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In Topic: buffs :DDDD

Yesterday, 07:07 PM

View PostLolflay, on 26 November 2014 - 04:49 PM, said:

Ye ok, except that with every cooldown popped and all buffs/procs up, as Affli I was doing less damage than a Rogue doing his ordinary rotation.

I'm obviously talking about PvE, but still. Needed buffs if they're forcing Affliction into single target damage + secondary DoTs, which is absolutely fine ( and neccessary for spec to feel fun again ).

Cmon lol.. So because you get outdamaged by a class in PvE, it means that you're not doing enough damage in PvP? You have got to be kidding me. If you get outdamaged by a rogue in PvP it's your own fault rofl.

Are rogues even playing the same spec in PvE and PvP?

In Topic: Serious warlock issues atm

Yesterday, 06:58 PM

View Postkrontotheiic, on 19 November 2014 - 02:09 AM, said:

Chaos bolt over nerfed?

Affliction warlock self healing too strong?

Thank you for watching the videos.
In the chaos bolt video i had everything lined up. trinket procs/dark soul and it hit for roughly a 1/6th of their health.

In the affliction warlock video the warlock is using soulburn:haunt talent and throwing full darksoul dots out and being able to heal through it with just harvest life talent and drain life glyph.

Surely this is a troll..... Right???? These videos made me laugh so hard..

"You had everything lined up".. What, so everything is one trinket proc and dark soul? Not to mention the new cast time on Chaos Bolt..

For the affliction video, you realize that having the talent soulburn: haunt doesn't make your normal haunts better right? You have to press soulburn, THEN haunt, for it to be better. You didn't use soulburn haunt lol. You also didn't have any procs or on use trinkets up. You can easily outdamage drain life LOL, and there's also a thing called interrupts in this game.

Saddest part is I don't even think you are trolling :(

In Topic: buffs :DDDD

Yesterday, 12:13 AM

View PostKelarm, on 26 November 2014 - 12:03 AM, said:

I have been outpacing most rets and ferals marginally unless trained, but I'm also probably playing against a bunch of rivals with a bunch of glad/r1 level teammates.

The point is, affliction has to cast a lot now.  We have to cast as much as we did in WotLK, except it's harder now because of a lack of haste, gutted fear, obligatory channeled fillers, and overpowered melee in general.  I think that's a good thing, good for the skill cap.  But if we can get that damage off, we should be rewarded accordingly, and we weren't.  It was the introduction of soul swap and fel flame that caused blizzard to gut our damage and transform us into a pure spread-pressure threat, but now those spells are gone (or basically gone, in the case of soul swap) but we didn't get our damage back.  

Locks are also easily among the most easily trainable classes in the game.  If you can get shut down so hard by melee pressure, it should fucking HURT if they let you get casts off.  Maybe it will now.  It sure didn't before.  

As for the 4 piece, versatility isn't exactly an amazing stat and portal is a defensive cooldown.  I assume you're suggesting we blow everything in the opener and just port for another flat damage increase from versatility, but that's an awkward proposition (i.e. do you just port in place and keep DPSing, or do you port away behind a pillar and cut your own damage because you've kited during your own CDs?) and will likely get you flat out killed against some comps.  

As far as that opener, I haven't been using triple haunt openers very often but if you do, you better get a HELL of a lot of pressure off in that 8 seconds, because I imagine you're basically going to be a punching bag for the next 1 - 2 min unless you get some real lucky soul shard procs.

Edit: @ UA dispel thing, I agree, but UA dispel hasn't been doing it's job properly for a long time now.  In WotLK that shit could hit for like 30% of someone's health, but it's been pretty ignorable since then.  It's been a while now that the main deterrent to it has just been the 5 sec silence.

I'm sorry, but if you got to cast your damage out before this buff, you sure as hell got rewarded for it. You had so much aids going on then. I agree warlocks are one of the easier classes to shut down, but being able to deal with it is just one of the things that seperate good from less good.

It doesn't matter if versatillity is a bad stat or not, the amount of versatility it gives with the 4 piece is a flat out 10% damage increase (5% reduction), that's the same as 10% damage increase from any other stat. You obviously don't port before you get your damage rolling, and porting away to the pillar won't decrease your own damage by more than, well, nothing, since you're a RANGED and don't have to be in melee range to do damage. Against caster teams you can portal pretty much when you want for damage, it's a different story against melee teams of course, you just gotta time it :)

Affliction has shadowfury now, or whatever CC talent you pick, which gives you breathing room to get damage out aswell, along with your partners help.

It doesn't have to be the opener you get tripple haunt or your max damage out, if the enemy melee cleave pops CDs you obviously do what you can to survive first (which could also be offensive pressure).

I'm not talking about UA dispel hitting for 30%, 15-25% would be acceptable I think, it's just that right now it hits for what, 5-10% (if even) of total hp? :D

In Topic: buffs :DDDD

Yesterday, 12:00 AM

View Postsubstance, on 25 November 2014 - 11:37 PM, said:

Agree. It does suck having dots dispelled right away. My point with fel flame was that once we are locked out, we have nothing to do but sit there. We can port and run or whatever but damage wise. We have nothing. Something off of the school would be nice. I like to think i'm at least doing something.

I'd like to get fel flame back aswell, but I doubt Blizzard will give it to us. When they fix the wand bug we should play wand I think, then at least we can use that when locked and perhaps kill totems with it, depending on the damage it does :)

In Topic: buffs :DDDD

25 November 2014 - 11:13 PM

View PostKelarm, on 25 November 2014 - 10:34 PM, said:

I totally disagree.  Aff damage is/was acceptable when allowed to freecast.  But it's always been vulnerable to being trained (exacerbated by the state of melee atm), and has always been the lowest burst, and starting in cata, lowest single-target damage spec in the game (dunno what happened in mop, didn't play/don't care).  The tradeoff for this has always been much higher raw damage than most other classes.  This is true now more than ever since fear is so badly gutted.  Pulling numerically even with rets, warriors, and DKs while freecasting is unacceptable.  And at this point, getting outdamaged by spriests and moonkins is pretty fucking irritating too since they both offer vastly better utility to their team.

Perhaps the problem is people being used to doing max damage for free in MoP, just instant dotting everything.. Most boring playstyle ever.. It just takes a little more now to do the max damage, but once you get it out it's good. I know you say you didn't play MoP, so I guess this isn't the case with you.

However, I have no clue how you can be pulling numerically even with rets while freecasting. I realize it was really hard to keep up with DK and warriors, but that's a problem with their DPS being too high, not warlock DPS being too low. Warlock damage was just fine before these buffs imo, people just gotta get used to actually having to cast and fake interrupts to get the damage out.

People started whining already before 4 piece coming out (which by the way is a stupid mechanic). How can people start whining when our maximum damage potential wasn't even unlocked at this time?

I think warlock damage will be waaaay too high now with this buff, as I think it was fine before. The problem with warlock damage is the huge difference between cooldown and no cooldown usage. I agree the damage without cooldowns wasn't good before, but with CDs it was really really good. Full dots, soulburn haunt + 1-2 haunts on other targets, portal for flat out 10% damage increase (4piece, can play portal glyph), use trinket, dark soul, proc trinket. People were rotting so hard with this damage, how do you think it's going to be with 20% damage buff to agony and UA?

I'm not saying warlocks were one of the best classes before, in my opinion they weren't bad and they weren't OP. What's wrong with being just normally good / playable for once?

The only thing they should've buffed was UA dispel, which still hasn't been touched. It hits for nothing, so people can just spam dispel.