so use it wisely.
  • Disable, Disable is a spammable slow & root, it is similar to how Improved Hamstring used to work, if they are slowed already when you re-apply it it will root them, you can spam this slowing a lot of people for a long amount of time.
  • Grapple Weapon, Grapple Weapon can be used to disarm your opponent, on certain classes it will shut them down. It is a ranged ability making it one of the best disarms in the game.
Misc. Abilities:
  • Fortifying Brew, this ability can be very useful, if you're facing a team with an execute you can use it to avoid that or just use it before taking large amounts of damage to reduce it, it's basically an Ironbark + a self Rallying Cry on a 3 minute cooldown.
  • Detox, I use this ability just about off CD against Death Knight teams to remove their diseases. I also use to to remove rogue poisons like Crippling Poison and Paralytic Poison before stacks are high enough to stun you. The best use of it it to remove Devouring Plague against priests who play Insanity effectively stopping a major part of their burst, another game changing use is to get Wyvern Sting off your teammates so they don't have to trinket.
  • Crackling Jade Lightning, this ability is mostly used for fun or to keep people from leaving combat to avoid re-stealths, drinks, etc. It also can get spell reflects from warriors.
  • Nimble Brew, It is crucial that if you play a Windwalker monk you have an "out" which is a way to get out of CC to be able to use Touch of Karma or Diffuse Magic. Rotating cooldowns between your trinket and Nimble brew should allow you to always have a way to karma.
  • Provoke, This is one of my favorite abilities. Most people see the taunt and think, "Oh it's just PvE." They couldn't be more wrong. Whenever I see a grounding totem down, I taunt. It is off the GCD, has no cost, and destroys it. It also keeps rogues in combat going for stealths or healers going for drinks. It also gets spell reflects and my favorite use for it is to taunt pets. Those pesky hunter pets see me taunt them and chase after me behind a pillar where I then fists of fury it to death. I bolded this because it is the most underused ability by monks.
  • Storm, Earth, and Fire, this is another great ability. It has few purposes outside of PvE but it is in fact useful. The primary use to to stop drinks and re-stealths from healers and rogues. By the time a rogue or healer gets it off them it's been a good long while and the re-stealth probably never got off because we stopped them ourselves. Another use it for RBG's just throw them on random targets and start using Spinning Crane Kick or Rushing Jade Wind for decent AoE damage and fantastic flag spinning. It is also effective when putting it on a target right before a swap to get your Rising Sun Kick debuff on them to do 15% more damage instantly without having to apply Rising Sun Kick.
  • Zen Meditation, also very useful for it's grounding totem like effect. I most often use it right before a healer gets trapped to put it onto me. It is also very useful to eat Chaos Bolts, Deep Freezes, Cyclones, Fears, Polymorphs, Repentance, and all sorts of nasty things you don't want on a low teammate or healer.
  • Transcendence, this ability is pretty standard. Put it down behind a pillar at the start of a game, put 3 healing spheres on it port out when you're in trouble, sometimes reverse port back to get to a target if they are near it, not to much to it. Be sure if you're on Blade's Edge or Dalaran Sewers Arena to have this up before chasing after someone who jumps. Make sure to keep track and have this at whatever pillar the fight is taking place mid-game.
Posted Image

I am only going to discuss a few races because some races are just horrible to be as a monk such as Tauren.

Humans: Humans racial is Every Man for Himself. This ability replaces the use of the commonly used Insignias purchased for conquest. This allows a new trinket to take place of the Insignia. That means you could have a Battlemaster's trinket or a Badge instead. It probably isn't worth using PvE trinkets because when you use two PvP trinkets you gain a significant amount of resilience. This means that you need to compare a 2nd PvP trinket to the other racials of the other races to determine what is better. Another benefit of being human is the Sword Specialization that allows you to get increased expertise from using swords.

Night Elves: This is the best race you can be if you are a Mistweaver on Alliance because you have Shadowmeld. You probably know this but if you don't it's important for you to know that if you use this ability the same time another ability hits you it acts as if that ability never hit. For example, if you Shadowmeld right as a mage finishes casting Polymorph it will act as if the mage never casted it on you. This is very good to prevent being Crowd Controlled (CC). There is also Quickness which can prove to be game breaking if you dodge something like a 6 second Kidney Shot while a teammate is very low, the odds are not in your favor but miracles do happen.

Orc: They have several racials that benefit the monk class. The first one is Axe Specialization, which has the same benefits as the humans allowing them to get extra expertise. The second racial is Blood Fury, which is a nice damage bonus. The third is Command which is unknown if it affects Xuen or your clones via Storm, Earth, and Fire but if it does then it is a minor overall damage bonus but a bonus nonetheless. And the last racial is Hardiness which can be combined to be Powerful Primal Diamond to have all stuns reduced by 25%. Although that may sound very good you lose your alternative metas reducing your damage, not to mention monks can be a very hard target to kill against casters because of Nimble Brew with Medallion, Diffuse, and Touch of Karma. This could be worth using against rogues, other monks, or warriors.

Undead: This is best healing race in the game in my personal opinion because of Will of the Forsaken acting as a second not as good trinket. They also have Shadow Resistance which is decent against classes like Warlocks, Death Knights, Priests, and Rogues (with Shadow Blades up). They also have Touch of the Grave for extra damage and healing throughout the game, which is minimal but it's something. And of course Cannibalize our favorite ability to disgrace your opponent after slaying them. This could be the best race or the worst race. For example, if all you face all during your queue session is Rogues and Death Knights you will never have to use your Will of the Forsaken where you could be Orc instead. But overall with how many priests and warlocks are in the game I'd say this is probably the most reliable race to go as a monk.

Blood Elf: Blood Elves racial is Arcane Torrent. Although this is all they provide, it is a handy ability if you do a lot of world PvP, 2v2, and even in 3v3 occasionally. Not only does it provide a 2s silence it gives you a free chi which can sometimes allow you to get another RSK, Blackout Kick, or Fists of Fury without having to Jab right before. If you're horde your going to be better off as Undead or Orc though.

Dwarf: Probably one of the worst races you can go but I have my alt one as dwarf because I love the little guys! It isn't completely useless though, Stoneform allows you the remove all diseases, poisons, and gives you a 10% damage reduction. So, if you are able to use this RIGHT before you get stunned and take a lot of damage it could save you. The main reason I ever use it though is to get out of Wyvern Stings from hunters, since it is a poison only a few healers can dispel it and it is a significant CC, therefore if you use your racial to get out it can save you from having to trinket which is huge. Dwarves also take 1% less frost damage so that is good because mages are everywhere, not to mention they also have a Mace Specialization which allows you to get extra expertise.
Posted Image

Glyphs in 5.4.7 are generally the same with very few expectations. Your go-to glyphs are italicized and the ones that can be useful are normal. Also, there is no way I can tell you what to pick against everything because this post would be massive so you need to take into account what you are playing and who you are facing to decide which glyphs to take.

Glyph of Touch of Death: This is a glyph that needs to be taken against every comp you face and play with. Being able to touch of death without using Chi is very important. A lot of times a target isn't under 10% for 1-2 globals so you really have one chance to get it off and if you have to jab or expel harm 1-2 times to get the chi they are probably dead or above 10% already. I recommend this glyph all of the time.

Glyph of Touch of Karma: Since Touch of Karma is our best defensive cooldown complained about so much I'm surprised it hasn't been nerfed. This glyph gives it a 20 yard range. This is extremely valuable seeing how without it you'd have to be in melee range to get it off and most of the time you need to get it off there is a slow on you and you can't get to the target. Even if there is double melee training you I recommend this glyph all of the time because of how essential it is to get it off exactly when you need it.

Glyph of Paralysis: This glyph allows you to safely paralysis a target without DoT effects breaking it. Depending on what comp you're playing you may or not need this, although we monks ourselves had a DoT from Blackout Kick, it rarely breaks out paralysis and we really only need this if your teammate has DoTs.

Glyph of Detox: This glyph is useful in the 2v2 bracket when playing Healer, WW monk because the only DoT monks have is blackout kick which doesn't last long and unless you're trying to paralysis the target you just blackout kicked it shouldn't break from damage. This means we can take this glyph over glyph of paralysis to keep some pressure off of us against one of the more popular comps, Healer, DK. It can also be used against Rogue teams to heal yourself a minor bit by removing Paralytic Poison or whatever poison they happen to be using.

Glyph of Nimble Brew: This glyph can also useful because of the heal it provides, if you use Nimble Brew to prevent dying it can help but if you are using it offensively it probably won't help much.

Glyph of Sparring: This glyph can be used when the team you're on has no DoT effects and preferably when you are facing a team with a wizard on it, it really depends on what you're playing and who you're facing so you need to decide what's best yourself.

Minor Glyphs:
Spinning Fire Blossom: This glyph is good and bad, sometimes you wish you had the root the flower gives you. But, a lot of time you wish you could just finish someone off with a flower. I've killed hundreds of totems by using this glyph. This glyph can be removed for the better against Mage, Hunter, and Balance Druid, type of teams where you are chasing them a lot and without the glyph it will root them letting you get a little bit closer.

Zen Flight: I've died a lot from falling so this is my savior. I have it bound to "U" just because it's somewhere I can get it but not super needed.

Blackout Kick: I use this glyph just because of the little extra damage it provides, the healing it provides is minuscule. Also since I use glyph of paralysis a lot the dot doesn't affect it.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Tier 1 - Mobility
Celerity, Tiger's Lust, Momentum. These are your options. Out of my thousands arena games as a monk so far I have never used anything but Tiger's Lust. The other options just don't compare to it. With Tiger's Lust you can; get yourself out of roots, sprint teammates to escape, sprint teammates to better positioning, to help your teammates get out of roots and slows, or just use it on an FC so make them go faster. In my experience, I mostly have played with several shamans and something important to know about Tiger's Lust is that it stacks with things like ghost wolf so shamans can easily escape melee by getting Tiger's Lust and activating ghost wolf adding up to a total of 110% movement speed.

Tier 2 - Healing
Chi Wave, Zen Sphere, Chi Burst: These are your options. Again, nearly all of my arena games have been using Chi Wave other than experimenting with the others. Zen Sphere's damage and healing doesn't compare overall and often breaks CC. Chi Wave does a significant amount of healing and damage, it has a low cooldown, it does magic (nature) damage so it isn't affected by armor, and it is single target so it shouldn't break CC but sometimes it hops to someone in CC but it is still worth it to take. Chi Burst may be viable from what I hear. It is twice the cooldown of Chi Wave but does a significant more amount of damage. I'd still probably stick to Chi Wave because of it's short cooldown and the fact that it is instant and doesn't have a cast time like Chi Burst.

Tier 3 - Chi
Power Strikes, Ascension, Chi Brew: For all of 5.3 Ascension dominated this tier, power strikes still doesn't compare to Ascension and Chi Brew but Chi Brew became the new best talent because of this change...

Chi Brew now restores 2 Chi, has a 45-second cooldown (down from 1.5 minutes), and generates 2 or 3 stacks of Tigereye Brew. Maximum of two charges.

Now what this means is that you have around a good chance to get 6 stacks out of the gates if you use both off the bat which is incredibly good. And if you cast Fists of Fury before the gates open it will only take 1 chi to get 1-2 more stacks, so after you use 1 chi you have the potential to have 8 stacks. This is why I use this over the others. Since the mastery change we have reforged into haste which increases our energy regeneration, and with all the CC in the game we rarely have enough up time to be out of energy.

Tier 4 - Control
Ring of Peace, Charging Ox Wave, Leg Sweep. Your most common pick is probably going to be leg sweep. There is a lot of controversy on which is the best but it really comes down to what you face, how you use them, and what you prefer personally. I'll compare them here...

Charging Ox Wave: Charging Ox Wave is a ranged stun that has a travel time, for example if you paralysis someone then depending on how far you are away from who you shot the Ox at it will vary on how long it takes to be affected by the stun. You may be hesitant to using it because it only lasts 3 seconds but the way I look at it you can use it whenever you want because of its short cooldown and the fact that it is ranged. If you wanted to leg sweep the healer you'd have to get to them to use it, but with Ox wave you can maintain your uptime on them and still get the stun off and that 2 second difference is probably equal to or more than how long it would take to get to the healer and leg sweep them then get back to you target. It also is very easy to use, many people try to lead their shots but that isn't how it works. To land a stun on someone you need to use it for where they are at there current location. I have an example of how it is deceiving in this video. Excuse my lag, again I can't stream or make videos because of my terrible computer.

Leg Sweep: This is the more commonly used talent in this tier because it lasts longer and can be used for going for kills. I personally think that it really depends on you like and play. If you play a composition of something like Shadow Priest, Monk, Healer then I would recommend using this because of being able to use Devouring Plague into this stun followed out by silence. Use this one if you want to be able to lock someone down for the kill.

Conclusion: It really depends on what you play and who you face. For example, we hit mages very hard but they will most likely have a Blink for every Leg sweep or Charging Ox Wave, therefore you would probably want the shorter cooldown one which is Ox Wave or Ring of Peace for the silence. Another example is if you're facing a rogue, although they can dodge or parry Leg Sweep easily, they cannot dodge or parry Ox Wave. But something quite unknown is that you can't use Charging Ox Wave while silenced and rogues tend to garrote monks a decent amount. An example of where leg sweep would be good is if you're facing something like Elemental shaman, Destruction Warlock, Resto druid. I'm sure you experienced how tanky both of those casters are against monks because of being able to have uptime on them and just their armor and passive damage reductions. Taking leg sweep would make swaps to the druid very good and effective.
It all depends on what you play and what you face.

Tier 5 - Survival
Healing Elixirs, Dampen Harm, Diffuse Magic.
After a long season I have a lot of thoughts on Healing Elixirs and Diffuse Magic. I'm not even going to talk about Dampen Harm because it is absolutely worthless.

Healing Elixirs: So for healing elixirs I have come to the conclusion it is truly based on what you face. If you are facing KFC healing elixirs will prove immensely more beneficial than Diffuse Magic for the hunter damage, it allows you to run around and self heal when you have to. I wouldn't recommend using this against dot cleaves either, just because it helps out with healing I find that a lot of the time it is off CD and just sitting there not healing you when you need it to. So I would say take this against teams that are mostly physical damage or have small magical burst damage.

Diffuse Magic: After a season of wizards and cleaves I had to swap specs a lot. For many teams I took Diffuse Magic because of how much magical damage they do. Even though you might think Healing Elixirs is better for things like LSD (Ele, Aff, Resto Druid) you're wrong. Being able to basically grant yourself immunity on a minute and a half CD for 6 seconds is incredible, although it will be a little tougher on your healer it could prevent you from having to use Touch of Karma, this means you'll have twice the major defensive cooldowns you would that if you were healing elixirs. Not to mention Healing Elixirs is often random and procs at worthless times a lot of the time. I also use this against teams like RMD (Rogue, Mage, Resto Druid) because of the high burst mages have, rogues have weak damage outside of their burst so healing elixirs will only help you when you are being bursted on which it then heals you for 15%, but if you were to use Diffuse Magic you could stop around 50 to even 60% of your entire health by taking 90% less magical damage from a mage blasting ice lances at you.

Again this tier requires you to decide what is best and you need to judge what to take yourself.

Tier 6 - Damage
Rushing Jade Wind, Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger, Chi Torpedo. As the game has evolved and we've acquired more gear Rushing Jade Wind is almost always the best pick because we can use it to blow off excess energy. Some occasions you would want to take Xuen over it is against a double DPS team in 2v2.

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First of all, to gem correctly you must know what stats you want. There are dozens of way to gem a monk based off of each and every slot and which gear you have. I'll repost the monk armories if you just want to copy one of theirs instead of experimenting to find the perfect setup on your own. Anyways, what most monks are doing now stat wise is...

Crit > Haste > Mastery. The reason of this is that when we get a critical strike we can do insane amounts of damage. Therefore, Crit is the best stat, haste is the second because our Mastery is not very good. Our mastery has a chance for us to get an extra stack of Tigereye Brew, if you were to stack mastery it would only give you a small % of getting an extra stack which isn't as good as being able to jab more if you have more haste.

Meta: Tyrannical Primal Diamond or Agile Primal Diamond

Red: Delicate Primordial Ruby

Yellow: Deadly Vermillion Onyx

Blue: Glinting Imperial Amethyst or Perfect Assassin's Roguestone

Shoulders: Greater Tiger Claw Inscription

Cloak: Swordguard Embroidery (Tailoring Only) or Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike Rating

Chest: Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats

Bracers: Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility

Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste

Legs: Shadowleather Leg Armor

Boots: Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed

Weapons: Dancing Steel and Glorius Tyranny. If you can't get 2200 for the Glorius Tyranny enchant then buy a Living Steel Weapon Chain. You should also have 3 weapons. Two with dancing steel and one with either Living Steel or Glorious Tyranny. The reason behind this is because if you face a team without disarms then the effect of those other two enchants isn't as good as the one from dancing steel.

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Similar to gemming and enchanting, every monk has slightly different stats. But almost all of them are within a few %'s of each other. Most monks range between...

These number will change by the end of the season so try to scale it up with the new gear we get.

Hit: As close to 3% as possible.

Expertise: 6%

Critical Strike: 40% or higher

Haste: 12% or higher

Mastery: 38% or less

After experimenting with 3% expertise I found that on very rare occasions healers like Paladins and Shamans can "block" a leg sweep or Spear Hand Strike which can throw off a game. So it's better to be safe than sorry so 6% expertise will make it so that doesn't happen.

Again, 3% Hit > 6% Expertise > Crit > Haste > Mastery

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Professions can vary depending on what race you are. For example, if you are human you will be using a On-Use PvP trinket as well as an Insignia. And since you have the On-Use trinket the Synapse Springs you get from engineering wouldn't be as good because they share 10s cooldowns with each other, I'm not saying it's bad but I feel like there are other professions for human that is better than engineering. So here it is.

Humans: Tailoring + (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Inscription, Jewelcrafting. [All of these give +320 Agility in some way.)

Everything Else: Engineering + (Tailoring, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Inscription, Jewelcrafting. [All of these give +320 Agility in some way.)

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I know a lot of people want to know what the absolute best way to gear, reforge, gem, talent, glyph, professions, etc. without having to go through a huge guide like this so I made this category dedicated to monks who I believe to be educated on the class and know how to personalize their monk to make it as deadly as possible. Here they are... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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I know that everybody has their own personal keybindings and I understand that it isn't likely that anyone will change based on what I have to say here but I feel like it needs to be said.

My keybinds are bound in an effective way. I have each ability bound to a great bind that allows me to do a lot of things, get places, and pop cooldowns. I'll explain after you look at this picture.

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This picture shows how all my damaging abilities are bound to my naga. This allows me to use my QWE keybinds to move and I use my right thumb to deal all my damage. The purpose of this allows me to hit all of my damaging keybinds with being able to keep up with my target by using my strafes and move forward binds. I feel like if I had those abilities on other keybinds I would have conflict with doing damage and moving.

I also have my mobility keybinds such as roll, tiger's lust, and flying serpent kick to keybinds close to my movement binds.
This allows me to keep moving accurately towards my target while using mobility keybinds so I don't end up rolling off to the side of them.

If you're new to monk try changing your keybinds to get to your mobility binds as quick as possible and have your damaging abilities not collide with being able to move.

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In this portion of the guide I state my personal opinions which has been altered by personal experience and the thoughts of others. If you disagree with any of my opinions in this category please post a comment on your experience with the comp on why it works and why is doesn't. Thank you.

Important Information: I believe that anything played by good enough players has the potential to get good rating. Don't be discouraged by my opinions on a comp and decide not to play it, try it out and prove me wrong if I think it isn't good. Anything is possible.

Mage: This class is one of the worst you can put with a monk on paper. Every single CC you and the mage has DRs. But surprisingly, it works quite nice, it may be because mages are so good right now or maybe the comp just works. It plays similar to warrior mage, even though warriors lack CC and their stuns DR with mages deep freeze the high damage of the two classes makes the comp work nicely. Therefore I think this comp is pretty good because monks also have high damage, you just have to be careful on who is casting polymorph and who is paralyzing what.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Deep Freeze with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Polymorphs / Incapacitates: Polymorph and Paralysis
Silences: Counterspell Silence with Spear Hand Strike blanket silence.
Roots: Frost Nova and Pet Freeze with Disable Root.

Rogue: This class isn't good with monks because both have lots of stuns. Rogues damage isn't very consistent if they are subtlety which most are. Their burst revolves around Shadowdance letting them stun and silence things all over. The problem they share with monks is the DR on stuns. Although, just like everything it does have potential to get rating but would be much harder than if a monk played with a better class.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Silences: Garrote with Spear Hand Strike blanket silence.
Incapacitates: Sap and Gouge with Paralysis.

Priest: As of right now this is my favorite comp as well as the one I have most experience with. Although it isn't a common monk comp it has great potential. Some downsides is that your priest has to be very good for it to succeed. But if you and your priest are able to connect on a target at the same time other enemies are CC'd the damage is unreal and you almost always get a cooldown.

Diminishing Returns:
Disarms: Psychic Horror with Grapple Weapon.
Silence: Silence with Spear Hand Strike blanket silence.

Warrior: Warrior monk would be a low tiered monk comp because of the things each class brings to the table. Although both classes have high amounts of damage they both lack CC. Monks work better with a cast that can provide peels and offensive CC.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Shockwave, Warbringer, and Stormbolt with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Disarms: Disarm and Grapple Weapon

Death Knight: Death Knights are similar to warriors in the fact that they have little CC but are very good at training. Just like warrior monk, death knight monk would have a problem of little CC allowing a healer to easily heal through the damage. This comp is viable just like everything else but isn't a top-tier monk comp.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Remorseless Winter, Asphyxiate with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Roots: Chains of Ice w/ Chillblains with Disable Root.

Paladin: This class just like every class is viable to a certain extent. I have yet to try this recently but I did give it a go in 5.3, although 5.3 was very bursty I am not going to let that affect my opinion on this comp. I believe this comp could work decently. The only problem this comp could have is the CC. If the paladin took Turn Evil (fear) and cast it on the healer it may prove to be the thing that DK monk or War Monk doesn't have, the extra CC. I encourage people to try this comp and let me know how it works.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Hammer / Fist of Justice with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Incapacitate: Repentance with Paralysis.

Warlocks: Warlocks are arguably the best class a monk can run with this patch. I'm only going to go into affliction because as of now Destruction doesn't seem to be very popular. Demo isn't popular either so I don't really know to much about it therefore I can't give my opinion on its viability. But affliction is good right now. The amount of CC warlocks have is so great combined with their damage it allows monks to go on whoever they want and just do as much damage as possible. A monk on a healer while a warlock is fear spamming the other 2 members with dark soul up would be very hard to heal through.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Shadowfury with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Warlock Pets: share DR with Spear Hand Strike blanket silence and Grapple Weapon.

Hunters: Last patch hunters were one of the best classes a monk could run with because of how the game was played. And yet again, hunters are the dominate class. This is probably the best class you can run with as a WW monk to high rating.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Intimidation, Binding Shot, Pet CC, with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Silences: Silencing Shot with Spear Hand Strike blanket silence
Incapacitate: Freezing Trap with Paralysis
Disarms: Snatch with Grapple Weapon

Shaman (Enh): I really haven't personally tested this comp out or seen it at high ratings so I can't vouch for its success or failure but based on what I know about enhancement shamans I would say it is a decent comp. With the right healer it could have just enough CC and sustained damage to have a chance against other high pressure comps. A full CC on a healer with ascendence up with the monk popping stacks of Tigereye brew could prove quite deadly.
Shaman (Ele): This comp is one of the higher tier WW comps because it's a shaman. Shamans are pretty hard to kill so they don't require much peels, also they have high damage output which in combination with Windwalker monks make it very deadly.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Capacitor Totem with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Polymorph / Incapacitate: Paralysis and Hex

Druid (Balance): Since the Balance spec is arguably one of the worst in the game you'd think that balance druids wouldn't work well with monks. I however am curious to see how it would go, I think if balance druids get a damage buff they would work extremely well with monks because of the few DRing CC's they share.
Druid (Feral): Similar to balance druids feral druids are not in a happy place. Without having instant cyclones it is very easy for to stop a feral druid from getting a cyclone off. Their damage is good but without CC ferals and monks can be healed through. The benefit of this comp would be survivability. It could be hard to kill a feral and monk if all they do is run away because of their mobility but it would be very hard to land a kill. With a good healer this comp like anything could get decent rating.

Diminishing Returns:
Stuns: Bash, and Maim with Leg Sweep, Charging Ox Wave, and Fists of Fury.
Roots: Entangling Roots with Disable Root.

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This will category shows which comps I think are most successful.

Tier 1

Windwalker / Hunter (All Specs)

Windwalker / Warlock (Affliction)

Windwalker / Priest (Shadow)

Windwalker / Shaman (Elemental)

Tier 2

Windwalker / Mage (Frost)

Windwalker / Warlock (Destruction)

Windwalker / Paladin (Retribution)

Windwalker / Druid (Balance)

Tier 3

Windwalker / Mage (Fire)

Windwalker / Mage (Arcane)

Windwalker / Rogue (All Specs)

Windwalker / Warrior (All Specs)

Windwalker / Death Knight (All Specs)

Windwalker / Druid (Feral)

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Zen Meditation Macro
Fortifying Brew + Healthstone Macro
Tiger's Lust Macros
Hand of Protection Off Macro
Focus Paralysis
Focus Disarm
Focus Kick
Touch of Karma Macro
Kick Macro
Old Paralysis Macro
Useful Touch of Death Macro
Xuen Attack Macro
Cancel-Aura Macro
Psyfiend Macro
Party Dispel Macros
Focus Storm, Earth, and Fire
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Here are some extremely useful addons for WW monks.

ChiBar: This addon lets you have a chi bar that you can freely move around, make it bigger or smaller, vertical or horizontal, and many other options.

Nameplates Modifier: This basically adds a percentage to the default blizzard name plates. This is the most important macro WW monks can have because of how crucial it is to get Touch of Death off at the precise moment.
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Everybody wants to see some WW monk PvP. Since that is hard to come by I'll link you to a couple of channels that may show some WW monk PvP, I can't guarantee that they will but here is where you might find some. I also put mine in there in case I ever stream.