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#4306563 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted Wallirik on 19 December 2014 - 03:53 AM

I have found that a very good way to counter this relentless faggotry of a class, is to stack 2 or 3 people exactly on top of each other, in the back of your starting room corner, while attempting to outdps the hunter teams heals.

gl landing ur traps now scum

ps. ofc this only works if it's a hunter comp that doesn't do unhealable dmg (lol), or has aoe fear.

#4302864 RLD/Combat Rogues/Locks

Posted Marshmellow on 16 December 2014 - 11:16 PM

MW beast with 3 different people doesn't count as different comps

#4301614 RLD/Combat Rogues/Locks

Posted Pawzz on 16 December 2014 - 06:32 AM

View PostGlink, on 16 December 2014 - 03:08 AM, said:

Combat rogues need to be nerfed to the fucking dirt and never made viable for PvP again if this is the playstyle they invoke. Its a complete sham to the playstyle of rogues and the set-up required and skill that used to be needed to play them.

So basically nerf ret, the new hunter, warlock, mage, warrior, feral, dk

pretty much every class, because they are all fucking easy to play now

#4298324 What mechanics would make mage fun to you right now? What should they reasona...

Posted dubson on 14 December 2014 - 09:08 AM


To conclude,
I want mages to be about CC and Shattering, it was the thing that I fell in love with this class in TBC. Now nothing feels even remotely "mage'ish".

Amen, brotha.

#4293123 top rogue comps?

Posted Regent on 11 December 2014 - 02:01 AM


Doesnt matter what you play with, just kill someone in a 32 second kidney shot.

#4285344 Bow down to the ret paladin gods

Posted stalebagel on 04 December 2014 - 06:34 PM

changing ret 2 piece and removing freedom glyph would put rets in a pretty good spot IMO. i'm not sure if anyone has suggested this yet but it seems like an obvious and fair solution.

#4279093 wow right now

Posted stalebagel on 29 November 2014 - 09:11 AM

all three druid specs, hunters, dks, rets and disc priests are all ridiculously strong right now, hope this helps

#4272667 Dillys WoD hunter stream

Posted Mattadoro on 22 November 2014 - 04:06 PM

if you follow the stream follow the stream

#4272037 Crit/Multistrike reminder

Posted Mattadoro on 21 November 2014 - 09:25 PM

View PostKsp, on 20 November 2014 - 09:22 PM, said:

Must have missed that somewhere! Didn't realize haste doesn't effect dot times.  That was my entire argument for it lol.

Glad I found that out before I started stacking haste.  That would've sucked.

if you are just coming back from wrath its important to also note explosive shots no longer clip and instead stack. so spam them when you get the procs instead of timing them like oldschool

#4271506 Ice Nova

Posted Nadagast on 21 November 2014 - 09:52 AM

I went off on twitter the other day about Ice Nova.  https://twitter.com/...926915233431552

As I understand it, Ice Nova:

1. Hardest hitting Frost Mage spell
2. Instant cast
3. AoE
4. Stuns  (or disorients?)
5. On Polymorph DR
6. Short cooldown
7. Two charges
8. In PvP, very overpowered, forcing Mages to lose iconic Frost Nova spell

Ice Nova is one of the best examples of PvP blindness in WoD.  As I said on twitter, my best guess is that the numbers must be this way is to make it PvE DPS-competitive with the other talents on this tier.

Does a single person disagree with me that Ice Nova is a bad ability for WoW?  Can anyone make an argument that it's a good ability? (if you don't have posting access here, tweet or PM me)

I'm legitimately interested, if you have an argument.  I have to admit that I'm a bit baffled as to why/how it's made it this far.

Edit: I realize I never specifically asked for Blizzard to nerf Ice Nova. Blizzard please nerf Ice Nova--it's an absurd ability.

#4268956 Dilly's Hunter PvP Guide (6.0.3)

Posted SH4D0WS1N on 19 November 2014 - 01:57 AM

Hey. As an introduction I did some of Dilly's math last season and for WoD I'm doing what I can to help him out. I was asked to figure out the stats for hunters. Now as a PvEr my natural reaction is to simulate and run stat scaling.

However, I was told the following for PvP:

* Crits do 150% damage
* Multistrikes only have one roll

The first time I was asked Simcraft did not yet have the PvP crit reduction in effect. A bit later I found out they added the crit reduction and ran sims with stat scaling there. I told him my original stat priority of Multistrike > Versatility > Crit > Mastery > Haste for burst scenarios and Multistrike > Versatility > Crit = Mastery = Haste for overall damage.

This new information regarding Multistrikes is not yet implemented into Simcraft. I decided to see what I could do in terms of manual math. I'm not a complete expert in math. I don't know calculus and I didn't take statistics, but I try anyway.

The google docs formula I used for this is =((1+((0.5+(C12/22000)+$C$9)*((B12/11000))+$B$9))*(1+(0.3*(D12/6600)))*(1+(C12/22000)+$C$9)*(1+(E12/13000)))

To put it in an easy to read image I changed variables and put it into wolfram: (I can't post images yet, so since I'm a rule breaker: i[dot]imgur[dot]com/kS3z1ki.gif )

m = Mastery rating
M = Base Mastery % (This is 4% or 0.04)
c = Crit rating
C = Base Crit % (I did not know this value and input 5% or 0.05) (EDIT: The correct value is 15%. It makes mastery a little stronger but it doesn't affect my end result)
u = Multistrike
v = Versatility

The 0.5 is How much additional damage a crit does, which in this case is 0.5 (and is modified by mastery).
0.3 for multistrike is how hard a multistrike hits.
22000, 11000, 6600, and 13000 are the ratings required for 1% of Mastery, Crit, Multistrike, and Versatility respectively, with an additional two 0s to turn it from a % into a decimal.

Now one thing to understand about stats is that the weight of stats changes every time you add or remove stats.

This formula gives the amount of raw damage per shot. It's important to understand that this does not take into account Haste and any of its effects or the 20 Focus gain from Aimed Shot Crits.

Now just as a baseline I used the values 1500 for every stat and 4000 for AP. If you add and subtract values you can determine how much each stat is worth at its current value (1500 in this case). I did this with 50 and 100. (I have tested values with Simcraft's and got similar enough results to trust my math).

Using the base values of 1500 and 4000 AP you end up with the following weights:
[EDIT] My chart showed up in the WYSIWYG editor but didn't post in at all... so here's a picture of it: i[dot]imgur[dot]com/HQdcuvV.png [/EDIT]

Like I said though, stat weights change based on how many of a stat you have. For 1500 of every stat it takes about 7500 versatility for crit to be worth as much as versatility for raw damage per shot. I messed around with a lot of values and the only time I got priorities to change under realistic circumstances was between crit and mastery. Ideally there is a balance between them (due to mastery increasing crit damage) and it was something I mentioned to Dillypoo and something I will bring up lower down in the post.

Stats for the most part scale linearly. This means that 100 of a stat is worth exactly twice as much as 50 of a stat assuming none of your other stats change. Mastery, however, does not scale as linearly (most likely because it affects two different things in your damage), but it's close enough.

The bonus Focus on Aimed Shot Crits is something to definitely take into account. Both my original sim and my most recent sim (which slightly innaccurate because of improper multistrike scaling) makes it appear as if it's not a big enough difference to weigh Crit over Versatility.

Haste is a little troublesome. For starters Hunters have a 1.0s GCD regardless of your level of haste, so all instant casts are unaffected by Haste. There's no easy way to calculate the effects of haste on your cast time abilities (Aimed Shot, Steady Shot, and Barrage if you take it) without essentially manually doing a simulation. I did some basic math assuming the following though:

* Unlimited Focus
* ONLY casting Aimed Shot
* Rapid Fire is cast on CD without delaying an Aimed Shot cast

And 3k haste was 7 seconds off of the CD on Rapid Fire and 2 additional Aimed Shot casts during Rapid Fire. Haste at or below 1000 gives you exactly 9 casts of Aimed Shot during Rapid Fire. Between 1000 and 2666 Haste you get 10 casts of Aimed Shot off during Rapid Fire.

To me that sounds maybe worth it, but you don't have unlimited Focus so you can't always cast Aimed Shot anywhere close to that.

Haste also increases Focus regeneration (not sure at what rate, sorry) but it's not too much.

Simcraft puts Haste tied with Mastery in weight.


So where does all of that information get us for a stat priority?

Versatility seems to be the way to go. For enchants and what you'll be looking for on gear I would say Versatility. Afterwards Crit is pretty nice, both in terms of damage and focus regeneration on Aimed Shot Crits.

Normally Crit and Mastery's interaction (with Crit Damage on Mastery) would call for an ideal balance between Crit and Mastery (I think the ratio was something like 7:5). However this is PvP. Anything below 91% uptime on Mastery makes it do less overall damage than Multistrike. I don't PvP on a hunter but I'm willing to bet your uptime looks nothing like that. It will be slightly better than Multistrike for burst, but overall I'd say next in the priority is Multistrike.

Haste is incredibly difficult to gauge properly manually. Based on Simcraft results, my near-useless napkin math, and Mastery uptime in PvP I'd say Haste is your next bet. Last and hopefully least is Mastery.

In Short:

Verastility >> Crit > Multistrike > Haste > Mastery

I'm kind of newer to this kind of stuff, so I hope everything here is accurate and concise. Hopefully this wall of text isn't too much for you all. Thanks for reading.

#4268842 Dillys WoD hunter stream

Posted Marshmellow on 18 November 2014 - 11:24 PM

follow the stream if you like the stream

#4264543 Estimated Time: 3 hrs

Posted Capstone on 15 November 2014 - 01:26 AM

never had this much trouble getting online in 10 years

still better than mop

#4262950 Game Breakdown Video

Posted Revolol on 13 November 2014 - 01:51 AM


I know it's kinda late considering WoD is released tonight, but I thought I'd put up this video I made. In this video I do a commentary breakdown of what me and my team did during my game for my 3k rating. The team we played was Push Push, a few weeks before the Blizzcon tournament. They're an extremely good team. I know I kind of mentioned the few mistakes they made, but we made some as well. Not only that, but I know they were practicing for Blizzcon so they had no dr trackers.

All that being said, enjoy the video!


#4257163 Dilly's Hunter PvP Guide (6.0.3)

Posted Megatf on 08 November 2014 - 06:25 PM

hunter hero