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In Topic: the art of fear

10 October 2016 - 07:45 PM

In my opinion, its a rly bad idea to mouseover as a healer, its better to use Party1 and 2 macros and target=player and as DPS its better to use mouseover macros or name macros over Party1/2 macros because as you said, each arena will change the party number of your teammates.


Yes , i noticed some streamers do the same but i assume they have the mouse to support such thing , you need about 9-12 keys , it would be hard to do such thing witht he keyboard but as you said mouseover is ok on pve but terrible on arena , you are playing blind , i can probably manage  on 2s but its impossible on 3s , there is so much stuff i miss 

In Topic: Most easy and faceroll comp for disc 3s?

10 October 2016 - 05:34 PM

I disagree tbh with people saying that beastcleave is easy , its probably easy from the perspective oft he hunter but not the healer , i get the same impression with any cleave i play , the cc is limited so there is a bigger need for moving closer to fear also when you are playing with melee you gotta have much better position and see where they might go , i think spellcleaves are the easiest because you got cc covered and you can stay back and focus on your healing. there is also a smaller chance to get oos. If i didnt have to fear then ok they might have been easy. 

In Topic: Most easy and faceroll comp for disc 3s?

08 October 2016 - 11:29 PM

beastcleave would be up there


or cancel your sub for a month and get a $9 mouse 


I tried a lot of comps and had the best luck as beastcleave but thats probably because the shaman was good and we used communication we played around 1.9k, we beat almost any cleave but we lost a lot to sps and mages , they focused the shaman and cced me and i couldnt do a shit , we wouldnt lose so much if i could break polys , i still dont know how you do that with premonition , at least it seems easy with shadowmend but i didnt try it yet , i also didnt have dark archangel , power of the dark side , several usefull talents , i dont have relics either , smite looks like a uselless skill because as beastcleave they will pressure you a ton , not enough cc to allow you to cast easily , i guess it is the same with any cleave , so all your burst is coming from penance/bender/darkarchangel/swp which is decent burst though , if you ever managed to smite against a team then that probably means the other team was terrible. 

In Topic: Good comp for disc 2s?

04 October 2016 - 05:02 PM

I just played with an assasin rogue and played around 1.8k mmr , considering i have no relics and not all talents and never played again as disc or healer i think its fine , the comp seems to open strong but if you dont cause significant damage then it falls behind , i noticed some patterns , monks are a pain and demonhunters remind me of s5 dks , the damage is out of control when they open their form.

In Topic: Stat and ideas questions about holy

04 October 2016 - 08:48 AM

Sorry about the noob question about stats , i just realized only ilvl matters , didnt play arena yet.


It appears that disc is indeed better , shield+ps+shadowmend>>serenity , ofc i dont have all the talents yet , i see some really cool talents for holy later on.