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#489191 [Rogue] i need some tips on a doing arenas as a rogue

Posted evac on 25 November 2008 - 10:21 PM

arena isn't something that you can just jump into and be amazing, so just keep in mind that it takes sometime to get used to. all you need to do is anticipate your enemies next move whatever class they might be. That's why some players are so good at it because they know exactly what's going to happen.

#473977 What happened with clos?

Posted PhoenixRising on 11 November 2008 - 06:33 PM

Hey I know there is another thread on this but i cant post to it.

Here is Bliz's comment on the nerf to COS

The CloS mechanic was changed from +90% resist to +90% attacker miss (well, -90% attacker hit).

Thus, the way this behaves in practice will "feel" a bit different, especially if your attacker has +hit gear.

You might want to discuss the new mechanic on the Rogue forum.

If you can consistently show (in a controlled setting, where you know your attacker's +hit chance) that it's not preventing spells from landing at the expected rate, then you might consider it a bug... but until then, it's just because the mechanic is different, and will therefore no longer stack with (for example) innate +resist or spell-class specific resist buffs (shadow prot, motw, etc)


they changed the mechanic - casters with hit can now get through COS. this is totally lame and very frustrating.

#125317 1850 in 1 hour 33 mins at 70

Posted vigorouslol on 06 April 2008 - 03:15 PM

Is this a record of any sort lol? I leveled a rogue to 70 and the Time played this level: 0 days, 1 hours, 33 minutes, 48 seconds. Me and my mage friend went 1861 with the record of 29-5. In case you were wondering my stats are 7.9k HP 1591 AP 20.79% CRIT and 79 resil as SHADOWSTEP. I was pretty shocked when we got it heh. Mage is Pzyco from dethecus and my rogue is Vigorous from dethecus. Another amazing thing is I did kara at 69 for two epics, thrown off illhoof and ring off curator lol.
I also spent a good 30-45 minutes gemming/enchanting all my crap gear and getting epic flyer when I hit 70. I did one BG to get enough honor to get 5 minute PvP trinket.