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#3831221 Holy Paladin 3v3 Talents

Posted Frango on 05 January 2013 - 12:26 AM

Fist of Justice vs. Repentance.  I prefer Fist, so when should i be using Rep over Fist?? or is this more of preference thing?  (IE when my warrior is running dragon roar i use Fist but Rep with Shockwave
I like rep more then I like Fist. It just gives so much more CC overall and longer CC chains which can get you the kill. Fist is not completelly useless tho, even with a warrior its nice to have that instant CC on healers, and rarely the warrior will have stun DR on the healer if you go for a dps. Also depends if you usually play with max range from the oponent or not. And also on smaller and bigger maps you might switch.

Sac Shield vs. Eternal Flame.  With the changes to Beacon of Light next patch will Sacred Shield be better utilized?  (i currently use SS most of the time, but i sometimes use EF when running with the priest)
What change to beacon have I missed? I prefer EF because it actually does decent healing and it renews and applys the shield from healing (I also run mastery reforge)

Holy Avenger vs. Divine Purpose. I've been having this debate with this talent tier for a while now.  I feel with the current state of burst in this game, would it not be better to run Holy Avenger over Divine Purpose?  I realize it is a two minute cool down, but I have had horrible instances of the RNG associated with with Divine Purpose(i'm just unlucky i suppose)
Holy paladin healing during CDs have never been a problem, what we need is better healing outside of CDs and that is why you use DP imo, it's a bit random but I've got like 7 WoGs of in a row sometimes it's a lifesaver.