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In Topic: EU title cutoffs

12 April 2017 - 04:11 PM

nah not exactly true tbh i mean let me just lay out the facts despite the whole 2 points thing we've yet to have a truly balanced game for so long now
pvp resilence didnt fix it
pvp power didnt fix it
pvp templates didnt fix it
pvp talents which only work in pvp didnt fix it
and now you got big memers like holinka and lore running this shitshow come on man we all need to wake up.

I mean to be fair, true "balance" is pretty impossible to achieve without even more homogonization and pruning because it's an MMO and diff classes will always be different and therefore one must be better than the other. I'd rather have a fun game than "balanced" one. Noobs and the lower end also care more about that, if it's fun to play people will like playing it. WoD felt kind of balanced in some ways but also wasn't very fun, which made lots of ppl wanf fo quit playing. Also my personal opinion is that even though overall Legion feels more fun to play than WoD the incentives to PvP are low. Why would a noob want to even step into pvp (noobs are very important) especially if they are a dragonslayer or something? The artifact rewards from PvP are pretty awful when compared to doing literally anything else like WQs, Mythics or just raiding, and if they wamt to grind their weapons there's no reason for them to waste free tome PvPing. RBGs do give pretty good AP howeever it is so hard to step into RBGs and at least my experience on NA is even if you are qing a super low MMR group at like 1500 you can still q into 2k teams (cause participation) which are going to be 100x better than yours and therefore you don't get much AP anyways making it not worth it if you suck.

Only way we get higher participation and cutoff numbers is if low end actually has a reason to PVP and without a soloq for RBGs they're way too innaccessable. Personally I think if they made 2v2/3v3 give like the same amount of AP as an RBG or something (however they need to put something in place so that people don't just decide to tank rating to 0 for free AP, maybe make AP scale based on rating/mmr). You can have it so that somehow noobs playing still get decent AP and better and higher rated players would have the AP gains scale especially to make up for the fact that their ques will be longer as well as game length at higher rating. Basically if PvP had best AP rewards arena participation would go up dramatically since rn I think the game is more dead at the low end than the high end (high end hurting ofc but I still feel like I actually get good amount of ques).

But if we're not being technical we've still had seasons where there has been a WoW version of balance i.e lots of comps you can play and still do well which was basically the end of wotlk/cata/mop etc.

I'm being super nitpicky tho xD

In Topic: Surv vs bm 7.2

28 March 2017 - 03:10 PM

Judging from the new traits mm is best by far in comparison to sv and bm.think sv will stay t1 tho with bm prob being the worst but playable.


In Topic: GCDTV Europe Spring Finals

27 March 2017 - 03:32 PM

It was streamed on Supateases twitch channel due to technical difficulties over on GCDTV.

This! The vods should be available on supatease's channel =D

In Topic: arena egos 2017

13 March 2017 - 07:03 PM

it is an ego thing and its rly annoying when i generally enjoy watching arena streams but theres always this dumb disgrace of a child babycrying around (and i mean WHAZZ NOT SWAXPY), ruining my watching expirience, but who am i talking to u have almost the same selfcomplexes, trying to be the center of attention all the time


I'm not saying there's no ego involved whatsoever, but the thing is I'm really confident that they'd be arguing with each other regardless if they're streaming or not just because they play with each other so often.


From what I've seen he actually doesn't argue like this with any one else he plays with as well, it's really just a thing that happens with Minpojke which goes to my point that it's kind of just because they play with each other so often. 


I think even you directing this towards me as well, would also just show that I do understand those same situations. In that same exact way, I don't believe I ever argue much with newer team mates I play with, but when I've played with partners I'm really close friends with that we've played with so much - we'll totally yell or argue with each other very often, but it's mostly because we're all on that same competitive level (where ego comes in) and if you spend that much time with someone you're bound to just argue with them way more (which is why I brought up fighting like a married couple).


But again, while I will totally agree that it can be annoying to watch and listen to, I don't really think it's a big deal because there really isn't much value in arguments like these in the long run. They'll still play together and they'll still be my friends and only you will be the one remembering it is my point, because from personal experience when my team mates and I fight like this as soon as our que session is over we're just talking to each other about other stuff and chilling, no one holds a grudge over it. 

In Topic: arena egos 2017

13 March 2017 - 04:20 PM

Rly not even an ego thing I feel like rofl. If you just play with someone long enough you argue with each other like a married couple. Reading too much into it is pointless imo. Like I've had plenty of partners that I've played with a ton and we've been good friends too but we always would fight like this. Trying too hard to start drama imo when I'm sure as soon as they wake up today they'll msg each other "sup dude wanna q" completely forgetting this even happened.