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Disc - ret - MM

03 December 2011 - 03:24 PM

Just playing around with friends, got duelist with this comp in S9 my first season and skipped S10 but the three of us are gonna be playing around with WoW again in S11, anyone think Disc / ret / MM hunter will be glad viable this season?

making the switch

01 October 2011 - 06:36 PM

(Before I start: yes I have looked up tons of guides and stuff but most of them are either outdated or I can't understand what they are saying)

Recently decided to switch from WoW to SC2, been playing for a while but there's nothing worth $15/month anymore. Halfway through S9 was the first season I started with PvP but I got duelist running on my priest with disc / ret / mm during 4.1 which I didn't think was too bad a start and now I am hoping to make a similarly good start with Starcraft. However, it's my first RTS and making the switch seems really awkward to me, I'm stuck in like mid silver which is just depressing. If anyone has some good general tips especially for Terran for getting used to going from the RPG healing style to an economy based RTS like Starcraft I would greatly appreciate it, I think my biggest issue right now is hotkeys. I obviously had everything bound early for WoW, but with SC2 I just don't really understand how I can bind things. Some things like SCV and marine building is always the same key and that I already have down, but am I supposed to be able to hotkey every single building I use individually? Making an army while keeping up with tech / micro / scouting / changing my strat depending on what the other person is doing? It just seems like too much going on at once for me to handle coming from something as comparably simple as WoW lol.

Also, more recent build orders especially TvZ would be greatly appreciated. Another note... I have looked up tons of stuff on team liquid and other sites which all have very specific build orders, but I never know if I should just practise solely that build over and over to use it or if I should be like using a build as an opener then coming up with what to do as I go depending on what the other person is doing or what. Also how should I be consistently scouting as Terran? haha right now it seems like I outmacro most of the people I play against but a lot of the time I end up losing anyway, especially against Zerg. Is there maybe a chart with all the units / what they look like / what they counter and are countered by? Right now it just seems like I am totally lost in what to do and am just making tons of shit to throw it all at him around the 14 minute mark and I lose. :(

DR tracker (especially cyclone)

04 September 2011 - 05:23 PM

I'm sure this has been asked before but a little searching didn't come up with anything, so sorry if this might be redundent, but I'm looking for an addon that will show the DR's on the other team, or just the cyclone DR. I know Gladius used to but it doesn't seem to work anymore

ret / disc / X?

10 July 2011 - 10:01 PM

Been playing together with my friend a ret for about two months since we both decided to start trying in 3s and we've gotten our 2k / 2.2k / 2.4k achieves all together and are about 2600 atm, so I am definitely sticking with him but we can't figure out what would be a good third to go with ret and disc. Any suggestions? :lol:

buy tsunami?

09 July 2011 - 05:02 PM

Recently got my shaman to 85, originally to play ele but after doing resto for a while I decided it was pretty fun and I would stay with it. So right now I am gearing him up and am wondering what to do with trinkets, should I farm up some gold (I have like 2k right now) and get tsunami or should I use something like resil battlemasters instead? It seems like most people use tsunami but in S10 how good do you think it will really be? I really hate doing any of the things for generating solid amounts of gold so unless the difference is enough to be winning games then I would rather just go with the easy way especially on an alt :)