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Bring back S12 KFC pls

Finally, something I can get behind :)

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21 August 2015 - 11:33 PM

Every time this comes up it is the same shit. You can't possibly argue that boosting is good for the game. We have had this same thread probably 20 times over the last 5 years and the best defense anyone can come up in favor of boosting has been, "lol you get better by being continually pounded by people playing their main comp 900 rating below their main ratings."

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21 August 2015 - 11:25 PM

[quote name='Nicholaes92' timestamp='1440185630' post='4482465']
How long have you played this game? I'm honestly asking not being condescending because the fact you just asked that question makes me think you know nothing about this game and what it takes to make it fun and playable again.

The fact that everyone is on one factions hurts a lot of things that make this game so fun outside of arenas and also inside.

Even though this is an arena forum, I hate to break it to you but this game is like 10% arena 90% everything else.

But having everyone on one faction also hurts for these reasons.

1. No diversity:  every game you join once you see the comp you can guess with almost absolute certainty what their races are and what you are going against.  Yeah it's not a HUGE deal but it makes match ups less fun

2. Too many people:  now I know a shit ton of people bitch that their isn't anyone to play with and that's just bullshit.  Just because you can't find a team for 2 nights out of the 4 you play doesn't mean there isn't anyone to play with.  If you have less options to play with you actually allow yourself to stick with a team and get better with them and not leave after 2 losses and go to try to find a brand new team.  It has turned wow arena into a roundabout solo queue which fucking sucks.  

3. It kills the game for a lot of people, good people, who play the game for fun.  If you have played horde for 10 or so years and all of a sudden you literally can't find ANYONE to play with because they are all ally you either have to spend a shit ton of money to make all your toons ally or you just quit... Luckily for me I was already ally forever because if it was an opposite scenario I would have already quit.

And tons more reasons for arena but there are countless amounts of reasons for the game in general.

1. It makes all pvp outside of arena dead.  Simple as that.  Bg queues for the populated faction take forever, world pvp isn't even a thing anymore,  any type of world pvp event like ashran will either be completely dead at one point because there is just simply no horde or queues take forever as well.  

Could go on more but it's a pretty simple concept.  If everyone is one faction in an mmo that was built on a foundation of faction rivalry makes the game boring as shit on top of all else wrong with the game.

No shit, but this is arenajunkies, not worldpvpjunkies.

I would love it if this game still had pvp outside of arena, but in the current state of things it can't. This change they make will not fix the problems you have, and it will only make it harder to play arenas.

Your own points explain why it would be bad.

If everyone was one faction, that would be the best thing for arena.

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21 August 2015 - 05:43 PM

[quote name='Nicholaes92' timestamp='1440159073' post='4482039']
What? No... Everyone being one faction is not good at all.  Them buffing horde racials aren't going to hurt a thing.

Explain how everyone being one faction is a bad thing?

We don't have to do normal bgs, and you can only queue arena with people of your own faction.

With how dead the game is, it would be ideal for every single pvp'er to be alliance.

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21 August 2015 - 08:43 AM

hots is the like the candy crush of the moba world

my 4 year old sister is rank 1 in hots