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#3913346 [5.4] Rank 1 Titles (Top 0.1%)

Posted Claynz on 14 July 2013 - 06:51 PM

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#3893241 Hunter pets Die way to easily.

Posted fant0m8 on 30 May 2013 - 02:04 PM

View PostHyuru, on 30 May 2013 - 01:20 PM, said:

Recuperate heals for like 15k every 3 seconds, good to know that mend pet that cost no resources heal for more than rogues. Also, maybe you shouldnt have sendt the pet behind the pillar mindlessly knowing you have no outs (bm isnt just a trinket for you, it's also a trinket for your pet) I'm sorry but I do not feel sorry for any hunter this expansion, you're playing the least punishable class in the game, if any other class goes in behind pillar like that, they can't recieve a 4 second cast to get back into the game, they lose the game.

Purely a l2p issue, maybe this will distingish good hunters from bads, because honestly atm- there is almost no difference at all between a good and a bad hunter. Use your brain, and get some pet awareness/macros.

You do realize there are many other pet classes in the game, right? They are also able to "not lose" when they send their pet behind the pillar. Difference being they can instant heal or instant res their pets without giving up important cooldowns in their spec.

Comparing Hunter pets to Rogues is one of the silliest things I've read in a while. Compare it to Felguards/Observers, or Ghouls, or Water Eles, etc.

P.S. you can still kill the Hunter pet when it's pulled back. Mend Pet is the only heal, doesn't matter if it's behind a pillar or not, the Hunter can't heal it more than that 11k tick.

And once again, holy fuck I can't believe you're trying to compare recuperate numbers to this. Ever seen the healing numbers DKs, Mages, and Locks can put on their pets? SO IMBA! Buff Rogues!

#3891382 Hunter pets Die way to easily.

Posted Ayrasaurus on 24 May 2013 - 09:01 PM

View PostPouncedd, on 24 May 2013 - 08:41 PM, said:

Blizzard really needs to fix the damage our pets take or buff pet rez some how. Teams are currently exploiting the shit of how weak hunter pets are and just killing them constantly. The game shouldn't be played like this at all when you face a BM hunter.

http://us.battle.net...ic/8892049337#1 Please support this thread because something needs to change as far as our pets survival.

Why is Gateway a shorter cast than pet rez?

I think you meant hunters pets kill way too easily a simple mistake it's np.

#3889296 5.3 MM Revive.

Posted Hackattack3 on 20 May 2013 - 03:41 PM

View PostJustwoo, on 20 May 2013 - 03:17 PM, said:

god the random 2200 hunters that play thug cleave and just bestial wrath out of gouges make me cringe

having more than 1 pvp trinket is a broken mechanic imo, i'm all for that marksmen shit.. maybe los'ng a hunter will actually do something... instead of just getting fucked by a 12 year old mashing his pet abilities

you are an inspiration to the wow community if people stop playing BM you should actually get your own holiday

I'm 13 by the way,

and I like that my pet plays for me.  Sometimes I lose track of my target, pesky LOS, with BM I can just hit my kill command + blink strike macro and win.  Especially sometimes my mom calls me down for dinner and I have to leave mid arena, this way I can call stampede and still sometimes win.

#3866808 What we can do to help PvP

Posted Thaya on 26 March 2013 - 12:38 AM

All my recent posts on general were about how unfriendly WoW PvP is to newer players, how brutal and boring the gear grind is, how stupid and archaic the PvP systems are, and so on and so forth. I'm even annoyed at myself for repeating the same things over and over in different threads. Besides, all of these are directed at Blizzard, and the chances of getting any feedback - especially on AJ - are close to zero.

But I want things to happen. So I thought, what can we - the players - do? What can the AJ community do?

First of all, content.

I think everybody agrees that WoW PvP is pretty hard to get into just due to the knowledge required to be successful. Generally speaking, you need to know a lot of things before you can even really enjoy the game and understand what's going on. 40-60 abilities per spec, subtle but important cooldowns, various lethal combinations of cooldowns/spells and their approximate potential, all the important defenses, various interface scripts/addons that could help you, et cetera. This game is only fun when you can actually anticipate things, know when to play safe or when to push (based on their cooldowns), know which things to interfere/stop to prevent your team from using major cooldowns, know when you can be stopped or not... and all this meta game is possible only if you know the game well enough.

It's pointless and nearly impossible to cover all of that in text or video guides. However, what can be covered are all the basic things that new people will ask, like: which talents and glyphs to use, how to gear, gameplay basics (which spells to use, which combos to try and pull off), what is my role in rbg/arena/xyz, which team mates/classes should I look for, which counters to my combos to look out for, where do I place my portal/gate (example of a spec-specific question), which things should I prioritize while I'm new, are there any addons or macros that will make my life easier... You can cover pretty much all the theory.

These basic guides are so valuable, it surprises me that people completely abandoned writing them. When I log on a new class and don't know even the very basics, like how to deal damage most efficiently, I really wish those guides still existed. I just want to get into the head of an experienced [with the spec] player to get answers for all my basic questions; even if I'm guessing what the right answer is, being certain about it would help the learning process a lot. You don't need to make it an in-depth guide where you write 10000 words for every viable comp, you just need to point in the right direction, explain your mindset a little bit, share set-in-stone knowledge (gear/talent/glyph setup), and give some general tips and thoughts. No more, no less.

Back when those guides existed, I would browse other classes guides just to get a better idea of how other classes work. It actually helped me a bit, because I could anticipate certain things better and/or stop them in advance. Sure, I would probably learn it myself even if the guide didn't exist, but that would probably take more time and more losses.

I'm not even mentioning the old matchup guides on AJ back in TBC. We literally had a whole section dedicated to those, i.e. guides about certain comps and how they're played vs other popular comps. It was brilliant.

What do we have today? I'll take the time to open every single sticky on every class forum:


TLDR: there's only two sticky threads that are up to date at all: Rets and Rogues. Shamans have no guides at all. There's tons of guides and stickies that weren't updated since Season 9 - that's more than 2 years ago! I even found a thread that was a sticky since May 2009, good old WotLK! Come on!

And the worst thing is that all of this outdated information is still getting views, because it's stickied. Because nobody cares, and because there's no new content. It makes me wonder what content editors are doing. No offense guys, but I see some content editors and moderators posting fairly frequently here, yet you can't at least unpin threads that are outdated for several years to not misinform people and to make this very forum look a bit more representative? What do new users think when they see Season 9 info stickied? Uh.

Look at PvE. It's the same game, it has the same problems, but there's so much information about PvE compared to PvP. Go to icy-veins.com and look at the class guides. Remember old Elitist Jerks guides. There's also noxxic.com (I love the concept of this one, but too much bad content). There's a bunch of very popular youtube channels dedicated to boss guides, and they're also available on icy-veins. It takes me a few seconds to find any info I need in PvE. Why don't we have this in PvP anymore?

If we actually help people improve, maybe they will be slightly more interested?

Secondly, forum structure.

Look at "Ask a Gladiator" section. Most threads have 0 replies, occasionally there's a reply, rarely a conversation (mostly trash). No wonder, there's no incentive for a Junkie to ever visit that section. I'm willing to bet that most of the replies in that section are because people randomly bump into those threads via the "fresh threads" stream on front page, "view new content", last post or similar, not by actually visiting the section. It's not that everybody is a douchebag and doesn't wanna help, it's the forum structure not helping that happen.

Class forums, I only visit the warlock and occasionally the DK one, but both are inactive. It wouldn't surprise me if all the other class forums are also inactive - people don't even bother to report sticky threads from Season 9... So I wonder, why are class forums still junkie-only? They could be the perfect place to answer questions and educate people. I used to post a ton on class forums on official forums just because I enjoyed answering questions and helping people, while at the same time refining and reviewing my own knowledge constantly.

Same thing goes for the 2v2/3v3/5v5 subsections of the general discussion section. I don't think they serve any purpose whatsoever anymore. You could drag them out and let non-junkies access them, so there are actual discussions about 2v2/3v3/5v5 matchups instead of being a collection of threads about end of season wintrading.

With some decent moderation, this could work wonders. I don't mean EJ-esque strict moderation. Just remove all the trash replies and warn/ban douchebags. It won't be that hard, really.

Leave general as it is, of course. I'm not suggesting to remove access limitations completely, but right now the non-junkie section is like a ghetto. All I'm suggesting is a bit more integration at the cost of inactive forum sections. Everybody wins.

Speaking of inactive forum sections, another thing that bugs me all the time is all those out of date, useless sections:
- "Blizzard 3v3 Tournament"? TR is down for ages now. And why not call it something like "TR Recruitment" because that's all that it's for? All the actual tournament stream discussions happen in the News threads.
- "Theorycrafting", what's the point of this one? Existed for years, a grand total of 54 topics.
- "NAO Invitational Tournament", when was the last NAO?
- "Content Feedback", I fail to understand what is this for. All the "content" on the site has comment sections for it, why does this section exist? People mistake the "macros" subsection as a forum to ask help with macros, too

I don't think it's healthy when some 20 sections are dead inactive. It sort of reminds you that the game is dead and there's nothing you can do, you know.

And lastly, be nicer to each other. When there's no textual references and all experience and knowledge is shared verbally, it matters more than ever.

#3864136 I'll just leave this here...

Posted fant0m8 on 20 March 2013 - 03:58 AM

View Posthairpiece, on 19 March 2013 - 07:42 PM, said:

Also, to the one hunter above who mentioned that wizards do so much damage along with "all their cc",  with blood fear gone, hunters are pretty much the best cc class considering its all instant, you can readiness it if need be, and good hunters can stop people from eating traps (scatter healer disengage web dps).

Go play Hunter then. Mages that think Hunters have better CC are fucking retarded. Just because it's instant doesn't mean it's uncounterable.

And just because you have a cast time on a zero second cooldown 8 second CC spell doesn't mean it's impossible to get off. Hint: do the same shit that you are telling Hunters to do to get their CC off. Only difference is if yours fails you can try again right away and your DPS isn't even in the same spell school as it.

#3855220 Projected Gladiator Statistics: Warriors & Hunters clear winners

Posted fant0m8 on 01 March 2013 - 09:58 AM

View Postaffix, on 28 February 2013 - 12:14 AM, said:

Some very obvious conclusions can be drawn here, and some surprises (like just as many Rogue Gladiators as Mage Glads on BG9!  Crazy.)


How is 39 glad Hunters vs. 36 Mages, 48 (DPS) Priests, 33 (DPS) Druids a "clear winner?"

Oh wait, it's Affix. I should be used to your anti-Hunter bias after all these years.

#3851343 MM vs BM for KFC.

Posted Kettu on 19 February 2013 - 10:15 PM

View PostHackattack3, on 19 February 2013 - 07:52 PM, said:

There is no need for people to try to complicate the "skill" discussion and derail the thread with one of these skill cap, floor, ceiling debates.  I think most people agree where BM stands.


No need to take offense, if you enjoy BM then keep cleaving up, but don't romanticize the spec into something more than it is.
I am not taking offense. I am simply tired of seeing these "my spec is more skilled than yours LOL"-discussions for the 700th time. That shit is more of a duelist / rival thing, and the easiest way to spot bad players.

Specs can't be considered skillful or unskillful - players can be.


JK - My pet's ferocity spec is more skilled than your pet's cunning spec - NOOB

#3851497 [2/19] New PTR Build - Woo Marks buffs.

Posted fant0m8 on 20 February 2013 - 04:47 AM

Sweet, came back at the right time. I would have killed myself if I had to play BM for a season.

#3850652 MM vs BM for KFC.

Posted Nitric on 18 February 2013 - 11:05 AM

View Postdionim, on 18 February 2013 - 10:34 AM, said:

Being a bm hunter
is like being a mage who can cast 2 spells at once like polly/frostbomb

when a hunter is scatering trap me, hes like on the other side of the arena stuck aiming his trap and my partner is already at 60% cuz of he pet doing the same damage as a frostbomb crit would do in that time.

Maybe your partner should try eating the traps instead of being on the other side of the map.

#3847323 5.2 PAYBACK TIME

Posted originn on 11 February 2013 - 02:51 AM

This is how i feel about 5.2 after dealing with warriors

#3840294 Hunters and their pets.

Posted Filthpig on 24 January 2013 - 06:34 PM

View Postrakakaz, on 24 January 2013 - 11:28 AM, said:

i fink they shud hav a new mechanic - if u dont stop the hunter trap ure whole team gets feared for 20 secondz so itll force u newbz to l2p

That's just retarded. They should make a new trap called spike trap. If you run over it, it shoots a spike up and removes your skull and spine causing immediate death. The hunter is then given a permanent visible trophy on his back or belt. 10s cd.

Edit: Your pet also gets to eat the remains of the body and gets a permanent invisible 10% damage buff for each target eaten.

#3837667 Hunters and their pets.

Posted itsrambo23 on 19 January 2013 - 08:28 PM

the only time hunters, or kfc, is op and stupid, is VS dog shit whining 12 year olds who dont have a brain... seriously.

theres so much you can do to counter kfc cc, or hunter cc.

u play w lock? sit on lock portal so he can eat it, or simply stand next to ur fucking partner. or have lock fear when scatter is out. or coil...

play with mage? have him blink to trap (prolly bad idea if hes getting trained, but i mean if hes off target like god comp) or just sit next to a ranged thats not getting trained..

play with warrior? have him intervene trap or disarm

play with dk? jk no1 plays with dkays but u can grip so he misses or strang etc.

play with a hunter? fucking hypocrite..

play with a priest? md? grip?

play with druid? wild charge? maim/bash trap? mayb clone?

play with monk? do the barrel roll thing? karate punch stuns?

play with rogue? neilyo hunter? s step trap?

play w shaman? ground trap? tremmor pet sleep?

like cmon stop being a whining bitch.

#3835903 Ghostcrawler on RBGs vs Arena (Official)

Posted Nisslol on 16 January 2013 - 04:09 AM

View PostRenaissance_Man, on 16 January 2013 - 03:43 AM, said:

Before you go brainlessly lashing out at people who have a different opinion than yours, understand that the game you play isn't based around pvp, much less high end competitive arenas. Blizzard seeks to make money. End of story. How do they do so? Through satisfying the largest portion of their subscribers, which happen to be pvers. Being negative constantly isn't going to help change the game either.

Bugs are bugs, pve, pvp, doesn't matter, they need to be fixed. Please in your brainful praising, explain to me how did it take them 5 years to fix a hunter trap resist bug when the code was already in game (survival talent that gave 3% less chance for traps to resist - could've been more, I don't remember exact number, correct me if it wasn't 3%), all that was needed is just to make that talent a passive, hidden skill and add it to hunter abilities. Really that fucking hard? Face it, they just don't do their job properly.

#3835868 Ghostcrawler on RBGs vs Arena (Official)

Posted Nisslol on 16 January 2013 - 03:11 AM

View PostNadagast, on 16 January 2013 - 02:56 AM, said:

If you actually believe he's a dumb fuck, I don't know what to say.  I wish people would stop jumping for the easy answers when the correct answer is more nuanced and harder to grasp.

I wish I could get the same cap from 3s as RBGs, but I understand that my player-type (hardcore arena) is not the main audience for the game.

Try to understand their decisions instead of simply writing them off as 'dumb fucks'.  It might get you further.

People like you is exactly why we can't have nice things, always satisfied with whatever those shitfaced retards at Blizzard throw at you and always trying to look for this little drop of water in the ocean of turd. Dude seriously, imagine they go to work 8 hours a day 5 days a week for months and months and they can't even fix shit like hunter trap resist bug that was in the game for over 5 fucking years. Seriously, what the fuck are they doing in Bilzzard HQ? Playing cards all day? Playing "let's go troll pvp community exdee xD"? I swear I would (and 90% of AJ posters) do a better job balancing and fixing bugs in a fucking DAY than they do over a year. Stop feeding their bullshit so maybe there's a smallest chance they'll actually start doing something, anything.