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In Topic: Surv focus management

30 December 2014 - 01:51 PM

Black Arrow should be highest priority and Arcane Shot should only be used to keep SS up or if you got procc or if you are risking getting full energy or a target is <10% and an extra AS might be what is needed to get the kill. Basically you need to make sure that you can always throw Black Arrow and Explosive Shot once they are up.

In Topic: Viable comp? 3v3 Hunter/WW monk/Resto Druid

18 December 2014 - 04:06 PM

As always, it depends on what you mean by viable. As in rank 1? Probably not, and I'll tell you why: WW does a ton of damage, but the specc lacks survivability. Touch of Karma is a great cd, but except for that brief time, the Monk will be trained hard and since he lacks other good defensive abilities (literally none except fortifying brew which is also a cd) you will be under a lot of fire. But you probably already know this.

That being said, Hunter is probably a good partner for a WW monk. I'd go BM and aim to pressure early and hard - if you can force the opposing team to play defensively, the monk might actually be a very sound choice. If your monk is good at what he's doing, you might actually do well against melee cleaves - force them in a situation where you got a 3 man leg sweep / 2 man binding shot constantly and FoF the shit out of several targets. Bring a pet with MS.