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#2645217 EU PTR

Posted Powerslave on 24 September 2010 - 11:18 AM

copy avatar,show blizzard who reads AJ(lol) our numbers

#2158294 Shaman Cataclysm Feedback UPDATED: 17.11.2010

Posted Blowi on 06 May 2010 - 07:11 AM

Emcl said:


edit: sigh, with lvb being part of LO.... can see 3x lava burst with 3x LO going from rng

going to get some massive QQ from every class : \

Hmm? Only way you'd have it from overload was having those mastery shit which I believe was from PvE or am I completely wrong?

#2555348 MLG Raleigh - Stream/Rocordings

Posted Bullerwins on 29 August 2010 - 02:33 AM

VoDs of today (saturday)


#2396916 [Rogue] Speed-Stepping

Posted Shaylá on 12 July 2010 - 11:46 AM

hi your awesome qt

#1999055 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted Freák1296680573 on 26 March 2010 - 10:20 AM

Posted Image


#1962068 VoA

Posted xrayzor on 17 March 2010 - 01:40 PM

Imo the loot from VoA should be like this: "Item can only be picked up by people with the required rating of the item."

Less honor farm = win

#1961663 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted hunts on 17 March 2010 - 09:14 AM

just kindo threw this together

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#1938205 The Haste thread(Updated)

Posted Myowndk on 11 March 2010 - 12:42 PM



I figured there wasn't a thread focused on the math behind haste yet, and as there are *alot* of misconceptions about haste(such as the value of it during Bloodlust, or during eradication), I decided to make this thread.

Some general information about haste:

The first thing about haste you should know, is that it stacks multiplicatively. That means if you have 20% passive haste, and you gain an Eradication proc you then have:
1,2*1,2=1,44 --> 44% haste.
This means, the more haste you have, the better the scaling is with bloodlust and eradication.

The effect of Curse of Tongues(-30% haste) on your target's total haste:
For the same reason as above, the more haste your target has, the better it gets to use Curse of Tongues on them. When using Curse of Tongues your target's haste is divided by 1,3 , thus costing him massive ammounts of haste.

For those who don't know it yet:
The haste formula:
New cast time = Old cast time/(1+(Haste%/100))

That means that with 20% haste, your corruption's cast time would be:

18/(1+20/100)=18/(1,2)=15 seconds

The ammount of haste you need for 1% is 32,79 at level 80.

Some calculations involving haste:

Situation A: "Lol I laik haste"-setup
Affliction warlock specced into Eradication, using full haste off set gear and some haste gems to match sockets.
Around 750 haste with spellstone, around 23% haste.
Teamed with a shaman, for Bloodlust.
Using Black Magic on weapon, Hyperspeed Accelerators on gloves.

Maximum haste in an ideal situation:
750 passive haste + 250 from Black Magic + 340 from Hyperspeed Accelerators = 1340, ~41% haste.
Now, we add an Eradication proc:
1,41*1,2=1,692 so that makes 69,2% haste.
Now we add in Blood Lust:
1,692*1,3=2,1996 so just about 120% haste.

Now it's a bit hard to say what your average haste would be during a match, so I'll just make a comparision between the passive haste(23%) of this situation, and the maximum haste(120%)
For the medium value we'll take 1000 haste, and an Eradication proc, which is almost 57% haste.

Global cooldown:
Max 1,5/(1+(120/100))=0,68 seconds
Med 1,5/(1+(57/100))=0,96 seconds
Min 1,5/(1+(23/100))=1,22 seconds
It's too bad the global cooldown however is capped at 1.00 seconds, so you are sadly wasting some haste here.

Max 18/(1+(120/100))=8,18 seconds
Med 18/(1+(57/100))=11,46 seconds
Min 18/(1+(23/100))=14,63 seconds

Max 1,3/(1+(120/100))=0,59 seconds
Med 1,3/(1+(57/100))=0,83 seconds
Min 1,3/(1+(23/100))=1,06 seconds

*Note: when calculating the new cast time, you have to use the base cast time. With the 4 piece PvP set bonus this new base cast time is 1,3 seconds.

Max 3/(1+(120/100))=1,36 seconds
Med 3/(1+(57/100))=1,91 seconds
Min 3/(1+(23/100))=2,43 seconds

Unstable Affliction cast time:
Max 1,5/(1+(120/100))=0,68 seconds
Med 1,5(1(57/100))=0,96 seconds
Min 1,5/(1+(23/100))=1,22 seconds

Drain Soul:
Max 15/(1+(120/100))=6,8 seconds.
This means it ticks every 1,36 seconds.
Med 15/(1+(57/100))=9,55 seconds
Which means it ticks every 1,91 seconds.
Min 15/(1+(23/100))=12,19 seconds
Which means it ticks every 2,44 seconds.

Drain Life / Drain Mana*:
Max 5/(1+(120/100))=2,27 seconds
Med 5/(1+(57/100))=3,18 seconds
Min 5/(1+(23/100))=4,06 seconds

*Note: for Drain Mana this means that you are draining 15% of your targets mana in 2,27 seconds assuming 0 resilience.
If the target has capped resilience(1414), and therefor has -33% Mana Drains and Critical Strikes, you would be draining 10% of his total mana in 2,27 seconds.
At this rate, you can oom your target in 22,7 seconds.

Situation B: "I don't want to go over the global cd cap during Eradication"
This situation assumes a warlock who doesn't want to hit the global cooldown cap with just Eradication up. Therefor this warlock does not use Black Magic and the Hyperspeed Accelerators, and stacks a bit less haste.

Ammount of haste needed to cap your global cooldown with just Eradication up:
To hit the global cooldown cap, you'd need 50% haste.
Eradication is 20%, so you need an ammount equal to 1,2*x=1,5
The x here, would be 25%. So you need 25% passive haste to just hit the global cooldown cap with Eradication up. This equals to 25*32,79=819,75 haste rating.

So a person with 819,75 haste rating would have the following cast times, the Max value assumes Eradication and Bloodlust, Med assumes just Eradication and Min is just the passive haste.
Max is 95% haste, med is 50% and Min is 25%.

Global cooldown:
Max 1,5/(1+(95/100))=0,77 seconds
Med 1,5/(1+(50/100))=1,00 seconds
Min 1,5/(1+(25/100))=1,20 seconds

Max 18/(1+(95/100))=9,23 seconds
Med 18/(1+(50/100))=12,00 seconds
Min 18/(1+(25/100))=14,40 seconds

Max 1,3/(1+(95/100))=0,67 seconds
Med 1,3/(1+(50/100))=0,87 seconds
Min 1,3/(1+(25/100))=1,04 seconds

Max 3/(1+(95/100))=1,54 seconds
Med 3/(1+(50/100))=2,00 seconds
Min 3/(1+(25/100))=2,40 seconds

Unstable Affliction cast time:
Max 1,5/(1+(95/100))=0,77 seconds
Med 1,5/(1+(50/100))=1,00 seconds
Min 1,5/(1+(25/100))=1,20 seconds

Drain Soul:
Max 15/(1+(95/100))=7,69 seconds
This means it ticks every 1,54 seconds.
Med 15/(1+(50/100))=10,00 seconds
Which means it ticks every 2,00 seconds.
Min 15/(1+(25/100))=12,00 seconds
Which means it ticks every 2,40 seconds.

Drain Life / Drain Mana:
Max 5/(1+(95/100))=2,56 seconds
Med 5/(1+(50/100))=3,33 seconds
Min 5/(1+(25/100))=4,00 seconds

Curse of Tongues:
This section is dedicated to Curse of Tongues, as it has a rather destroying effect on your opponents haste, and therefor in some situations can be vital to keep up.
I'm not doing the entire math for every spell again here, but I'll just give an indication on the % dps loss on corruption and shadowbolt.

Curse of Tongues becomes more valuable the more haste your opponent has, so therefor it's probably a good idea to keep it up 100% during the opponents Bloodlust. I'll show you why down here:

Max haste from Situation A: 120%
Now, let's see how much that is after Curse of Tongues:
2,2/1,3=1,69 now it's only 69%
As you see, the target now lost 51% haste.
This is roughly a 25% nerf to corruptions dps, aswell as an equal nerf to his Shadowbolt spamming dps.

Now we take a normal situation with the average lock, who is running with the 750 haste from Situation A, without any buffs or procs.
Before CoT he has 23% haste. After CoT he suffers from a negative 5,5% haste.
Now, what means this for his corruption and shadowbolt? The effect is a bit less than before, it's around a 22% nerf to both.

Now, corruption is usually about 45% of my dps, and shadowbolt around 15%.
If we assume that a 25% dps nerf to both, this would mean I'd lose a total of around 15% dmg.
Ofcourse, this does mean that you would lose the around ~12% overal dmg of CoA, but the devastating effects of CoT are definitely something to keep in mind when you need to limit the opponent warlock's damage.

*Note: the effects on shadow priests and mages are even greater, as they have more spells that benefit in a direct damage way off haste, so it would mean an even bigger damage nerf for them.

Advantages of Haste:
Utility: faster casts mean it's easier to controll targets due to your reduced fear cast time.
Raw damage: in burst scenario's haste provides a lot of extra damage, specially when under the effect of Blood Lust or/and Eradication.
Drain soul: Haste particularely is awesome for Drain Soul, as it makes the first tick come A LOT sooner, therefor giving you a much better chance for a solid Drain Soul Execute.


By popular demand: an added section on haste vs spellpower.

Now, this is a fair bit harder than the previous calculations, as alot of the power of haste cannot be meassured by exact numbers.
(Being faster cast times on Fear, UA, faster dotting etc.)
However, some factors can be exactly measured, such as the dps difference on Corruption, Drain Soul and Shadow Bolt.

Let's make three different sets of gear, keeping in mind the stat budget of haste vs spellpower.
20 haste equals 23 spell power in terms of budget, so 1 haste = 1,15 spell power

The first set up, is one of a warlock wearing crit pieces, gemming purely for Spell power, which brings him to about 3800 sp, and around 30% crit. And only 60 haste(Spell Stone)

The second set up, uses full haste off gear, and has around 750 haste with his Spell Stone, while still having 3800 sp and 15% crit.

The third set up, uses full haste off gear, aswell as sacrificing a fair bit of extra Spell power for more haste. This set up has 1000 haste, 3513 sp and still 15% crit.

Ofcourse, these scenarios are a bit flawed, as normally the bulk of your haste comes from sacrificing crit and not spell power, but for this comparison it's close enough.

Also, these calculations are done, assuming you specced for Nightfall, aswell are using the Corruption glyph, for a total of 7,84% to proc an instant Shadow Bolt of every Corruption tick(4%+4%, minus the chance they both proc at once, which is 0,16%)

Formulaes used:

Formula: 1080+(162% of Spell Power)*Multipliers
Improved Corruption: 10%
Siphon Life: 5%
Shadow Mastery: 15%
Contagion: 5%
Malediction: 3%
Haunt: 20%
Spell Stone: 1%
Damage reduction: resilience: around 25%
Final formula: (1080+(1,62*Spell power))*1,1*1,05*1,15*1,05*1,03*1,2*1,01*0,75

Shadow Bolt:
Formula: 730+(85,71% of Spell Power*Multipliers
Shadow Mastery: 15%
Malediction: 3%
Damage reduction: reslience: around 25%
Final formula: (730+(0,8571*Spell power))*1,15*1,03*0,75

Drain Soul:
Formula(per tick): 710+(42,86% of Spell power)*Multipliers
Sub 25% hp: 400%
Soul Siphon: 18%
Shadow Mastery: 15%
Haunt: 20%
Malediction: 3%
Damage reduction: resilience: around 25%
Final formula: (710+(0,4286*Spell power))*4*1,18*1,15*1,2*1,03*0,75

Set up 1: 3800 sp, 30% crit, 60 haste.

Damage and dps table:
Damage per tick(non crit) 1574,77
Damage per tick(critical) 2204,68
Average damage per tick: 1694,45
Total damage:                 10166,72
Duration:                 17,68
Dps:                         575,15
Dps including Nightfall: 676,09

Additional Corruption related dps*:
Nightfall procs:
An average of 6*0,0784=0,47 procs per 17,68 seconds
Adding 0,47*3568,5=1784,2 to Corruptions total damage, which equals to 1736,18/18=100,94 dps.
*Note: this is not taking in to consideration the burst a nightfall proc generates, just the overal dps. Not does it consider the posibility of having Corruption on multiple targets.

Shadow Bolt:
Damage(non crit): 3541,93
Damage(critical): 3719,03
Average damage:         3568,50
Cast time:         2,95
Dps(spamming)         1201,90

Drain Soul:
Damage per tick: 11767,67
Total damage:         70606,00
Cast time:         14,73
Dps:                 4791,79

Set up 2(750 haste, 15% crit, 3800 sp)

Damage and dps table:
Damage per tick(non crit) 1574,77
Damage per tick(critical) 2204,68
Average damage per tick: 1631,46
Total damage:                 9788,78
Duration:                 14,65
Dps:                         668,19
Dps including Nightfall: 789,06

Additional Corruption related dps:
Nightfall procs:
An average of 6*0,0784=0,47 procs per 14,65 seconds
Adding 0,47*3541,6=1770,8 to Corruptions total damage, which equals to 1736,18/14,65=120,87 dps.

Shadow Bolt:
Damage:          3541,60
Damage Critical: x*
Cast time: 2,44
Dps(spamming) 1450,52

*Note: Shadow Bolt most likely isn't going to crit in an arena setting with only 15% crit.

Drain Soul:
Damage per tick:   11767,67
Total damage:    70606,00
Cast time:    12,21
Dps:            5783,57

Set up 3(1000 haste, 3513 sp, 15% crit):

Damage and dps table:
Damage per tick(non crit) 1473,59
Damage per tick(critical) 2063,02
Average damage per tick: 1526,64
Total damage:                 9159,81
Duration:                 13,79
Dps:                         664,09
Dps including Nightfall: 784,58

Additional Corruption related dps:
Nightfall procs:
An average of 6*0,0784=0,47 procs per 13,79 seconds
Adding 0,47*3323,09=1661,55 to Corruptions total damage, which equals to 1736,18/13,79=120,49 dps.

Shadow Bolt:
Damage:          3323,09
Damage Critical: x*
Cast time: 2,30
Dps(spamming) 1445,54

*Note: Shadow Bolt most likely isn't going to crit in an arena setting with only 15% crit.

Drain Soul:
Damage per tick: 11148,72
Total damage:         66892,32
Cast time:         11,49
Dps:                 5819,63

Dps -        Set up 1 - Set up 2 - Set up 3
Corruption - 676,09 - 789,06  - 784,58
Shadow Bolt - 1201,90 - 1450,52 - 1445,54
Drain Soul - 4791,79 - 5783,57 - 5819,63

The damage difference between running with 750 haste, and 1000 haste is neglible on these spells. Ofcourse you will lose additional ammounts of dmg, when we factor in the other damaging abilties.
Set up 1 is clearly inferior, but we all knew that already as haste>crit anyway.

To show how the numbers would be, if we do factor in Bloodlust, I'll show a quick table of the dps per spell while having both Bloodlust and Eradication up.
I'm not going to back this up with my extensive calculations, I'm using the exact same ones as for the figures above.

Calculations including Bloodlust / Eradication:
Dps: -        Set up 1 - Set up 2 - Set up 3
Corruption - 1045,11 - 1222,96 - 1212,74
Shadow Bolt - 1877,22 - 2268,98 - 2255,27
Drain Soul - 7484,24 - 9046,98 - 9079,52

Remarks on Spell Power vs Haste:
On the spells I have compared(those spells that benefit from Haste), the damage and dps difference between Set up 2 and 3 is neglible.
The extra factors that do need to be taken in to consideration however, are the damage losses off Unstable Affliction, Haunt and Curse of Agony.
These factors might be properly compensated though, by having faster Fear casts, and the ability to dot up targets just a bit faster.
It's really hard(read, probably impossible) to give an exact value to the utility haste gives in this area. Personally however, I feel like it's worth sacrificing a tiny bit of Spell Power for some Haste, but just don't go all overboard.

I really hope this thread helped any of you out :)

Ps. If you notice any flaws in spelling or grammar, please do tell me, so I can correct them. English isn't my first language, but I tried my best.
Corrections on flawed math are more than welcome as well.

#1743615 The Complete R1 List

Posted Akaforty on 20 January 2010 - 09:25 AM

Battlegroup, 3v3(Top Rating) / 5v5(Top Rating)


Blackout , 1(2744) / 2(2675) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Blutdurst , 3(2860) / 2(2736) = 17 Relentless Gladiators
Cataclysme/Cataclysm, 2(2823) / 1(2651) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Cruelty/Crueldad, 3(2723) / 1(2644) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Cyclone/Wirbelsturm, 2(2816) / 2(2701) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Embuscade/Hinterhalt, 3(2805) / 1(2513) = 14 Relentless Gladiators
Glutstorm/Emberstorm, 1(2874) / 3(2579) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Misery, 1(2792) / 2(2651) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Rampage/Saccage, 1(2787) / 1(2709) =7 Relentless Gladiators
Raserei/Frenzy, 1(2809) / 3(2620) = 18 Relentless Gladiators
Reckoning/Abrechnung, 1(2772) / 2(2605) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Sturmangriff/Charge, 2(2773) / 1(2396) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Vengeance/Rache, 6(2767) / 1(2611) = 17 Relentless Gladiators
Vindication, 2(2776) / 1(2499) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Вихрь, 1(2572) / 1(2721) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Шквал, 1 (2719)/ 1(2925) = 6 Relentless Gladiators


Bloodlust, 1(3011) / 2(2792) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Cyclone, 4(2776) / 1(2697) = 16 Relentless Gladiators
Emberstorm, 1(2852) / 1(2669) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Nightfall, 3(2816) / 2(2716) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Rampage, 2(2791) / 1(2749) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Reckoning, 1(2780) / 1(2704) = 5 Relentless Gladiators
Retaliation, 1(2773) / 1(2601) =8 Relentless Gladiators
Ruin, 1(2832) / 1(2729) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Shadowburn, 1(2862) / 2(2770) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Stormstrike, 2(2824) / 1(2817) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Vengeance, 2(2810) / 2(2666) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Vindication, 1(2816) / 1(2683) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Whirlwind, 1(2878) / 1(2702) = 7 Relentless Gladiators

EU =  196 Relentless Gladiators
US =  132 Relentless Gladiators

Scanned and counted the eligible players in each team.

Class breakdowns: http://www.arenajunk...d.php?p=1809222

I made this by myself, if it helped, +rep is welcome ^^

#1736123 Ghetto Ladder Updates Part 2

Posted Sym on 19 January 2010 - 04:15 AM

I wanted to make a new thread because the other one was unorganized, outdated, and the old script I used had sloppy output. This is much cleaner, and factors in inactive teams, as well as shows team rankings. It will also show the last time a team's match history was updated (which is where the information I use comes from).

To save space I'm only going to show the 75 top active teams from each battlegroup (ties for 75th place aren't accounted for, so keep that in mind). Even though all the teams that were scanned were not shown, the script is still factoring in the ratings of the 200 top teams on the current armory. I'm going to run this one for both 3v3 and 5v5, so stay tuned.

I'm going to update the following posts as the script runs. If you notice anything that looks buggy, let me know.

Bloodlust 3v3
Cyclone 3v3
Emberstorm 3v3
Nightfall 3v3
Rampage 3v3

#1704164 Bring Back Welfare Gear!

Posted Belligerent on 11 January 2010 - 07:39 AM

Imo, a huge problem is that all the items cost more points nowadays too.

#1703193 [Blizzard] GC on MLG Orlando

Posted Veet on 11 January 2010 - 01:23 AM

You guys are over reacting.  Read the entire post, he pretty much acknowledges that the game play needs to be slowed down (both healing and damage).

#1680316 Powerauras explaination thread. (WIP)

Posted Grilldarksorrow on 05 January 2010 - 12:00 PM

Aight, since there is just to many people asking questions how to display X procc and Y debuff, i'll take myself time to write a guide teaching you what thing means what in Powerauras.


This is the picture with the numbers, i will explain what each number does and after that i might even throw in some examples how to do some certain things.

1. Aight, 1 is glow, glow simply will enhance the showcase of the procc with a glow, depending on what "Showcase" you've choosen it might be good to disable for a better look.

2. the 2nd option is just allowing you to use more icons etc for your "showcase procc".

3. is Costum textures, here is where it gets real fun.
If you want your own pictures to be put as a procc tracker you can just simply add it in: C:\Program\World of Warcraft\Addons\Interface\Powerauras\costum\ and name is Myownpicture.TGA
and the more important thing, if you want to track your sheep for example, you can simply just go to wowhead.com get the Spellid from there.

(Short guide how to find the SpellID from wowhead.)

http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=61721 this is the Polymorph Rabbit URL, the SpellID is actully listen in here:
The SpellID is 61721.

So what happends if we put spellid in that little window?

It will simply show Polymorph Rabbit's icon as the "showcase proc".

4. Text aura, you can simply just type something here to track it. for example "Fingers of frost!" to show that you have the buff: Fingers of Frost.

5. Texture, what texture and look do i want on the showcased aura?

6. Opacity, do you want the aura very faded or at 100% clear opacity?

7. Do you wanna turn the Aura in somekind of direction?

8. Do you want to make the aura thicker or taller on the lenght?

9. Size, big small its all in your taste, i'd recommend rather small because its still easy to track (Unless you have a 27" screen for example (qq i run with 19"))

10. Positon X, that means, you want to move it to the right or left side?

11. Means position Y, Up or down where do you want to move the aura.

12. Activation, this is a very important part, this will tell Power auras when to activate, for example i want to track arcane blast stack 2, then i have to add: "Arcaneblast, debuff, stack >1, only in raid (I dont want this in world pvp etc)".

13. Animation, how do you want the aura to appear and fade?

14. Do you want any additional sounds into when the aura pops?

15. Timer, this can be quite useful, for example adding a timer on when your Hypothermia fades.

16. is the activation by a buff, a debuff, is it by HP (For example it can show a big ass death skull in the middle of the screen when your at below 10% hp.)

17. Ignore this, i'm stupid and put it accidently 2x for Stacks... /Facepalm.

18. Stacks, how do you want to activate it on?
For example to track solance or arcane blast.

(How to track arcane blast.)

"Debuff, Arcane blast, >0."
"Debuff, arcane blast, >1."
and continue till 3.

19. Name of buff to activate? "Arcane blast" is an example but then you have to change it to a debuff aswell remmeber that!

20. Is it two spells you wanan track with this?
for example to check if fireward and frost ward is up, so you don have to make additional triggers for it.

21. Is the spell i'm tracking cast by me or someone else, ask that yourself before crossing this one.

22. Is it for friendly targets only, or should it track it for enemy targets aswell, (For example tracking if the enemy is cycloned wouldn't always be required but if your healer is cycloned this will help you quite abit to pop defesive cooldowns.

23. Unitname, this is a rare one, but this one can help alot (I will make an short example after i grabbed lunch explaining how you can use this for potencial.)

This will allow you to make the aura ONLY track 1 persons debuffs.

For example, my partner Magejävel (Aka MageN00B), if i want to, i can make sure to cross this in, put Magejävel in a unit, and add it to debuff: Sheep or hex, and then put the sheep icon in the middle of the screen, and i know when he is CC'D and when i can dispell him for example.

That was all:

Rest is reserved for additional examples etc, feel free to request an example how to do something and i'll try to answer asap.

Example: Nr 23, Unitname.

Checking if buff.


The configuration.

What will this do?
Answer: this will display the text in the middle of the screen: "Veddi got focus magic lol" all the time as long as he has focus magic, if i remove focus magic and put it on lets say a dk, it will disapear and i will be called a retard. ( :( )

What can i change?
for example you can change the following to make it a good sheep tracker on your 2v2 patcher.

Change the unit name to what ever name your partner is.
Change it to a debuff, and change the name of the spell to: Polymorph.
switch the text aura to costum texture and put the 61721 (SpellID) in.
Move the icon close to the portrait of your partner, and it will pop a crazy rabbit close to the avatar when he is sheep'd.

#1662663 2v2 Resto Shaman/Rogue Guide

Posted Zoltån on 31 December 2009 - 02:38 PM

So I have received a lot of requests to post up strategies for Restoration:shaman:/:rogue: comp.

I feel this comp is the strongest healer/rogue comp you can play in 2s at the moment. The comp has no hard counter for healer/dps teams but does the lack against teams such as mage/rogue and most double dps teams.

PROS: Good Burst+CC+Purges+Quick Games+Heroism/Bloodlust
CONS: Lack of Defensive dispel-shamans vulnerable to lockdowns and CC chains if you mess up

Rogue Starting macros/specs:

http://www.wowhead.c...Zebfb0hzb:GTizV (Envenom/Mut/Prep Without HS)
http://www.wowhead.c...Zebfb0hdb:GTizV (Envenom/Mut/Prep With HS)
http://www.wowhead.c...uVo0xZxbb:GITzV (Hunger for Blood)
http://www.wowhead.c...ubgRtx0fd:hNRzV (For Combat for luls)
In terms of what is best Hunger for Blood is by far the best for healer/dps match ups but if you starting Queuing into a lot of double dps than Mut/prep is superior by far. I run with 2 1.8 Daggers Deadly-MH Wound-OH and having a MH to switch out for teams where double wound is superior.

Useful Macros

Tricks of the Trade(No matter who your partner is this will always work)
/cast [target=party1] Tricks of the Trade

Focus Kick
/cast [target=focus] Kick

No Fail Feint
/cast Feint

Focus Dismantle
/cast [target=focus] Dismantle

Focus Gouge
/cast [target=focus] Gouge

Focus Mouseover
/focus [target=mouseover,exists]; focus [target=target]

Sap Macro
#show sap
/cast sap

Trinket Blind
/use 13 (or 14 depending on which slot your pvp trinket is in)
/cast blind

Trinket Blind for humans
/cast Every Man for Himself
/cast blind

Quick Bandage
/use [target=player] Heavy frostweave bandage

Deadly Throw/Throw
/cast deadly throw
/cast throw

#show Preparation
/cast [nostealth] Evasion
/cast sprint
/cast preparation
Shaman starting macros/specs:

http://www.wowhead.c...uIcsEkbhRt:Ljqc (Pretty standard Resto spec)


Natures Swiftness
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Healing Wave

Focus Hex
/cast [target=focus] Hex

Focus Purge
/cast [target=focus] purge

Focus Shock
/cast [target=focus] Wind Shear

Difficulties based on 1-5 (1 easy-5 very hard)

Strat:Rogue will sprint out and get a sap on the priest immediately hopefully your shaman can start purging before he gets sapped. If the shaman doesn't get sapped and fully purges priest you want to open extremely hard on the priest forcing a PS-most likely rogue will open on you(tank his CS to KS and than immediately blind the rogue to force his trinket)as soon as he trinkets vanish and open on the rogue to a CS+KS combo while your shaman purges the rogue and shocks the priests heals and rogue should be out of CDs if he doesn't die and you get him the next time your kidney is up. Now if the match ends up with a dual sap or you getting sapped out of stealth than your shaman should get in combat so he doesn't get sapped and you get hard opened on. If you get sapped out of stealth they will most likely open very hard on the shaman putting you both on the defensive. When sap wears off you want to restealth if you did not get dotted by the priest and open on the rogue with a blind on priest when you come out of stealth allowing your shaman to grab his distance and top himself off again the rogue will be forced to trinket the kidney or he is going to die and will probably blind you if this happens immediately trinket and start toe to toe with the rogue both of their trinkets will be down and your shaman gets off a hex on the priest along with his purges and shocks turns into an easy win. Save heroism/lust for the first opener to try and get an early gib as easily as possible. Also if any time during any rogue/healer comps if the rogue starts kiting away and crippling falls off the shaman needs to frost shock or flame shock to keep him from restealthing as this can be detrimental to the course of the match.

Strat: This is an extremely easy match up basically rush the warrior as fast as possible get in your CS+KS combo getting up SnD and your HfB up now hears where it comes to almost running PvE rotations into the warrior 4+ point envenoms on him and spamming them will force him defensive so quickly the amount of pressure you put out with the shaman shocking/hexing the pally and purging SS off of the warrior means he just falls over when the warrior bladestorms pop evasion + feint and just damage him through it use your blind on pally when Sac isn't up and its gg use heroism/lust for the opener, extremely easy fight.

Strat: Very similar to pally warrior except the druid has peels with roots and cyclones and doesn't have to cast to heal but the same concept still applies and just have your shaman shock the cyclones+roots while you run your damage into the warrior forcing him defensive super quickly and ride it out for a free win. Also after you disarm the warrior have the shaman hex as it forces another GCD for the druid and another 1-2 seconds where the warrior cant shield wall.

Strat: Very easy fight... shaman keeps his distance from the priest so he doesn't get feared and he spams purges on the druid as the rogue goes toe to toe with the feral... by the shaman spamming purges the druid gets no instant cyclones which means you can rape him with huge envenom hits and tanking through evasion blind priest when you open and its usually just a win to easily ride out when priest receives innervate just have the shaman purge it down and you will win in mana since ES will stay on the rogue and Water shield on the shaman pop heroism/lust in the beginning to force CDs asap. Like I said though its an easy win

Strat: This comp can be challenging depending on how good they are... DKs are the only plate class now that can actually tank envenom damage so heres what you want to do start with a sap on the DK and open extremely hard on the druid when sap is nearing an end have your shaman hex the DK which he shouldn't get dispelled because the rogue is sitting on the druid and he most likely will not have the free GCD to do so at least for 2-3 seconds blind the DK as soon as the CC is up and by this time the druid should be close to dead if he isnt already... if the druid hasn't died you are going to get kited by the deathknight with Chains of Ice Spam and Death grips so you have to Toe to Toe with the DK making sure when he AMS or AMZ to pool your energy and not waste energy as your poison damage will be greatly reduced... your shaman is going to need to make sure the druid gets no casts on either one of you because if your shaman gets cycloned- Strangulate combo you can die in the duration.

Strat:Extremely easy basically druid/warrior but a lot easier and the game will go on longer just sit on the ret and he will bubble quickly and die shortly after. Nothing special.

Strat: This fight can be extremely easy or it can be a real pain the rogue should start with a sap on the warlock and open hard on the shaman blinding+hexing warlock blind first than hex while the both of you rape the shaman which he should die... if he doesn't than swap to the warlock to mitigate damage and ride him out for the kill. its important for the shaman to be smart about placing tremors so neither of you get feared for more than 2-3 seconds or it could cost the match.

Strat: Like shaman/lock except this time you have to ride the warlock the whole game or you are going to lose. The shaman has to use his shocks for the druid so the druid can't control and the rogue has to lock down the warlocks damage throughout the fight.
Start the fight with the rogue sprinting in sapping the warlock and immediately opening on the pet getting your SnD + HfB up with a blind on druid hopefully being able to score a kill on the pet and force a fel dom at this point you continue to ride the warlock making sure to kick and stun/gouge fears and such because your shaman has to keep the druid locked out from cycloning and rooting you. The longer this fight goes on the more likley you are to lose. So try and kill the warlock and put out enough pressure that the druid cant get out of tree form save your shamans hex for when the lock teleports or is going to Teleport. One of the hardest matchups you will face as this comp

Strat: Ride the mage shaman spams purge/hexes and shocks Polymorph only** this is very important as one of you can die in a full duration Poly and you want to avoid this.. blinding the priest on opener open wih CS on the mage he will blink you sprint over and kidney forces instant block have the shaman charge up a hex coming right out of the block and continue to ride the mage for a kill pretty simplistic strat especially since most of the mage wear tons of pve gear so you can get an easy kill the very simplistic way of beating this comp.

Strat:By far the hardest healer/dps comp you will face your only choice is to ride the hunter and keep on him as his damage is going to rape you i.e. killing the hunter in the disarms shaman has to shock the druid and still try not to fall behind in healing basically if the hunter is extremely good he will kite you till you are out of CDs and than easy kill... apart from scatter/frost trap to cyclone is just so much unavoidable CC and is a downhill battle if the team is decent.

Difficulty:4-5 depending on the opener
Strat: This is one of the hardest comps you will face and is almost always a 5 but is closer to a 4 if you are Envenom/Prep spec and easily a 5 if you are HfB. Basically the match will go 1 of 2 ways You get sapped or your shaman gets sapped... a good mage rogue when they see your team will start out in invis and your shaman will get sapped when this happens stand a few yards away predicting where the mage is going to come out of invis spamming your sap macro to hopefully get a sap off on him before he gets in combat at this point you will open on the rogue keeping your bleeds on him if the mage trinkets sap hes going to polymorph your shaman or you either way the poly needs to be interupted and your shaman hex him while hes locked out from his CS while you still have your bleeds on the rogue hes going to try and kite you away if your cripling falls your shaman has to frost shock to allow you to close that distance on him and hopefully score the kill before he can reset and eat up if he gets the reset your pretty much fucked because they will have their burst and most likley just rape your shaman. Another way of doing this fight is if you can sap mage have your shaman purge him clean and open up with a CB Ambush at the same time your shaman has a ToT Laveburst and most likley will force an immediate block at this time you vanish and get distance and this opens up the mage to be CCed because he cant IB out of your CC while you get the kill on the rogue... now if you happen to get a sap off on the rogue or the shaman gets him out with magma totem or something its an easy win since rogue is forced to trinket kidney or CS than you vanish and reopen and he will die as long as your shaman gets the interupt on the poly.

Well that is the start to it atm any suggestions feel free to post/PM me and I will add it to the guide

Cheers xD

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