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Ferals. My opinion. #honest

11 July 2014 - 07:03 PM

To start let me introduce myself

I am yipz! I started to play feral back at the very end of Wotlk in which expansion I played a holy paladin. When I made the transition,although my original plan was to play resto, I fell in love with feral. I was already a serious pvp and high rating contender on hpaladin in wotlk and once cata came I went full on feral achieving gladiator and r1 ranks very quickly and improving a huge amount in short windows of time.

Once mop hit I reached my peak in pvp and I am playing at my top level. Through the years I have learned many things about feral druid and feel like I have a good grasp on how the game works.

pt 1 - current feral in MoP

Currently in MoP we are in the last season, prideful, and feral is very strong...... somewhat. Feral is strong vs players that arent at the tip top of their gameplay. The high consistant dmg and playing with a class such as a hunter allows weaker players to be punished easily by the fast gameplay! Which is good.... but leaves the problem about what to do vs those top players!

Top players will abuse feral druids.we have no way of avoiding cc like other melee

warriors- spell reflect, charge, stormbolt
shamans(enh)- grounding, windshear, instant hex
rogues- cloak of shadows(not to mention rogues getting cc'ed doesnt amtter their damage comes in short burst windows 3-5 seconds not the case for other melee)
dks- dark sim, ams, deathgrip, asphixiate
ret paladins- range HoJ, bubble(one of the weaker melees
WW monks - incap, abilitiy to port cc, many different stuns

ferals, typhoon..... and thats it. It makes feral druids very easily cc'ed thus causing the issue that top players can take advantage of them

Thus feral is just a damage bot class currently. As we have no way to disrupt the flow of the game we are helpless in many situations and rely on our partners to do everything for us. Which is most definitely not an enjoyable way to play the game.

A warrior can tripple shockwave an enemy team or stormbolt a different player to open up space for their team

A shaman can assist with tremors and dispels and instant hexes and groundings

A monk can incap from range and keep the dps their on stunlocked

A rogue can stun the entire enemy team or silence them with the push of one cd

ferals have nothing to prevent things. Yes we have a tool called disorient roar but its not reliable or valid enough to be called something that can make or break the flow of the game. casted cyclone on a melee class when you need to be keeping up consistant damage in your rotations is fairly hard to do against competent teams.

Its enjoyable to feel like your contributing to your teams arena match. But currently as feral... doing dmg... doesnt really feel like Im contributing very much at all.

Obviously its too late into the expansion to change anything so Ill go to the pt2 in looking into WoD and changes I would like to see happen and how they could make feral a more enjoyable class for all

Pt 2 WoD and feral druids and the current outlook

In WoD it looks like they want to turn ferals into hybrid healers, with little to no CC. While this seems like a great prospect for 1v1's as the healing power will make ferals very tanking it yet again lacks the control and feel like your adding to an arena match and a setup to kill.

Healing is fine, and having healing utensils is great as a hybrid class. I believe they should. But I also feel to have a fluid feeling melee class is important to success in the fun department aswell as seeing results in pvp arena.

What they did right!
They made it so savage roar is now passive and combo points are no longer target based but you can switch them from player to player. This allows great potential for a high skill cap on feral as you will have more options to maim(a stun) and be able to swap easily with bleeds to score a kill! I LOVE IT its so much fun being able to off maim a healer and cast a cyclone out of it with a root on the dps is so enjoyable. Actually being able to do things is sooo much fun. Being able to cc with a stun and feel like your peeling effectively without losing dmg(more combo points) is really enjoyable.

what is still going wrong
I fear even with these changes the problem will remain the same. Feral is easily cc'ed aswell as the team mates on their team because their lack of descriptiveness. I could copy and paste exactly what I had up top but feral still has no real ranged way of stopping or preventing any cc or changing the flow of the game.

I also dislike the removal of hibernate and roots... only using pred procs on healing is boring and doesnt give you a choice which is a powerful thing... while they are trying to remove keybinds I believe removing a staple of druids (hibernate) is silly and unnecessary

make feral immune to all cc sure... but it wont change the fact we cant stop our healer or dps from getting cc'ed.(obviously dont do that) but Im just trying to make a point.

A melee class should be disruptive and not simply there to do dmg.. just feels on early beta hope someone can understnad what Im talkin about