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In Topic: defile instantly breaking shaman totems

02 December 2014 - 12:25 AM

View Poststalebagel, on 02 December 2014 - 12:03 AM, said:

nerf karthus

no but seriously what the fuk is defile and how does it break totems

some random dk aids shit

In Topic: Starting restoration in wod

28 November 2014 - 11:41 AM

Honestly don't bother. I can see shamans maybe beeing decent in a rls lineup, but other than that they gonna be complete worthless compaired to disc and resto druids, hell, even holy palas.

In Topic: -Class Balance Hotfixes-

25 November 2014 - 10:55 PM

Haha it's so much shit thats completely fucked up atm and instead they chose to ruin the only playable warrior specc. What about dks? Rets? Druids (not just feral)? DISC??????

and guess what, the 3 most retarded op indivdiually classes synergizes and fits perfectly in one comp (dk/ret/disc). Fun season a head of us guys.

In Topic: WoW Before and WoW now comparaison

23 August 2014 - 11:09 PM

View Postcrisise4, on 23 August 2014 - 10:29 PM, said:

Am i the only one that thought cataclysm was best :D (biased feral)

I actually enjoyed cataclysm, s10 and s11 were ok, s9 however was a big fucking joke. This is how I see the different season:

Season1:Arena was new and exciting, most of the people were really bad. Went to 2k in 2v2 (which was high back then) by picking up the best duelist mage in durotar, I had full blue gear, no pvp trinket and died instantly, he always 1v2d and it was so much fun watching.

Season2: Still new and exciting, though if I remember correctly this is where sl/sl warlocks started, overall a pretty decent season.

Season3: By far my favorite season. Arena was still kinda new and it just felt like a good season overall, at least in the start. Later in the end rogues started to obtain their pve gear (4set t6 and warglaives). But was really fun and was the highest rated priest on my realm which made me feel like a god when I was 13 and people spamwhispered me questions and shit, sounds lame but when ure 13 that shit really boosts ur ego, hehe.

Season4: Somewhat similar to s3, but pve gear was really an issue, more and more people obtained pve gear, mostly rogues. Also I started playing druid and dreamstate was just amazing, while it was op as fuck it was prolly the most fun I ever had. Dreamstate druid and rogue 2s. grrr I miss those days.

Season5: Probably the worst season in the history of wow, one word, DKS. Retpalas were also broken as shit.

Season6: The game started to get better but still a lot of retarded shit left in the game from s5, though protholy paladin/warrior bladestorm was really fun (kappa).

Season7: Things started to get cleaned up and I felt like the game was in a really good state, people argue season 7 is one of the very best and balanced.

Season8: Really good season overall, and I guess its the one people enjoyed the most as a lot of people still plays it on atr. Pve gear really had an impact on this season though, felt like almost every player had at least some pve pieces. Shadowmourne, dfg, dbw, mana trinket, icc rings etc. Overall a really fun season, and even if pve gear had an impact i felt like it was super easy to obtain through pugs as icc just got easier for each week, compaired to other seasons when you had to be in a guild to get good pve gear, so it kinda made it more balanced in a way as pretty much everyone had it.

Season9: Warriors one shoting everyone and mmr abuse.

Season10: Was okay, enjoyed it.

Season11: Pretty much the same as s10 if I recall correctly. Cataclysm overall was okay, not as good as tbc and lk if you ask me but it was enjoyable, al though this expansion was the start of a lot of bad shit, healers doing 0 dmg (priests took a huge hit), instant heals and instant/more cc, which later completely ruined my experience of the game.

Season12: Way to much shit in the game that was broken, once again warriors one shoting everything and just overall a bad experience for me. Too much random shit in the game, feels like every class got 15 pets they can use which just makes a mess, combined with a lot of instant casts and cc. The bad experience overall just made me quit the game.

Season13: didnt play, watched streams at times and didnt look enjoyable at all.

Season14: -||-

Season15: just got back to the game from a 1.5 year break, mainly cus of the wod hype.

In Topic: WoW Before and WoW now comparaison

23 August 2014 - 09:37 PM

Anyone who thinks the game is actually better now than it used to be in its prime (wotlk) is either mentally challenged, didnt play the game back then, or you were shit and finally after 6 years u learned the game, and therefore think its better now.

Yes, there were some op shit back then, just like its been every season, just like it is in every game. Difference is that u had to put a lot more effort into the game to suceed.

Healers had to cast, every single healer roll had their own "thing". Pick a priest if you wanted an offensive comp e. g rmp, pick a shaman if you want something a bit more passive but with a strong all in for example rps. Pick a paladin for strong all-in cds and mobility (meleecleaves). Druids, overall very strong in most comps (talking about s7-8 not s5 :D). Now you simply pick a shaman or resto druid, or you will be at a disadvantage from the very start.

Back then all classes didnt have cc, and most importantly, there were very few instant cc abilities. Now every single class has a lot of cc and its mostly instant casts. But the biggest difference is that, while there werent that much cc in the game, when you actually hit a cc chain, you could get a kill. Now someone can sit ccd for 15 sec, come out and top someone off in a single global, and these globals are all instant casts, before you could come out of a 15 sec cc chain, still struggeling to keep ur allies up, maybe you had to fakecast in order to heal ur team back up, yes, you actually had to be decent at fakecasting, cus pretty much all ur heals were casts, except for resto druids. Oh and btw, now every single fucking healer in the game has aura mastery (not like its needed though, but still retarded).

Same goes for dps classes about the instant cast part, mages dont cast, warlocks dont cast, boomkins doesnt cast, does any CASTER dps actually cast? Ele shammys i guess. Now the best mage is the one that casts the leasts, if ure casting, ure doing something wrong. Yes it was frustrating playing a mage while getin trained, but that was also what sorted the good mages from the bad ones, they made it work, even while getin trained. Oh, and yes. Mages had to kite. Now mages are just as tanky as any other class in the game, well, almost. All mages do the same, they pop their shit and do a lot of damage without casting a spell, what differs the very best from the other high rated is only their timing of when they pop their shit.

tl;dr in wotlk all healers had their specifik role, and they were best at that role. Healers had to cast. Dps classes had to cast. The gap between good and GOOD mages (other classes as well) was huge.

yes, im mad.

Forgot the biggest issue of them all. Every class has like 5 defensive abilities each to go through, its simply to many and extremely frustrating at times.