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Foxyo 3k RMD, 24hr stream 04:00 CEST saturday!

19 September 2014 - 01:14 PM

On Saturday 20.9 (early morning, about 4 CEST) I will begin my 24h stream.
my partner  (DAISYDUKE) will create a fresh lvl 90 mage, Starting with green gear we will fully equip the mage in arena gear and achieve gladiator rating (approximately 2800) in less than 24h.

During all of this we will answer any questions, explain our strats.

For the capping we will play a bunch of Rogue+Mage 2v2 and for 3v3 Gladiator we will play RM+X with the mates that we have achieved 3k rating on stream yesterday!

If you every struggled with Rogue/mage playstyle you should find everything you need on Saturdays stream.

You can find the 24h stream and the records of past streams over on


Daisyduke, the mage that I play with and who will be getting capped during the entire 24h will also stream over on:


Hope to see you in the chat on Saturday!