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Dilly's Short 110 SV Hunter 3v3 Guide

15 August 2016 - 07:30 PM

Introduction: I've put in a really large amount of time into the spec so far, and I've tested pretty much everything I can. From many wargames vs top teams, I'm very confident that as far as 3v3 goes my talent choices and playstyle are the most optimal ones.

Please note that this is again for level 110, and 3v3 oriented. It is not a guide for pre-patch, or dueling or anything else. This is explicitly for competitive arenas, so while builds might be different in pre-patch or duels, they're not what the focus of this guide is.

Anyways, for those interested here we go :P


Talents for 3v3 and such: https://www.youtube....h?v=bKMjQ3rI-2Y

Damage: Keep up lacerate, WoTM, Explosive Trap on CD. Dump 3+ mongoose bites when healer is in a trap.

Bursting: 2 ways
  • Use fury of the eagle when you're using aspect of the eagle, especially when at 4+ mongoose stacks (fury of the eagle increases duration of mongoose fury as well as doing damage based on it's stacks) - so with AoTE up gives you a chance for you to get more mongoose bites while it's channeling, or if you feel lucky you'll get 6+ then Fury. Next time Fury is back on CD 3+ mongooses>snake hunter>3x mongoose>Fury. You can rotate it like this off CD if you want. OR
  • Be a huge mongo and AoTE>3+ Mongoose>Snake Hunter>3x mongoose>Fury of the eagle>More mongoose bites Potentially. This kills your opportunity for the consistent potential burst windows of #1, but it's also a guaranteed kill if you've held onto your burst CDs and forced defensives with just clean CC chains, letting your partners burst, and just doing burst with explosive traps and 3x mongooses to force stuff.
General List of dps kill targets not including healers:
  • Best kill targets: Warlocks and Spriests
  • Good Kill targets: Boomkins, Frost Mages, any wizard besides Fire
  • OK kill targets: Fire Mages, other Hunters (any spec), DKs
  • Bad Kill targets: Melee especially DHs]

All of those options are just based on who you get the most uptime on. Uptime is extremely important for you as a Survival hunter due to mongoose bite stacking. However, sometimes you'll have to kill less than optimal kill targets and that's ok - this is more of a general rule. I.e if it's a DH warrior melee cleave and you have a rogue on your team it's best to go for the DH since the stuns will make them easier for you to kill. Just keep up scorpid sting on both the melee, and try to mainly get kills with explosive traps - Mongoose bites will mostly get dodged unless you do all your damage dumps in stuns (obviously dump mongoose bites in stuns).

Try not to burst when you'll potentially have to run away because of how mongoose dumping works (obvious). Don't start bursting when you can get CC'd, try to be patient and wait for yourself to be DRd/their whole team is Cross CC'd.

Patience is the most important thing as SV hunter.

MOST IMPORTANT THING DON'T EVER FORGET IT!!!!!!: Wizards r nice to fight, melee r cancer to fight.

Really clutch wod play

21 April 2016 - 10:13 AM

Yo check this out guys hope you're all feeling the class fantasy :)

WoD on brothers!