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#4601743 Legion is worst than WoD

Posted paypayz on 29 August 2016 - 07:47 PM

there's a less of a grind now. the ilvl difference will be minuscule, and u dont even need any pvp gear at all, in the past you HAD to do shit to get PVP gear to compete, now you dont. if you want to talk about the artifact grinding, sure there may be a lot of artifact grinding involved, but i think u fail to see that it wont make as big of a difference if you dont have it grinded up, compared to in WoD where gear mattered so much...

just casually play it and if ur good u will succeed , and if ur not then you wont. it wont matter how much u grind really , but it gives players stuff to do. at the end of the season if you are good you will get r1 considering at that point you should have everything grinded up. so just dont overthink it just play... atleast let the game release and the pvp season to start before you get super butthurt...  if u are still taking this game seriously and in turn looking at every little detail and trying to make an idea of how it'll pan out then you need to chill, dont take this game seriously it wont end well for u

#4441214 Jahmilli didn't get R1 on any characters this season.

Posted paypayz on 23 June 2015 - 07:05 PM

wod sucks so much dick, you sit in 5 min ques, get 20 min games where you do the same thing 5 times in a row (get trinket, get all defensive cds, wait 2 min, they have all their cds back, rinse and repeat) i dont think jah or anyone else (mitch, etc ) whos already been known as some of the best really care , they have no motivation to prove they are the best cause they already have, and the game isnt fun enough to have motivation to be good at it

#4429103 May 26: Blizzard on Vanilla servers

Posted paypayz on 28 May 2015 - 12:33 AM

i feel like they could refine the UI to be better, add focus in , arena 1-3 for tbc etc, without changing any "real" mechanics of the games. just the things people enjoy like (raid finder, dungeon finder, bnet) obviously raider finder and dungeon finder wouldnt TELEPORT you to the instance, and raid finder would be NORMAL difficulty but it'd definately be good, especially if you can create a custom group. that would be boss.

world and LFG channel suck, like having a ui for that is clearly good especially something that would be awesome for vanilla, obviously heirlooms wouldnt be a thing either

and they could fund it using wow tokens, it's ez.  (buying gold in vanilla was a thing, maybe if they monitored the supply it would make sense for the amount of progress that's happened)

and saying people wouldnt play that is ridiculous. there are around 20k people approximately playing Vanilla WoW scattered on different realms, some pepole (such as my self) dont even like retail or want to play it at all, i'd rather play a Blizzard sponsored version of Vanilla than retail.

some people play live cause they love wow but hate the current state, but cant be asked to play on a private server (for one it doesnt have same sense of epicness cause it's not "official" and most servers are shit)

so i bet atleast double the amount of people that currently play a certain private server expac would stick around , which is around 50k people, and it could keep growing i mean who knows. thats pretty ignorant of them to say that their current state of the game is better than old version, like clearly they made some improvements in UI and graphics or whatever, but the way they designed the game past Wrath and getting into Cata is awful. introducing magic dispel to everyone was the tipping point, but it wasnt that bad (shamans became op but rmp could still outplay it)

getting into beginning of MoP was a mess

unfortunately the closest thing to blizzlike experience of past xpacs is corecraft and that's the reason why it hasnt come out yet. but alot lot of people are waiting for it.

#4379052 RMD!?

Posted paypayz on 02 February 2015 - 09:23 PM

there has always been the comp that relies on cc and set up (rogue mage ) and those that rely on damage (tsg) , there's skill in both , for the latter the skill comes from stopping them from being able to setup, for example in the last blizzcon, lsd 2.0 won because they were skilled enough to stop the other team from their set up, that's always how lock / shaman vs mage / druid has been oriented....

also making druid and mage share dr's would make them dogshit, that isnt the issue, druids have always had castable cc, and were always (imo) the hardest / highest skill cap of any healers , along with priests with offensive dispel and aoe fear, cause they had to know when to transition from playing defensive to offensive ... the problem is that druids are too good i guess but also combat rogue / rdruid is too strong together, because they just have to survive to win the game (eventually) , so they dont even have to go offensive

i think they should just make sub more viable, then delete ice nova, and make mages like how they were in mop or cata or wotlk.... mages are oriented around bursting every 30 seconds and do dog shit damage otherwise.... imo they should design all classes besides hybrid casters (spriests, eles, rets even) to be viable in 2s with a healer, otherwise it's poor design...

no1 likes playing against mages cause they seemingly get cced against them forever then they burst and something randomly dies in a double ice nova (or if not , it can possibly get cloned low, and wait for drs to rinse and repeat) .... no1 who plays mage likes it, and no1 who plays against one likes it regardless of if they win or lose

make mage damage more consistent, imo if it's not viable in 2s then it's poor design, mage / healer has always been viable even in bc

#4379012 Resto druids.

Posted paypayz on 02 February 2015 - 07:55 PM

they should just buff disc priests, then nerf combat to shit, even if sub is just as annoying to play against, still requires set up and thought... although there are other comps out there that dont require (much) thought and jus require dps (wls, tsg, turbo) i dont think rmd should be one of them...

also buffing disc priests would also keep druids in line.... other than that, clone has always been hardcasted, the reason why priest fear is POSSIBLY equal is because it's almost guaranteed (instant, and aoe / unstoppable besides fear ward)  however the 45 sec cd is excessive and makes it so it's not equal, if you could get 1 fear for every 2 clone dr durations then it'd be fair imo, because sometimes (depending on how the other team is playing) you can only get a clone every 30 seconds on healer if at all

the real problem is combat rogue and rdruid, which is evident in how hard everyone seems to be trolling pinkrangerz and nessper, it's such a noticeable difference when playing sub rmd vs combat rmd how offensive the other druid can play solely cause he's playing with a combat rogue, it's pretty disgusting, while everyone is trying to peel the dps and recover, the druid can literally do whatever he wants

buffing disc priests and nerfing combat rogues i think would do wonders for the balance of the game, disc and druids are the two most offensive healers, but when i used to main priest, i always thought priests do well against druids, and it always came down to whoever was a better player

(30sec fear cd, 45 sec aura mastery, strength of soul - reduce power word shield debuff by 3 sec every flash heal casted on target, freedom on power word shield instead of feathers as a choice.... plz so i can play my disc again)

#4338057 A few priest changes that would help

Posted paypayz on 07 January 2015 - 08:54 PM

really simple, and ive said it many times, this would put them back to cata status which was very viable in many comps

1. freedom on shields instead of guise + feathers (either remove it or give the talent option)
2. give back strength of soul ( everytime you cast flash heal on your target your weakened soul debuff is reduced by X seconds) ... i say X because weakened soul debuff has already been reduced at its base, plus the glyph... it used to be 4 seconds, so it could be 2 or 3 instead... either one would be perfect... this talent could replace guise or surge of light...

other things that could be changed: fear baseline cd reduced, renew back (doesnt even have to be substantial can be 2k per tick), dispel protection etc, mana burn, increased damage

these two together made priests viable against any melee cleave that owned you in cata (ret / dk)... you actually had a chance cause you could give your self freedom over and over again if you were GOOD enough to fake cast...

that way priests dont just get shit on by any melee cleaves where feathers + guise is mostly pointless.... blizzard ruined disc ever since mop which is why i quit the game then rerolled to druid cause disc priests were just gutted so hard

#4325316 Dampening

Posted paypayz on 30 December 2014 - 07:33 PM

IMO dampening should be reworked to increase the amount of mana your spells cost (healers only) instead of reducing the amount you heal for, that way people who can get smart drinks off are rewarded, otherwise , it just seems like certain comps or match ups can seem hopeless as the game goes on, which i dont think should be the case   specifically priest vs druid, druid can clearly out dampen any priest healer or pally healer for that matter

#4305927 how to counter combat rogue as resto druid

Posted paypayz on 18 December 2014 - 06:18 PM

hey alot of people have been asking me tips on how to heal as resto druid this new patch , specifically dealing with melee, and i thought i'd start out with telling people how to counter combat rogues and branching off


this is game of 2s against the highest rated people in 2s nessper and his druid
this video is great because nessper has an addon that shows every one of my globals

1)talents.... displacer beast - no explanation

ysera's gift - best talent by far imo, no cd, you can hang out in bear form while this ticks on you, i almost always get this even in 3s, i think the only time i would get cenarion ward is if im playing double melee druid, i think it works perfect in this meta cause there is no such thing as needing burst healing, only falling behind - plus it isnt affected by dampening

faerie swarm - spam this on the rogue after  you blink to give your self more time, while you rehot ur self or just so your cds can come back up or whatever --- gives you more time against a burst of speed rogue... in 3s it's almost always viable to use against a priest or use on a healer to keep them slow enough to cast clone on them -- mass entanglement is viable too in 3s esp with a warr or dk -- i would never go typhoon

sotf or tree of life -- i dont really think it makes a difference, i think going Tree is a good counter against stuff like incarnation, ret wings, killing spree etc, otherwise if your playing a team that has consistennt pressure like dk warr or enh warr i would get SOTF as you dont want to fall behind ---- now that i think about it treants could be an even biger counter against a combat rogue if you can use them in bear form(not sure)

bash or vortex or disorient -- against combat rogue the best option is either bash or disorient as rogues can cloak every vortex (  i forgot to change my talent), bash is probably the best as disorient breaks, but if you know disorient wont break if your partner never touches the rogue then disorient can work too.... vortex is still super good against other cleaves meaning any double melee, anything with a ret or feral , if your team has spell damage then you could use it against rogues too and they probably wont be able to cloak every single one... vortex is super good though, try faerie swarming, vortex on a healer to get a clone... or if a team is training you (feral or warr especially) put a vortex down and blink , if they feral leap or charge you they will get sucked back.... if they are training your spriest or mage then use it for them when they guise or as long as they're not stuck in a stun

natures vigil or hotw -- nature's vigil is the best option defensivly speaking, you can use it in bear form, lasts 30 seconds, cd is 1 min 30 ... gives your heals mini hots ... you can go HOTW if you want to help killing, but i went nature's vigil cause i knew i could last much much longer then their team and wasnt too worried about needing to help out

germination - the best option, keeping up doubl rejuvs and lifebloom before you have to go back to bear form is key

2) glyphs -- glyph of barkskin, glyph of clone, glyph of regrowth.... you could go shapemender if you wanted for extra defensive spec, you probably cant cast that many clones anyways and/or may not need the extra range , i personally wasnt but if i was scared of them i would've.... if you are plaiyng against disc combat then glyph of blooming instaed of regrowth would be good too... i havent been able to test it out yet but glyph of entangling roots can be good too against rogue / healer specifically

3) how to beat people who train you -- pretty much you just keep up fulll hots on your self , pre hot  and mushroom ur self before people swap to you (mushroom is super important), if you anticipate people swapping to you then just double rejuv ur self and get ready to swap bloom too when you know they have commited, and even a preemptive faerie swarm to give your self more time is super good, once any melee swaps to you , swap to bear form, and ironbark your self if you want, cast nature's vigil while your hots are sitll on you and ns too.... you can also mangle and then use your frenzied regen over and over again and that heals you too.... once your hots have fallen off or you've decided youve taken too much damage you can blink away and then put down vortex if you have it to guarantee a couple more seconds , or bash them / disorient  and decide if you want to clone them or root them or wahtever .... note: bear form works best against any classes with auto attack or physical damage, like combat rogue, warriors, but dont work that well against classes that have bleeds or magic damage (ret, feral, enh etc) however you can bear form their auto attacks or ferocious bite to reduce the damage... if you have no globals to press (you dont want to genesis yet) or swiftmend is on cd then you might as well just hang out in bear form...

they key against combat rogues is to bear form every kidney, and hopefully ironbark/mushroom it too, if you can hold barkskin for killing spree i think thats the best time to use it in a 2v2 situation, if you get kidneyed in human form, you might as well trinket

4)learn when/how to fake cast .... let people interrupt you if you are comfortable with hots, and want to clone something soon for a setup or just to cast regrowth..... how to fake cast while you are in trouble, if you are scared of getting interrupted then cast 10% of the cast then stop it, if you dont juke then cast 40% then 70% etc, just try to learn when they'll fake you, some really really good players will instantly interrupt you, some of the sub 2200 players will wait for 40 percent, then others will let you cast til about 70 or 80 percent... this is mind game really just try to anticipate how good they are / what you think they'll do but if you can learn how they play really early and know when to let them interrupt you will do well

that's it :), other than that try to create opportunities to cast clones, meaning faking stuff like all the ranged interrupts, melee interrupts, dark simulacrum, mass spell reflect or spell reflect , grounding totem etc...

#4302417 Flameglow > Ice Barrier?

Posted paypayz on 16 December 2014 - 03:49 PM

as godcomp we qued into junglecleave and my mage had flameglow, and it absorbed 830k damage in a 3 minute match. i think i did the math and for ice barrier to do the same amount of absorbtion considering it has a 25 sec cd and absorbs for 27k , it'd have to be a 14 minute game or something... my math could be horrible though

#4285610 S16 Day one - The good/bad/ugly - What blizzard can do and why they should.

Posted paypayz on 04 December 2014 - 11:11 PM

View PostLolcowz, on 04 December 2014 - 10:54 PM, said:

As disc i feel like something is lacking still, although they are very strong. I feel like silence is a bit over the top, but surviving cleave right now seems to be a pretty daunting task. I think if they made aura mastery baseline instead of a glyph, reduced cd on fear, and added in some type of reward to shield cooldown for flash healing like the strength of soul talent. It would increase the ability to survive cleave and increase the through put which seems to be a problem if your having to spam flash. If those changed were implemented they should remove silence b/c its clearly to strong when paired with some of the priest comps atm, i think it would make the class more balanced.  

^no disc particularly is HAPPY with 5 sec silence considering how awful the rest of our mechanics are, like yeah we are OP when coupled with ret/hunter/feral/dk because of spam purge and silence  but we wouldnt mind it getting nerfed if we were rewarded for casting Flash Heals (Strength of Soul PL0X) or someway to actually be able to survive vs ret / dk smashing ur face in

in terms of ret / dk (possibly best healer training duo) training a disc in to the ground, it feels alot like cata... you get away for 3-7 secs max, and teh damage burst and everything seems the same, except the fact that we dont have strength of soul... i dont really give a shit about silence, im not going to particularly point it out because im nervous that if they just nerf silence and dont change anything else about us then we will just be dogshit and we will be replcaed with pallys,

#4258072 BlizzCon® 2014 Opening Ceremony and eSports – Free Live Streams

Posted paypayz on 08 November 2014 - 09:31 PM

View PostrageTG, on 08 November 2014 - 09:26 PM, said:

The Korean WMD played the LSD2.0 during the group stage and it felt like they just got beat by dampening everytime.

they went 3-2 with it being super close, and nolifer's wmd 3-0d them in mirrors, i think they would easily kill sham with warr,

View PostManowar, on 08 November 2014 - 09:27 PM, said:

Too bad this tourney will be won due to dampening :(
Don't get me wrong, the LSD2 players are all very skilled, but the only thing they have to do is survive until 40% dampening, and then its auto-win.
I would prefer if blizzard nerfed healers all over the board instead of using dampening yo avoid games getting too long :/

that's always the way MoP has been designed around, mage/druid goes for perfect exceution, and lock/sham goes for ruining those perfect executions, lock sham simply wins by just fucking their setups

#4257082 official push push fan thread

Posted paypayz on 08 November 2014 - 04:16 PM

kordings wmd is really good, but nolifer will beat it, if they q godcomp and lose 1st game , they'll que mirrors and destroy them

#4254259 Why is there no solo rated option for 3v3 and rbg?

Posted paypayz on 06 November 2014 - 03:32 AM

i still think they should implement solo q just like AT has it, with the option of duo queing: no role stacking ie; castercaster... only melee/caster or (caster/melee) / healer )

#3812707 There is no gope

Posted paypayz on 29 November 2012 - 04:40 AM

on the bright side, we can spectral guise with a power word shield up and stay in it even if dots are on us, so the usability of the spell is changed, after u get out of that deep just shield, stealth, and hope they dont hit ur shadow i guess lol...

#3662335 Person's characters deleted

Posted paypayz on 14 March 2012 - 07:17 AM

This user has been warned for this thread

this kid bought a 2200 carry and got hacked instead(not by me)...after seeing himself in a video on youtube he writes on the forums
heres the link on youtube

"i payed for a 2200 carry from NAO players who hacked me and stole all my gold, deleted all my gear, and spammed profanities on my account. they made a video of doing this to me and several other people. i feel my identity has been compromised and i want a free name change..or some whitness protection in wow"