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#2925690 drain mana

Posted Kcolraw on 25 December 2010 - 05:29 PM

rebind this everyone! :)

#2456767 [Blizzard] AJ's Cataclysm Beta Giveaway Results!

Posted Jump on 29 July 2010 - 07:29 PM

Winners with the Battle.net bug:

If you can get your hands on the client some way or the other, then do so. I don't see the game on my battle.net account page yet either, but I was able to log on immediatly after giving in my beta-key.

True, won't be able to copy characters over yet. But you could make a goblin or something! n_n

#2032285 ShD dmg on plate is god awful

Posted zajklon on 03 April 2010 - 11:34 PM

can't wear double dbw

#1637737 Eh... Flame Shock macro

Posted Blowi on 23 December 2009 - 07:45 PM

#show Flame Shock
/cast Flame Shock

Would be my best guess, but FS having a 45 yards range you might want to try spin with your back to them, or keep them away from los if possible.

#1565802 Are you prepared?

Posted Blowi on 04 December 2009 - 03:46 PM

Shaman FAQ - One of the main things I would like with this thread was to collect things in one thread, such as people can ask quesitons without feel dumb and if it is a common or question or something it will be put up with a well put reply from either me or another shaman friend.


What race to pick as horde?

This is probably the most repeating question these days with the new cash making system by Blizzard.
It is really hard to say: “BE THIS” as it solely depends on your play style as well, but what I would say it to be:

Enhancement = Orc
Elemental = Tauren
Restoration = Tauren

Some people would argue troll is good which is it for obvious reasons, but with the new EM change for elemental, I do not find it better than a 2 sec stun which can force the opponent to use his trinket and with this huge amount of burst everywhere in the game, a little moment of breathing can become a life saver.

Surely some would argue orc to be better as you can gain a better amount of spell power to burst with, but I prefer to have more control than the opponent and it’s a nice peeling for whatever spec you may be playing.

Honestly if you are a good player you will still do well no matter what race you are, but if you like to have as much burst as possible, you know what to go for.

If you prefer to try get a stun and then throw a heal or CC an enemy then you will easily find the obvious choice as well.

Same goes with the haste affect, you like to have faster spells than usual.

What I am trying to say is: Surely you will lose a game sometimes where you sit back "If I were a X we would had won", but in the end do not pick something a for a race if you hate the size/look or whatever.


WF/FB or WF/FT for pvp?

- ES hits significantly harder than FS and don't forget slows attack speed now. Being undispellable is huge for FB snare as well since most enh teams play with few debuffs. If you get unlucky and don't get FB procs, just frost shock until its up.
- Snerp


LHW Versus HW ~restoration

I'd say going HW with full mp5 gear is by far better than LHW due to the simple fact that LHW is just way too much RNG based.

First of all, I guess people tend to go for LHW specc thinking its way more mana efficient than HW which it isn't in my opinion.
In order to gain the mana efficency from LHW-specc you first of all need a crit on your LHW and on top of that have luck with 60% chance of a Mana Orb to procc of that LHW crit which is just way too much based on luck for my taste.
If the Mana Orb had 100% chance to proc on LHW like it did before, LHW specc would have been somewhat more decent.

As for HW, stacking with an insane amount of mp5 will give you a very steady/passive mana efficiency which feels alot more comforting than having to rely on the RNG from LHW/Water Orb Proccs.

And now the healing! A none critting LHW heals for ~5-6k on a target with Earth shield while a none critting HW heals for ~11-12k on the same target. So, you're heals with LHW specc are just insanely depended on crits If you don't crit it's like a 100% loss of healing which you could have gotten on demand with HW specc. Imagine facing an ARP capped bladestorming warrior and you're LHW specc just won't crit. It's pretty much GG!

A good thing with LHW specc is having Ancestral Healingway buff way more often, but that's only good against cleave teams pretty much which again is just depended on wether you face a cleave team or not since it's just waste of talent points against casters cleaves. But I'd still rather have 11-12k heals over having Ancestral Healingway pretty much.

So in my opinion, HW specc is pretty much a LHW specc with 100% crit chance
- Adden



Recommended restoration stats

Hit (spell)- 5%
Spell Penetration - 110
1,000 Resilience
23,500 - 25,000 HP

Restoration you need a base of 110 Spell Penetration in order for your purges not to be resisted and wasting precious globals/mana. Three Stormy Majestic Zircon (see below) with 35 Spell Penetration to cloak brings you up to exactly 110. Again it's helpful to keep a balance between your Resilience/Stamina but if you're more comfortable with running with a higher health pool then gem more towards stamina and reversely, if you prefer more damage reduction then gem for more Resilience but I highly suggest you stay within the stated parameters (1,000 Resilience/23,500-25,000 HP).

As for your meta, I've personally used Insightful Earthsiege Diamond and Powerful Earthshatter Diamond as an Orc and a Tauren and in both cases I've found the Insightful Earthsiege Diamond to provide a significant amount of Mp5 over even a short match. However, for those who aren't in full Relentless gear it's suggested that you use the Powerful Earthshatter Diamond, especially if you're an Orc, in order to adjust for your lack of Resilience/Stamina.

When you wish to gem or enchant as restoration it comes down to your comp and which playstyle there is required: Offensive / Defensive
Using Spell power+X sockets is the best idea since those gems will end up you having more "itemlvl" than normally.
I.e. socketing 23 sp and 20resilience into your chest will make you lose 1 spell power, if you would socket 12 sp 10resilience, that’s one guideline to use if you care about details.
Suggested gems:


Currently in 3s there is no point to socket mp5, don’t think it’s even that viable in 2s.

Please note that these suggestions are only for the 3v3 and 5v5 bracket due to Blizzard removing 2v2 Gladiator standings.

Now there's a long standing debate between gearing for full Mp5 (Ringmail) or full Critical (Mail) (Haste no longer plays a significant factor due to the haste given by Riptide and Lesser Healing Wave already having a base 1.5 second cast time) but a general consensus I've gathered is you should gear depending on your comp. If you're going to be running a comp that's designed to last longer than three minutes, or a comp not designed to beat the opposing team in the opening Bloodlust or shortly after, such as Double Healer Warrior, then it's more beneficial to gear for Critical gear because without significant Riptide abuse you should be able to keep up your mana pool. Remember though that for gearing full Mp5 gear you significantly reduce your capabilities as playing Elemental for your off-spec!

For which pieces, I see most people, including myself, running 3/2 in order to have the two set bonus (100 Resilience!) but I've found that 5/0 pays greater dividends vs. caster heavy comps such as Spell Cleave so if possible then you should pick up both and swap around accordingly.

As stated previously, LHW spec relies heavily on keeping up the riptide +Critical. Although this is entirely possible, a lot of the time I've found you can't keep hitting someone with riptide just to gain the buff because enough pressure is being put out that if you're not healing they will fall. Personally I swear by the HW build, it makes healing through massive damage manageable and despite it not being cost effective in the long term, I can safely say that 1/5 games includes a large HW save, particularly vs. a rogue/x combo where you've manage to fake cast the kick.

I use 0/13/58 which is a mana/survivability build that sacrifices Critical talents for other tools such as Nature's Guardian. My comp, Retribution/BM/Restoration, makes me a very appealing swap target. Depending on what you're planning on running, you should change the talents around accordingly. For example as RLS, a comp which has two much sexier swap targets then yourself in most situations, I've swapped the 4 points out of Nature's Guardian for Thundering Strikes and then took out the 4 points to spec to Mana Tide for an additional 3 points into Tidal Waves. Because of the very heavy-burst capabilities in this comp I traded some survivability and mana tools for more ability for more damage.


Totem Sets
Basically there's a few things to keep in mind and a few options, considering the fact you can only have a maximum of 3 sets at a time.
-Can I afford manawise to put in 4 totems in a set or do I only really need 2-3, thus saving a few hundred mana every time I use this set?
-Should I prioritize my sets vs certain classes/setups or vs certain situations?
-Do I think I can keep track of using more than 3 sets and just change them accordingly to what I meet while queueing?

Useful sets against several classes:
Against rogues: Earthbind, Nature Resistance, Cleansing. I leave out the fire totem here because you may or may not find that flametongue totem is a waste of mana (like I described in my first point mentioned above). This is a personal opinion and it's up to you to decide whether you think you can afford it/think it is necessary.
Against rogue priests: Tremor, Grounding, Cleansing. Grounding is optional here because you may want to have it off cooldown for when you really need it - for example to avoid a mana burn. Instead you could add a Nature Res totem for instance.
Against Wizardcleaves: Tremor, Grounding, Fire Res, Frost Res. (A possible option is to cast this set and then use Flametongue totem after if there is no mage)
Against Warlocks: Tremor, Grounding, Mana Spring, Flametongue (I add Flametongue here because against warlocks mana is generally not a problem at all)
Against warriors: Tremor (this basically saves you a trinket if he times his fear properly), Mana spring.

thanks to moonies and dionysus


Recommended elemental stats
Hit (spell)- 5%
Spell Penetration - 135
In order to achieve those stats, you may use the hit ring & neck and enchant your cloak with 35 spell penetration and you can gem some spell power/spell pene.

When you have met the recommended stats, you should be going pure spell power (red gem), but if you lack a little bit of survival I would recommend mix some spell power/resilience, just like you can do with spell power/spell penetration in order to obtain the proper stats overall.
Meta gem should be 3% extra damage on crits/21 critical rating

http://www.wowhead.c...qfdhtGfuAoMhGco - This is the spec I(blowi) use when going arena, if someone got other variants please post.

Totem Sets
1. General Set
2. Survival
3. Offensive

1. This one consists of Totem of Wrath, Cleansing Totem and Tremor Totem. It is quick to place if you are running behind a pillar, and then run forward again.

2. I rarely use this, only it’s good for the situation, but Stoneclaw and Grounding Totem.

3. This is Earth Bind/Fire Nova totem, and make sure you use stoneclaw right after if some people just throw at it or ice lance once!


Recommended enhance stats
Hit (melee)- 5%
Hit (spell)- 4%
To achieve these numbers I would use s7 ring, either hit neck/cloak and 1 20ap/10hit gem for 110 rating for 3.35% melee hit and 4.19% spell hit. To reach 5% melee hit I put at least one point in DW spec. You can also supplement your hit with pve gear if it's available.
(racials and talents can add another 2-6% miss, but I wouldn't recommend gearing for that much hit)

Spell penetration - 75

Once you've hit the recommended stats, +40ap gems should fill red sockets. Use a +10 stats gem in one blue socket (recommended in weapon since it's likely used in pve as well). You can elect to fill the remaining yellow/blue sockets with ap/resil, ap/hit, ap/crit, or ap/stam if you're a socket bonus whore like me. For non-orcs your meta should be +21crit +3%crit dmg or +21agi +3%crit dmg if you prefer slightly more defensive stats and play with kings. For orcs I prefer using +42ap +10% stun duration reduction to stack with hardiness.

Harliya speaks about wolves
Alrighty to add a few things to the enhance section. Wolves usually come up every month or so and someone is upset about the broken mechanics and wondering if it is a common problem. As most shaman know that have played enhance since wotlk came out they have been bugged since release and have yet to be fixed in any way. The main issues come in that the pets are considered temp pets and not a full time pet. Therefore their abilities come out on auto-cast and will always come out on auto-cast even if you turn them off or attempt to macro them to turn off when you cast the Wolves spell. Pretty much just tell new shaman to expect the stun to come in a matter of seconds after the wolves reach their target and the spirit walk ability can be used as long as your fairly close to your wolves. It will only be auto-cast if the wolves themselves are stuck in a root or nova and will not auto-cast it if only the shaman is stuck.


I don't think we can agree upon a single "best" enhance spec right now because of the nova totem change in 3.3 it is changing the spec quite a bit and we'll likely need a thread to itself to argue over specs for a bit before we can decide what will perform the best post 3.3. So long story short more on this later.

My recommendations per bracket are as follows:
2v2: 650-850 res depending on your comp (double dps vs. enhance/healer)
3v3: 800-1000 res again depending on comp (amount of CC vs. amount of damage on the team)
5v5: 875-1050 res less about comp and more about any 3-4 dps in this game can kill any class in 5s just having enough to let your healers keep you up is much more important then your personal enhance damage.

Totem Sets
My sets usually look like this
1. General Set
2. Offensive/Alternative Set
3. Stoneclaw/Grounding

1. This set usually consists of flametongue, tremor, cleansing and windfury. Once the opposing team shows I will swap tremor for SoE if there is no fear, cleansing for mana spring if no DK/hunter/rogue. It is also useful to swap windfury for nature resist against rogues and DKs when garg is up.

2. This set includes flametongue, SoE, cleansing, and windfury. Honestly this set is rarely used and could be set up for non-fearing/poison/disease teams.

3. Stoneclaw/grounding. Also useful to macro this set with battlemaster's and healthstone for a ghetto 'oh shit' button.

For the most part the first 2 sets are only dropped at the start of the game or when switching pillars/position. Keep in mind most totems only have a 30yd range, which is relatively short. Try to avoid using 4 totem sets excessively as it's a huge mana sink. - Snerp/Harliya <3

Addons & UI

Posted Image
This is my UI.

Let me give you some basic tips which could be said to any newcomer shaman:

- Don't try to use too many addons, just play with sound on and use your eyes. It helps your gameplay way more than you can imagine -- It might be hard in the beginning to get used, but so what? It's a new season, so perfect to try it out.

Dangerous addons are: Afflicted saying every single spell from a class, SpellAlerter which makes you just look at the middle of your screen or where you've placed it.

I would advice people to use an addon such as:
- Dominos (http://wow.curse.com....s/dominos.aspx) Then place all the spells you don't need to know the cooldown of in a different bar which is invis and therefore you are forced to know the keybinding, and eventually you'll be happy with some more space in your UI.

Do not use MSBT, or some other sort of combat text - The one built within Blizzard is brilliant, and way less messy than that. You are getting way too much "useless" information which is jumping all over your screen.

Try not to separate your unit frames too much all over the screen, as you will waste time looking (:

Hope any of these suggestions help you, be free to ask any other questions about anything. Remember there is not a specific "HOW AN UI SHOULD LOOK" so just go with what you like, as you spend hours staring at a screen.


~You might need an announcer for grounding totem and shocks. This is to help relay the information with your teammates so you can better coordinate your abilities.

ShamanFriend is a perfect addon in this case: http://wow.curse.com...man-friend.aspx

~An addon such as TotemTimers might be helpful as a new shaman as well, if you are forgetting to refresh your shields or simply keeping track of your Earth Shield, or you can moderate your totems to be displayed anywhere at the screen you wish and find it the most comfortable:

-- thanks to everyone who contributes --