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In Topic: ABN?

05 February 2015 - 06:35 AM

he's just a troll that's a product of suburbia

In Topic: RMD!?

02 February 2015 - 09:23 PM

there has always been the comp that relies on cc and set up (rogue mage ) and those that rely on damage (tsg) , there's skill in both , for the latter the skill comes from stopping them from being able to setup, for example in the last blizzcon, lsd 2.0 won because they were skilled enough to stop the other team from their set up, that's always how lock / shaman vs mage / druid has been oriented....

also making druid and mage share dr's would make them dogshit, that isnt the issue, druids have always had castable cc, and were always (imo) the hardest / highest skill cap of any healers , along with priests with offensive dispel and aoe fear, cause they had to know when to transition from playing defensive to offensive ... the problem is that druids are too good i guess but also combat rogue / rdruid is too strong together, because they just have to survive to win the game (eventually) , so they dont even have to go offensive

i think they should just make sub more viable, then delete ice nova, and make mages like how they were in mop or cata or wotlk.... mages are oriented around bursting every 30 seconds and do dog shit damage otherwise.... imo they should design all classes besides hybrid casters (spriests, eles, rets even) to be viable in 2s with a healer, otherwise it's poor design...

no1 likes playing against mages cause they seemingly get cced against them forever then they burst and something randomly dies in a double ice nova (or if not , it can possibly get cloned low, and wait for drs to rinse and repeat) .... no1 who plays mage likes it, and no1 who plays against one likes it regardless of if they win or lose

make mage damage more consistent, imo if it's not viable in 2s then it's poor design, mage / healer has always been viable even in bc

In Topic: Resto druids.

02 February 2015 - 07:55 PM

they should just buff disc priests, then nerf combat to shit, even if sub is just as annoying to play against, still requires set up and thought... although there are other comps out there that dont require (much) thought and jus require dps (wls, tsg, turbo) i dont think rmd should be one of them...

also buffing disc priests would also keep druids in line.... other than that, clone has always been hardcasted, the reason why priest fear is POSSIBLY equal is because it's almost guaranteed (instant, and aoe / unstoppable besides fear ward)  however the 45 sec cd is excessive and makes it so it's not equal, if you could get 1 fear for every 2 clone dr durations then it'd be fair imo, because sometimes (depending on how the other team is playing) you can only get a clone every 30 seconds on healer if at all

the real problem is combat rogue and rdruid, which is evident in how hard everyone seems to be trolling pinkrangerz and nessper, it's such a noticeable difference when playing sub rmd vs combat rmd how offensive the other druid can play solely cause he's playing with a combat rogue, it's pretty disgusting, while everyone is trying to peel the dps and recover, the druid can literally do whatever he wants

buffing disc priests and nerfing combat rogues i think would do wonders for the balance of the game, disc and druids are the two most offensive healers, but when i used to main priest, i always thought priests do well against druids, and it always came down to whoever was a better player

(30sec fear cd, 45 sec aura mastery, strength of soul - reduce power word shield debuff by 3 sec every flash heal casted on target, freedom on power word shield instead of feathers as a choice.... plz so i can play my disc again)

In Topic: RMD!?

02 February 2015 - 07:43 PM

going bm and playing with a druid as well is your only chance to beat Mage/Druid/x and trying as hard as you can to stop every deep / ring or poly.... if your druid can preshift prior to deep, then you only have to stop one cast (ring of frost)

In Topic: Is there any reason not to use [nochanneling] macros?

27 January 2015 - 11:05 PM

i think since mw channel spell drains mana per second there's no need to worry about clipping like you do if your a shadow priest (not sure though)

does it take mana instantly if you were to spam it? Jw cuz i had the same question on my alt