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the art of fear

10 October 2016 - 03:38 PM

I get blamed alot for not fear the healer enough , tbh fear gives me nightmares , i honestly dont know how im supposed to use this skill , sometimes i may rush infront and use it then get cced to death also it might be hard to reposition myself fast because a member of my team may get pressured and then i have to stand and heal him... on the other hand if i try to play back and wait then i may never get the chance to do so because again  the team might get pressured a ton. Im pretty sure im doing something wrong here. I dont know how can i fear the healer when  its almost a melee range skill , it feels like the freezing trap tbh  its impossible without assistance , how can i keep my distance and kite and on the same time be capable to fear healer? i honestly dont know.


Btw guys do you mouseover healing in arena? i feel i get lost ont he frames and lose sense of the game but then again i dont know a better way to heal , as a dps i never used to look on frames , i only looked them at start to memorize what number is each player.

is holy so terrible?

10 October 2016 - 01:48 AM

Disc seems to bring good results for me so far , it has alot of cds , it can assist on dmg , it has a cc and the single target healing looks very strong if you spec penitent (mandatory imo) , getting locked doesnt hurt so much either.


Holy on the other hand...looks like a spec that i can hardly call viable , you are a god for 30sec well make it 47 sec with redeemer  , when you are out of those 2 cds you are done for , i pretty much know that i will die if they switch on me  or a partner will die if i get cced , the single target healing is not even close to enough outside of cds and getting locked is terrible.


It might be bad luck but so far i play with teams that they dont do enough pressure during the 1min i can keep them alive , is that not enough? am i supposed to be able to drag games as holy?

Edge of insanity or void origins?

09 October 2016 - 11:55 AM

i guess you never use voidform with edge of insanity and 30% dmg sounds a lot , voidform requires to keep your insanity up which isnt easy at pvp  on the other hand you lose void bolt and void torrent , anyway which one is better?

disc opening and cd usage

08 October 2016 - 04:41 PM

So i think opening as disc is very important thing since you have to deal some damage and also fear , as a holy i can usually just stay back and heal but as a disc i think i have to rush in and fear , nuke etc , so how do you do it? do you rush in and try to catch them all on fear then assist on dps or just stay back and wait for an opportunity to do that? what cds do you use during the opener? 

Highest rated holy comp 3s?

08 October 2016 - 09:22 AM

Title says it all , i start to like holy , spirit of the redeemer is AWESOME (fuck you cleaves) , i have so many cds and i like to play passive , i also pve as holy so thats a plus for the spec. Disc is nice for 2s but i really dislike it for 3s , it might be that im bad with spec , when im playing disc if i dont get a huge momentum early on and  end up spaming shadowmend then i almost lost , it basically requires high coordinated comp and communication , you want to use all cds early on and go for a precise kill which isnt a playstyle i like atm , it also requires great peeling to get multiple kill attemps , its much harder compared to 2s.



Whats the best comp for holy?