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Share your wallpaper.

23 July 2015 - 04:38 AM

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Prince, lol

17 July 2015 - 05:57 PM

Cool story bro

07 July 2015 - 12:15 PM

I thought this was a cool story -


What are your old people like?

28 June 2015 - 04:33 AM

I was kinda drunk today, really hot here atm so I got a little carried away. My grandma(mom's side) calls and I actually answer which I don't normally. We chat about pretty dull topics, make small talk and so on, but I was totally fine with 'cause you know... drunk. So I'm bored and that got me thinking I will make this topic on AJ!

So anyways, she's an oddly healthy person, in spite of being crazy. Probably should be an inspiration to me or something. Lives in her own little world at her farm in the middle of nowhere. Somewhat sharp mentally, aside from being a little out of the loop when it comes to ... modern life. Her phone still has the thing you drag to the numbers or whatever. Very, very OCD though, like check stove, locks, etc. several times before leaving kind of situation on top of other things. But other than that she's doing fine, in her 80s now. Wouldn't be surprised if she ended up a centenarian since there are a few on that side of my family.

In her youth she had severe depression, got crazy suicidal and ended up getting shock therapy which naturally fucked her up even more. She divorced my grandfather(the rich-ish one who died of cancer recently) which was probably for the best 'cause those two together... well I can't even imagine, fuck. IDK how my mom ended up as well adjusted as she is. They fought a lot. She was nuts and he was an overbearing old school type who probably didn't have a healthy attitude toward women.


Then there's my dad's side. Grandfather also died, some odd issue with a long name but probably related to the wound he got from shrapnel in the korean war along with bad habits. Not a talkative guy, got a bad gambling habit which lead to divorcing my other grandma which ended up being a bad thing since she lost a lot of benefits she'd've got when he died. I remember seeing him shortly before he died and it was a pretty jarring experience, he seemed desperate to live and absolutely terrified. The doctors just apologized as there was nothing they could reasonably do.

Grandmother on dad's side still alive, but not handling things well. Stresses out over very minor things(my dad is like this too), which got worse after my grandpa died. Has the beginnings of dementia now making things slowly worse. She is a real PITA to deal with for my dad since she now lives close to us and calls him to ask for really trivial things on an extremely regular basis. Also randomly appears at our house, gives us things we don't want, does yard work or gardening which she thinks we need but we really, really don't.

She keeps trying to get me to go with her to events at her old people gated community place thing. Which I have, obviously, little interest in. She is lonely and bored, but then she tries to keep herself busy and then stresses herself out. It's weird and sad to watch. I've had to calm her down over so many trivial problems. Her house is decorated with all sorts of tacky stuff that she takes very seriously and occasionally decides is of emergency status to fix and calls us to come over and do something like hang an ugly painting or a hanging decoration of some odd sort in a different place that she can't reach or lift very well. She also gets a bit grouchy/passive aggressive about things if she doesn't get her way, since sometimes we refuse when we have no time for her bullshit.


Anyways that's all, I'm sure this was a very interesting post.

Television > Movies

21 June 2015 - 02:13 PM

Anyone else starting to feel this is the direction things are going? Most movies are shit while TV is getting better and better. A great television show can be binge watched for many hours of good entertainment, while great movies may outshine them still the disparity in quality seems to be shrinking rapidly.

I'm watching fewer and fewer movies, and more and more TV shows I've noticed.

TV shows also seem to be more available online, with Netflix/ Amazon offering a pretty solid variety and some channels air certain shows completely free.

I can't even think of many recent movies that were particularly memorable either. OTOH the list of TV shows is pretty substantial, Mad Men, True Detective, even more comedic stuff like Rick and Morty immediately come to mind as outstanding entertainment for me.

Then there's time. Movies are extremely restricted to a ~1-3 hour range in general. There are rare outliers but they're... rare. Television OTOH has crazy range and there are many one-series shows that are almost like a movie that took however much time it needed to tell its story. Characters also get a chance to become more fleshed out and grow in TV due to the time advantage.

Overall if you asked me which I'd rather live without right now, it'd be movies, easily.