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#4439036 [US+EU] Best of Each Class

Posted Avengelyne on 21 June 2015 - 12:30 AM

Just posting this because I see so many EU lists and not a lot of US lists.. that and because people skip over a lot of specs. Thought i'd put some insight into each also.

Also looks like the thread derailed, so contributing below:


Jeff and Mes, each in different ways. Mes is mechanically smart and has sickening simulacrums/plays. Jeff is outright dangerous and does maximum damage. If you slip up vs him, you will die.


Boomkin - Asbur, not really any other boomkins and he's doing really well on ladder and in GCD weekly

Resto - Kubzy, flat out best rdruid in almost every regard. Runners up are people who basically fotm rerolled, they don't compare to be frank. He was a big part of one of the only godcomps to give our team trouble last season, too.

Feral - Walla, all round more dangerous and has more intelligent play than other candidates. Most other ferals are very systematic, that's the best way to put it.


BM - Dhorothy / Yoske (if he played still). Although people hate Dhorothy, there's no denying he's mechanically and consistently the best BM hunter atm. Yoske could definitely challenge for that if he queued.

Surv- Jellybeans, his play-style has always been making the biggest cross-cc and micro management plays to win. Survival compliments that style, he makes the most of 20 (previously 12) second traps. Each one is effective and puts him ahead in the game.

MM - Dilly, he's playing BM now but he's not a BM hunter at heart. MM is where he shined, if MM was competitive right now we'd see him at the top. His playstyle compliments going as ham as possible and creating overwhelming pressure. Last season we could push the boundaries of damage and land kills where people didn't think it would be possible to land them. He also ran the best jungle in the world with Walla. He was top of the ladder this season until MM was gutted and was forced to learn BM.


Jah in his prime, but he's pretty washed up these days ;) plus that guy chokes and loses every tournament :confused: :confused: he got 3k when Mages sucked balls earlier this xpac with (I believe) Starship and Khril.

It'd have to be Rositajones or Magiden atm. Every Mage just qs with Hpals and spams poly followed by instants, not really sure how to differentiate mages atm. Just my honest opinion, no hate :heart: . Same thing no matter who I face. They both are doing well on the ladder, with Magiden quing the most and farming GCD weekly.


Windwalkerr - Steve if he comes back. No other WW compares on US imo. He showed me the ways of the pre-kick. Every other WW has been a free win except for Balance. No other WW's has plays that are nearly as intelligent. No other WW is as dangerous.

Mistweaver - Booblesnoots was really good when we queued. I personally hit 2950+ with him and Jeff. Not sure where he went. Most others I see just snipe. Again, no hate just what I see. A couple of them could be runners up but just play TSG into shamans. Barry is worth mentioning because he was really solid, also but never queues anymore.


Pika no doubt but he has pce'd.

I think Vaze/Nahj/Generic are all good runners up. Each have their own thing. Nahj with the RMP, etc. Hard to distinguish between combat rogues, but those 3 are all good and i've seen them do well with other specs. Can't hate them for playing the best spec. If sub was good and they all played it, it would be easier to differentiate between them and name one the "next best" or whatever.


Resto - Cdew or Kaska. I've queued with Kaska this season for the first time, going into the session thinking he was just a router slayer. The communication and general slipperiness of his play is the best i've seen. Has the basics down, never eating CC unless it's out of a deep. Cdew is the same, just a bit more greedy with CDs. Sometimes it works out, othertimes not.

Enhancement - Tony. Seems like this has become his main this xpac. Tony is a solid all round player, and in my opinion excells defensively. The downsides are there are no other enh players atm, and every other global is purge. Besides the grounding/shear utility which Tony does well, there's not much else going on with them.

Elemental - Probably Novoz if there was a good ele comp and he queued. Haven't seen anyone queue ele, probably because they suck. Not much else to be said. Eles suck.


Retribution - Going to seem like a chode talking about my own spec, so I won't mention or compare myself/Zev/Vanguards. People mentioned us as candidates already.

What I will do is mention some that nobody named yet (if they did sorry I missed it): Luminant and Hangaku. They are both really good. Hangaku was the only Ret beside myself to get Prideful Gladiator last season. I don't see anyone else besides Luminant pulling off empowered seals effectively.

Holy - Elite. Made Hpal work when it shouldn't have in MoP (albeit running with the best wizard players in the game at that time). Seen him run comps that aren't just Hpal/Mage/X this season. When he did run Hpal/Mage/Spriest with Khril he was at 3100 rating for months or something until tanking somewhat recently.


Disc - Gekz. I think. Shwayzee took a break and never went hard quing arenas on Disc (and for a good reason, they suck). He's playing more Hpal these days. Fuzion also went the way of the hpal. I see Gekz doing well, I believe he's running RMP occasionally with Nahj. I believe that makes him the best current Disc priest.

Shadow - Khryl. Cmg is close but all I see him running is hpal godcomp. Khryls play is usually quite impressive. I know he took a break recently and is super rusty otherwise there'd be no contest. He's very good at finding ways to kill someone, just downright dangerous with good players.


Revo. Consistently top since MoP, he is very knowledgeable and makes decisions other Warriors sometimes don't. It's somewhat fundamentals, like playing Fury/Arms both fluently and to maximum potential. Always choosing the right talents and making the most of them. I don't see any other warriors consistently throwing out safeguard systematically each time I land a HoJ to effectively render it useless every time. Little things. It's these that separate him from Smexxin, Intrepid and Kubzy Warrior who are imo the next top choices.


Probably Channimals. He plays with Aussie MS and he's still doing the best out of any lock on ladder atm. He has always been neck in neck with Snutz or Dota. Given the fact that I haven't seen Snutz queue outside first month of WoD, and Dota seems to have disappeared, there's no other competition. Even if there was, he'd be arguably the top choice anyway.

#4438454 So this happened other night

Posted Gorecki on 20 June 2015 - 01:30 AM

haha hey guys!

#4437749 This Fabio guy..

Posted Lipgloss on 18 June 2015 - 08:59 PM

"Rub my nipples! Rub my nipples!" Nadagast moaned
"Yea Nada, you like when I brew a chop right up your buttly?" Hoodrych grunted

It was that time of year when all PvPers were at their horniest. The end of the WoW season.
Hoodrych and Nada had quit WoW for several months when they decided to make their triumphant return to World Of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenei. Nadagast had been busy point capping his gf, making sandwiches, taking baths, slaying ogres etc... when Hoodr (Hoodrych) approached him and told him that it was time to return to WoW and brew up an Ω chop, far primer than something as basic as a choptimus prime.

They asked many druids (Starship, Shouri, Rositiejones, Shiftyz, and of course Metaphorest) to play WLD to relive their glory days of any season prior to 9 (but also not 5), but it was to no avail.

"I'm busy nurturing Djpykaboox" Starship said, gently caressing Pykaboox's head in his lap
"Tch, ur trash" Shouri said, glaring at the deadly duo with contempt
"Yummy yummy yummy, rub my bummy!" Rositiejones said, cackling maniacally
"Vroom Vroom, i'm a plane" Shifty said, as he gazed into the distance
"FUCK YOU!" Metaphorest roared, for no apparent reason

Click here for the full story

#4438028 quick s16 success story

Posted BalanceRexxar on 19 June 2015 - 07:31 AM

luckily ive managed to capture some of my proudest moments this season, hope you enjoy them as much as i did.


#4436837 What do you prefer?

Posted zzatbrah on 17 June 2015 - 03:17 AM

View Postdrzy, on 17 June 2015 - 02:01 AM, said:

rmp wrath mirrors

nothing else matters
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#4436333 [US+EU] Best of Each Class

Posted Nahj on 16 June 2015 - 02:09 AM

Deathknight: Blackjeff I guess.

Boomkin -no one.
Resto - kubzy?
Feral - walter

Hunter:no idea

Mage: ice nova

Windwalkerr -balance
Mistweaver -their all just pve tsg/turbo players. I guess I've seen verdant que a few times.


Resto -Gorecke on shaman
Enhancement -purge purge purge purge purge
Elemental -there are none

Retribution - Aveng
Holy -Deathlobsta. :duckers:

Disc -Gekz
Shadow -Instant mind blast holy godcomp xD!

Warrior: Smexxin does damage and bladestorms obvious CC more often I guess.

Warlock: Gorecke on warlock.

#4430762 WoD Combat Rogue Montage

Posted drockzo on 02 June 2015 - 04:35 PM


#4431059 WoD Combat Rogue Montage

Posted kubzy on 03 June 2015 - 10:35 AM

trigger warning

#4432529 Clarize 1

Posted Clarize on 07 June 2015 - 01:05 PM

hey, I just released my first movie clarize 1. It contains games throughout whole wod, even though resto shaman isn't the most exciting thing to watch i tried making it as entertaining as possible :]


#4431761 S17 versatility gear only available from RBGs & Ashran weekly

Posted Lolflay on 05 June 2015 - 04:24 AM

View PostSadistz, on 05 June 2015 - 02:47 AM, said:

Blizzard tells us to provide constructive feedback, and then introduce changes like this where the only proper response is "You guys are f*cking retarded".

I realise there's a small possibility of blizz reps reading this thread, but it's expected of them to realise that if a certain place is dead, players don't like it. And they don't like it for a reason.

So instead of forcing players into doing what they don't like doing, they could ask US how to make it more fun, instead of putting a gun to our head and being done with it.

#4421296 Dilly 1: When Crows Attack

Posted Voksen on 10 May 2015 - 04:02 AM

pmuch meets all the criteria for the highest calibre vid anyone could produce right now.

-- disgusting good teammates?  check.
-- scary charter?  hmm pika-dilly-kybzy...ahyep check.
-- good mixture of vs. comps, maps, fights?  check.
-- top tier play?  gcd..guess so...check.
-- decent track mix, with voiced and commentated sections?  check.
-- random interlude/montage midway through?  check.
-- random troll/funny segment? check.
-- dilly playing main and not featuring horrible alt spriest play? check.


10/10 is impossible - always room for improvement.
-0.5 for being WoD and maybe too much of the same fights/opponents.  I realize its gcd and wod doesn't allow for a lot of ladder variation, and you probably picked fights that are soft counters.  But its always nice to see how you approach a breadth of comps, or even showing footage where you lose and/or errored.

#4430669 Deadly throw interrupt.

Posted Chanimal on 02 June 2015 - 11:15 AM

View Postsarma, on 02 June 2015 - 07:58 AM, said:

I guess everything was fine when rogues were doing crap dps. This ability was straight broken since day 1 it was implemented into game and noone even mentioned it untill lately. This just reminds me how disgusting people are when they are crying for buffs/nerfs.

Also reminds me how disgusting blizzard is and this game in general.

????........... might possibly be one of the dumbest posts I've read in quite some time.

No shit no one complained about it before when rogues were considered weak. It's a low priority complaint at the time. Why would anyone complain ever about something irrelevant? Who the hell actually complained about combat rogues having 8s kidney shot in MoP? Of course, when WoD rolled around and combat was OP and that mechanic was still in the game, people bitched. Hard.

There are plenty of mechanics in the game that are really really fucking stupid if you think about it, but half the times the spec/class sucks so people overlook it and don't complain.

#4425670 PvP concerns, Dmg/CC/Healing

Posted ProdeGaming on 17 May 2015 - 06:45 PM

Could healing or dmg or CC be overpowered in general? Let's assume that this is clear for most players that they can be.
Posted Image
Let's pick just one, healing and check a few cases/concerns.
What makes healing overpowered?

Easily recognizable op healing could be, similar to the recently buffed Execution Sentence with Avenging Wrath. It's usually not the gameplay what players would like to see, the target getting healed from 10% back up to nearly full HP instantly.

Basically, talking about a heal that heals for a huge % of HP, often deemed op.

So possible question, does a heal need to heal for high % of HP to become op?
Posted Image
This heal heals the warrior for only 2% HP, however, if the mage is doing this kind of dmg, this healing is very overpowered.

So a heal needs to heal for high % of HP to become op. No, it does not. It's enough if it's op relative to dmg.

Posted Image

What else do players not like? Frequent concern is that classes are only good when CDs are up and then feel meh without. Let's stay with holy paladin, during Avenging Wrath, it's amazing but without it's meh.

The healing could look similar as in this example.
Posted Image

Suggestion is often to reduce effectiveness of Avenging Wrath, so it's not so outstanding compared to the healing without it and compensate this nerf by buffing the regular heals.

So basically, what players are asking for is to not make that peak on the graph so high and to bring those no cd 'meh' heals up to make it a constant decent healing.

Essentially to bring the outstanding lines closer to the overall HPS.
Posted Image

This is usually the case also when it comes to dmg classes, warriors would like to do good dmg without Avatar Recklessness too and with regular abilities, not just wait for Execute proc. Ferals usually would like bleed dmg get buffed and stuff like Ferocious Bite and Incarnation burst get nerfed etc.
Practically it's the same example graph, only that it's for dmg and not healing.

So the suggestion is that dmg and healing should get closer to the overall HPS and DPS.

What this means is that it could be said about the suggested classes that
Posted Image

By this, the HPS and DPS of classes give a much better estimate of the classes actual strength.

Is that good? Surely it is, HPS and DPS is most likely relatively easy to balance. For example Hybrids can be much more balanced, because the HPS they gain from abilities can much more easily be evaluated and weighed as a performance gain. Basically when it comes to putting a class together, it can be evaluated much better how much the worth of a Shield Wall or a Gouge is. In fact when it comes to PvP, as soon as CC comes into play, the strength of CC is way easier calculated, as the loss your class' performance suffers is much more constant. While with very spiky dmg and healing, the effect of CC is much less certain and very varying.
So not only does it make the game more enjoyable, but also makes balancing way more convenient and easier, ultimately making the balance better. Because essentially, the closer dmg and healing gets to HPS and DPS, the more precisely they help decode any ability to see its worth, for example to solve the issue of 'this dmg class has this much healing, how much CC or defensive cd should I give the other dmg class to compete with that healing?'.

So now it's just a matter of for example healer HPS within their class roles being balanced, same for DPS.
Posted Image

Once done, since it's at the beginning of the thread that healing can be op compared to just dmg alone, now HPS and DPS should get compared to each other.

What comparison even? Well it should be balanced for 3v3, so HPS should be about 2x as high as DPS.
Posted Image

The lower ratio HPS has, the less CC healing needs, since DPS needs less aid to overcome healing.

Jump back to the live game, what is this ratio there? From an around 6.1 calculation, this ratio is about 3:1. That's 150% of the desired HPS. Since it should be around 2:1 to have just a decent amount of CC, 3:1 ratio requires much more CC to exist than originally wanted, especially against healers.

So it needs a fix before the player gameplay desires could happen.
Posted Image

Assuming healers' HPS within their class roles are close equal 1:1 ratio, they shouldn't be individually changed to achieve the above. Instead, all of them should get the same reduction, so they keep their equal HPS.

A reduction that reduces all their healing by the same amount is Battle Fatigue, which however is a ruled out change by the players. So since the required change is ruled out, what players are asking for, more constant and less spiky dmg, less CC cannot be achieved, essentially impossibility.

Since the wishes cannot be achieved, but a fix to this ratio is desired and also since CC is already often bordering eternity, the only possible change to fix the issue is to not bring HPS down but bring DPS up. It is what's happening 6.2, for it's the only feasible change left to overcome the excess of healing as long as an equal effect as Battle Fatigue is off the table.

Should it be? No.

Posted Image

Saladfork said:

Battle fatigue got so much hate because it is a lazy way to "fix" things. It treats healers as if they are all equal and furthers the homogenization even more. Sure it is easier for Blizzard to balance and easier for the player base to absorb, but it leads to discrepancies (usually shamans end up on top since their utility is so great, and their burst healing has always been strong).

I understand what you're saying, though. But I don't think battle fatigue is the *best* solution (it is a "solution"). I would rather have them provide nerfs to healing individually (on a class-by-class basis). And in a perfect world, I'd have them address mana (since mana really isn't an issue until late late dampening), and finally fine tune burst damage to match with the healing nerfs. Obviously these changes would have to be PvP specific (since the current state of healing is entirely due to PvE), and that may be a big road block in going forward since that is against Holinka's philosophy.
In a sense, Battle Fatigue or an equal effect is not -a- solution, it's -the only- way, looking at it as it cannot be skipped, is a required change, a tool to achieve something.

To make it maybe a bit more spectacular, could use a similar example to the current issue.

So the suggested issues are:
    • Too high burst
    • Too much CC
    • Healers die easily
    • However HPS being higher than DPS
    Posted Image

    Being unable to skip the use of Battle Fatigue or an equal effect is because healers' HPS is already balanced. So if you try to skip it and decrease each healers healing spells 1 by 1, in this case by monstrous percentages, there is gonna be a minimum % you've decreased every spell by. So since all their spells have been decreased by that %, it's the equal effect as Battle Fatigue, even tho the intent was to avoid it, essentially used it regardless.

    Other issue could be that there are some spells that are already weak and need no reduction.
    Posted Image

    So basically Battle Fatigue or an equal effect could potentially be more efficient change to fix the majority of, in this case healing issue.
    At the same time, the majority of the issue can get huge enough so that it's simply no longer feasible to be, cannot be replaced by a series of single spell changes.

    It may as well look very lazy to change so many spells all at at the same time, but in case changing 800 spells 1 by 1 is not feasible, then not using an overall reduction is going to prevent doing anything at all. Because can't go 1 by 1 but can't reduce all either, so cannot do anything.
    But if all spells do get reduced, then it's potentially going to be feasible to fix those that were already balanced, essentially be able to do more than if all spells didn't get reduced.

    These could be issues because Battle Fatigue or an equal effect may very well sound like a universal fix that makes PvP suddenly amazing. But it isn't, it's just a piece of a series of different changes to achieve something, but it cannot be skipped.

    Such series of different changes, following all healing reduction could be
    Posted Image

    #4427243 Rip Router

    Posted Dhorothy on 20 May 2015 - 08:21 PM

    View PostKenjiixSebastian, on 20 May 2015 - 07:08 PM, said:

    Obviously players that have been playing wow for a long time dont care and alot of them know but there are new players, not everyone has played this game for years and some dont  even know about ddosing, if I was a new player I would want to know about who was for sure a ddoser and not play with them or have any interaction with them if they whispered me asking to play.  And I know how to protect myself this post isnt even about me, if you could even read, which obviously you must not be able to he had my ip before I had my proxy, just making yourself look like an ass here. Anyway this shouldnt even be part of the game, but the wow community is getting more and more toxic every year so what do you expect, like if someone told me a player would actually try to turn my internet off in a video game back in cata when I was a teenager i would of told them to shut the fuck up, thats how ridiculous this is.

    We've discussed your rage issues previously, let's try our breathing exercises like we do on Skype together.

    #4426678 BANNED

    Posted Fizion on 19 May 2015 - 07:51 PM

    View PostDhorothy, on 19 May 2015 - 07:41 PM, said:

    This thread gets me through the day in my cubicle. <3 u guys.
    I always thought you worked for the airlines?