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In Topic: On vanilla PvP

23 April 2016 - 04:29 PM

I find it super hypocritical of Blizzard to bash to the idea of legacy servers so much. They always talk about how they wish they could have not added flying, and not done x, and done y, and added z. Runescape proved that you can go back in time, take an older version of your game and continue development from there.

Blizzard is just a company full of scared people. Blizzard used to be innovators, now they just copy whatever is popular.

In Topic: Legion Gladiator Mount Revealed

22 April 2016 - 05:02 PM


Take that armor color/style and throw it on the Drake of the West/East/North/South Wind and then we would be getting somewhere.

In Topic: Legion Released 30th Aug

18 April 2016 - 07:37 PM

View Posta1entity, on 18 April 2016 - 06:57 PM, said:

You meant Chinese farming game, right ?

I personally switched to Warhammer Online (Age of Reckoning) server. Only one server that was built a year ago byt some ex Mystic dev and its quite fun to pvp none stop 24/7 and not being cc'ed 50% of the game play.

I was actually really into WAR, one of my favorite games of all time. One of the reasons I like Black Desert so much is that it reminds me of WAR. I tried to play Return of Reckoning for a little bit but it was really lagging and the population was so small at the time.

As for Black Desert, the game is split a lot from the Korean/Asian versions. They reduced the amount of grinding and removed the P2W stuff.

It is a little bit pricey to start playing ($51-80) but there is no subscription and the expansions are free.

The only other major requirement is that you actually join a guild for most of the PvP content. So if you don't like joining guilds with random people and you don't have friends to play with, it could be pretty hard to play.

Black Desert is kind of like a modern vanilla to me. It takes a little bit of commitment to get to max level and get some gear. There is no teleports or flying or fast travel, so you see people out in the world and it feels really alive.

View PostIckz, on 18 April 2016 - 07:36 PM, said:

Yeah it's a fun experience until you hit max level and have to to spend hours and hours grinding mobs or doing crafting shit so you can make money to buy/upgrade your gear so you don't get annihilated by other players. Fun game while leveling, but typical korean "endgame".

Is this coming from personal experience of playing on NA/EU BDO? They have changed the game quite a bit from KR so the gear gap is much less. Plus a majority of your upgrades come from bosses, which you get to do one a day pretty much regardless of how much you play.

In reality, it only takes probably 4 weeks of playing to reach 55 and have viable gear.

The main problem with the game right now is the servers being on West Coast, many people from the East Coast have a problem doing the combos due to them doing the combo moves faster than the servers can respond to them.

In Topic: Legion Released 30th Aug

18 April 2016 - 06:15 PM

At least Black Desert is fun.

In Topic: Food for thought from an oldschool player

16 December 2015 - 07:36 PM

View Posttofu, on 16 December 2015 - 04:03 PM, said:

What makes you so sure the developers aren't listening, and how could we get their ear?

They very literally spent an entire year only responding to troll posts.