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#3869419 2013 MLB Thread

Posted Breadstick on 01 April 2013 - 11:14 AM

i'm glad we're paying arod more money than the entire astros team makes and he won't even be playing until after the all star break

#3167343 Buglamp's art thread

Posted Buglamp on 05 April 2011 - 02:06 PM

Edit: a couple new small pen drawings


Edit: new photos

I suck at photographing art btw colors are kinda faded and various other issues. AT LEAST I TRIED! /cry

These are all from community college class -


Old stuff -


Just random design to get back in practice, kind of the art equivalent of the free write. Started with just pen+ink but I figured I'd add watercolor too.

When I posted some stuff in another thread awhile back people seemed to like it so figured I'd share my new stuff as I start painting/drawing again after a long break since I stopped taking art classes. Might get some more older stuff up too but haven't got a good set up to photo larger works yet so for starters it's just scanner size. I had to scan this in two halves and paste them together since my scanner is small and it also sucks so the image quality isn't great but w/e.

Here's some of my older scanner-ish size art -
http://i.imgur.com/Y23Kg.jpg - community college manikin conte crayon drawing
http://i.imgur.com/qFpfm.jpg - watercolor owl, present for my grandma who likes owls
http://i.imgur.com/ha0i8.jpg - community college still life kettle
http://i.imgur.com/1IEjD.jpg - surreal-ish black colored pencil drawing from 11 years ago

#3808763 Everything Mistweaver

Posted Moreudirl on 21 November 2012 - 09:00 AM

posted this in other thread:

a little about myself, i am fadezz i have had success in every expansion as every healer, warrior, and elemental shaman. I have received many rank 1 titles as well as every glad title outside of season 2. I i played a druid main in bc, followed by shaman main in wotlk and cata. Now i am setting my focus to my monk, however, i will continue playing my shaman as well. I look forward to everyone contributing to this thread, and will answer questions for monks as well as any healers that ask. Thanks!

I have had a lot of success on my monk this season running several comps over 2450 and two over 2500. This by all means does not mean the class is remotely close to ok. Before rating reset on this current we were 61-0 as monk mage lock and double healer demon lock(lol 10 games for cap) over 2500 we didnt fight many exploit teams maybe 4 or 5 when our team was still under 1500 and they were 300 mmr lower than we were, we started at about 2450. (before you flame me i know im on bg5 and not bg9, but im a semi competent player regardless and id like to keep this friendly)

If you guys find this helpful i can make a separate thread and post a lot more info i just highlighted the thing people ask me most. I will discuss gearing if anyone is interested too, ive tried so many gem schemes haha.

The strongest thing about monks is the fact that many popular comps which blow healers up such as god comp or various mage comps cant really train a monk efficiently.... as a result of this the solution for them is to chain cc us with their vast array of instant cc. neilyofiend, bloodfear, pom ring etc. For this reason the warlock plays destruction as ember taps can keep him alive long enough for a chi wave firework to cruise in there.


1) LIFE COCOON- this is an extremely powerful cd for the fact that the majority of your heals do 50% more while this shield holds. However, it is dispellable and on a 2 minute cooldown. Id love to see the cooldown reduced to 1.5 minutes and there be some penalty for dispelling. When people ask me what i think i generally say id like to see a penalty that when its dispelled half of the total absorb is healed up front analagous to the lifebloom "bloom" effect. If that is not acceptable for some crazy reason perhaps lower the cd but split the shield portion of the spell from the hot increasing portion and only allow the shield to be dispelled. I prefer the "bloom" mechanic

2) paralyze no longer having a positional requirement for pvp. This one is self explanatory as it can be extremely frustrating to line up a full 'sheep' dr cc only to have the hammer of latency keep you frmo landing a 7 second cc on an already stunned target as they continue to spin or face an incorrect direction.

3) potentially add a glyph to work with deadly reach to make your kick also gain 20 yard range but lose the abliity to blanket (may be too overpowered but id love some suggestions.) right now that tree leg sweep is far and away the clear winner.

4) envelop being dispelled... this is a touchy issue as its such a strong heal but its quite expensive chi wise. i feel if it is going to be dispelled it should refund 1 or 2 of the 3 chi cost. Its the equivalent of a shamans greater heal being dispelled. It just isnt good design with no penalty attached to it. alternatively make it undispellable but im afraid that would be far too strong. I dont know guys make some suggestions!!!

Many people ask me for tips, mainly issues with mana or burst healing i will post here what i tell them all.

1 )DO NOT RELY ON SURGING MIST USE IT AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. if you are surging misting more than once or twice per 30-45 seconds you are going to lose the mana battle generally. Of course there are exceptions vs teams who dispel. Use judgement. Try not to mist as much unless you can weave in a thunder focus tea for the extra output and mana conservation.

2) RELY ON CHI TO HEAL. You should be using expel harm off cooldown to keep your chi flowing, dont rely on this as a self heal only, as it has a large healing range (20k to as much as 60k non crit dno why its such a large range) and in most cases its better to just torpedo away anyway.

3) CHI WAvE IS YOUR FRIEND. Try and use chi wave as much as you can its your strongest heal and its undispellable, when you see a CC coming your way you should do your best to shoot one off and let your team know the fire work is on the way, that way they can feel safe knowing a large heal is going to keep them up during the cc rotation and focus on stopping the chain of cc on you.

4) RENEWING MIST/MONK 5% STAT BUFF- first off i try to renewing mist off cooldown or at least every 8-12 seconds. Keeping that hot rolling is nice and it helps keep your chi flowing for more envelops and more chi waves (much like expel harm) if a team is spam dispelling your hots and u feel it is pointless to use them, rather than resorting to just spamming surge and probably losing, stay determined and continuously reapply renewing as well as your 5% stat buff. You will not take a mana hit and you will eventually wear them out on dispels (2 piece bonus mana tea on hot dispel). more chi is more healing and more mana!

5) WHEN TO USE WHAT- i try to prioritize chi waving as much as i can as its a great spike heal with no real counter other than the travel time. Other than that try to envelop a lot, as its pretty much your gheal and even if its dispelled you should be able to get a few ticks in and its a huge heal. Dont be discouraged by dispels, if you fall into the surge spam trap you will most likely lose anyway. THUNDER TEA SURGE IS GREAT-  use this a lot even if the aura mastery effect isnt necessarily needed. chi wave as soon as a cc is coming your way the travel time actually helps in this situation as by the time it reaches your partner your cc should be coming off.

6) GOING BEHIND ENEMY LINES- i always announce in skype when i see an opportunity to land some cc i love the fact that i can "go behind enemy lines" and pretty much lock up any 2 players i choose, between the kick/silence and aoe stun and a "sheep' in paralyze that makes for a lot of ways to annoy an enemy team or healer. even in rbgs you can usually chi wave your team while rolling in ccing as much as you can and rolling out unharmed. Obviously use your judgement as you dont want to open yourself up for a swap, in general u want to evacuate via port or roll as soon as your cc lands

ps i am not trying to claim i am the best but from what i have seen i was probably the only monk with good records in all 3 brackets pre mmr fix, and above 2500 rating in both without queuing into exploiters (i didnt queue 5s in an effort to wait for this whole drama to blowover). Therefore, i feel i can provide some insight into the things which have worked for me. thank you

****share any thing u guys and girls have found to work for you id love to see some constructive posting!****

I will edit this as people continue to ask me questions. I just purchased a new laptop i will begin streaming all of my games on both my shaman and monk this season.


#3808764 Everything Mistweaver

Posted Moreudirl on 21 November 2012 - 09:01 AM

reserved--- i will add more as needed, everyone should discuss what works for them, what doesnt, ask questions etc i can discuss gearing if anyone interested or more good and bad things ive found so far wit hthe class. I had a lot more to say but i wanted tyo keep it focused until people either flame me or contribute!

i dont use very many macros at this point, some useful ones id recommend regardless of healer you play are:

Party Dispels- (i put them on my mousewheel spin it up party 1, down party 2, shift up 3, shift dow 4)

  /cast [target=party1] detox
  /cast [target=party2] detox
  /cast [target=party3] detox
  /cast [target=party4] detox

Self Dispel- This is actually a macro ive used on my shaman for almost 3 years now, its used to purge target if enemy, dispel if ally, and dispel self if i hold shift. i took out the purge part for my monk. I bind this to ` (tilda next to 1)

#showtooltip detox
/cast [modifier:shift, target=player] detox; [button:2,target=player] detox; [harm] detox; [help] detox

(shaman version of this macro)

#showtooltip cleanse spirit
/cast [modifier:shift, target=player] cleanse spirit; [button:2,target=player] cleanse spirit; [harm] Purge; [help] cleanse spirit

Focus macros- kick/para self explanatory macros for using your cc and interrupt on your focus

/cast [target=focus] spear hand strike

/cast [target=focus] paralysis

BM/HS-  i like this macro because its a huge burst heal kind of like ns'ing yourself if you play with a warlock. you should still bind HS seperately too if possible

/use Malevolent Gladiator's Emblem of Meditation
/use healthstone

Cancel aura spinning crane kick- ive found this extremely useful, you can easily bind it into your spnning crane kick ability and just tap it twice. Its not a super overused spell but believe it or not you will eventually be locked out in a bad situation and the good news is you can still do about 30k healing with a spnning crane kick on yourself or a partner. The downside is you cant do any other ablities until the kick is done. Therefore, i recommend using this macro to stop it early, in favor of another heal or kick or stun etc

#showtooltip spinning crane kick
/use spinning crane kick
/cancelaura spinning crane kick

thats about all i use, mostly just general macros. You guys surely have more macros you benefit from share them here!

Im not really sure what gear style is best try them all and see what works for you. I have tried all methods of gemming and found a style im fairly comfortable with.

At first i tried to get to 10k combat regen with as much pvp power/int as i could i had something like 35% pvp power and 17k spell with t1 wep. I played this for the majority of the games this season and it was quite effective.

I then tried resilience and later decided i had more then enough tools to live and if i died it was because of my own mistake in kiting or cooldown usage rather than not enough resil.

Finally many people have been using pure spirit gems in every slot in favor of as much regen as possible which is definately a great idea however, i find i like to have a little more output on my heals so i dont have to heal as much, seeing as i tend to rely on more chi burst spells rather than soothing/surging mist mana spells.

As a result i have been gearing a different way. I am stacking a lot of regen IE over 11k but i try to go for 18000 spell power with t2 and 20% pvp power wit 60% resil. I find this is a good balance of stats for me as it allows me to burst my partners up with relatively low effort as well as putting me in a comfortable position regeneration wise. Remember relying on more chi spells not only uses less mana but also provides even more mana teas.

The scheme ive been following is:

blue slots-  320 spirit gems (sparkling), or 80 int+160 spirit gems (purified)
Red slots-  80 int+160 spirit gems (purified)
Yellow slots- 160 spirit+160 resil gems (turbid)

the result is 3x or 4x 320 spirit gems (sparkling), 3x or 4x 80 int+160 spirit gems (purified) and then 3x 160 spirit+160 resil gems (turbid)

using this scheme u can reach hit:
over 18000 spell power (closer to 19000-21000 with full gear.. im still undergeared as i dinged late)
over 11000 combat regen (closer to 12000 or 12500 with full gear)
and right around 20% pvp power (20-25% in full gear)

this gives a healthy balance of stats and provides great burst heals with some strong combat regen to sustain your mana pool even in long fights.

(I am not saying other methods are bad, as full spirit gems are very strong, i just find for the amount monks are ccd having a little more output is really nice on top of good regen)

I am not really sure what the best reforge is especially after patch. Right now im reforging as much spirit as i can as thats straight forward. Then ive been getting haste followed by crit with the lowest emphasis on mastery. I like the way haste meshes with hot ticks especially on Envelop.

SINCE PATCH- i have reforged to 8.5% haste it seems to give 7 ticks to envelop which helps with the 33% stealth nerf. Then i got a ton of sprit, followed by as much crit as i can get. I have yet to drop below 60% mana and always have 5-6 mana teas minimum in reserve)


Played some games on my monk testing ascension with 2% mana meta. It seems broken to say the least, mana tea usage gives nearly 30k mana now. I was over 90% mana every game with literally more teas than i could drink.

I also noticed that the envelop nerf is huge, and we have more chi than we can spend especially with the chi wave issue (flying into grounding and dying while only healing 1 time). i didnt miss chi brew one bit as our chi spells are a lot less desirable than before, there is WAY too much chi now.  I just wish envelop healed slightly more in a pvp setting :... it is nice that im able to rotate 2 envelops on different people in many situations though.

I am considering trying zen sphere out as it synergizes well with the renewing mist "nerf" This nerf is somethig i have actually found to be quite nice. The ticks now do less however, they tick faster and with the gain in crit that most of you will find via reforging you get a lot more crits with it. -more ticks, more crits, pretty much more healing before you refresh it in 10-12 seconds. For this reason i may try going zen sphere vs shaman teams to get around annoying grounding totem mechanics. Zen sphere ticks for around 12k per 2 seconds to go along with renewing @5500~ per 2 seconds. Thats a good amount of healing on a partner that you know will stick. (zen sphere is undispellable.) you can also recast it for a decent bit of "aoe healing" but i dont think its as good as letting it tick through with renewing/envelop up and surging a needed. will test in 3s tomorrow.

I am aware that in most cases surging is just a run on mana and i advised you all to stay away from it but, i have found that it is healing for nearly 75k non crit up from 60k of last patch. This coupled with our 352k mana pool and an abundance of teas makes it highly usable. Of course u shouldnt spam it but u can mix a lot of them into your healing style and sit above 70-80% mana all game. (not quite sure why its healing more.... maybe stealth buff to off set envelop dno...)

overall if they fix the chi wave bouncing into grounding nonsense... and the aura mastery actually working, i feel we will be in a very good spot. I encourage all of you to test out ascension with 2% mana meta and zen sphere vs shaman teams. (i still find chi wave to be my best heal 25% nerf or not, just frustrating when u rely on it to heal and it dies in a grounding totem 30 yards away)

sorry for grammar 8 am :)

ask questions!

#3808647 I want to marry this girl

Posted Breadstic on 21 November 2012 - 03:13 AM

vael looks like an actual jew and his gf is dime a dozen and not that hot sorry. see better looking girls at uni with skrillex haircuts everyday

#3744472 The greatest athlete

Posted FTRouslan on 15 August 2012 - 04:52 AM

the greatest athlete is hoodrych have you seen his heroic leaps lol

#3741203 SATs

Posted Kelustu on 09 August 2012 - 10:28 PM

View PostRoeyr, on 09 August 2012 - 07:17 PM, said:

Thing is,I can allow my self to pay full tution but it's a double edged sword I might be  not good enough for the school and I end up just feeding them with my cash...or  not getting it applying to a top college and most likely will be denied because my score will probaby not be above 2100.Infact, I'll be happy if it will be and ofcourse I'll take the 2 sat subject...I suppose i can try and be more unique,I just need to be creative...

Schools LOVE it if you pay full tuition, ESPECIALLY if you're foreign. Northeastern has an entire office in Singapore to recruit students because they know that the U.S. won't give foreign students aid, and Singapore won't give students aid to leave Singapore. Result is that my roommate is the son of a Singapore oil baron, and that Abromovich guy (whoever the fuck owns Chelsea) has a son at the school. Don't ask me why they're not both at Harvard, I don't have a clue, but the point is that schools fucking LOVE money.

View PostRoeyr, on 09 August 2012 - 07:40 PM, said:

What business schools you know that are good and not actually beyond my reach

Again, we need more information. I know NOTHING about the country you're from (I don't even think I read if you said from where, but I think you said Israel). Do you have GPAs? If not, what kind of grades do you get? Take a practice SAT, tell us what you got and we should be able to narrow it down for you.

View Poststcolbert, on 09 August 2012 - 07:50 PM, said:

Also, my take on business is to NOT do an undergrad degree in it.  I'd take an engineering degree in something of my own interest and then follow it up with an MBA.  Business is fuckin competitive and you're treated like a piece of shit/worthless because there are so many competing for that job.  Having a fall back or specialized field while having an MBA is much more marketable imo.

This is 100% right. If you're doing something that requires graduate school (business, medicine, although med is a unique case, law) do whatever the fuck you want as an undergrad. Your GPA doesn't matter hugely. Obviously you can't get Cs and expect to get into a top tier school, but they do take into account that you can't get a 4.0 as a fucking Physics major, and that getting straight As with Polysci (my major) is much easier. Try to find the intersection of a degree you find interesting with one that will also be useful to you if you decide against graduate school.

View PostRoeyr, on 09 August 2012 - 09:27 PM, said:

What kind of summer jobs can you do without a degree?

Whatever the fuck you want. Some schools will help you find a job, like mine, and some won't. Doesn't really matter and I wish I'd known that before I picked Northeastern. Write an email to whatever the fuck company you want to spend 3 months working for saying that you're a current college student at X university and would like to spend Y amount of time working for them. Attach your resume and have some professors willing to write you a letter of recommendation so that you can have those if the company wants. Most likely you'll either be unpaid or paid like shit and the work you do will be menial (stapling, unstapling, copying and scanning). Take it seriously. Show up on time, or early, offer to stay late, be engaged. If it's the worst thing you've ever done in your life, deal with it. Put on a happy face everyday and show up dressed well.

I spent 6 months working at the U.S. Attorney's Office. The work I did was beyond awful. I sat in front of a copying machine for 6 hours a day. The other 2 hours I got to spend talking to lawyers and watching trials. That's the key. You get to watch what it's like to work in that world. And, if you do your job right and are enthusiastic, they'll likely offer you a job upon graduation or they'll at least be willing to write you a recommendation for another job. This is the absolute key to college. Outside of Harvard, Stanford and Yale, it does not matter where you go to college and how well you did. If you're leaving school with a 4.0, in the honor's society with an amazing letter of recommendation, it won't matter if someone else has a letter of recommendation from a respected company, not a teacher, and already has a year and a half of work experience *in that field* under their belt. That way they know that you know what you're doing.

#3741054 SATs

Posted Kelustu on 09 August 2012 - 06:44 PM

View PostRoeyr, on 09 August 2012 - 08:38 AM, said:

Last time I undressed there were vital signs I'm jewish :>. If not NYU then what else I can choose from within NY ? I'd prefer a good college though I don't know if I'll score that high,NYU's 75% accepted scored around 2190 so something within in that range.Thanks in advance!


Anyways, NY is largely lacking in schools, to be honest. You've got NYU, Columbia and Cornell. Cornell's out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and you shouldn't even consider it in New York. Columbia is harder to get into than NYU. Other than that, there's not much. Seriously, though, I can't stress it enough. Figure out your likely SAT score before you decide where you want to apply. Whatever your practice test says, add 100 points to it, take some practice tests and figure out what's in your likely range. Apply to 3 or so schools above your average school (reach schools), 4 that are just in your range and 2 or 3 that are below you (unless you're not willing to come to the U.S. unless you get into a certain school). Also, MASSACRE your college essay.

The way applying to schools in the U.S. works is that the school receives a package of your information. Your SAT scores, your high school GPA, letters of recommendation and your essay. If your SAT scores and your GPA are more than 30% below the average score, and you're not an athlete, they'll simply throw your application away. If you meet the range but they're not sure about you, they'll go onto your essay. This is what makes or breaks you. I had a few schools actually write me with my acceptance package telling me that the only reason I got in was my essay, and that they offered me a scholarship for it. Unfortunately I was choosing between the two schools that offered me nothing, but w/e. Find something that makes you unique and write it very well. Being from Israel, they'll be impressed if you can write an essay that's better than native born Americans. I would suggest not just writing it on what it's like being from another country, they get hundreds of those every year. If you tell me what you're planning to major in and what you scored on your test SAT, we could very easily give you a list of schools you should look into.

#3740152 you may only post ITT if your country just sent a rover to mars

Posted Breadstick on 08 August 2012 - 12:55 AM

+rep if you love america

#3739367 USA

Posted Slashgiggle on 06 August 2012 - 09:37 PM

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can someone in norway plz murder that awful ref for me plz

Must have been a relative of the ref from the mens Brazil v Honduras game

#3738951 The greatest athlete

Posted Leaflet on 05 August 2012 - 06:09 PM

This guy

#3734781 Why is it legal to be obese

Posted Breadstick on 26 July 2012 - 08:45 AM

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i wonder how many people that regularly smoke weed use it to "unlock their intelligence" rather than to get fucked up and party

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Posted Kakio on 25 July 2012 - 01:39 PM

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wow, harsh words from a little pathethic norweigan faggot

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Posted stcolbert on 14 July 2012 - 08:07 AM


ror occurred

Sorry, your post must be at least 2 word(s) long. (how did you do it, tell me your secret

#3729713 Why are you fuckers so greedy with rep

Posted Thedream on 14 July 2012 - 07:58 AM

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