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how to counter combat rogue as resto druid

18 December 2014 - 06:18 PM

hey alot of people have been asking me tips on how to heal as resto druid this new patch , specifically dealing with melee, and i thought i'd start out with telling people how to counter combat rogues and branching off


this is game of 2s against the highest rated people in 2s nessper and his druid
this video is great because nessper has an addon that shows every one of my globals

1)talents.... displacer beast - no explanation

ysera's gift - best talent by far imo, no cd, you can hang out in bear form while this ticks on you, i almost always get this even in 3s, i think the only time i would get cenarion ward is if im playing double melee druid, i think it works perfect in this meta cause there is no such thing as needing burst healing, only falling behind - plus it isnt affected by dampening

faerie swarm - spam this on the rogue after  you blink to give your self more time, while you rehot ur self or just so your cds can come back up or whatever --- gives you more time against a burst of speed rogue... in 3s it's almost always viable to use against a priest or use on a healer to keep them slow enough to cast clone on them -- mass entanglement is viable too in 3s esp with a warr or dk -- i would never go typhoon

sotf or tree of life -- i dont really think it makes a difference, i think going Tree is a good counter against stuff like incarnation, ret wings, killing spree etc, otherwise if your playing a team that has consistennt pressure like dk warr or enh warr i would get SOTF as you dont want to fall behind ---- now that i think about it treants could be an even biger counter against a combat rogue if you can use them in bear form(not sure)

bash or vortex or disorient -- against combat rogue the best option is either bash or disorient as rogues can cloak every vortex (  i forgot to change my talent), bash is probably the best as disorient breaks, but if you know disorient wont break if your partner never touches the rogue then disorient can work too.... vortex is still super good against other cleaves meaning any double melee, anything with a ret or feral , if your team has spell damage then you could use it against rogues too and they probably wont be able to cloak every single one... vortex is super good though, try faerie swarming, vortex on a healer to get a clone... or if a team is training you (feral or warr especially) put a vortex down and blink , if they feral leap or charge you they will get sucked back.... if they are training your spriest or mage then use it for them when they guise or as long as they're not stuck in a stun

natures vigil or hotw -- nature's vigil is the best option defensivly speaking, you can use it in bear form, lasts 30 seconds, cd is 1 min 30 ... gives your heals mini hots ... you can go HOTW if you want to help killing, but i went nature's vigil cause i knew i could last much much longer then their team and wasnt too worried about needing to help out

germination - the best option, keeping up doubl rejuvs and lifebloom before you have to go back to bear form is key

2) glyphs -- glyph of barkskin, glyph of clone, glyph of regrowth.... you could go shapemender if you wanted for extra defensive spec, you probably cant cast that many clones anyways and/or may not need the extra range , i personally wasnt but if i was scared of them i would've.... if you are plaiyng against disc combat then glyph of blooming instaed of regrowth would be good too... i havent been able to test it out yet but glyph of entangling roots can be good too against rogue / healer specifically

3) how to beat people who train you -- pretty much you just keep up fulll hots on your self , pre hot  and mushroom ur self before people swap to you (mushroom is super important), if you anticipate people swapping to you then just double rejuv ur self and get ready to swap bloom too when you know they have commited, and even a preemptive faerie swarm to give your self more time is super good, once any melee swaps to you , swap to bear form, and ironbark your self if you want, cast nature's vigil while your hots are sitll on you and ns too.... you can also mangle and then use your frenzied regen over and over again and that heals you too.... once your hots have fallen off or you've decided youve taken too much damage you can blink away and then put down vortex if you have it to guarantee a couple more seconds , or bash them / disorient  and decide if you want to clone them or root them or wahtever .... note: bear form works best against any classes with auto attack or physical damage, like combat rogue, warriors, but dont work that well against classes that have bleeds or magic damage (ret, feral, enh etc) however you can bear form their auto attacks or ferocious bite to reduce the damage... if you have no globals to press (you dont want to genesis yet) or swiftmend is on cd then you might as well just hang out in bear form...

they key against combat rogues is to bear form every kidney, and hopefully ironbark/mushroom it too, if you can hold barkskin for killing spree i think thats the best time to use it in a 2v2 situation, if you get kidneyed in human form, you might as well trinket

4)learn when/how to fake cast .... let people interrupt you if you are comfortable with hots, and want to clone something soon for a setup or just to cast regrowth..... how to fake cast while you are in trouble, if you are scared of getting interrupted then cast 10% of the cast then stop it, if you dont juke then cast 40% then 70% etc, just try to learn when they'll fake you, some really really good players will instantly interrupt you, some of the sub 2200 players will wait for 40 percent, then others will let you cast til about 70 or 80 percent... this is mind game really just try to anticipate how good they are / what you think they'll do but if you can learn how they play really early and know when to let them interrupt you will do well

that's it :), other than that try to create opportunities to cast clones, meaning faking stuff like all the ranged interrupts, melee interrupts, dark simulacrum, mass spell reflect or spell reflect , grounding totem etc...