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#4255015 BlizzCon® 2014 Opening Ceremony and eSports – Free Live Streams

Posted Marshmellow on 07 November 2014 - 04:37 AM

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#4254979 Anyone playing MOP AT?

Posted Covlol on 07 November 2014 - 02:56 AM

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because live atm is so much more enjoyable huh?

It actually is...

#4254082 Dilly's Hunter PvP Guide (6.0.3)

Posted Pikaboo on 05 November 2014 - 11:35 PM

can glinksz make edits on this ?

#4254052 Dilly's Hunter PvP Guide (6.0.3)

Posted Mattadoro on 05 November 2014 - 11:01 PM

eat sleep pvp, repeat


#4253866 Those who are recently successful, how did you get to that point?

Posted Avengelyne on 05 November 2014 - 06:04 PM

My first Glad title was season 8.

I was on a shitrock server, Norgannon. It was like third from the bottom in terms of PvE progression.

My first season of Arena was season 5 getting Duelist as Hpal/DK with Naxx 10 PvE gear and a raid spec.

Season 6 was the same for me. Arena was just a means to get better gear for BGs and PvE (T2)

Season 7 I would say is the first season I actually got into the game. I had a good group of friends and we got some server first Ulduar kills. There was a legendary warrior by the name of Mordor who was constantly owning up world PvP and Duels. In Season 7 Battlemaster trinekts required a rating of 1650 or something so me and him picked up Loriann, an arcane mage who was lord of PvE but also a duel master like Morder.

We ran Holy Paladin Arcane Mage Warrior to R1 Duelist that season (we went from 2200 players individually to like 2.6k together)
In S8 we ended rank 4 on storm strike achieving Gladiator

We all transferred to Magtheridon which was the shit back in S9. Arcane sucked ass so Loriann aka Hype now was playing frost. We all did RBGs and got Gladiator ratings.

In S9 they gutted Holy and gave every other healer a dispel. They gave holy paladins crap light Light of Dawn and Holy Radiance. I realised Holy paladins weren't holy paladins anymore they were just copies of every other healer. Everyone had HoTs, dispels, AoE heals.. fuck that. I was going Ret.

I asked a DK I did RBGs with to play some arena. We /1 for a disc priest and found one.

Post frost DK nerfs we achieved Gladiator.

S10 I quit due to them nerfing MMR but not resetting players sitting on 3k so every BG someone got R1 from sitting their rating they got the first 2 weeks of the season

We also ran triple dps and got the highest team in the world (temporarily) and were the highest 3dps ever (Ret/Mage/Rogue S10)
Some clips below

I came back in S13 for some PvE. My old friend Dhorothy (from RBGs) asked me to transfer to some backwater server for easy 5v5 R1

We tried, turns out 5v5 is dominated by wintrading DDoS scum. Go figure. Me Payam and Dhorothy did some 3s and quickly escalated to the second highest team US

Got wintraded/cheated past, quit again

S15 I came back and /1 in durotar looking for some 3s. Verz and Kaistie queued with me and we got like 2.7k. During that time I queued into Dilly's PHDk with Jeff and they had never lost to a Ret.

We got in contact after and queued a lot. We only lost to Lock/Sham with Shwayzee and I don't even think we lost to anyone in a series with Cdew. Ended up getting 3k.

Shwayzee Dilly and Walla were going to sign up for the tournament. Unfortunately Lord of Ferals Walla had real life commitments. The only other Melee that were active at that tier was Sam aka Vanguard/Shamguard who was playing with Tony and Fusion already and Pika who was playing with Jelly. Although there were better class options I was told no melee compared, with Soddapoppin being the second best feral and every enh sucking.

We signed up for the tournament, beat Novoz LSM to qualify. Went to regionals, fought more Lock/Sham. And that's my arena history.

#4253278 rbgs have the highest skill cap

Posted Zaephyr on 05 November 2014 - 12:28 AM

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I ddos


#4252675 Why is there no solo rated option for 3v3 and rbg?

Posted Rawrbertlol on 04 November 2014 - 02:44 PM

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#4251748 rbgs have the highest skill cap

Posted Avengelyne on 03 November 2014 - 08:41 PM

Unseenzskì you are right, there is definitely more room to outplay and more to do to win an RBG game than 3v3. I feel like nobody with a brain would argue against that.

The problem is nobody gives a shit about them for many reasons;

-Rewards. Hero/HWL/GM are possessed by pretty much anyone that has ever tried seriously for them (mostly by people who try for Gladiator but get stuck at 2200 and proceed to RBG because they suck at arena and claim not to care later). There's no recognition for being the best RBG group besides bragging rights. You don't appear any better than some loony that scraped up Hero.

-Gimmick strats. Exploits aside i'm talking about stacking knockoffs and turtleing on z axis, AoE grips onto solar beams, stacking compositions to literally AoE teams down. And it seems easy to think "outplayed by team strategy" or whatever, but the best (and sometimes only) way to counter it is to use your own gimmick strats and then soon the RBG isn't even PvP it's just who can out gimmick the other team

-Exploits. Think gateway bugging as you get tunneled as an Rsham sucks? Imagine you are doing an RBG for money let's say, an organized money fight (since nobody gives a shit about the rewards and I couldn't think of a scenario where someone would give a shit if they win or lose) and one of your teammates gets death-gripped or feared into a corner/behind a wall where you can't get out. You're now down a guy THE ENTIRE BG. Does it happen EVERY time? No. Is it avoidable? Mostly yeah but it happens consistently enough to ruin 1/3 games at least. More if your team is retarded.

-Map bullshit. It seems every time one exploit gets fixed another pops up. One week we are seeing people fly over AB gates and cap nodes before the game starts, and another we are seeing people stacking mystery speed boosts to cap waterworks before opposing team gets to the river. Then you're fucked unless you ninja cap. There are way better examples people can point out but I can't think of them atm.

-General PvP imbalance. Same problem as Arenas or PvE to a further extent really but it affects RBGs. I read the mistweaver vs mage example earlier, but imagine if you're a Feral, Or a Ret or Enh. Serious groups would rather shit like knockoff posessing boomkin/eles or Hpals. You're fucked unless you get gear for a different spec. I was lucky enough to get in with Filo's group in S9 when Rets could replace a healer (when smokebomb/RoF were fucked) and run triple offense gimmicks (we were rank 3 US RBG S9).

-DDoS. Half the ladder of arena 3v3 is a lost cause. Let's not even consider how dogshit 5v5 is. 10v10 it's surely a huge problem. I can't account for this one because I haven't had a bad experience in RBG DDoS wise, but I see threads every day about RBG DDoS drama and can only imagine how bad it is by now when any 12 year old with his mom's credit card and internet access can hit people off.

Back in WotLK I was really excited for RBGs. I loved BGs and the competitiveness of arena and thought it was going to be amazing. In S9 it was. Unfortunately for reasons Jah said earlier, the best players no longer care about them simply because there is way too many gimmicks and too much bullshit to make them enjoyable. And the fact that goobers that can't hit 2200 in Arena can walk into RBGs and collect the TOP RBG rewards make them cringeworthy and a waste of time once you get your big RBG conquest cap & when you're fully geared in WoD.

tdlr; RBGs have way more for a player to do but are currently ruined by the scum community and exploits. They have too many variables to actually be competitive/police and no rewards to interest players that want to take it to the next level.

Edit: Forgot to mention queue times were absolutely awful even in RBG prime they are probably unbearable now

#4251160 Blizzcon Meetup

Posted Capstone on 03 November 2014 - 03:19 AM

i was going, but a couple of TSA agents contacted me inquiring if i was the one who had written some of my posts about hunters

long story short i'm not getting on any flights to anaheim in the next few weeks

#4251427 Blizzcon Meetup

Posted Capstone on 03 November 2014 - 01:20 PM

View PostDillypoo, on 03 November 2014 - 04:11 AM, said:

I was looking forward to seeing you there, I wanted to hang out at the hunter table
uh mr. dillypoo if an incognito man is hosting a hunter gathering at blizzcon do NOT approach this table, though i'm sure he has good intentions and i encourage all other hunters to make use of his services

#4250833 Bugs we need to report together, if we want them fixed

Posted jezuz on 02 November 2014 - 07:24 PM

1. In sv if you use arcane shot and your target moves out of 40y range\los before it hits him - the poison isnt applied

2. Hunters pet loses glyphed camo buff as soon as you move 1 step after applying it

3. Sometimes posthase doesnt work (once happened to me 3 times in a row)

4. If you spam killshot button it only shoots one time, CD doesnt reset

5. Barrage stops doing damage as soon as your target moves out of los. Every other channeling spell in game is still working through pillars

6. If you put crows on a rogue and he uses vanish+cloak, crows stop doing damage to him and dont break his stealth

7. Some ablilities go through deterrence - such as pala's blind, explosive trap and roots from dk's pet

8. If your trap lies behind the pillar or more than 40y away - it often doesnt activate, just does the spiral animation

9. Sometimes trap and binding shot dont work on enemies with freedom up

10. Freezing trap doesnt work on rogues or ferals in stealth

Blizzard not only didnt fix the old bugs like no sting apply or crows not damaging a vanished rogue, they also broke many things, that worked fine till now. I think we should spam report all this problems, because they are really many and they affect our crucial abilities

#4249843 Dilly's Hunter PvP Guide (6.0.3)

Posted Attono on 01 November 2014 - 06:50 PM

Nice work Dilly

#4247308 Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide WoD and (6.0.3)

Posted Borngood on 30 October 2014 - 07:04 PM

Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide WoD and (6.0.3)

This is my first guide and contribution to this site, aimed towards new and returning players to the Holy Paladin class for Warlords of Draenor PvP. The format for this guide was emulated from Vanguardsz Retribution guide with a bit of a twist of my own, thank you for your work to the community.

All important new changes will be colored with NEW, for those returning to the game and with some experience to the class.

PvP Talents
Level 100 PvP Gear Set Bonuses
Stat Priorities
General Healing Comments
Level 100 Perks
Minor Changes
What race should I play?
Common Team Compositions
Which pieces of gear do I buy first?
Final Comments and Thoughts

Major Holy Paladin Changes in 6.0.3?

1) We have to cast Word of Glory and Eternal Flame.

2) At level 100 your only holy power generating abilities are Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, and Holy Radiance.

3) Divine Light has been removed and replaced with Holy Light.

4) All of our healing cooldowns have been combined into avenging wrath for one cooldown.

5) Last of all Turn Evil (fear) cannot be cast on players and has been replaced by Blinding Light in the talent tree.

PvP Talents

There are some mandatory talents which you will never change, but others you will change almost every arena/rbg match depending on the composition of you and your opponent.

Level 15: Mobility

Must have: Speed of Light

A quick burst of movement with a decent duration, can be used offensively and defensively. The main reasoning is that Long Arm of the Law is nonviable, and will probably never see use in PvP for Holy Paladin (until changes are made).

Pursuit of Justice: May see some use, credit to Jimjim.

Level 30: Crowd Control

Every talent in this tier will be used, but mostly Fist of Justice and Repentance.

(Recommended) Fist of Justice: No change since MoP, but generally the default talent of choice for the most part(Also the easiest out of the 3 to use).

Repentance: Good ol' Rep, useful when playing comps such as kittycleave, kfc, tsg (cleaves) pretty much every composition that does not play with a Mage, Warlock, Spriest, and Ele (wizards). The added crowd control Repentance can bring to cleaves is one of the best advantages of bringing a Paladin to your team.

NEW Blinding Light: Turn Evil is gone from the tier, and now has been replaced by our old ability Blinding Light. It is now instant cast and on a 2 minute cooldown. Use when you do not have a short cooldown fear on your team.

Level 45: Healing

Must have: Sacred Shield

It happened, no more instant casting Word of Glory and Eternal Flame. The good news is that Sacred Shield got "buffed". I use quotations because the real change is that now Sacred Shield can crit absorb, which it could not before. Another perk is that while the absorb part can be dispeled, the ability that procs the absorb cannot. The math has been done by all the hardcore raiding Holy Paladins, the choice is Sacred Shield for now.

Level 60: Defense

My favorite tier of the talent tree, and most important for surviving.
All talents in this tier will be used, but mostly Unbreakable Spirit and Clemency.

Clemency: You gain two charges of Hand of Protection, Sacrifice, and Freedom. Use this talent when you suspect the enemy will be attacking your teammates, and not yourself.

Unbreakable Spirit: Use when you know you are going to get trained, or swapped to frequently. With Divine Protection and Divine Shield on a 50% cooldown reduction, you become more difficult to kill.

Hand of Purity: Only used against Affliction Warlock caster cleaves, nothing else. To be honest this talent is underwhelming with only a 6 second duration, so I recommend sticking with the other 2 talent choices.

NEW Level 75: Healing Cooldowns

Recommended: Sanctified Wrath

Avenging Wrath is now a beast of a cooldown, it increases healing by 100% as well as haste, critical strike chance, and damage by 20% for its duration of 20 seconds. Something I've noticed playing is that with Avenging Wrath up, you top your team instantly and is quite frankly too much healing (no complaint here). So increasing its duration to 30 seconds, is a massive amount of healing, and it feels like your team is invincible for the duration. Your Holy Shock cooldown is reduced by 50%, and critical strike chance of holy shock increased by 20% additionally. For those curious, we can get Holy Shock to be upwards of 160% chance to crit at level 100.

Holy Avenger/Divine Purpose: Sadly with our holy power finishers now requiring a cast time, these talents have become obsolete. Sanctified Wrath is too powerful to pass up.

Level 90: Burst Healing
Must have: Holy Prism

Our largest heal on a 20 second cooldown, use when you need to be on the move and cannot stop to cast. Also can be used on party members or yourself to hit Rogues, Druids, and Mages out of stealth within a 15 yard radius.

I will mention Execution Sentence got buffed with the largest tick of healing immediatly when cast, but Holy Prism still outclasses it.

NEW Level 100: The Boys Are Back

Holy Paladins are back with a vengeance after the season 14 and 15 fiasco, and these talents bring justice to our enemies.

Recommended: Saved by the Light
When you or your Beacon of Light target drop below 30% health, you instantly grant the injured target a protective shield, absorbing up to 30% of their maximum health for 10 sec.

You cannot shield the same person this way twice within 1 min.

You know that ability Shamans have called Nature's Guardian that makes them..., well you know, Paladins now have it but in absorb form! You read that right, we can give it to our teammates. So every player on your team is basically a Shaman, how can you lose. All joking aside this is probably the best talent of the tier and will be the most used.

Beacon of Faith:
Mark a second target as a Beacon, mimicking the effects of Beacon of Light.

This talent will be required when fighting against heavy dot cleaves, having 2 beacons out at the same time is amazing. Also can become very mana efficient (explained later). *Very good talent for RBGs against boomkins.*

Beacon of Insight:
Places a beacon of insight on an ally, increasing their healing received from your next direct single-target heal, or Holy Radiance, within 1 min by 30%. When consumed, or when the target reaches full health, it moves to the most injured ally within 40 yards. Limit 1. 15 second cooldown.

I'm not sure how I feel about this talent yet, I feel it is the weakest of the 3 choices in the tier at first glance, but there is a possibility to see some use somewhere.

NEW Level 100 PvP Gear Set Bonuses

Paladin WoD PvP Holy 2P Bonus: Denounce grants you 100% of the critical strike chance of the target for 8 sec.

Example- You have a base 15% chance to crit. You Denounce a rogue with 35% chance to crit. For the next 8 seconds you now have a 50% chance to crit. Holy Shock has double the normal critical strike chance. You now have a 100% chance to crit with Holy Shock with the buff active.

That ability we have denounce, it now has a 40 yard range, and steals crit in addition to canceling the targets crit. From play testing on beta, all I will say is get ready to have some fun.

Paladin WoD PvP Holy 4P Bonus: Reduces the cooldown of Hand of Sacrifice by 10 sec.
Pretty underwhelming compared to the 2P bonus, I believe 10 seconds is too little and some tuning may have to be done.

NEW Glyphs

I have some good news, glyphs got a bit complicated for Holy Paladins. There are so many great glyphs to choose from, but there will be default glyphs to use as a starting point.

Default Major Glyphs
Spot 1: Glyph of Beacon of Light
Spot 2: Glyph of Hand of Freedom
Spot 3: Glyph of Merciful Wrath

Glyph of Beacon of Light: Removes the global cooldown on Beacon of Light. Same as before but the ability Beacon of Light now has a new design.

Beacon of Light: Your heals, including multistrikes, on other party or raid members will also heal the Beacon of Light target for up to 50% of the amount healed. Your Flash of Light and Holy Light on the Beacon of Light target will also refund 40% of their Mana cost. Your single-target heals heal your Beacon of Light target for 10% more.  Also applies to Beacon of Faith.

Tl;dr- Beacon does not generate holy power anymore, you now have 10% increased healing on beacon and save mana when casting on beacon targets. So it is important to use this glyph to be mana efficient.

Glyph of Hand of Freedom: Hand of Freedom immediately reduces the remaining duration of all effects which cause loss of control of a character by 25%.  Any additional loss of control effects applied within 4 sec have 25% reduced duration.

Are you about to die to a Mage/Rogue opener? Cast freedom while stunned, and /dance with all the time you'll have not stunned. Also you can freedom while trapped, to reduce the trap duration.

Glyph of Merciful Wrath: Reduces the cooldown and effect of Avenging Wrath by 50%.

I have done a ton of beta play testing, and this glyph is really better than it seems at first. With this glyph activated combined with the talent Sanctified Wrath, Avenging Wrath becomes this:

Healing done increased by 50%.
Haste, critical chance, and Damage done increased by 10%.
Duration 30 seconds.
Cooldown 90 seconds.

From play tests I found 50% healing increase was usually enough to get you out of tight spots, but keep in mind this is just the default. If you are expecting a shorter game, replace this glyph first.

Situational Glyphs (You will use all of these.)

Glyph of Divine Protection: Reduces the magical damage reduction of your Divine Protection by 20% but adds 20% physical damage reduction.

Does the other team have melee? check, apply glyph.
*An exception to this rule, is against Rogue/Mage. I've found 40% reduction on the Mage damage is better than the 20/20 split for obvious reasons.

Glyph of Cleanse: Cleanse now has a maximum of 2 charges, but its cooldown is increased by 4 sec.

All healers have this, it is useful against Mages and Warlocks who still have spammable crowd control.

Glyph of Denounce: Your Holy Shocks reduce the cast time of your next Denounce by 0.5 sec. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

We spam Denounce, the target cannot crit, we gain their crit, everybody wins.

Glyph of the Liberator: Hand of Freedom's cooldown is reduced by 5 sec when not cast on self.

Melee will love you, a lot.

Glyphs of Devotion Aura: Devotion Aura no longer affects party or raid members, but the cooldown is reduced by 60 sec. (From 3 min to 2 min.)

This glyph will be useful against double wizard teams such as mage/spriest and mage/lock where casting out of cc becomes tougher.

Honorable Mentions:Flash of Light, and Harsh Words.
These glyphs have a use somewhere, just not sure yet.

Final Glyph Thoughts: There will be endless argument over which glyphs replace which, but my personal PREFERENCE in keeping glyphs goes as follows-
Beacon of Light>Hand of Freedom>Merciful Wrath. Which means replace Merciful Wrath first if you need to.

NEW Stat Priorities

Int > Versatility > Haste > Crit > Spirit > Multistrike > Mastery

Stats for full gear. As originally theorycrafted in beta, versatility into haste.

If you start to have mana problems, use 1 spirit trinket.

Enchant Weapon - Mark of the Thunderlord will be for crit healing output.
Enchant Weapon - Mark of Warsong will be for haste output.
Enchant Weapon - Mark of Shadowmoon will be for mana regen.

NEW General Healing Comments

Things to keep in mind is Flash of Light, Holy Light, and Word of Glory, all do near the same amount of healing. The differences between these abilities are as follows-

Flash of Light: Normal cast time, costs most mana.
Holy Light: Long cast time (reduced to really fast by Infusion of Light), costs roughly half of Flash of Light.
Word of Glory: Normal cast time, no mana cost.

NEW Level 100 Perks

As you level from 90 to 100 you gain perks specific to your class and spec.

Empowered Beacon of Light: Your single-target heals heal your Beacon of Light target for 10% more.  Also applies to Beacon of Faith.

Enhanced Holy Shock: Your Holy Light and Flash of Light have a 10% chance to cause your next Holy Shock to not trigger a cooldown.

Improved Forbearance: Reduces the duration of Forbearance by 30 sec. (60 seconds to 30 seconds.)

Improved Daybreak: Increases the healing from Daybreak by 100%. (Useless)

NEW Minor Changes

Hand of Sacrifice is no longer on the global cooldown.
Divine Plea was removed, and mana regen was buffed.

What race should I play?

Alliance: Dwarf. Stoneform will literally be winning you games. (Removes bleeds and blanket silences I believe.)
Horde: Blood Elf. The Blood Elf silence has become very valuable with most blanket silences removed from the game.

Common Team Compositions- This is where I look at team compositions and place them into their respective tiers, tier 1 for example being the best. (Subject to massive changes, could use input from the community as well to help me out.)

Tier Free Rating:
BM hunter
Aff warlock

Tier 1:
TSG (fury warrior/dk/healer)
RLP (rogue/warlock/paladin)
Shadowcleave (dk/warlock/healer)
LPD (warlock/healer/boomkin)
HLP (hunter/warlock/paladin)
Junglecleave (feral/hunter/healer)

Tier 2:
Shatterplay (mage/spriest/healer)
PHD (paladin/hunter/dk)
Ebola (feral/dk/healer)
RMP (rogue/mage/paladin)
KFC (fury warrior/hunter/healer)
Smokebomb cleave (combat rogue/dk/healer)

Tier 3:
Kittycleave (feral/warrior/healer)
MLP (mage/warlock/paladin)
dk/ww/paladin (to be named)
WLP (warrior/warlock/healer)

Tier Do Not Play:
WMP (warrior/mage/healer)
Any spriest comp that is not mage/spriest.

Not sure:


Sacrifice (prevent double sacrifice)

/castsequence reset=10.0 hand of sacrifice, word of glory

Denounce (crit buff while healing current target)

#showtooltip denounce
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast denounce

Avenging Wrath (healing cooldowns)

/cast avenging wrath
/use Primal Combatant's Badge of Dominance  

Which pieces of gear do I buy first?

Which pieces you buy depend on whether you got lucky in RBGs, ashran, or coliseum. You just have to make sure you buy the main hand weapon the first week you achieve 7250 conquest earned for the season.
This guide is made assuming you have bought 0 pieces, and have earned 0 pieces from outside sources.
After you have the main hand weapon, just buy the gear pieces that give the biggest upgrades to crit and haste stats. Buying cloak early is for the 10% run speed enchant.
(All set bonus pieces) I will update later with non set bonus pieces.

This order is assuming you are buying main hand AND shield.
In short, buy cloak>chest>weapons.
Long version:
weapons=2250+1250 (main hand and shield)
You need 7250 points gained to access the weapons.
You can buy all 4 pcs with 250 points left over, if you do not have a high enough cap to buy weapons on December 23, make sure you calculate your points accordingly, so you have at least 2250 points to buy the main hand.

If you are not buying the shield.
In short, buy cloak>shoulders>gloves>main hand
Long version:
main hand=2250

I hope this makes some sort of sense, sorry that I did not give the gearing order sooner, as I honestly did not know myself.

Final Comments and Thoughts

Things are looking hopeful for Holy Paladins in season 16, but I just want to remind people we are coming off of the worst 2 seasons in arena history for Holy Paladins. So I implore the arena community to make some new Paladin friends, give them a chance because they deserve it. For those who stuck it out through season 15 as a Holy Paladin, you will find season 16 one of the most rewarding seasons ever.

You can message me on btag@ Borngood#1295 if you ever have any questions.
www.twitch.tv/Borngood  I will be streaming once WoD comes out, to showcase some Holy Paladin gameplay to anybody interested.

Follow up guides include, Rated Battlegrounds and Positioning.

I hope somebody out there learned something useful, and thank you for reading!

#4245844 MoP Arena-tournament

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where do I sign up?

at your local mental hospital

#4245676 Titles not going out today, ban wave still approaches

Posted Pikaboo on 28 October 2014 - 10:32 PM

i neeeeeeed it........................