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#4275721 -Class Balance Hotfixes-

Posted Avengelyne on 25 November 2014 - 09:28 PM

I am quite sure when the pace of the game slows down Ret won't be as good

#4271926 Ice Nova

Posted Capstone on 21 November 2014 - 06:19 PM


i'd like to say a few things

first, lowering the amount of available haste, taking blanket off counterspell, and making deep break on damage were a few of the best changes the class has received in years. it is a lot more fun to play already than it ever was in mop

let's examine some new things about the mage class:

Posted Image

ice nova. this ability doesn't make any sense. it replaces frost nova, which is a reduction of binds and a shift away from a core ability that requires you to position yourself somewhere to set something up. it does much, much more damage than any of your other abilities (you would have to stand still and cast ~5-6 frostbolts to do as much damage as you do with a single, instant, uncasted ice nova). it puts everyone it hits on POLYMORPH dr (actual wtf), and it does aoe damage. let me list the unintended problems with this:

1. this only increases anyone's incentive to train a single target, because after i use my ice novas, i'm not doing any damage, so i want to play defensive, but i can't swap off the target i was just on to do it, since that target is now on double polymorph DR.

2. everyone around that target is on polymorph DR too. if i'm fighting a cleave (and all i'm fighting is cleaves), i can't polymorph the other DPS because he's on full dr from using a completely necessary ability on the guy standing next to him the entire game. even if i polymorphed ahead of time, this move will BREAK polymorph on whoever for using it, and there really isn't any choice - ice nova is so powerful my options are 1.) use it or 2.) suck

3. this ability literally does not allow me to think for myself. if i have cc or my partner used cooldowns, i am obligated to press this button, everytime, unconditionally. i don't need a fingers of frost proc, i don't have to fake an interrupt, i just press this shit

Posted Image

ok, so i haven't been a fan of fingers of frost since wrath. i still believe you should have to have a freeze effect on your target to ice lance or deep freeze it, but it's just out of control now

at some point some developer got the idea in their mind that it'd be really cool if fingers of frost made your ice lance do MORE damage, and so it was all of mop, but now this buff actually makes ice lance do 100% more damage. let's examine what this change does:

1. it does nothing for pve. you can't deep freeze or frost nova a boss, so literally all of your ice lance damage is fingers of frost damage, so the modifier ONLY affects pvp

2. since blizzard added a gigantic fucking curved blue icon that surrounds your character whenever fingers of frost procs, it's extremely easy for everyone who logs on a mage with the desire to have instant success (hello mists of pandaria) to just press ice lance and do damage. it's considerably more difficult, as it always has been, to use your own personal novas for it (though frostbite no longer exists and with the addition of ice nova this literally only leaves ranged freeze). but because of the fingers of frost change, ice lance does the same damage frostbolt does to targets when you don't have fingers of frost up. ice lance probably SHOULD do the same damage as frostbolt, except that some developer decided frostbolt should hit for 5k and crit for 10k

3. this spell is GENERATED by ranged nova, and as i said earlier, with the removal of frost nova, frostbite, and deep freeze breaking on damage, ranged freeze is your only freeze. this means when you go to generate procs to do damage, you instantly have to break your own freeze by ice lancing with a buff that was designed to allow you to use damage for ice lance without a freeze effect. it has totally defeated the original purpose of fingers of frost, which was stupid in the first place

now i could finish this post by talking about how dumb frost bomb is as an alternative to ice nova, or how incanter's flow is the dumbest, most rng talent in the universe, or even how the level 100 talents are some of the worst thought out and least effective abilities ever created, but i have one significant gripe that i literally have to look away from everytime i notice to stop myself from getting upset

Posted Image

this is some of the most fucked shit i've ever seen in this game

ok. the first one about frozen orb exploding like anyone stands in that shit for a full 10 seconds or 4000 damage is significant to anyone in the universe, that's just dumb, careless, lazy developing which is pretty consistent with blizzard's approach to frost mages. i don't really mind incompetence

the problem i have is that the second set bonus indicates, there is some developer somewhere who is trying to leave their mark on the mage class and change it in a meaningful way, and this person has never actually played mage for a significant amount of time. whoever was spearheading this idea should be fired immediately

you have to ice lance a frozen target to increase the damage of frostbolt.

first of all, it's basically impossible to ice lance a frozen target five consecutive times

second, who in the fuck wants to ice lance FIVE times, then CAST a spell to finish a target? casts are always going to happen at the start of a setup when you have cc on a target or they aren't desperately running around a pillar to line you

lastly, this developer doesn't know how much damage frostbolt does. let's say i decide i REALLY want to make the most of this stupid frostbolt bonus, and i ice lance a target five times and i get the frostbolt buff stacked up to 25%. i can now cast frostbolt for 5k damage (10k if it crits) and gain 1-2k damage on my frostbolt. this set bonus presumes that adding 1-2k damage to a single frostbolt cast is a legitimate reward for ice lancing the same target 5 times consecutively, which is impossible to do in the first place

so, yeah, ice nova is fucked, but my primary concern here is that there is some developer is actively trying to do things to the mage class, which will not end well, since every major gameplay change to the class that has ever been made has been a negative one. the best changes this xpac are ones that returns it to the state it was in BC (no blanket, no deep, less haste)

#4267420 25% resil still in the game.

Posted Proditor on 17 November 2014 - 08:36 PM

View PostMessman, on 17 November 2014 - 03:36 PM, said:

How do you know for sure its still in the game? I don't see anything under defense tab.

/run print(GetModResilienceDamageReduction())
> 25

#4265425 Simplified Ashran Guide

Posted Lightningx on 15 November 2014 - 10:29 PM

Just gonna make a quick guide on this coz I know how lost I was when I first got to ashran. Now I have full gear and am pretty sure I got most of what happens in Ashran. Here goes

Ashran is by far the fastest way to get gear. Don't even bother with BGs or anything just instantly come here when you hit 100 if you want pvp gear.

Step 1: queue for ashran and get every single quest. Do all the random quests at the base while you wait to get into the battle.

Step 2: Once you get in the battle you will notice a large castle to your right, this is where the pvp gear can be bought

Step 3: The battle is fought in several stages. It begins in the middle, then moves on to the path leading to the tower, then the tower, then the enemy base. During these battles you will need to stand next to a large flag to capture it. The more people in the area the faster it will cap etc

Step 4: At the final stage you will have to defeat the enemy boss. He does 2 things. If you stand near him he will do a massive AOE for about 200k damage that will oneshot, so try to not melee him. He will also throw an axe in an aoe spot that will do a huge amount of aoe dmg. move away from it. Once this boss is defeated you will get 500 honor wherever you are in the zone at the time (625 honor if you attack him and are near to the base when he is killed)

Step 5: After the boss dies, the battle restarts and you move back to the middle. It restarts in around 3 mins

Step 6: Now you know the gist of the ashran battle, be aware that the only time you recieve honor is at the end when the boss dies. So theretically you can do absolutely nothing and just hit the boss once at the end and get 625 honor.

Step 7: Around the edge of the zone are a bunch of random named "areas" go to each of these areas and you will get a "bonus quest". There are also a couple of other quests you get from the base. Do these while you wait for your team to do the small battles as they give a chunk of honor and other stuff. Just make sure you get back to the final boss for the extra honor when he is killed

Step 8: Every so often some random "events" will happen. Just go to the specified place (it will be announced in the zone) and do the task and you get 200 honor when its complete)

Recap: Do quests around the zone waiting for your group to push to the final boss, rendezvous with the group at the final boss for extra honor, go back to the base to buy gear in the 3 min downtime between battles. GG

Hope this helps, pce

#4264258 Warlords 5v5

Posted Wallirik on 14 November 2014 - 07:51 PM

rogue comps dominated mop 5s, almost no other comp had a competing chance unless the rogue team was very shit

#4263268 WOD Launch Night

Posted drugdealerx on 13 November 2014 - 06:35 PM

ayy lmao

#4259716 Blizzcon Recap

Posted Farkette on 10 November 2014 - 03:15 AM

2 words:



#4254367 Anyone playing MOP AT?

Posted Dills on 06 November 2014 - 09:04 AM

who would ever want to play mop again rofl wtf

edit: oh i see a warlock and a shaman posting in this thread. now that explains it

#4254196 Why is there no solo rated option for 3v3 and rbg?

Posted Mattadoro on 06 November 2014 - 02:10 AM

Posted Image

#4253911 Will you keep your honor for WoD?

Posted Zaephyr on 05 November 2014 - 07:02 PM

No i'm gonna become like everyone else and start DDoSing

#4251649 Blizzcon Meetup

Posted Mattadoro on 03 November 2014 - 06:27 PM

View PostEthaysien, on 03 November 2014 - 05:47 PM, said:

I heard whaley is coming ;o

incorrect shes in the tradeshow across the street "Seaworld and You"

#4251646 Blizzcon Meetup

Posted Mattadoro on 03 November 2014 - 06:26 PM

moran sleeping over is a trick, each night he will go to someone new, and upon each night a casual question of "hey bro whats the wifi here"

3 night stay = 3 new harvested IP's   tread lightly

#4242364 Path of Mists (6.0 MW Guide/Updates)

Posted Primius on 24 October 2014 - 08:50 PM

View PostLethargicx, on 22 October 2014 - 10:17 PM, said:

All I've seen is people complain 24/7 about how bad MW is.

It's still prepatch, at 100 we have a good amount of tools on hand, we just have to play shaman pillar and rely on partners. The only issue I see is rogues, but even then damage is so retarded right now I couldn't care less. If mana turns out to matter my opinion will change, but ATM I'm pretty ok.

Mendi are you in beta? I thought you were not?

Live and Beta are two completely different animals.

MW are t1 on live compared to how they are at 100 in beta. Which is complete shit.  

What Shrii said is 100% accurate.

In beta I can't even use Life Cocoon on anyone on my team. If I use Life Cocoon on anyone I am a free kill target. Kitty Cleave, TSG, Vanguards, Rogue/Ret, Rogue/DK, Turbo, Fury Turbo all take a massive dump on MW within 60-90sec of every match.

It's so bad that it's near impossible to find partners to wargame with as MW in beta unless you have ready made teammates already. Thank God for skirmishes but you can't get a feel for how bad the spec is because most of the people you are teamed up with in skirmishes are awful.

From my perspective no class is perfect and every class has things that can be tweaked and improved to make game play better.  The problem IMO with MW in beta is the lack of choice (which was a problem in MoP but not to this degree), and the inability to heal under pressure.

With Chi-Generation greatly slowed down at 100 Enveloping Mist having zero dispel protection is a major issue.
The fact that our other HoTs heal for virtually nothing at 100 is another major issue. Renewing Mist heals for 550 at 100, and Zen Sphere heals for 600.  That is only about 50 more then they heal for at 90 on live.....??? WTF

You go into a CC and it's game over. You have no ability to pick someone up quickly coming out of CC because you have no instants and no utility to save anyone.  Mastery is 100% garbage in beta and with no Glyph of Enduring Spheres it's just a complete shit show.

You might get 1.5% of your healing from Mastery in a 5min 3v3 game.

I mean I don't like being overly negative because I did love the spec but it's shit atm at 100.  Lvl 90 is a pure shit show but it's fooling people into thinking there is light at the end of the tunnel...

Sorry the only thing at the end of the tunnel is the melee train coming to slam a big cock up your anus.

#4247653 well deserved title Kappa

Posted Ashleylol on 30 October 2014 - 10:46 PM


i have no idea what the fuck went on in the blizzard HQ today?

firstly, check the 5s ladder http://eu.battle.net...eaderboards/5v5

there are so many blatant wintraders on the ladder
the pvp ratings records show this and over 30 people from the legit teams (mine, nieze's, thunderz's) reported these teams and yet even a 5x dps russian team did not get disqualified?

check this guy out for example, clearly a 5s god
http://eu.battle.net...d/Pëtä/advanced - CHECK HIS 3S RATING! :D

so there we have it, loads of people get it YET again and there is no relevant disqualifications despite MULTIPLE players reporting these players on a frequent basis: and EVEN though they wanted to take extra time to sort out the ladder the most evident of all wintraders were not disqualified?

its actually disgusting

To add to this, here is a ticket that someone in my team (Vildé) made - Here is the reply he got:

I have looked into your ticket and win trading is automatically actioned at the end of every season, their titles, gained items, points and progress are removed, and it is VERY easily tracked. Their accounts are also suspended and given warnings to reflect the severity of the situation, but it is not something we deal with locally, due to the scope and scale of the problem. It is handled by the development team, across all servers, at the end of every season. Once they are actioned and removed from the runnings, the ladders are automatically adjusted to allow for this.

Hope this helps to ease your mind.

We really appreciate the time you guys take to contact us though, as without you guys we don't exist, and your continued passion for our games allows us to be here to help you when possible!


ty blizzard yet again for utter bullshit and unfair play

#4246741 Cheating, AJ & You

Posted Dills on 30 October 2014 - 03:24 AM

I read through a majority of these posts and I'm really hoping no one had said this already, but I still feel it's something that people don't consider too often.

Throughout playing wow I was for the most part kind of okay with boosting. It was something I didn't really like, and therefore I did not do it myself, however I still did not complain about any partners or just other high rated players I knew doing it because I would rationalize their reasoning. For some people if they're trying to play the game a very large amount and really enjoy it and wanting to be the best of the best whatever it is etc. they potentially might not be able to put in the time required (Not everyone needs to play the game a lot to stay at the highest level, but some do) because it's not really an efficient use of their time when they need to instead spend that time working. So in order for those people that want to actually be playing all the time similar to how a professional league player would play and practice, I'd rationalize it as them needing the money for to put in that time towards the game they love. And the easiest way for those people to get that money is through boosting.

However, by doing those boosts they end up hurting the competitive environment of the game they love, and also just the ladders. Instead of having the game progress into something those types of people want (i.e an esport on the same popularty of league) regardless of it's something that's possible or not they are still preventing that from happening by causing issues with competition.

But the one thing I believe people don't consider a part of any of this is DDoSing. So obviously it's clear DDoSing is a huge issue right now, people use it to get themselves their undeserved titles and those people cheating that way should be punished. Since DDoSing allows those people to get ratings they themselves couldn't have obtained without cheating, this actually can apply to those players doing Pilots. Because there is money involved in boosting, the type of people that are willing to cheat for things will definitely use that cheating to get a profit for themselves. Now instead of just only top players being able to do Pilots to earn money, you also have people with booters who can do the same thing and can use DDoS as a way to make some of their pilots possible. The same sort of thing can also be applied to wintrading and botters. The same people that will wintrade, bot, and ddos games on their main characters for their title can also do it on pilots now allowing them to get a profit off of something that was not even obtainable to them in the first place.

The TL;DR version of all of that is not everyone that pilots is a wintrading ddoser or botter, but I am pretty positive at least 90% of wintraders, ddosers, and botters will do the same on pilots in order to profit off of the game, and hell I'm sure that some top players that don't wintrade on their mains, would possibly have it done on a pilot to make it easier and less time consuming, and they probably wouldn't really care about doing that because it's not their own account.

Piloting has always been a problem and has always been bad for the game. I'd say now with things like DDoSing becoming more and more common, for blizzard and the community especially (a lot of people will overlook and rationalize piloting as oh well it's not as bad as hacking ddosing wintrading, botting w.e) to look at piloting as just as bad as any other form of cheating in the game as it also enables a bigger rise of the other forms of cheating,