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In Topic: Remove inactive players from ladder.

09 September 2015 - 11:24 PM

Thanks for the compliment

your welcome girlfriend

In Topic: Remove inactive players from ladder.

09 September 2015 - 06:03 AM

Should've made a career out of pissing off lower spectrum weirdos, I seem to be very good at it, although insulting someone like you seems to be rather pointless because even in a progressive society like Sweden, I'm sure you've had more than a fair bit of teasing done to you in your younger years, you've probably learned how to cope with it, so I'll just save my energy from this point onwards


You have a reason to play alts. You're a Priest ? Roll a Rogue, learn how to play one, get good at him, get your title. Same thing, roll a Mage, a Warlock, etc. It's simply stupid that people take 4+ spots on the ladder with the same class ( and more of than not, spec ). If your queues are bad on high rating and you want to play, that's completely fine, but don't expect to get awarded for performing good on a class that you've already proven that you perform good on.

Ofc you can say "NUMBER OF SPOTS ON LADDER BLA BHA", which also leads into the "boosting IS GOOD !!!!11" discussion, I won't humour any kind of that shit. Alts of same class shouldn't get a fucking title ( and I have 3 priests, 2 of whom were Gladiator rating last season, so I'm not exactly biased when I say that )

#biggest fucking nerd ever