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Thugcleave vs RMD

05 April 2015 - 03:01 PM

Yo I recorded a game of thugcleave vs RMD from the GCD tourney, I'll prob upload a few more videos from this later too. This game isn't perfect in any way, but I just thought it would be cool to see player pov from some of these things. Anyways hope you guys enjoy, let me know if you'd like more ^_^

Dillys 6.0.3 random game thread

28 November 2014 - 01:10 AM

Heya, just going to use this thread to just post a bunch of vods of games from my stream, just to give examples of how Hunters play out at 100 in arena. I'm pretty much just only going to be playing Marksman in these vods, and I think for the most part it'll stay that way because I feel it's the most fun for me to play and also the strongest spec in my opinion. I'll also be editing and updating this post with more games as the season progresses.

Anyways, hope you enjoy:

Junglecleave vs RMP

Junglecleave vs Hpally Thugcleave

PHP vs Warlock Enhance Priest

Dillys WoD hunter stream

18 November 2014 - 10:45 PM

twitch.tv/dillypoo69 going to be streaming LVL 100 Gameplay a lot ^^ hope you guys enjoy

Crit/Multistrike reminder

17 November 2014 - 09:08 PM

Btw just remember that crit is now only 150% against players, and multistrike is also different in PvP. In PvP you only get 1 chance for 30% damage, instead of the 2 in PvE.

Sniper Training/Marksman Change Idea

17 November 2014 - 12:38 AM

Hey, been thinking about this a lot, but I want to see what other people think about this idea.

Basically I've felt that the current sniper training is both weird in flavor, and also not extremely useful in PvP (It was better to have sniper training up at 90 over 100 because of the mastery levels). At 100 it barely gives you any crit/range/damage which is due to the poor levels of mastery.

Because of the mastery only giving a slightly minor increase in damage, it really isn't even that worth it to keep it up in PvP. And so I've felt that they could just slightly change a few things about Marksmanship as well as the Sniper Training Mastery. This is going to be a very long post so I'll give a warning, but I really feel that the read is worth it. For the lazy I'll add a tl;dr at the bottom, because for the most part I also explain the reasoning behind all of my suggestions which is what really makes the post so long.

1) Make Chimera Shot single target again, and buff it's damage to compensate OR make a toggle of some sort so that we can toggle between having a single target Chimera that will do more damage, or have it split in half like how it currently works. Either way I feel that Chimera should do more damage with the next proposed change I have.

2) Nerf the damage of Aimed Shot by X amount (possibly 10 or 20% or something, but the numbers can be tweaked around) Before you say I'm crazy just hear me out for the next change.

3) Now rework sniper training. Currently the way it works when we have the buff up, is that it increases the damage of all of our abilities, their range, and crit chance by x percent, based on mastery. At 90 it's around 9%, but at 100 our mastery is a lot lower so the percentage is around 5-6% from when I played on beta. That's pretty much useless to keep up in a pvp setting especially at 100. So the proposed change I have is to change the mastery completely.

Instead I feel that the sniper training buff should only effect Aimed Shot. Now, you can also make it so that there is an extremely high damage increase as well as critical strike damage increase towards aimed shot. A good example of percentages, even though these are just not perfect numbers and can still be adjusted would be something like this. Aimed Shot gains say 40% damage and possibly that same amount of crit, or 20% damage while sniper training is active. The damage percentage could be possibly double the percentage that we reduce the base damage of aimed shot, or something along those lines. For example, if you make it so that you nerf the damage it does currently by 10% to adjust to the new mastery, you could make the damage bonus 30% possibly etc etc. The numbers are just rough estimates, but the idea is still there. As for the crit portion, honestly an easier way could be that while you have the sniper training buff active, you get the effects of careful aim, just like we have when targets are high HP, and while we have rapid fire up.

Basically the goal of these changes will make it so that there will be very high rewards for you to find windows of opportunity that you will find yourself standing still to hardcast an aimed shot in a PvP setting, while still being able to keep up pressure if you're on the move due to Chimera Shots every 9 second that will hit hard (and even harder if made single target).

This also promotes you to have either A) better teamwide cross cc (controlling multiple people on the enemy team at once, which allows a set up that can be prevented by the enemy team but will also reward yours if not stopped in the sense that your team now can set up on one person who will have no help from his team), which promotes a healthier game pace, especially when compared to MoPs style of spam instant cc into the healer, pop all your offensive CDs, and just tunnel one target. and B) promotes you to have better positioning as a hunter so you can safely get off your higher damage, rewarding you for knowing exactly where to be at the right times.

Not only that but it gives MM a very unique strength that also has counterplay towards it. As hunters are squishy your enemies will want to focus you so that you do not get to run around turreting max damage aimed shots. This mechanic in my opinion is very healthy as long as the numbers are adjusted properly (the percentages are not something I will know is going to be the most balanced, but they can be tweaked around until a balance is found)

As for PvE, there are going to be more windows for you to stand stiill than there will be in PvP, so I think this change is not something those that raid will dislike heavily or be against. Remember, you just need to stand still for 3 seconds to have the buff for 6 seconds, so even on heavy movement fights I feel raiders will still be able to keep up the buff effectively.

TL;DR make sniper training increase the damage of aimed shot by a large amount. Also make it so when sniper training is active you get the careful aimed buff. Nerf the base damage of Aimed Shot slightly to compensate for the high damage increase with sniper training up. Make chimera shot single target/possibly just have the option to toggle it.

Basically the goal is to make it so that there is a high reward for getting sniper training aimed shots out, but if you're just spam moving around because you're having to kite, the damage you do will be reduced, but with single target chimera shot potentially having a damage increase onto it, your mobile damage can be tied around that, while when your stationary your burst will be in the form of Aimed+Chimera combos. I feel a change like this if done properly will make Marksmans mastery a lot more interesting and still viable in PvP with now a higher skill cap involved, instead of the playstyle we had seen in MoP (Jumping around doing infinite damage and CC on the move doing whatever you want, which is pretty broken. There was no real risk/reward, pretty much everything about MM in MoP was really low risk with extremely high reward i.e wyvern trapping.)