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Mistfist ~2800 CR MW starting to stream!

07 February 2015 - 07:28 PM

Hello AJ readers! My name is Lance and I play a MW named Mistfist. I am currently 2813 CR with a 2850 mmr and I decided to stream and answer any questions fellow MW's have (or anyone)! My twitch is twitch.tv/mistfister and I'll be streaming more and more as my college workload decreases. Please throw the channel a follow and tune in when I go live, I look forward to securing r1 this season with all of you! Streamed for the first time last night and got 12 viewers, big time boys :P

Past experience:
First season playing competitively! Played on and off since Vanilla but I used to PvE and only arena for fun but this season I wanted to go for the title and I really enjoy monks without healing sphere spam so it was the perfect time to start. I quit most of MoP and Cata although I heard cata had great arena seasons. I also play an Ele and hpal but I'm not very good on them:P

Mistfist- Proudmoore
Mistyfisty - Kel'thuzad (alt MW)